Threadspotting: The Morning After On Project Runway! Cool!

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Hello, Threadernet!

A bunch of us arrived at Threadless HQ this morning to a slew of Threadspotting emails in regards to last night's episode of Project Runway! Check out Fallene's awesome adaptation of The Morning After by Paul Southworth. You can check out what Tim Gunn had to say about the design Here.Thanks so much to Katie for the very first heads up!

Remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points to boot! Enjoy!

Screen shot 2011-07-29 at 9.55.46 AM

The Morning After


Threadspotting: Hp Recap Edition!!!!

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Hey There, Threadnerds!

In the wake of the recent Harry Potter movie release, Threadspotting brings you a very special treat! Young Youtube sensation Paint has made big ol' wizardy waves with his brilliant interpretation of the ENTIRE Harry Potter series…. via song…. in less that two minutes. This talented 19-year-old has enjoyed over 2.2 MILLION on this video alone in the past 11 days, when the video made its internet debut. Luckily, Jon's level of talent mirrors that of his fashion sense! Check out House Brawl by Alex Solis and Alice X. Zhang throughout the whole video!

Thanks so much to Lucy for this awesome sighting and remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points to boot! Enjoy!


Chicago Ideas Week Design Challenge

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Design a t-shirt around the theme of ideas!

Have you ever been jolted awake in the night by a really brilliant idea — perhaps a business or invention that could make the world a better place or even an amazing Threadless t-shirt design — only to scribble it a notebook and never follow through? Maybe you just needed a bit of help, inspiration, and know-how to turn your idea into a tangible thing. And that’s exactly the purpose of Chicago Ideas Week.

From October 10 to 16, more than 100 speakers from all over the world will bring their insights and ideas to Chicago. Throughout the week, they will discuss critical issues, social topics, and breakthrough concepts that are changing today's world in a variety of fields including tech and web, creative processes, film, and food. Your challenge is to create a t-shirt design inspired by the theme of ideas. The chosen design will be worn by staff, volunteers, and available for purchase to nearly 15,0000 Chicago Ideas Week participants.

100% of net proceeds from the sale of the chosen tee will go to Chicago Ideas Week, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The tee will be available at Threadless.

*The purpose of this challenge is to create a stand-alone design inspired by the theme, not a brand tee. Your design should not have brand names or logos on it.

Up for Grabs: - $250 cash - Two tickets to TedX Midwest, where you will be recognized for your awesome design. Check out previous TED talks here. - $2000 towards your travel to TedX Midwest, if attending

Threadless Loves Your City!

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Your challenge is to design a tee inspired by your favorite city!

There's roughly a jillion cities in the world, and they're all basically the same, right? Wrong! There's one city that's better than all the rest with a picture-perfect skyline, so many hidden restaurant gems, a rockin' music scene, and the best people in the world. Of course, we're talking about your favorite city, whichever one that may be. And to celebrate your favorite city and its glory, we're making it the theme of a Loves Challenge!

Make a t-shirt design celebrating everything you love about your favorite city. Create something that makes everyone want to go to there. Submit a design that will put those corny souvenir shop postcards to shame.

While we certainly agree your favorite city is probably the best, we have the same opinion for lots of cities out there. That's why we're printing designs representing 10 different cities for this challenge. That means we'll be dishing out more than $20k. We just love cities THAT much!

Now for the prizes for the 10 selected designs:

  • $2,000 in cash from Threadless
  • $500 Threadless gift certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash)
  • Special Edition Loves Your City commemorative Bound Custom Journal consisting of:
  • World map displaying all 10 chosen cities
  • Pages highlighting each chosen city featuring design & brief bio
  • 50 t-shirt & hoodie template pages for sketching your next Threadless design
  • Personalized for each designer with name debossed on cover
  • One certificate to create your own custom journal

The Ultimate Decider Announced!

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Last Wednesday we held the You Be the Judge challenge where everyone who voted on 200 or more designs was automatically entered into a drawing to be the honorary Threadless staffer who will be forever known as the ULTIMATE DECIDER! We were blown away by the response! We had more than 500,000 votes in that 24 hour period, which broke our voting record for one day! More than 1,200 of y’all voted on 200 or more designs, and we are super happy to announce the winner!

Drumroll, please...

The winner of the You Be the Judge challenge is Adam Garcia aka adammgarcia. Adam has been a Threadless member since January 2008, has scored over 11,000 designs and submitted 3 himself.

Adam will get the opportunity to pick an unprinted tee for print, and he’ll also get 10 free tees of that design, he’ll be interviewed and featured in the Threadless Newsletter and of course, he’ll have wild Threadless fame! Congrats, Adam!

Thanks voters, and stay tuned for the next awesometastic voting challenge!

Olly Moss Select Tees! Coming Thursday 7/28!

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Way back in 2003, Olly Moss submitted his first design to Threadless! In a word, it was "suck". :) Thankfully for us, he kept submitting, got printed, and oh by the way got printed 20 more times! Spoilt, In Case of Zombies, The Food Chain, AV... all classic Threadless tees and all Olly.

Nowadays he's the talk of the town! From his arrival at Threadless HQ to his most recent gallery show in LA to his PS3 covers to props in the NYT, let us be the first to say "Woohoo Olly!"

And he's come back home with Thursday's release of 4 new Select tees! Chosen from his most recent work, we're excited to put these awesome designs onto quality tees and onto your quality bodies!

Wanna win some?

dontworry fbomb

make hell maybe

Beer! The Place You Want To Be

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Man, do we love a good beer or two. CEO Tom loves beer so much he decided to make some. But he didn’t want to take any chances with its perfection, so he took his idea to the beer professionals, aka Finch’s aka Chicago’s newest craft brewery. Finch's Beer Co. was founded by Ben Finch earlier this year. Finch brewed a very special beer for us, the Threadless IPA, which is now available on draft at several bars throughout the city as well as here at Threadless HQ!


We get to drink it weekly at Thirsty Thursdays and can share with our friends at Threadless events. The Chicago Tribune called it “a more accessible IPA than most.” We call it yum.

And since we love beer so much, and since Sports! was so popular when it came out in February, we called upon arzie to combine the two. Hence, Beer! which is now for sale today.


Of course, this wouldn't be a true Threadless celebration without a giveaway. If you head over to our Facebook page, we’re giving away a round of 3 Beer! tees every single day this whole week. Just sign up for a chance to win a Beer! 21 and over please!

Get Ready For Comics-On Tees. Read On For Everything That's Coming.

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Comic-Con International 2011 is this weekend, and if you thought we were resting on our shiny legginged behinds these past few months as the largest comic book convention in the world creeped up, you thought wrong! We have so much comicy stuff in the works that we can feel the speech bubbles exploding over our heads.

First off, we’re throwing a welcome party with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund on Thursday night at the Terrace Under the Stars at Westgate Hotel. There, we’ll release Volume 2 of our Comics-On Tees series. This all started in the mind of Warehouse Director & Comic Book Czar Lance Curran, who had the great idea to merge comics and tees to make comics ON tees. Last summer we released the first Comics-on Tees series. Just like last year, we’re releasing four comic shirts designed by four different artists. And also like last year, Jill Thompson curated the series.

Inspired by the theme “Noir” and titled “Sorry Babe...,” the collection includes artwork by Lee Bermejo, Dave Johnson, Eduardo Risso and Matheus Lopes, whose design was chosen for the Threadless Loves Noir Challenge. Each tee from the series follows a script written by Brian Azzarello.

Here’s a sneak peek of the story the shirts tell:

T-shirt 1 by Eduardo Risso image

FRONT: We open on Lila, a super hot femme fatale in a red dress. She’s crying-- but in a confident way-- like she knows that death has been her fate all along. And let me stress again that she’s hot-- a hot chick on a t-shirt. She’s drinking from a bottle of Devil Pig tequila.



BACK: A man’s arm, a gun in his hand. It’s pointing down. He’s wearing a suit.


T-shirt 2 by Lee Bermejo image

FRONT: We see Lila, and more importantly Joe. He’s a hitman, and Lila’s his target. He’s got the gun in his hand. Looks like time’s up for Lila. They are close to each other-- like they’ve been having an affair and they are moments away from their last embrace. They’re face to face.



BACK: Lila’s arm hanging down, the bottle of tequila in her hand.


T-shirt 3 by Matheus Lopes image

FRONT: Close-up as Lila smashes the tequila bottle across Joe’s head.


BACK: Three shots of the gun: Panel 1: Joe drops the gun. Panel 2: The gun falls… Panel 3: Into Lila’s hand.

T-Shirt 4 by Dave Johnson image

FRONT: Lila fires the gun-- at us.


BACK: Joe’s dead on the floor. Lila steps over him.


You can buy each shirt separately for $24, or the whole set for $79.

Also, keep your eyes open for some Tony Moore stuff. You know, one of the creators of The Walking Dead comic series, the one that inspired the show? Yeah, that Tony Moore. At our welcome party, we’ll be premiering an interview that Threadstaff (aka Craig and Lance) shot with Tony Moore at his house in Indiana. And and and, Tony Moore also gave us some signed prints that we’re giving away on Facebook. Head on over to enter to win one of three signed prints or one of 10 sets of the “Sorry, Babe…” Comics-On Tees series. The sweepstakes ends July 25.

Did you get all that? A Comic-Con welcome party. “Sorry, Babe…” Comics-On Tees designed by four comic book artists, written by Brian Azzarello and curated by Jill Thompson. A Tony Moore video. And a Tony Moore giveaway.

You Don't Want To Miss The Hong Kong Meetup!

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We're gearing up for the Threadless 'Make Great Together' Meetup in Hong Kong and it’s going to be so awesome! Believe us - you don’t want to miss this!

Here are the details: The Meetup will be at Pure Bar in Soho starting at 7pm! The address is 2/F Kinwick Centre, 32 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong.

Look for Mimi: image

And Jake: image

At 7:30 we have a guest artist speaker, Yeoh Guan Hong presenting his artwork, inspiration, and techniques. YAY!

After that, we'll 'Make Great Together' with doodle tables, tee templates, and a repurposing craft table where we will make more cool stuff with Threadless tees (make sure to bring some you'd like to recreate or trade and we will too).

We will have drinks and appetizers available all night!

Then, it's just hanging out and having fun! Make sure to sign up so you're on the guest list and Mimi and Jake let you in! :)

World Alzheimer's Month T-Shirt Design Challenge

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Design an inspirational t-shirt around the theme of thoughts.

Alzheimer’s is a fatal disease that causes problems with the memories, thinking, and behavior of about 35 million people worldwide. In addition, the disease also affects their families financially, emotionally, and physically. Although there’s not yet a cure for Alzheimer’s, you can help find one and offer support to the families who are devastated by the disease.

By creating a design around the theme of Thoughts, you can help accelerate research and move closer to a cure. You’re encouraged to use purple (PMS 526), the official color of the Alzheimer’s Association®, in your design. The chosen design will be available for sale on September 1 on Threadless, the same day the Alzheimer’s Association will observe the inaugural World Alzheimer’s Month. Threadless will donate 25% of the sale of each tee sold to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Up for Grabs: - $750 Cash - $250 Threadless gift certificate - An iPad2 - $100 Alzheimer’s Association Shop for the Cause gift certificate

Vote On 200 Designs On July 20th And Get A Chance To Print An Unprinted Design!

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Without you, there ain’t no us! We want to give back to all you awesome voters, so we’re launching the “You Be the Judge” voting challenge on July 20th - one day only, folks! Vote on 200 or more designs and you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to be the honorary Threadless staffer who will be forever known as the ULTIMATE DECIDER!

This person will get not only the opportunity to pick an unprinted tee for print, but also 10 free tees of that design, an interview featured in the Threadless Newsletter and of course, wild Threadless fame!

Get ready to vote on July 20th!


Calling All Cake Creators And Architects! Threadcakes 2011 Is Here.

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image Preheat your ovens and flour your pans! The 2011 Threadcakes contest is here, and the competition is already looking stiffer than fondant. But you could beat them all with your cake. Here’s what you need to do.

Transform any past or present printed Threadless design into a cake. As long as you bake the cake yourself, it’s in the running! We know you’d never cheat by buying pre-made store cake, but take tons of pictures from start to delicious finish anyway (in fact, if you submit less than five photos, your entry won’t go through). Go cake crazy! Invite your friends to a Threadcake baking party if you wanna. You can use wacky stuff to support pieces of your cake, but the more edible cake the better; then after you’ve snapped your last roll of film, there’s more cake to eat and to share!

Prizes will be awarded for both 2D and 3D cakes. Prizes include cash and Threadless gift certificates, The Threadless Book, Food with Faces Baggu Pack, and tons of cake mix from Dassant.

Some cake celebrities have will be our judges along with some Threadstaff: Jen Yates from Cake Wrecks Robyn Lee from Serious Eats Rachel Kramer Bussel and Nichelle Stephens from Cupcakes Take the Cake Natalie Slater from Bake and Destroy Nicole from BakingBites Jen Yu from Use Real Butter Mary Alice from Charm City Cakes/Ace of Cakes Jennifer McHenry from Bake or Break Angie Dudley from Bakerella Chris Cardinal from Threadcakes

Threadcakes 2011 closes August 15 at midnight, PST. So you have about a month to get your whole cake act together.

What design do you think would look cool as a cake?

Sneaky Tees Reprinted: July!

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and now in JULY! ... sometimes Monday and Thursday launches just aren't enough! Check out what just came BACK IN STOCK!!! And there will be many many more to come! Old faves, too!

For guys and gals:

Zombie at Tiffanys Funkalicious Stone Jungle

Hugs Keep Us Alive House Brawl Tyger Tyger

For guys:

Estocade Dark Raven A Captain's Memory

Swedish Bikini Werewolf Destruction Unit A Simple Plan Sublimimawesomeinal

The Horde How Many Licks The Future is in the Past

Now Thats Dope Attack of the Mole People Foxy

Watch the Snow Fall Some Choices Are Just Out Of Reach Tree Town

Homework Evidence The General Dulces Vacaciones

Fighting Crime Doesnt Pay This is Not The Eye Chart You're Looking For AWESOMENESS

Those Damn Birds Pick Your Powers Jack of Hearts


For gals:

Bubbles the Snow Leopard Runnin Rhino Daisy

I Wanna Dance Liliths Affair Last Bird in the Shop

The Cloud Menagerie Dulces Vacaciones

On zips or hoodies:

The Robot's Renaissance A Simple Plan Deliquesce

Living in Harmony Zombies in Wonderland Swedish Bikini Werewolf Destruction Unit

Analogy Pandamonium Traditional Greeting

Space and Time Stone Jungle I Wanna Dance

Now on girly other styles too:

Grandmas Hot Air Balloon Zombie at Tiffanys Fake Panda Have More Fun

Bubbles the Snow Leopard Liliths Affair The Cloud Menagerie

Watch the Snow Fall

For kids:

Homework Evidence

Muppets: The Green Album + Threadless Design Now For Sale!

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We received a ton of designs for the Muppets T-shirt Design Challenge — more than 1,000! And we’re finally releasing the shirt. We’ll be selling Together Again by Alfonso Díaz Villaseñor on Threadless on Monday. But you can already pre-order the shirt in a package with The Muppets: The Green Album and an exclusive poster from Walt Disney Records on Muppets Music and the Walt Disney Records Facebook page.

The Muppets: The Green Album is a compilation of some of the most well-known Muppets songs covered by amazing artists such as OK Go, My Morning Jacket, Weezer, and Andrew Bird. You can either buy a hard copy or digital version of the album + the Threadess t-shirt + poster now (but sorry, you have to live in the US).

Pre-order HERE!!!

A Spacey Design Challenge With Nasa!

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Design a t-shirt around the theme of the final frontier!

Since NASA was founded in 1958, the space program has successfully launched all kinds of things to space and back again, including humans! The shuttle program has defined human space flight for decades, and NASA astronauts have long been pushing advances in science and space exploration. Performing its missions with great success, the shuttle program now steps down to push exploration to the next frontier.

To honor all of the shuttle program’s contributions to the world of space travel and beyond, we have a design challenge that’s out of this world! Celebrate the space shuttle launch by creating a design around the theme of final frontier. If chosen, your design could be worn by real and aspiring astronauts for light years to come. So zip up your space suit, strap on your moon boots, and get designing! The chosen design will be available for sale at Threadless.

The purpose of this challenge is to create a stand-alone design inspired by the theme, not a brand tee. Your design should not have brand names or logos on it.

Up for Grabs: 1. $500 Cash 2. $500 Threadless Gift Certificate 3. A patch from your home country that has flown millions of miles around the Earth! Provided by the Harvard-NASA Tournament Lab.

Attention Sloganers! A Loves Challenge For You!

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Your challenge is to create a tee with 3 words or less on it!

Holy baloney everyone! It's our first Type Tee Loves! What's the theme? 3 words or Less! See what we did there? Clever. So it's pretty obvious: Submit your idea for a tee that has 3 words or less on it. If you're a writer, work with a designer. If you're a designer, work with a writer. (Or just go solo.)

Good luck folks!

Here's the awesome prizing: - $2,000 in cash from Threadless (collaborations are split evenly at $1000 each)! - $500 Threadless Gift Certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash) - 5 Threadless Field Notes - A copy of The Threadless Book - The newest Amazon Kindle (which probably holds 3,333,333 words)

Help Us Pick The Theme For The Threadless Loves T-Post Challenge!

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Ever wish you could pick a Loves Challenge theme? Now you can! We're launching an awesome Loves Challenge with T-Post on August 1st, and you get to vote on five possible themes until July 25. The one with the most votes will be the theme of the Loves Challenge.

T-post is a graphic t-shirt and a magazine, all in one. All subscribers receive a new t-shirt, or "issue,” every five weeks. The tees are graphic interpretations of news stories. So for this Loves challenge, the theme will be one of the following five new stories, curated by the team of T-Post contributing writers:

- Sports of a Superhero - Where’s the Smoke - The Unsung Heroes of the Sea - Green is as Green Does - George Says Time Will Tell

Head over to T-Post, read the articles, and vote on the one you'd like to try designing for the Loves Challenge. We'll announce the chosen article July 29 and will open the Loves Challenge shortly after.

Gear Up For The 2nd Threadless Worldwide Meetup Day On July 28th And Make Great Together!

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The new Threadless tagline is "Make Great Together," and we're having fun making great together in Chicago. But, we want you to show us how you have fun together and make great together in your city! Gather all your local Threadfans and do something Threadlessy on July 28th! Here are some ideas to help you plan: collaborate to design a tee about making great together in your city; wear your favorite tee and go plant some dang trees or volunteer somewhere; help us pick the next Threadless designs by voting on as many as you can; or get out in your community and find a unique way to spread the Threadlove. It's completely up to you what you'd like to do so the possibilities are endless. We want you to be inspired!

We're going to kick off the 2nd Worldwide Threadless Day by live streaming the Hong Kong Meetup. Hong Kong won the last meetup challenge and we're holding an official Threadless Meetup there! If you can join us in Hong Kong, you should!

We want to see what you do, so send us your videos and pictures from the day. Oh, and don't forget to tweet about what you're up to on #Threadlessday (links in the sidebar). The most inspiring and unique Make Great Together Meetup participants will receive a $25 Threadless Gift Certificate.

**Grab 8 Threadfans and sign up for your customized meetup kit, which includes super kickin' swag and other collab essentials. Drop us a line at with your tee size, shipping address, and contact number and we'll hook you up with a kit! The deadline to get a kit for International Meetups is July 7th and in the US, July 14th!

Sign up here!

Meetup 2011 Temporary Tattoo Challenge!

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The catching up and reminiscing about childhood. The food and the fun. The heart attack you nearly gave your grandma when she caught a glimpse of your new tattoo. Family reunions can be such a blast! We want the 5th Annual Threadless Family Reunion in Chicago to be just as wild as family reunions can be, so we’re taking submissions for temporary tattoos. We’ll magically morph the gnarliest design into a temporary tattoo and hand them out at our reunion on September 10, 2011. No grandmas will be harmed!

Any body part looks better tatted up, so go crazy. Check out our Temporary Tattoo Sub Kit (NSFW, depending on if man nipples are allowed at work) to mock up your design on necks, backs, arms and more. If the chosen temporary tattoo design is tee material, we just might print that, too. (You'd get our full t-shirt prizing!) So get to tatting and once the ink is dry, submit it!

Up for Grabs - The title of first ever Threadless temporary tattoo designer - Round-trip airfare to Chicago for the 5th Annual Threadless Family Reunion and hotel accommodations - $250 Threadless Gift Certificate