Si Scott At The Threadless Gallery!

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Si Scott at the Threadless Gallery!

Si Scott's Studio was established early 2006. The studio specializes in a unique blend of hand inked and penned design with a mix of modern & traditional typography. He works on a variety of projects including design, illustration & art direction for a wide range of prestigious clients including – Hugo Boss, Volvo, Pentagram, Miller, Nike, Guinness, Orange, MTV, The BBC, Non – Format and BBDO.

Si Scott Studio regularly exhibits & talks around the world. He will be showing at the Threadless gallery August 1st to September 2nd. His opening will be August 1st, from 7pm to 9pm and Si will be in attendance.

See you there!

Threadless Prints Sale! $25 All Week!

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It's a Threadless Prints super sale!!

All of the amazing limited edition Threadless Prints will be on sale this week for ONLY $25! This is your chance to grab one (or more) of these sweet pieces of art for yourself or for a friend at a special price!

Your walls shall be nude no more once you peruse these sweet Prints. Check em out!

Democracy - A New Design Challenge!

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By the people and for the people! It's the linchpin of democracy and it sounds an awful lot like what Threadless is all about! And so, given the upcoming elections here in the US, we find it all too fitting to drop this whopper of a design challenge on you RIGHT NOW!


Your challenge is to design an amazing tee based on the concept of democracy! Wow the voters & the judges and your design could help you nab a serious bounty of goods, courtesy of Sappi Fine Paper, Rock The Vote, Jones Soda, Screwball Press, and Crown Books (publisher of Jeff Howe’s “Crowdsourcing”). You have until August 15 to get your designs submitted! And get this: We’ve raised the bar even HIGHER for this awesome challenge!

Not one, but THREE designs will be chosen! And they will not only be sweet Threadless tees but also limited edition Threadless Prints on high quality Sappi McCoy paper!

And that’s not all! We’ve selected three distinguished “superdelegate” judges from the design world to pick the chosen three from the high scoring designs. We are privileged to have on the Democracy team: Carlos Segura of Segura Inc, Jeff Staple of Staple Design, and Ross Zietz of this very site.

AND A WORD OF WARNING! Although this challenge runs in tandem with this year's US elections, we will decline any submissions with candidate information or likenesses and we will also decline any design with clear political leanings. The challenge is all about the idea, the spirit, and the drive behind democracy and is not about taking sides in any specific election, US or otherwise. Good luck!

Sign up and rock the Loves!