Design A Birthday Themed Shirt For American Cancer Society

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Birthdays are an excuse to eat confetti cake and make merry over a day in which we did nothing except be born. For cancer survivors, birthdays are also an opportunity to celebrate another victory. Thanks in part to the work of The American Cancer Society, nearly 14 million cancer survivors will celebrate another birthday this year. And you can join in the fight for less cancer and more birthdays by designing a birthday themed tee. So grab your party hat and get to work!

25% of sales from the chosen tee will go towards The American Cancer Society, but your design should not include brand logos.

Check out the prizing and submit your design!

Check Out The Ladies Of Threadless Sportin' New Select Stuff!

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We’ve got a lot of awesome women workin’ at Threadless, all with their own style. So many of us picked up something from the new Select Summer Collection, we decided to wear them all on the same day so we could see the different ways we style outfits around them! We’re all especially excited about this launch because it includes more than tees. The Summer Collection also has tanks, dresses, and dolman tops.


Apparently, a lot of us like Oscillocity by Richard Fulop. And check out uncannyxjen aka Jen rockin’ the men’s version!


We hope you’re enjoying your new Select clothes and if you haven’t picked anything up yet, check out the collection! Everything from this collection was custom developed in house by our production team and is made in USA.

#Findcraig At Bed Bath &Amp; Beyond In Nyc This Friday!

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We’re sending good ol’ Craig to NYC this Friday to check out the awesome Bed Bath and Beyond window display at the 620 Sixth Avenue store. He’ll be there between 11 am - 1 pm.

He’ll be all alone sayin’ weird things to himself so why not go meet up with him check out the new Threadless + Bed, Bath and Beyond products! Plus, he just might have some SWAG for ya! Apparently he’ll be sitting in the display window at some point so PLEASE send us a picture of that. We’ll be missing him and will need a Craig fix!

So, NYC peeps, take a long lunch and go #FindCraig! If you can’t remember what he looks like, print off this photo and bring it along to assist you in finding the matching face.

We're Havin' A #Teebbq And You're Invited! Update: Sale Extended 48 Hours!

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Threadfans, you are cordially invited to the virtual cookout of the season: the Threadless #TeeBBQ!

UPDATE: Today’s #TeeBBQ challenge: Score 100 designs for your chance at $100 in Threadcash. (Atrium scores will not be included for this challenge but score some anyway!)

UPDATE: SALE EXTENDED UNTIL FRIDAY AT 10AM CT! We’ll be hanging out and playin’ games for the next 48 hours during the sale! We’ll be grillin’ out here at HQ each day and we hope you’ll do the same! Slap a dog on that bun and check out all the ways to party and score some Threadless cash!

RSVP to the cookout by tweeting the message below. We’ll randomly choose one lucky attendee each day to get a $100 gift code! tweet: What’s cookin’ at the 48 hour @Threadless #TeeBBQ sale? $9.99 tees!

Congrats to @verubish! You snagged Tuesday's Twitter giftcode!

Whatcha gonna wear? Post a photo of yourself in your favorite Threadless tee on Instagram or Pinterest. Include “Threadless #TeeBBQ sale” so we can find it. We’ll choose a random photo poster each day to get a $100 gift code! Congrats to maddyjar19. You scored Tuesday's Instagram/Pinterest gift code!

Everyone else, keep postin' for your chance at Threadless cash!

JUDGES CURRENTLY CHOOSING DESIGN: Create a design for this apron! We’ll choose our favorite and screen print it onto the apron and mail it to the designer along with a $100 gift code! WE'RE EXTENDING THIS CHALLENGE FOR 24 MORE HOURS! ENTRIES DUE AT 10 AM CT THURSDAY.


Your design should be one color and fit within an 11 inch x 11 inch area. To submit, share your design in the comments below (your submission should be a smaller, low res version of the design so it isn’t gigantic in the comments)!

Yesterday’s #TeeBBQ challenge: Put somethin’ on the grill! Throw whatever you want on the BBQ and grillmaster Speedy Joe will cook it up! The most awesome photo will get a $100 gift code! You have until tomorrow (6/26) at 10 am CT. Congrats Bortwein! You've done it again! You snagged the giftcode for Koopa Kabobs! image

When the #TeeBBQ sale is over, the fun doesn’t stop! Create a collection of design elements for your chance at a pair of Lollapalooza tickets!

If competition and games of chance aren’t for you, don’t forget you can earn Street Team Points everyday by using your unique StreetTeam URL.

Grab a lawn chair and enjoy yourself. We’re so glad you could make it!

Gap + Lollapalooza Quick Design Challenge! Win Tickets!

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Howdy designers! Wanna go to Lollapalooza on Threadless and Gap? Then do we have a challenge for you!

We want you to design the elements of a "do it yourself" summer concert tee! Our friends at Gap will have a digital printing machine at the fest pre-loaded with your elements for fans to arrange, thus, creating their very own unique tee. It's a little different than what you're used to, so let's break it down (much like a sweet drum break).

  1. Design between 5 and 7 separate elements for the tee. Create anything from actual objects to random shapes. Lolla folks will mix and match the elements to create different designs.
  2. Colors must be CMYK and NO WHITE!
  3. The blank tees will be grey, so keep that in mind when creating your elements.
  4. Post your designs in this blog! You have until 10am July 2.

At the end of the week, representatives from Gap & Threadless will choose the favorite and you and a guest will be heading to our fair city of Chicago as a VIP at Lollapalooza!

Got a question? Email with the subject "Lolla"

We're Firin' Up The Grill So Fill Up Your Carts!

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Summer is here! And that means something pretty awesome is coming on Monday!

It might be a sale.

Or it might be something else.

...Aw, we can’t keep secrets from you guys! It’s a sale!

Fill up your carts and get ready for fun, games, and prizes on Monday at the Threadless #TeeBBQ sale!


Speedy can’t wait to grill you up some DEALZ! And fun! And cheeseburgers too, probs.

Introducing Threadless + Bed Bath &Amp; Beyond For Dorm Rooms, Bedrooms, And Other Rooms Too!

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We’ve got some exciting news for your bedroom! Threadless teamed up with Bed Bath & Beyond to print some of your fave Threadless designs on all kinds of home goods! The collection includes duvet covers, body pillows, decorative pillows, throw blankets, laundry bags, shower curtains, and wastebaskets.

Congrats to the 13 printed designers!

Where can you find this stuff?

  1. Products are available in 234 Bed Bath & Beyond stores in the U.S. and Canada and online.

  2. If your closest Bed Bath & Beyond doesn’t carry these products, you’re not out of luck! You can still order the Threadless home goods products in-store, and they will be shipped to you.

  3. You can shop online at!

Threadspotting: Street Art Edition

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The world of rogue street art can seem so fast-paced and short-lived sometimes. It feels as though before we have the chance to tell friends, “You should check out this awesome piece of street art at (insert intersection),” the installation or mural is whisked off the face of the earth, only to (hopefully) exist as photographic evidence. Because most street art straddles the border between artistic expression and vandalism, it’s not always met with the open arms of a community. But how would a community feel if there was street art out there with a constructive purpose, while still injecting a healthy dose of social commentary?

Street Artist XAM Her Hair by Federico Rodriguez Morice

Meet XAM, a street artist with a knack for architecture, functionality and birds. That’s right, birds. XAM has been diligently working on a rad project in which he constructs aesthetically beautiful birdhouses and hangs them on urban street signs in public places. The birdhouses are fully functional, in fact the dwellings are rigged with solar panels and LED “porch lights” to attract insects, a feeding unit, and adequate ventilation for those city-slicker birds.

Along with his birdhouse project, XAM also fabricates bird-shaped gliders. Check out this cool video of XAM doing his thing in Mexico, while rocking Her Hair by Federico Rodriguez Morice. COOL! via Elefgant’s Youtube page

Remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points to boot! Enjoy!

Threadless Goes To Chicago Pride Parade 2012!

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We’re so excited to be a part of the Chicago Pride Parade for the third year in a row! The Threadstaff in the midst of creating our awesome float. Can you guess which Threadless design we’re recreating in gigantic 3D float form?



If you’re in the area on June 24, come wave at us as we float by! We might even have some SWAG for ya. Check out the route. Can’t wait to see ya!

Last year we made a giant robot.

The year before we made a giant cat head.

This year... you’ll see!

Choose Your Favorite Villain And Submit To The Disney Villains Challenge!

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For every one of our favorite Disney heroes, there’s a villain who stands in their way. A true Disney Villain is more conniving than your own ugly stepsister, and they’ll stop at nothing to wreak evil on all that is good. But for what they lack in goodness, these characters make up for in personality. The shorter their tempers and the more vengeful their schemes, the more we love to hate them!

Now is your chance to create a t-shirt design inspired by the villains listed below. So practice your meanest scowl, rehearse your villainous cackle, and start plotting your most evil design yet!

Keep in mind: You can create a design with your favorite Disney Villain or several. If your design includes more than one villain, the characters must be proportionate to each other. Villains can touch but they cannot interact. For example, a design like Reunion Tour is permitted, but This Game Sucks would not be. Also, steer clear of altering the costumes of the villains.

The Evil Queen Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Ursula The Little Mermaid Cruella De Vil 101 Dalmatians Dr. Facilier The Princess and the Frog Jafar Aladdin The Queen of Hearts Alice In Wonderland Captain Hook Peter Pan

Check out the awesome prizing and submit away!

We’Re Testin’ New Tees For You!

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We took your feedback and we’re hard at work creating the ultimate Threadtee! A handful of us are wearing the new tee around for the next few weeks to make sure it’s just right! We can’t wait to release it and make you the happiest tee wearers on the planet.

Check out Bob, Kim & Joe sportin’ the prototype.


Bring Conan To The Threadless Atrium!

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Conan presented his show from Chicago last night and unveiled a gigantic 17-foot bobblehead and announced he’s donating it to Chicago! And now, they’re tryin’ to find a place to put it. We think it it would look pretty sweet hanging out at Threadless HQ. Tweet “Hey @TeamCoco! Put Conan in the @threadless atrium! #COCOBOBBLE” if you agree!

See the unveiling here.


Hotel Info For The Family Reunion On Aug. 25!

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To book one of our reserved rooms at the Crowne Plaza hotel (just down the street from Threadless HQ) call 1-877-337-5791 and reference the code TFR or Threadless Family Reunion to get the discounted rate on a room, which runs $160/night.

You must reserve by August 3rd in order to get the discounted rate.

We can't WAIT for you guys to get here. More info to come in the next few weeks!

Nyc Peeps! Come Party With Us Tonight!

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If you are anywhere near NYC tonight, you won't want to miss this chance for free food, free Threadless IPA, and free minglin' with Threadless luminaries! We want to see you! Just click on the invite below and RSVP now to claim your spot.

Design A T-Shirt Inspired By The Music Of Flatfoot 56.

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Flatfoot 56 is a Celtic punk band of brothers and friends from Chicago. Attend one of their shows or listen to one of their albums, and you’re guaranteed a high-energy mix of vocals, bagpipes, mosh-pitting, maybe a broken rib or two... you know, the kind of music you and your parents can really bond over!

To get ready for the release of the next album 'Toil' in July, your challenge is to channel the music of Flatfoot 56 and design a t-shirt to be worn by both die-hard fans and new fans to their music. So check out their past three albums for inspiration or download their new single from their upcoming album, and get started!

Your design should not include logos.

Check out the prizing and submit your design!

Threadspotting: Werewolf Edition!

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Ahhhooooo, Threadwolves!

This edition of Threadspotting features one of our awesome Threadless + Gap tees on MTV’s supernatural drama,Teen Wolf! The character Stiles Stilinski was spotted rocking “AMPersand” by Andrew Sale in the promotional trailer for season two of the show. Check it out:

MTV's Teen Wolf AMPersand by Andrew Sale

Now, we know that this television show is a dark re-imagining of the incredible, funny and classic Michael J. Fox movie of the same title, but we have a plot/setting suggestion to take the next season in a new direction. Here’s a hint:

werewolfinthemoon Werewolf in the Moon by Javier Ramos Eguiluz

Thanks to Andrew for sniffing this one out! Remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points to boot! Enjoy!

The Tee Upcycling Worldwide Meetup Rocked!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the Tee Upcycling Worldwide Meetup! It was an overwhelming success. We shipped out 51 boxes of tees to 10 different countries. Groups upcycled tees into totes, skirts, headbands, pillows and more! To see more photos, search #threadlessupcycle on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram.


As promised, one lucky Meetup group will get a $25 Threadless gift code for each participant. There were so many awesome groups that we decided to choose randomly. Congrats to Eky J.Primanto aka eQuivalent and his group from Bandung, Indonesia!