Threadless Loves Patterns

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We're now accepting pattern submissions for our new Threadless Patterns Line, which will be printed on all kinds of amazing products (including tees). We're kicking this off with a super special Threadless Loves Patterns challenge.

There will be four grand prize designs, one design chosen for each product: scarf, wall decal, tote bag, and Select apparel. Each chosen designer will receive $2,500, plus a $500 Threadless gift certificate.

Threadless Patterns will be an ongoing challenge (much like the traditional Threadless challenge process). Check out the Pattern Submission Kit to help you get started. We have templates for scarves, wall decals, totes, and tees, so you can show off the placement and size of your patterns. Patterns for totes and tees can be printed on only the colors provided in the Pattern Submission Kit, but scarves and Blik wall graphics can be created in any color imaginable.

So get patterning!

Threadspotting: Double Berger Edition

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Hey There Threadheads,

In this week's edition of Threadspotting Thursdays, we bring you a super-fancy DOUBLE Threadspot sent to us by our good friend Andrea! Check out SublimI'mAwesomeinal AND Electric Sky in the same shot of the MTV series, The Hard Times of RJ Berger!

Remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points too! Enjoy!

1 (1)



by Graham Smith

Electric Sky

by AJ Dimarucot

Join Us In Hong Kong July 28th For The Next Meetup

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image Mark your calendars for July 28th and join us at the official Threadless Hong Kong Meetup. We hope you can make it!

If you're thinking about visiting or have ever wanted to go, this is the time! In typical Threadless fashion, we're going to make this a super amazing meetup. Jake and Mimi have already booked their flights. Do you have yours?

July 28th will also be the 2nd Threadless Worldwide Meetup Day and the theme is Make Great Together. We'll be live streaming from Hong Kong on the 28th to kick off the festivities! Stay tuned for more information on the Hong Kong Meetup and the 2nd Threadless Worldwide Meetup Day!

Kickin’ it with us in Hong Kong? Add your name to our Hong Kong Meetup Page. See you there!

We're Building A Giant Mr. Roboto Goes Sightseeing For Our Pride Parade Float.

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This is our second year participating in Chicago’s Pride Parade, and boy, are we excited! Last year, we won a Special Judges Award with our Mr. Mittens float, inspired by Speedy Joe’s design. This year, we deconstructed and reconstructed Philip Tseng’s Mr. Roboto design! The warehouse has been full of measuring and cutting and taping and hammering for the past few weeks.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, and the parade is less than a week away! Wish us luck as we getting to painting and finishing up, and stay tuned for final photos and video soon. Fun!

Mr. Roboto is awaiting his float!


Adventure Time T-Shirt Design Challenge

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Design a t-shirt around the theme of adventuring

When something’s amiss in the Land of Ooo, it’s up to one silly little kid and his wise old dog to save the day. Finn and Jake are the unlikely heroes of Adventure Time and the stars of this Threadless design challenge! Use Cartoon Network’s newest evil-fighting duo in a design full of wackiness, fun, and, of course, adventure.

You may use any of Finn and Jake’s past adventures — including all the strange creatures they’ve encountered, damsels in distress they’ve rescued, and evil and not-so-evil villains they’ve pursued. Or, create a new adventure for Finn and Jake! In the Land of Ooo and in this challenge, you’re only limited by what you can imagine.

Up for Grabs: - $2000 cash - $250 Threadless gift certificate - A piece of exclusive original show art signed by Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time creator

Threadess Loves Hot Hitz

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Your challenge is to design the next HOT HITZ parody tee.

Remember the summer of 2011? Well not yet, but in the future you will. And when people think back to all the memorable good times of this epic era, it's very possible they'll remember wearing the next hot hitz tee, designed by YOU.

Create a design that's a parody of a big-time movie, show, video game, book, or meme. Create the most phenomenepic parody you've ever dreamed of, iconic enough to be worn by men, women, and grandmas worldwide! Design the kind of hot hitz tee that's worth the $5,000 prize that comes along with it.

Now before you get started, let's just review this parody stuff. If you're designing characters, try using familiar characters in a new, unique style that isn't a duplicate of the original. In other words, use them as inspiration, but no copying and pasting! Rachel (our artist coordinator) isn't afraid to use that trigger finger of hers. We know it's tricky, but we believe in you! For more information on parody vs. copyright, go to our Parody Info Page.

Now for the good part! This is whatcha get if your design is chosen: - $500 Threadless gift certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash) - a whopping $5,000 in cash from Threadless!

Head over to the HOT HITZ challenge page to get started!

Threadspotting: Random Tv Edition!

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Hey There, Threaddicts!

For this edition of Threadspot Thursdays, we bring you a few of our favorite random TV Threadspots! Remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points too! Enjoy!

Alaskan Cop Show- mp(3)


by Matthew Fleming

Spotted on NGC's Alaska State Troopers!! Thanks Brock!

The Sing-Off stupid cupid

Stupid Cupid

by Budi Satria Kwan

Spotted on NBC's The Sing-Off!! Thanks Del!


Nerds 2² Ever

by Chris Broll

Spotted on CNN on 10-year-old equal rights advocate Will Phillips! Thanks to Will for courageously standing up for what he believes in, and thanks to Kumpel for writing in to tell us his amazing story!

See you next week with more Threadspots!

Threadless + Finch's Beer Company = Making Great Together!

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Threadless + Finch's Beer Company = Making Great Together!

We support and drink craft beer, so we thought why not make some with our buds over at Finch's Beer? Talk about a perfect marriage. We collaborated and helped developed a tasty IPA that will be the official beer for the events and outings we throw!

Oh! If you live in the Chicago area you can also find it on tap at the fine establishments below. We're not sure where it's already tapped, but this is who has ordered thus far. Go get it!

Acre Restaurant Bangers & Lace Blokes & Birds Chicago Clark Street Ale House The Map Room Chicago Northdown Cafe and Taproom Sheffield's Beer and Wine Garden The Beer Bistro

Which Cabin Brought In The Most Votes For Unicef Usa? Read On.

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Thanks to all those who came back for the brief Camp Wannatee reunion and scored submissions to help raise money for UNICEF USA. The final numbers:

UBERWOLF - 4825 Smore Than Meets the Eye - 3609 Scrapplejuice - 5490 Yelling Yeti - 4845

So yes. Yes it's true. Cabin Scrapplejuice won again! High fives all around guys. Your prize is the satisfaction that you win at pretty much everything. Well this year at least... we have a feeling that next summer could be different.

Thank you to all the cabin members who scored designs to help us reach our goal of donating $10,000 to UNICEF USA! It's not too late to help us out. Score 100 designs, and we'll donate a $1. Get to it!

Let's Make Great Together! ***Submit By Friday July 8th!***

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Helloooo folks!

We've got a new tagline, but its not really just a new tagline, it's more like a new thingy that we stand for. You might have noticed we started having designs on stuff other than t-shirts and clothing, and well, Nude No More just wasn't really representing who we were anymore (though it might have been neat to go into a coozie business - then your pop can could be Nude No More). Anyway, Nude No More has been clothed, so let's take a minute to mourn it. Ok done? Now let's make way for something we feel is simple, inspiring, and well, us! It is...(DRUMROLLLLLLLL, PLEASE)

And the first thing we wanna do with it is make great stuffs together with you guys. We're making a poster piece that will be something for us to giveaway at events and post all over the offices and all over the world and post all over the Internets and we need your help in making it.

Here's the idea: every one of you glorious designers will choose one of the words in Make Great Together and interpret the type however you want. Then you'll post it in this blog and it could be a part of this poster, as well as other pieces (lil' one inch buttons are on the top of our list too). So think about how your word would scale easily. And as always, thanks for being you. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you and we know it's sappy but it's true.


Here are some examples our staff has made:

Yo Cabin Members! It’S Time For Another Fun Challenge!

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Hey Camp Wannatee Cabins!

Are you still reminiscing about how much fun summer camp week was? Well, we want to bring a little of that back! We’re challenging each cabin member to vote on as many designs as they can tomorrow on Tuesday, June 7th. The cabin with the most votes on that day wins bragging rights (holla!) and everyone helps the kiddos.

From Monday through Thursday, Threadless will donate $1 to UNICEF USA for every member or new member who votes on at least 100 designs. So spread the word and invite everyone you know! We’ll even allow non Camp Wannateers because it’s for a good cause.

Our goal is to donate $10,000 UNICEF USA. So if we can get 10,000 members voting, we can give UNICEF USA the full $10k! The $1 we’ll donate for your 100 votes can provide a child with clean drinking water for 40 days!

UBERWOLF, Scrapplejuice, Smore Than Meets the Eye, and Yelling Yeti Cabin Members: Vote for Kids on Tuesday for the Cabin Challenge!

Cabin Scrapplejuice won last time. Who’s gonna beat them this time?

We’ll announce the cabin winner on Wednesday!

Congrats To Harper, Our Former Cto!!!

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Have you heard the news?

Harper Reed, our former CTO, just signed on as the CTO of Obama for America!

Here's a great article from the Chicago Tribune.

Harper building stuff with wires Harper back in '05 working on Threadless computers.

There's no one else like (or as amazing as) Harper. His friendly, excitable demeanor compliments his massive, tinkering brain in a way that is impossible not to love. He's in his own class! We're super excited that he has joined the Obama campaign and can't wait to see what crazy technological innovations they come up with as the campaign progresses.


Threadspotting: Modern Famitees.

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Welcome to this week's edition of Threadspotting Thursdays! I've posted this blog previously, but not in the site's proper Threadspotting section. OOPS! But here it is, with a couple of awesome updates.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the television hilarity that is Modern Family . Welp, Ariel Winter or "Alex Dunphy", seems to be a pretty big fan of Threadless as well. Enjoy these awesome Threadpots, and as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points too! Enjoy!



Beard of Cloud by Ben Chen

Same Level

We're On the Same Level by Dud Lawson

Modern Family

Frozen Leviathan by Jesse Lefkowitz

Screen shot 2011-03-11 at 11.00.33 AM

The Night Gardener by Terry Fan and Eric Fan


Birdsong by Lim Heng Swee

Help Us Donate $10k To Unicef. All You Gotta Do Is Vote On Designs!

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image Don't forget Threadlessers, your vote matters! Can you imagine a world in which your very favorite tee didn’t exist? The HORROR! Without your vote, that could have been a reality! We use your votes and comments to determine which designs get made into tees. Without votes, we wouldn’t know which tees to print!

In the spirit of voicing your opinions, we hereby proclaim June 6th - 9th the official dates of our Vote for Kids challenge!

Here's the deal: We need 10,000 Threadless members voting on 100 or more designs in just 4 days! We know, we know... it seems impossible. But with your help we can do it!

Now for the game-changing news: Threadless will donate $1 to UNICEF USA for every member or new member (invite your friends and family to become members dangit!) who votes on at least 100 designs (but we'd LOVE for you to vote on all of them). Our goal is to donate $10,000 UNICEF USA so we need 10,000 members voting. Just $1 can provide a child with clean drinking water for 40 days! 40 Days! And $10,000 can provide 20 reliable and durable deep-well water pumps to help provide clean, safe drinking water for several communities in need.

You can help make a difference. Tell your parents, tell your coworkers, tell your friends - join us and let’s donate some moola! Stretch those Powerscore muscles, soon it’ll be Vote for Kids time!

And, don’t score everything 0s or 5s - no one likes a cheat! Get to voting now

Hey all you designers:

If you're working on a design, why not submit it now so that it's up for scoring during the Vote for Kids challenge and you get lots and lots of awesome votes?! Do it!

Sneaky Tees Reprinted: June!

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EVEN IN JUNE... sometimes Monday and Thursday launches just aren't enough! Check out what just came BACK IN STOCK!!! And there will be many many more to come! Old faves, too!

For guys and gals:

Mister Mittens Big Adventure Doctor Hoo Rebel Lighthouse

A Spectacular Sunset My Crony

For guys:

Goldilocks and the Three Beers T-Minus A Simple Plan

Employ Thy Force Destroy NYC Diodes Are A Girls Best Friend

Funkalicious Introduction to Molecular Bonding Red Series Battle Cry

The Horde Let's Get Physical

On guys tanks:

The Future is Feeling Red Series Battle Cry I Only Surf On Comets

Hairspray Music Business Remastered Birds of a Feather

For gals:

The Milky Way Foxy Zombie at Tiffanys

A Book Lover

Now on girly other styles too:

Zombie at Tiffanys

On a zip hoody:

The Communist Party

For kids:

Moon Kite Wishless Space Race

May the Forest Be With You Survived Alphabet Zoo

Monster Wash Boom Box