Skinnycorp's Website Gets A Major Makeover!

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We decided that the skinnyCorp (the company that owns Threadless, duh) website needed some major work! Inside of one week, Jake and Jeffrey busted some major hieney to get this thing done and up! See what a little determination and a lot of coffee can do?!

Anyway, go check it out if you find a free second from surfing Threadless... We'd love to hear what y'all think! Woohoo!

6 New & Reprinted To Delight And Disgust!

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It may be rainy outside in Chicago, but we got sunshine in our souls! Are you excited?! WE'RE EXCITED! OH YEAH! We got 6 more ways to hide your beautiful top-half nudity from the world (or bottom-half if you're creative!). We got a couple Zietz and Glennz reprints for you smooth lovers out there, and a couple smokin' hot new designs for the rest of you weirdos. Yeah you. You know who you are! It doesn't matter, we love you!





Changes To The 1.5 Rule

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We've made some changes today to the 1.5 rule. (What's the 1.5 rule?) There are 2 main points to note:

  1. Every design will have at least 24 hours to be scored. We are no longer using 100 votes as the qualification for removal.
  2. We are no longer using an average score of 1.5 as the minimum score to stay in the running. We will now be using an arbitrary score that is made up of multiple variables including the number of I'd buy it requests and the design's average score. These exact scores will not be made public.
If your design is removed from the running, you will receive an email notification as to why it was removed.

We hope this makes things a bit more fair!

June Loves Threadless!

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June is comprised of members Mark Sutor, Tim Brennan, Mark Palacz, and AJ Brown, who “basically started the band as a joke”, says Sutor, “and realized we had a pretty good thing going.” We'll say! This contest is to celebrate the release of June's Victory Records release "If You Speak Any Faster"! We're really excited to be working on this contest with a bunch of super nice guys from our hometown!

Check out MP3 for the song "Patrick" and get inspired! Prizes include an iPod Shuffle, tees, CDS, popsters and, of course - A WHOLE BUNCH OF CASHOLA.

Check it out!

Threadless On Abc News

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We were on the 11am news today for about 4 minutes, it was a blast. Here's a pic I made from some video of Jacob and I on the show. I'm magic.

What Do You Do When People Say They Love Your Tee?

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Because here at Threadless we definitely think the best thing you could do is find a pen and write on the back of their hand. Share the love, spread the word. Plus it's always fun to make new friends and that's a great way to do it.

Quick Tip: 404 As Search

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This is a feature we've had for a while but we thought we'd share it with you all as it is something you really have to discover to know about.

Our 404 page (The page that tells you there has been an error if you try to go to a page on our website that doesn't exist) also functions as a sort of search.

For example, try going to Since that page does not exist, it does a search for products and submissions containing that part of the URL. You'll see there are 2 products and many submissions with the word "zombie" in them. If the search finds 1 product with the keyword, it will even take you directly to that product page (ie:

So, if you're ever looking for a submission or a product in a hurry and can't be troubled to go browse through a few pages to find it, just type into your browser and we'll help you find it!

First Edition Labels For New Tees! Say What?!

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Hello preciouses, gather'round. How could we make our tees ever more awesome? Ok, besides massaging shoulder pads... Yep, you guessed it! From now on, all first printings of new tees will be even more collectable!

Beginning with Fight and Bunny and Gopher, all first print runs of designs will have a special '1st Edition' seal on the tag. All subsequent printings will not have the seal. This means you can make your nemesises seethe with jealously at how much more awesome your tees are than theirs!

Move over sliced bread! Threadless is vying for pole position! Start collecting now!

4 New! 2 Reprints! Are You Picking Up What We're Putting Down?!

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It's that time again kiddies! Let's see what Papa Threadless has in his bag-o-tees for y'all... good lord! 4 new and 2 reprinted cotton-and-polyester-blended nuggets of joy for you and your loved ones! Boozin' Woodland Creatures, Homewrecking Oceanic Predators, The Walking Dead, Good vs. Evil, Hyper-sensitive Robots and Schoolgirls with Guns! Get 'em while they're hot!*




*Note: Threadless tees are not actually hot to the touch. If your tee is hot to the touch, it's most likely haunted.

2 New Omg Tees And 1 Reprint!

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Check out these two new OMG tees based off of top scoring OMG slogans and one reprint. We'll be releasing some new Threadless tees later this week.


The Second Vehicle Is Done!

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We got our second finished stickered vehicle in! Brianna in California has stickered her pickup truck! Check it out:

*We're currently out of stickers right now but have more on the way. If you would like to request some to sticker your vehicle please send us an email in about a month. Thanks!

6 More Reasons To Not Leave Your House Naked

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We know it's the summer and that it's hot outside. But frankly, walking around naked is just not acceptable in this day and age (for the most part). What better way to stay within the laws of the land than to slip your torso into one of these hot babies? Can I get an amen?