Take A Quick Survey, Win A Free 12 Club Subscription!

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We've put together a quick survey to help give us a better feeling about what direction you guys all want Threadless to go in over the coming months. If you take it, you'll get entered into a drawing for a FREE 12 Club Subscription. We'll be giving out two subscriptions and will pick the winners on Friday, September 1st. The survey will also be closed on Friday.

So take a couple of minutes and let us know your thoughts.

Click here to take the survey

Thanks in advance! And good luck!

Want To Work For Threadless For A Week?

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Starting Monday, August 28th, 2006, we will be hiring for a few temporary positions for that week.

We will be running 2 shifts, 7am - 3pm and 3pm - 11pm at our Chicago, IL facility, 5225 N Ravenswood Ave. #101.

The job pays $10 per hour and will involve all fulfillment related functions including pulling tees off our shelves, packaging them and shipping them. A couple free tees are also part of the deal ;)

These are all temporary positions and will only last until Friday, September 1st. However, we will be hiring for temporary positions again during November and December.

If interested, simply email info@threadless.com with the shift you would be interested in working and your availability during that week. Then, we'll respond with the time that we would like for you to show up on Monday.


The Submarines Loves Threadless!

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The Submarines are simply amazing. Their music is amazing. Their meeting was amazing. So naturally, this contest will be... you guessed it... friggin' awesome! The theme of this competition is "Peace and Hate", the name of a wonderful song on their debut album "Declare A New State".

We won't start accepting submissions until Sept. 1, so you have some extra time to get into the lotus position and meditate on the best tee shirt design ever. Seriously. I'm talking the kind of design that will melt eyeballs.


The Last Kiss Loves Threadless!

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Well, we were gonna wait 'till Friday to announce this, but our buddy Zach Braff talked about it on his blog already - so, what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks!

THE LAST KISS LOVES THREADLESS! For those of you who don't know, The Last Kiss is Zach Braff's brand new movie - a movie about "...being lost and confused as you turn 30". Threadless loves Zach Braff, so we couldn't be happier that he loves us as well!

The competition will start taking submissions on Sept. 1, so you have a little extra time to knock the dust off the gears in your noggin and come up with something super-extra-dope to the maxx! Not to mention that the winning design will be worn by Zach on his hit TV show, SCRUBS! Holy mother! Once you've picked yourself off the ground from that news... think about it again!

Go check it out, NOW!

New Products Over At Naked And Angry

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Most of you are probably already aware of Naked & Angry but for those of you that aren't, here's a little explanation. Naked & Angry is Threadless' sister site, accepting pattern submissions rather than tee shirt design submissions. We then take the patterns and make various products out of them. A year ago, we made ties. And we haven't done anything since then because we've been so busy with handling Threadless' growth over the past year.

BUT, Finally! We've produced Series 2: Five Hand Screened Wallcoverings.

We've also added a 'Share' section to the site where we'll be blogging about neat pattern related things we find around the world.

2 New Interviews And More On The Way!

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It's been a while since we've posted a designer interview, but we have 2 new ones for you today!

First up we have Jan Willem Wennekes, designer of You're Wormfood and Happy When It Rains. Jan's from the Netherlands and has been working his ass off lately...

Next we have Ole Ivar Rudi, designer of Psychedelephant and many other great designs that haven't been printed ... yet. Ole is from Norway, his Naked & Angry submissions have been ROCKING.

More on the way, Charlie's been doing a lot of interviews and hopes to launch new ones weekly :)

School Is The Devil!

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In case you haven't noticed, we're having a 666 $10 Back to School sale! Since we all know school is the devil, we've decided to come out with 6 new shirts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. YAY!

Today we start with the winning Threadless loves Threadless design, Psychedelic Peacock. Then we have 3 more new tees and two reprints. Get 'em quick! And get ready for tommorrow!

Select shirts are also discounted to $20 so now's your chance to pick one of those up if you couldn't afford it before!


Sale ends Monday(8/21) morning

Introducing Threadless Loves Free Gear!!!!!!!

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It's now easier for you to win with Threadless! We've added a new section to Loves Threadless... essentially a raffle. If you're logged in, all you have to do is click "Count me in!" for your chance to win. That's it! Easy huh? We think so! Expect to see a grand plethora of great stuff being given away, so keep your eye out!

Go check it out!

Hellogoodbye Loves Threadless!

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Another fine Loves Threadless competition comin' your way to sink your hungry teeth into! Threadless and Hellogoodbye are at it for a ride around the "Loves" merry-go-round - and it's for keeps, baby!

This competition will start accepting designs on Monday, August 7th 2006. The theme is "Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!", which is also the title of their amazing new album which comes out August 8th!

Sharpen those tablet pens, oh mighty vector (and pixel) warriors! IT'S GO TIME!

Go check it out!