T-10: Threadless Everywhere Tour!

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Threadless Everywhere Tour

It's all happening! And now we've got a page to prove it!

We'll be updating that page constantly with new events, new info, and new activities! And you can update it too by tweeting with the #threadtour hashtag! RSVP, comment on, share, and suggest new events! You tell us where we should bring our van + airstream + Threadless funtime. We'll start the tires rolling with two months of events. Then, it's up to you!

The Threadless Sketchbook

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This is the story of a Threadless blog that turned into a book.

It all started when MurrayMullet (Phil Jones) posted a blog on the Threadless forum, asking alumni for sketches of their printed designs. To quote the blog, "They can be just the idea, initial attempt or napkin drawings."

The blog blew up and people were posting "like crazy and sh!t," says speedyjvw (Joe Van Wetering). In fact, it got so bonkers, another Threadless dood, Ian Lieno thought it would be cool to compile all of this into a book, with ALL of the funds going towards Bloggerraiser. What's Bloggerraiser? Well, for the n00bs, its an annual Threadless blogger-driven fundraiser that brings folks from all over to our annual meet-up in September, aka our Family Reunion.

The book is an amazing compilation of original sketches of over 120 Threadless shirts from 66 different artists, with the forward written by Mr. Jake Nickell himself. Pick up the book over on Lulu for $19.99. Awesome job, Ian, and thanks to all who contributed!

A New Design Challenge! Loves Zip Hoodies!

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Whether it’s a a chilly summer's night in the Northwoods or a brisk fall day in Flanders, nothing hugs you like a comfy zip hoody! And if you’re planning on zipping up tight, you may as well do it in something that looks amazing, right?

Your challenge is to create an innovative and fun design for a zip hoody!

It may be summer in our hemisphere, but we wanna get a jump on the fall and rollout some of your sweet ideas come August! Your chosen design could be the next big zip sensation!

This is only a 2 week challenge and we're looking for community prizing, so if you have something you'd like to offer up to the chosen designer, please email community@threadless.com! Also, here's a handy hoody template for ya!

You only have until July 11 so zip to it!

Cool Kids, Awesome Art!

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Have a cool kid who makes awesome art?

Have your little artist draw an interpretation of their favorite Threadless design, then scan it or take a picture and post it to the Threadless Kids! facebook wall .

Think of our wall as your virtual refrigerator, there's space for everyone and we never run out of magnets!

Be sure to put your child's first name, last initial, age and the name of the design they're interpreting in the description. Share the picture on your own wall too and see if your friends "Like" it! :)

We'll choose a winner from each age group (4 and under, 5-7, and 8-10) to win a $50 Threadless gift certificate. We'll also choose an overall winner to receive an awesome Leaps and Bounds Art Cart and a $100 Threadless gift certificate. Woo hoo! Be sure to upload your pictures by 10am CT on Friday, June 25th.

Winners will be chosen based on the 3 A's- Awesomeness, Adorability, and Artistry.

Pelican, A Gulf Coast Relief Tee

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As of this writing, there is still no end to be seen to the Gulf oil spill. And as we all watch the gallons of oil spilling into the water and onto land, we can't help but wonder what we can do to help. So a couple weeks ago, we decided to reach out to Threadless member Frederik Wepener of South Africa to work with our own Ross Zietz on a collaboration tee. The result is this design, peliCAN, which is intended to add a bit of hope to an otherwise devastating situation.

We're donating all proceeds from the sale of this tee to the Gulf Restoration Network, a 15 year old environmental non-profit organization committed to uniting and empowering people to protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf Region for future generations. They're the only environmental organization working Gulf-wide, and since the first days of BP's oil drilling disaster, they've provided independent monitoring and advocacy focused on holding BP accountable and ensuring an effective and transparent response to the crisis. Take action, stay informed, and donate to these efforts here.

We know "PeliCAN" can only make a small dent in the aid that goes to the Gulf Coast area, but we also hope it will keep public focus on one of the biggest ecological disasters of our time, and inspire others to help too. The printing of this tee was generously donated by local friends Sharprint, who used a water-based ink to print "PeliCAN." Both Ross and Frederik have donated their standard designer payment to the cause as well.

Though Frederik lives down in South Africa, he says he still feels the impact of this event: "My grandparents lived in Nature's Valley, a small, unspoilt town on the coast of South Africa. Having spent my summers there as a boy, I can only imagine how I would feel if something similar struck the place I hold so dear."

Ross, a Baton Rouge native, says, "I spent many many days on or near the Gulf coast. It is very near and dear to my heart. Hearing the sadness in the voices from all my friends and family back home plus seeing all the depressing but very real images on the news and web, I just really wanted to do something about this nasty disaster."

A big thank you to everyone involved - it was truly a group effort!

Another Comic Series Teaser: Tony Moore!

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We've mentioned it before but it bears repeating!

We are so excited to be releasing a series of 4 shirts done by comic artists Art Baltazar, Cliff Chiang, Tony Moore, and Jill Thompson. The shirts follow a story line written by Jill and will be available for purchase individually or as a set. We're revealing them on Comicon weekend, but we've been posting some teasers... like this...

Here's a small sneak peek at Tony Moore's contribution:

Tony Moore

And just in case you missed it... A peek at Jill Thompson's design!

Jill Thompson

T-10: Threadless Beach Party &Amp; Summer Sale!

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Hey party people!

We’re counting down to an awesome Threadless Beach Party, complete with $10 tees and $30 hoodies!

RSVP HERE ON FACEBOOK and start counting the seconds until Thursday morning, when we’ll be LIVE on Ustream giving away party favors to random attendees and together, we'll launch the grooviest Summer sale EVER.

Fill up your carts! Tell all your friends! Make room in your closets and drawers! Cause come Thursday...

It's summertime!

Make A June Mix For The Threadless Warehouse

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We love music in the warehouse here at Threadless and we want to get our community involved. Make us a mix of songs you love or just music you're really into at the moment and we will play the mixes for everyone in the warehouse.

Use the awesome site http://www.8tracks.com

Upload your mix of at least 8 tracks and submit the link in a comment on this blog. The warehouse crew will vote on their fave mix of the month and that person will win a $50 Gift Certificate and 8tracks will send the winner an 8tracks tee shirt!

To keep things fair and simple we will only listen to the first mix submitted and only 8 tracks of the mix.

We want to do this monthly so include the current month in the title of your mix "Threadless June Mix"

We have a wide variety of taste but first and foremost we like to keep it fun.

We will also make a best of the month mix from all mixes we listen to and upload it to the Threadless 8tracks page

The Threadless Artist Shoppe

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In case you haven't heard, we've partnered with Society6 to bring you the Threadless Artist Shoppe. We're joining forces with them to create more opportunities for you artist folks to profit from the sale of your work on tees as well as prints.

Jake will continuously curate the Shoppe, and the chosen designs will then be released on demand as prints and tees. This means that every time you post your artwork for sale on Society6, as a Society6 product (just prints and t-shirts for now), it's automatically eligible to be sold through the online stores of Society6 retail partners - giving you access to millions of customers worldwide!

The Threadless Artist Shoppe is just the beginning, and both of us will be looking to you guys to help shape future collaborations that support artists.

Hurrah for showing your stuff in a new spot! Check it out now, so much awesome stuff is already in there!

Oh, and a lil' bit about Society6:

Founded in 2009 and based in Los Angeles, Society6 is where artists connect with unique opportunities, and sell their work as a variety of products. In addition to the ability for its artist members to sell their work as a variety of products direct to their customers and through it's network of Retail Partners, Society6 has become known for its hi-profile Collaborations ranging from artists having their work featured on the cover of magazines and books, to paid commissions for cover art designs for major album releases and global apparel lines.

A New Design Challenge! Loves Shutterstock!

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Remember that phrase bullies used to say? “Take a photo, it’ll last longer!” Well, you know what will make a photo last even longer? An awesome tee design based on it! Not to mention, you can wear it and showcase it to all of your friends without worrying about finger smudges.

Your challenge is to create an awesome design celebrating photography!

If you use a photograph in your design, post a link to your photo and photo credit when you submit. Feel free to peruse Shutterstock.com for resources and inspiration. Your awesome photo-based design could land you a ridiculous amount of swag (about $5000 worth)! You have until June 20 to get those masterpieces submitted, so make it snappy!

Good luck, shutterbugs!