Chicago Printmakers Gallery Opening!!! Friday Sept. 5th!!

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September 5th – October 1st, 2008 Opening Party on Friday, September 5th, from 7pm-9pm


Mat Daly Mat Daly is a Chicago based printmaker, painter, and poster designer. His work has been displayed in the MoMA, NYC and Chicago's MCA as well as in dirty rock club bathrooms across the United States.

The Post Family Chad Kouri of The Post Family spends most of his time in alleys looking for wood, books, and other treasures to build out some elaborate found-object collage and installation pieces. The rest of his time is spent eating humus, playing guitar, and other things to pass the day. He has most recently taken up bench resting... a workout ritual much like bench pressing, but without all the lifting.

Delicious Delicious Design League: a two-man duo fighting out of Chicago Illinois that specialize in (but are not limited to) graphic design and illustration for the music industry. Mostly recognized for their limited edition hand screen-printed music posters, they also create a plethora of anything fun that can and would be designed, like t-shirts, logos, packaging, magazine illustration, and so on...


Dan Grzeca

See you all at the Threadless Gallery on September 5th!!!!!

Threadless 2 Cool 4 School Sale!!

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Get your notebooks out and your pencils ready because you’re going to want to write this down.

The Threadless 2 Cool 4 School sale is on NOW! All tees are only $12 and that includes Select and Kids tees as well! All Prints are only $25! All hoodies, zip-ups, and long sleeves are at special prices as well! And just for this grand occasion, 18 brand new designs and 18 classic Threadless reprints have been unveiled for your enjoyment with more to come!

From kindergarten to college, you’re covered. From pre-school to pre-med, we got your back. Heck, you don’t even have to be in school at all! The 2 Cool sale is for everybody!

Class dismissed! Log in and tee up!

All Prints $19! Sale Ends Sunday!

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Oh snap! What now?! How about PRINTS FOR $19! It's like some evil villain got control of our pricing and is hell-bent (or heck-bent for you kids) on destruction! Just stay calm, and it'll all go back to normal very soon... Sunday night at 11:59:59 US Central Time, to be exact! So, what to do in the meantime? How about treat your walls to the same awesome designery goodness that you treat your body to! After all, you can afford it! And while you're at it - pick up a few more designs-on-cotton for yourself! It's ALL ON SALE, for the love of Geronimo! Besides, sweet Threadless gear will look much better on you than the black eye you'll give yourself if you realize you skipped out on $9 and $12 tees, $18 longsleeves and $30 hoodies!

We know you're already sitting at your computer, so head on over to the sale homepage and get to making your torso and your walls the happiest they've been in a while. They deserve it!

Sale Extended!! All Tees $9 And $12!! Holy Mackerel!!

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Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any better...

To begin, the sale is EXTENDED through September 7th! Next, we've lowered the price of 140 totally awesome designs to NINE BUCKS!!* How you feeling now?

Oh, did you think we were finished? NOT YET! We also launched a totally sweet STREETTEAM CHALLENGE. Check out the details to see how you can earn double StreetTeam points from referred sales until September 7th!!

Oh yeah!

* Sizing is limited on the $9 tees

The 2 Cool 4 School Streetteam Challenge!

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You love Threadless, right? What's better than Threadless tees? That's right! Threadless tees ON SALE! Well... what's even better than that? You betcha! FREE THREADLESS TEES! Do we have your attention yet?! First of all, if you don't have a Threadless account, join up now! You can't participate in this challenge without one! We're going to give the Top 5 StreetTeam earners from August 25th - September 7th, DOUBLE the points they earned! Only the points earned within those dates count, and only points earned from referring a sale will count! So, are you in? Here's how you participate:

  1. Send anyone you think would love Threadless as much as you do the following link: ( you can also get your URL here: )
  2. Be sure to replace "USERNAME" in that URL with your own Threadless username
  3. For every one of your friends that ends up making a purchase, you get 2 StreetTeam points ($3.00 value)
While only the top 5 earners receive DOUBLE POINTS ($6.00 credit for each sale referred), everyone gets to keep their points. Remember, each regular StreetTeam point is worth $1.50, so even if you don't double your points, you're still collecting StreetTeam points good towards FREE TEES!

Go get 'em, tigers!

Drawing! A New Design Challenge!

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Some of the best designs begin as a simple hand-drawn sketch. It's incredible how random drawings in sketchbooks, on coffee table napkins, or doodled across sticky notes become sweet pieces of art once fleshed out onscreen! We know it all too well, thanks to YOU! And so, friends, in joyous celebration, we announce...


Your challenge is to create an amazing tee based on an original drawing of yours. Feel free to explain your process with the submission or take some photos showing how you've created the design! We'll be accepting submissions from August 15 - September 15! If your design wows the community and the judges, it could be your ticket to a wealth of goodies, including a new Wacom Cintiq tablet, amazing gift certificates for Utrecht and House Industries, a selection of books from Front Forty and mad props in Print Magazine! What a bounty!

So show us how you did it! We'd sure LOVES to see it!

Mimi Joins Threadless!

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Hello Threadless!

I wanted to introduce myself to everyone here in the Threadless universe. My name is Mimi, and I just joined the Threadless team as Artist Liaison, which means that I not only get to work with all you amazing artists, but I also get to help create new art programs and initiatives we will bring to the Threadless community. Basically, I'm now the go-to person for all things artist related. If your design gets chosen for print, you'll get an email from me. If you submit a design, I'll let you know whether or not it made it into the running. At the same time, if you have any question or concerns, problems or praise - I'm your girl. I'm here to help you guys as much as possible, so think of me as your person on the inside!

I am so honored to be working here at Threadless and hope to institute a myriad of fun, new opportunities for artists. Just to tell you a little about myself: I recently moved from New York City where I managed an international art gallery and coordinated special events with leading arts organizations for the last three years. I love traveling, learning about different cultures, and chai lattes. I am so pumped to be a part of the team and I can't wait to get to know everyone! If you have any questions, please shoot them my way. My email address is and email me anytime!


Stephen Tobolowsky’S Favorite New Tee!

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You may know him from countless film appearances (classics such as Groundhog Day, Memento, and Spaceballs among them) or his many memorable TV characters (presently, the mysterious Bob Bishop of "Heroes"), but we also know him as a fan of Oliver Moss’ new tee, AV!

Watch Tee-V episode featuring Stephen!

That’s why the first 30 people to purchase AV will receive a DVD of his new superb documentary, Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party! Join Amy Adams, Mena Suvari, and others as a guest as the man himself recounts hilarious and touching stories of his experiences behind the scenes of Hollywood movies.

“It’s better than Spider-Man 2” – Stephen Tobolowsky

My New Favorite Tee is a feature that will be showing up frequently here on, so stay tuned for the next installment! Be quick on the draw and net yourself some sweet free gifts!