Submission Terms - Updated

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The time has come to update the submission terms. Everything is staying the same, but we had to add some legal jargon about selling your design to another company if we do not print it.

Read this over and let us know your thoughts: The participant will keep ownership of the submitted design. The participant may display or archive the design in a portfolio or personal collection, but may not sell or reproduce the design for commercial purposes for three (3) months after the design has completed scoring. In addition, during this period, the participant cannot submit the design to another company to be potentially produced. Once this time frame has passed, the participant is free to use the design for commercial purposes, however the participant must email Threadless to notify where and when it will be produced so that it can be removed from the website. Also, if the design is printed elsewhere, the participant cannot use the Threadless blogs to promote the product or another company.

Slight Change To The Little Miss Sunshine Loves Contest Theme

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Oh my! Golly! Jeepers! Holy Mother! What the?!

It's true. We make mistakes sometimes, and this is one of those times. The theme was supposed to be Everyone pretend to be normal, and we listed it as Everyone act normal. Doh!

So, this doesn't change things too much, as the theme is essentially the same idea. If this changes the route of your submission, please feel free to update it. We're sorry!

Little Miss Sunshine Loves Threadless

Wired Nextfest 2006 Loves Threadless!

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Threadless has once again teamed up with WIRED Magazine to bring you "WIRED NextFest Loves Threadless"! We had so much fun and success with the last one we did with them, we decided to take another run at it!

You can submit starting NOW, until on Monday, August 7th. The theme for this one is "Future Forward".

Go check it out!