True Stories! A New Design Challenge!

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We can’t help it! We are inspired by the true stories that happen all around us. Whether experienced personally or just related to us via friends, books, the news or a wealth of other sources, they leave an indelible mark that begs to be expressed. And so, expressive friends, we are proud to present…


Our friends at Fray Quarterly along with Blurb and the folks behind the documentary Stephen Toblowsky’s Birthday Party have teamed up with Threadless to provide this design challenge! Your challenge is to design a tee inspired by True Stories… but that’s not all. Because your sweet design could be chosen as the cover of Fray’s next volume of tales themed “sex and death,” that becomes part of the challenge! The design can include both themes or just one. You have until July 23 to incorporate true stories of sex and death into an amazing piece of art. The design may include both themes or just one. You could also grab a slew of other awesome goodies!

We know your stories and experiences are there so give this challenge a go!

Think Faest! Now Even More Awesome And Affordable!

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We are proud, once again, to announce the release of the newest issue of our completely awesome art magazine...

Faesthetic #8 features 30 artists, including some Threadless regulars, and unlike many other art books, Faesthetic remains ad free! If you picked up the last issue, you know how much Faesthetic rules, and for those that didnt pick one up we are offering an amazing special... You can get the new issue for only $10, or you can get issue #7 & 8 for only $15! The art is mind-blowing, and for the price we think it's one of the best deals on the planet.

Faesthetic is curated and edited by the same guy who's in charge of our Select line, Dustin Hostetler in Toledo, Ohio and is produced and distributed in Chicago by Threadless. Starting in 2008 we are releasing 3 issues a year, and for the new one we have the amazing art collective Rad Mountain as the cover artists. The theme for #8 is "Infinity" and seriously.. stop reading this and pick up a copy for yourself. Your eyes and brains will thank you later...

Learn more about Faesthetic here...

Lomography! A New Challenge!

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Hey everybody!

This new design challenge, if you choose to accept it, is a real doozy and one we're maniacally excited about! Grab your camera and get ready to snap away…


The Lomographic Society International is a vibrant, creative, and carefree community just like the one we hold dear right here! It just couldn't be a more perfect match. And specifically tailored to those who play by their own rules! Speaking of rules - this collaborative project is based upon the 10 GOLDEN RULES OF LOMOGRAPHY. Read them, digest them well, and create a brand new shirt design inspired by one of them, some of them or all of them. Don't reprint them or use them literally - this is all about your unique perspective and what the 10 GOLDEN RULES mean to you. Here they are:

10 Golden Rules of Lomography (c): 1) Take your camera everywhere you go. 2) Use it anytime – day and night. 3)This is not an interference in your life, but a part of it. 4) Try the shot from the hip. 5) Approach the objects of your desire as close as possible. 6) Don't think. 7) Be fast. 8) You don't have to know beforehand what you've captured. 9) Afterwards either. 10) Don't worry about any rules.

Let your imagination run wild. Your awesome design could net you a serious amount of Lomography gear, not to mention your Threadless windfall! Designs accepted through July 5 so make it snappy!


Don't think. Just draw.

Threadless Summer Blockbuster Sale! One Week Engagement!

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It’s that time of the year again, everybody! It’s (almost) the summer and that means another action-packed Threadless sale with tees starting at $10! Hope you caught a sneak peek at the Trailer on Tee-V! Starting today, in a one week engagement, those featured tees along with all of the old favorites are ready to be unleashed! And don’t forget about the awesome new prints, also shedding some weight for the week.

But wait, there’s more! Be one of the first 250 folks to purchase 2 or more prints and receive an amazing limited edition Summer Blockbuster Movie print!!

Created by Ross Zietz & Joe Van Wetering, and inspired by this week's tees, these sweet pieces will be going fast! So grab a comfortable seat, pop some corn, and enjoy the Threadless Summer Blockbuster Sale!

Bike The Drive With Tee-V. Get A Trek Bike! Here's How...

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Hey everybody! In the latest Tee-V clip, your fearless (extended) crew hits Lake Shore Drive on bike for Chicago's annual Bike The Drive! We get sweaty, greasy, and hopped up on ice cream as we brave the harsh windy conditions along this 15 mile stretch of the lakefront.

As a special bonus, our friends at Trek will be giving away a Mens Soho S or Ladies FX bicycle to the most perceptive Tee-V viewers! Check out the challenge, get out your abacus, and email us for a chance to get one of these sweet machines!

Hey watch out, I'm bikin' here!