Please Welcome Dustin Hostetler (Upso) To The Skinnycorp/Threadless Team!

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We've been meaning to post this for about a week, but things have just been so busy around here!!

Please welcome Dustin Hostetler to the team!

You may recognize Dustin as the proprietor of Faesthetic Magazine, the amazing black & white illustration annual. You may also recognize his work, as he has one of the most recognizable illustration styles around. He'll be working remotely with us from his home in Toledo, OH where he lives with his lovely (and insanely talented) wife Jemma - who, believe it or not - is the designer of our very first tee ever!

Dustin will now be handling our Select line, as well as some other amazing new Threadless projects that we'll let you know about soon enough!

WooHoo! Welcome aboard buckaroo!

Harvard Business School Threadless Case – We Want Your Videos!

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Hey Everyone, Professor Karim Lakhani wants to open up the participation in the Harvard Case Study to the entire community – not just the Boston folks. He is looking for video submissions of you explaining why you design for, why you vote, why you are so active in the blogs and what keeps you coming back. We would like as many members of our community to participate as possible. And to top it off Threadless and HBS will give out prizes to the members with the most creative videos as judged by us and the HBS crew. Below you will find a video invitation from Karim with more details.

Threadless Video Intro from Dave Habeeb and Vimeo.

How to enter:

1 – Create you video.

2 – Upload to

3 – Embed the link into this thread.

4 – Winners will be announced by August 17th 2007.

If you have any questions please contact the HBS team at

Because this is done by HBS – there is some legal stuff for you to know about:

Thanks for your interest in the case study project. Professor Karim Lakhani, will use selected videos in an academic business case about By submitting videos to the contest you are giving permission to Harvard University and any individuals or organizations authorized by Harvard to use them at Harvard or elsewhere and to edit, reproduce, distribute, display and prepare derivative works of the video material in any manner. You may retain all right, title and interest in the video material you provide, and Harvard shall own all right, title and interest in the multimedia case. The case is slated to be first taught at Harvard Business School in Fall 2007.

Upon case completion, Harvard Business School Publishing will add the case to its active commercial catalog and make the case available for purchase by the public. Your participation in the case will not entitle you to royalties or other monetary compensation. Community members whose videos are selected will receive nominal prizes from both and Harvard Business School.

Announcing A Prize Increase, More $$$ For Reprints And The Alumni Club!

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Wow, that's a mouthful!

We are now paying out $2,500 for all Threadless designs selected for print! That includes $2,000 cash, a $500 gift certificate which can be redeemed for another $200 cash and exclusive membership to the Threadless Alumni Club!

AND, starting today, we are paying an additional $500 for each time your design is reprinted! That means that if your design is reprinted 8,000,000 times, you could win an addition $4,000,000,000 !!!! Beat that, competition! This does not apply to Type Tees.

As for the Alumni Club, we've always wanted to do cool random stuff for designers that have been selected other than just paying out cash and now we have the ability to do so. When you first win, you will get access to the Alumni Club area in the blog forum, a membership card, a totally sweet Alumni Club medal of honor, an Alumni Club tee shirt, an Alumni Club coffee mug and a fancy Alumni Club mousepad. We plan to offer other awesome stuff for Alumni Club members in the future so stay tuned! And yes, everyone who has been selected in the past will have the opportunity to get all of these goodies.

We'll be sending out a mass email to all past designers in a few weeks with details on how to obtain your package of awesomeness.

Read more about the Alumni Club here...

And start submitting designs here...

Gmail Loves Threadless!

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As you may or may not know, Gmail is Google's free webmail service that connects people all over the world. With over 2.8 GB of storage you can keep important emails, files and pictures forever and find them easily using built-in Google search technology. We use it everyday here at Threadless and to celebrate, we're collaborating, connecting, and loving it up...

"Connect!" is theme so take it in, interpret, get creative and make it happen. Be the chosen one and you'll be furnished with an insane amount of prizing including an iPhone and a JetBlue gift card! See the LOVES page for all of the juicy details.

Click and CONNECT!

Parappa The Rapper Loves Threadless!

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In 1997, PaRappa the Rapper released on the original PlayStation introducing the music genre to console gaming for the first time. The game was a living cartoon, where players could follow PaRappa in his adventures to win the heart of his love, Sunny Funny. They are now releasing this classic on PSP with all new features and we want to celebrate in the best way we know how!

"I Gotta Believe!" It's the positive message of an infinitely lovable rapping dog and it's also the theme of this here competition. You can win yourself a PSP along with a collection of games and exclusive PaRappa gear if you decide to follow the beat and have some fun...

... and BELIEVE!

Chicago Store Sneak Peek #2: Reusable Bag-Coupons!

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We're striving to reduce packaging waste in our store. We'll give you one of these reusable, lightweight, comfortable, thermally bondable, soft, strong, stain resistant, recyclable, totally awesome bags for free when you make purchases at the Threadless store. Then, bring it back all the other times you come by and we'll give you a dollar off of each non-sale garment you purchase! So, if you buy 5 shirts, you get $5 off!

Chicago Store Sneak Peek #2: Reusable Bag-Coupons!

The bags are made of Non-Woven Polypropylene, a 100% recyclable fiber.

Next week I've got another super raunchy sneak peek to share so stay tuned.

If you missed it, check out Sneak Peek #1: Weekly Mashup Store Window Paintings!

Chicago Store Sneak Peek #1: Weekly Mashup Store Window Paintings!

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Joe Suta, our in-house magical graffiti musician snowboarder extraordinaire will be doing 3 huge paintings EVERY WEEK to go in our store window. The paintings will be hand drawn mashups of all of the winning designs that week.

At this very moment he's doing 3 paintings with elements of the designs coming out next Monday as a test. Here's the progress so far.

Sneak Peak

Then, get this... we're going to come up with a way for YOU to own these paintings. We're thinking we may do free giveaways or we may auction them for charity.

I'll try to post a new sneak peek of the awesomeness that will be happening in the Chicago store at least every week until we launch, stay tuned!!!