Help Ross And Glenn Name Their Design, Get A Free One!

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Ross (arzie13) and Glenn (glennz) are designing an exclusive, limited, store-0nly tee for the grand opening of our store (see here) and they are having a little trouble naming it. Come up with an idea for a name for it based on the Threadless staff conversation below and if Ross and Glenn pick it, we'll send you a free tee in your size when it comes out :)

Here's the conversation we had earlier...

Ross Z. anybody got any title ideas for that Ross Z. shirt Ross Z. "ribbon cutting ceremony" is what it is now Jake N. it should be something about cutting the ribbons of conformity to free the artists inside of everyone Jake N. haha Ross Z. "cutting the ribbon of conformity to free the artist inside of everyone" Jake N. ahha Kristen S. that should be our new slogan Craig S. Ceremonial Scissors dustin h. i think you need to have volcano in the name Kristen S. we should abandon "nude no more" Craig S. Ceremonial Scissorcano dustin h. ceremonial scissors, volcano Ross Z. CVS Craig S. VoVolcanic Tie Syndrome Craig S. Volcanic Tie Syndrome Jake N. I can see the headlines now Ceremonial scissors unleash lava and needles, burning and stabbing our nation Bob N. How about "Un-tie-tled" dustin h. that should be the title dustin h. Ceremonial scissors unleash lava and needles, burning and stabbing our nation Craig S. Liquid Hot Magma Jake N. maybe burning and poking Jake N. craig's coming up with some good ones Ross Z. "cutting the ribbon of conformity thus erupting the artist inside of you" Ross Z. ha Jake N. how long can it be? Ross Z. as long as possible Jake N. ha Craig S. it will be cut off on the site Ross Z. like that fionna apple cd Craig S. oh wait Craig S. it's not on the site Ross Z. we could just have... Bob N. CTROCTETAIOU Jake N. true Jake N. re: not on the site Craig S. Explosions in the Tie... you know like the band Explosions in the sky Ross Z. craig is winning Jake N. An Explosion of Celebration Jake N. The Beginning is Near Jake N. instead of the end is near ! Jake N. :'( Jake N. i wonder if glennz is awake we could invite him as a guest into the conversation Bob N. it's 1 or 2 am there i think. Jeffrey K. are we talking about names for your tee? Craig S. The Red Tie Diaries Jeffrey K. how about "Sexy Tie Explosion" Jeffrey K. =-o Jeffrey K. ya know... like borat... but not really Jake N. what's everyone's faves right now? Jake N. I like Ceremonial Scissors Jake N. or doing one of the long one Kristen S. i like ceremonial scissors or the beginning is near Craig S. Merrymaking Jollification Jeffrey K. how about Jake N. Dedicated to Burn & Stabbing Victims Everywhere Jeffrey K. Take that, Windsor ursula a. personally, i like: "something about cutting the ribbons of conformity to free the artists inside of everyone" Jeffrey K. that sounds like a fall out boy song title Jeffrey K. only too short ursula a. whackity schmackity doooo Jeffrey K. how about "Business Casual" dustin h. "business casual volcano" Jake N. Ceremonial Business Casual Volcano Craig S. business casualcano Jake N. haha Jake N. A Celebration of Business Casual Jeffrey K. The Attack of the Prepcano Jake N. The Casual Artist Jeffrey K. Ties Holds a Deadly Secret Jeffrey K. Father's Day Present of Doom dustin h. ties hold a deadly secret, volcano Jake N. secrets of the tie-shirt volcano Jeffrey K. Why Designer Ties Are So Expensive Jake N. ok... so the name of this shirt will only be in the tag and on the LCD screen in the store Jeffrey K. How The Cowboy Bar Burned Down dustin h. why designer ties are so expensive.... volcano Jake N. i think it would make sense for the title to be about 'ceremony' ... so people get it's purpose of being an exclusive tee for the store opening Jake N. The opening of the Tie Jeffrey K. how about Jeffrey K. The Birth of Creativity Jeffrey K. cuz like Jeffrey K. if you wear a tie Jeffrey K. you're like Jeffrey K. not creative Jeffrey K. or something Ross Z. we could let the bloggers go crazy and come up with a nme for it Ross Z. without seeing it Lance C. maybe something to do with cutting ties with people...The Death of Friendship Ross Z. just pick one of theirs Ross Z. winner gets a free shirt Jake N. ok lets do it. i'll post news

New 'Submissions' Rss Feed Added

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We've just added a new RSS feed to the bottom of the page where all the other RSS feeds are located. The one we added is "Submissions." So if you subscribe to that you can keep track of new submissions as they get added into the running quite easily.

If you haven't been using our RSS feeds, check them out. The "Weekly new tees" one is especially helpful for keeping track of the new tees that come out every week.

Here's a re-cap of all the feeds we offer:

Weekly new tees - this one updates every week with the new tees that come out In stock - this one keeps updated with what's in stock News - Important Threadless news like this post shows up here Submissions - Every time a new sub is put in the running this is updated

There are also RSS feeds available on user's profiles to subscribe to their blogs. You can find those by clicking the blogs tab in someone's profile then scrolling to the bottom of the page.

If you're not familiar with subscribing to RSS feeds and such it's a pretty cool tool to learn how to use. Personally I use a site called Bloglines to subscribe to all the feeds I read. I keep track of new stuff on 61 different websites through there and it's much easier than trying to visit those 61 sites every day!

Get Smarter! Look Better! Be More Popular With The $10 Back To School Sale!

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Can I have your attention please?! Settle down class, settle down. We have an important announcement to make...


Starting today and ending on September 3rd, everything on Threadless is on sale... $10 and up! Plus, we launched FOURTEEN NEW AND FOUR REPRINTS today! Can you handle it?!

Wanna look your best for school? Do yourself a favor and spend your lunch money on these tees! We're putting the "class" back into the classroom!


Chicago Store Sneak Peek #5: New Tee Fridays!

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One of the main goals we had in creating Threadless stores was to be able to have real, live, tangible events around the launching of new tees every week. We release 8 or 9 new and reprinted designs every single week which is quite unique in the apparel industry. Right now the launching of the tees takes place online every Monday.

We've printed nearly 1,000 designs since the beginning of Threadless in November of 2000. About 300 or so of those are in stock right now. It would be very difficult for us to have all of those designs in the store. We decided to focus the store on just the newest 2 weeks worth of designs plus a few exclusives, starting with the Glennz/Arzie13 tee. There will only be 20 designs for sale in the store at any given moment. Each of the 20 designs gets its own special area complete with an LCD display cycling through various photos and close-ups of the design, comments from the original submission and other rad stuff. The designs for sale will change weekly, as will the store window.

The kicker is that - at the store - we will be launching the new tees the Friday before they get released on the website. While you won't have access to our entire catalog from the store, you will have a head-start on what comes out on the website.

Keep in mind that the store will only be receiving a small portion of what we actually create, so there is no way that a design would sell out in the store and not make it to the website. The website will always have inventory on Mondays whether things sell out over the weekend in the store or not. Also, WE DO PLAN ON OPENING STORES IN OTHER CITIES. I know with all of this awesomeness happening in Chicago a lot of you are probably feeling left out. Well, if Chicago does well, we'll work our little hineys off to get more stores opened around the world as quickly as we can ;) But sorry 'A Markets,' we think Threadless stores make more sense in smaller, artsy communities like San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Boulder, Columbus, Boston, Minneapolis, or Savannah...

BTW, we're totally fine with our Chicago customers leaking the designs with photos taken in the store and such. We hope it'll be a fun set of conversations in the blogs over the weekend before the designs come out online.

Check out the previous posts about the store: - Announcing the Chicago Threadless Store Grand Opening and Grand Opening Party!! - Chicago Store Sneak Peek #4: Arzie13 and Glennz Store Launch Tee! - Chicago Store Sneak Peek #3: Learn Something Upstairs in the Gallery - Chicago Store Sneak Peek #2: Reusable Bag-Coupons! - Chicago Store Sneak Peek #1: Weekly Mashup Store Window Paintings!

Chicago Store Sneak Peek #4: Arzie13 And Glennz Store Launch Tee!

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Threadless Legends Ross Zeitz (arzie13) and Glenn Jones (Glennz) have collectively been printed well over 30 times. They have staked their claim as the most successful designers on Threadless having created some of the best selling, highest scoring designs ever submitted. And now for our store opening they are collaborating on an exclusive, limited edition, store-only design.

To top it off, the design will be the first to be printed on the new Threadless brand tees we've been working on for the past year. To top THAT off, we've even created a custom color tee shirt just for this design.

The design will only be sold from the store so if you want one either get your ass to Chicago for the grand opening or start making friends with someone from Chicago to go get it for you!

Check out the previous posts about the store: - Announcing the Chicago Threadless Store Grand Opening and Grand Opening Party!! - Chicago Store Sneak Peek #3: Learn Something Upstairs in the Gallery - Chicago Store Sneak Peek #2: Reusable Bag-Coupons! - Chicago Store Sneak Peek #1: Weekly Mashup Store Window Paintings!

Iron And Wine Loves Threadless!

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Oh Sam Beam, sweet minstrel who graces our lives with the music that is Iron & Wine, how do i love thee? Let me count the ways... [section deleted to keep the post within 7 browser scrolls] Yeah, that should about do it. What a great day for music on Threadless, wouldn't you agree?

The prize package on this one is an absolute doozy! 3 signed and framed prints from Mr. Beam himself featuring the artwork that inspired the cover of Iron & Wine's newest triumph, The Shepherd's Dog. And if that wasn't enough, the kind folks of Sub Pop Records are throwing in an ULTRA limited press sheet of the art, the entire Iron & Wine collection, and an extra CD prizepack to boot! The theme is the song, "Boy With a Coin," and we encourage you to download it and play it over and over and over again.

Go ahead, clap along!

33 1/3 Loves Threadless!

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I'd venture to guess that if we did a little survey of everyone's top 5 albums of all time we'd find some repeats. OK Computer? Doolittle? Pet Sounds? Paul's Boutique? Grace? In Utero? Yep, all covered in Continuum Books' Thirty Three and a Third Series! Over 45 in all so far and more to come including some personal faves of Threadless (namely Steely Dan's "Aja"). And we love them SO much...

Woohoo! Put the needle on the record and get designing about "Your [My] Favorite Music" because that's the theme of this lovely LOVES and if the inspiration hits you right, you may just end up the proud owner of a USB turntable, DJ headphones, and the ENTIRE SET of books! Oh the joy!

The news is just music to our ears... now make some awesome designs for our eyes!

The Portable Film Festival Is Now Open!

by Threadless / None / is now open!

The annual online event is in its second year and presents the best international short film, animation, online serials, user created video and of course music videos. It takes place exclusively online and can be downloaded and watched on your portable media device (like a video iPod, PSP or 3G mobile phone).

The festival is free and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Users can create profiles and vote online to influence the allocation of Hoppers which will be awarded in September to winning films. Threadless is providing $100 Gift Certificates to the winner of each of the 5 categories!

Check the website for full details:

Chicago Store Sneak Peek #3: Learn Something Upstairs In The Gallery

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Walk into Threadless Chicago and you'll have 2 choices. Up or down. Downstairs is where the shopping takes place. Upstairs you'll find a mezzanine area overlooking the first floor with all kinds of different things going on. Primarily, it's a gallery. The gallery will showcase all kinds of different artists but will consist mainly of work by winning Threadless designers.

Chicago Store Sneak Peak #3: Learn Something Upstairs in the Gallery

There are 6 portable desks, each with 2 chairs and a computer that can be moved in and out of the space depending on the type of event. In addition to having gallery showings and openings, we'll be hosting various events like group critiques or flying a winning designer in to show how they created their design. Or maybe free milk & cookies on new tee shirt day every week :)

And I saved the best for last! We've teamed up with Digital Bootcamp to provide courses on all sorts of different creative subjects and programs right in the store. Anywhere from courses on ideas like web design or photography to specific programs like Photoshop or Illustrator.

There will be no shortage of things to learn, see and do upstairs in the Threadless store... we'll have a calendar of events put together by the grand opening on September 14th so stay tuned!

Check out the previous posts about the store: - Announcing the Chicago Threadless Store Grand Opening and Grand Opening Party!! - Chicago Store Sneak Peek #2: Reusable Bag-Coupons! - Sneak Peek #1: Weekly Mashup Store Window Paintings!

Announcing The Chicago Threadless Store Grand Opening And Grand Opening Party!!

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We're so excited to finally announce the grand opening of our Chicago store on Friday, September 14, 2007! To celebrate this, we're having a free* all-ages show at Metro in Chicago, followed by a gigantasaurus after-party for those 18 and over. We hope to see you there!!

We're celebrating our Grand Opening by having 2 shows at legendary Chicago venue, Metro. The first show starts at 6pm and is ALL AGES!!!. Here's the lineup:

- Hey Mercedes (yes, the Hey Mercedes!!) - Anathallo - Freer - Hosted by Marcus Monroe

To attend the all-ages show, you must stop by the Chicago Threadless store beginning September 10th and get a free ticket. Each person can get two tickets per visit. You will not be let in to the show without a ticket! There will be no tickets available at Metro. Unfortunately, due to venue capacity limitations, having a ticket does not guarantee entrance. Arrive early to ensure entry!

The second show/after-party starts at 10:30 and is 18+. This show is absolutely free... no need for tickets or anything! Here's the lineup for the after-party:

- Office - White Hot Knife - The Assembly - Life During Wartime DJs

Again, due to venue capacity limitations, entrance is first-come, first-serve.

Click here for all the information on the Grand Opening Party!! And keep your eye on for more information about the Chicago Threadless Store.


Mae Loves Threadless!

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Ah, Mae, you crazy Virginians. You are a band after my own heart. Not only are you known for your relentless touring (26 shows this month alone), but your new album, Singularity is both an energetic and soothing mix of pop, rock, and punk. A refreshing chance from the norm and as far as i can tell from these pictures, completely makeup-free! It's a shame the world has to wait until the 14th to hear the record. But you know what the world doesn't have to wait for?

Woohoo! The theme for this hot contest is the album title, Singularity. What the heck does it mean? The Maemen themselves describe it as "the ultimate unknowable in science... the interface between the natural and the supernatural." In my 5 minutes of intense research on the subject, I've found about 15 other acceptable and equally confusing definitions. But who cares? This is all about you and your ideas and interpretations! Will you win?