Score 25 A Day, Win Prizes, Hooray! / Winner Announced

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WINNER: Congrats Kerry Nicholson!

Congrats to Kerry! Here's what Kerry said about her win:

I am a wildlife biologist and I love the snarky T-shirts or the t-shirts that make you think or take a double look at things which is why I love Threadless soooo much. People bring in such incredible ideas incorporating inspiration from nature and the animals that surround us (like As Fast As I Can design by Thomas De Santis) and then morphing them into surrealistic images (like Lost Translation by Francis and Laurence Minoza and Jorge Garza) or things that just make you go hmmmm and then laugh out loud. So, I'm super excited about an art panel from the artistic community of Threadless. And now I'll be able to order some of my more favorite shirts or hoodies... I had been waiting for them to go on sale and some never do!! As for what I would do with the panel, once Im back in Sweden, I have a sweet spot to hang it right in the hallway near my big bay window which everyone from outside gets to see. Here in Sweden, I would hang it on my door at work because right now this place is so bland its sad and needs a spark of life to pick it up.

Man oh man, do we love you guys. We want to see you every day! This week we’re thanking folks for coming back and hanging out on Threadless daily.

Between Monday, June 3 - Friday, June 7 score at least 25 designs each day and you’ll be entered to win a $250 Threadless gift card and a Threadless art panel!


Days will be measured from 12 am CT to 12 am CT the next day.

Start scoring right now! If ya miss a day, you’re out!

Design Digital Stickers To Share With Your Friends.

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When you’re hanging IRL with your besties, a roll of your eyes or a crooked smirk can say what words never could. But how do you fit those big emotions into your tiny smartphone? Enter Path, an intimate social network that lets you digitally interact with your BFFs as if they were sitting right next to you.

Your challenge is to create a pack of six virtual stickers that Path members can share with their friends to show when they’re feeling happy, gloomy, angry, hungover, or any of life’s other highs and lows.

Your stickers can be based on an original character or follow a theme. The focus should be expression; how would you tell your girlfriend or your childhood pal that you just got awesome news without using any words?

The winner of this challenge will work with Path to turn their six stickers into a complete collection of 24 unique designs.

Check out the prizing!

Show Off Your Threadless Style With #Threadpics

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Everyday we ship off oodles of orders to awesome Threadlessers around the globe. Now, you can show off your new Threadless duds right on the product pages with #threadpics.

When you post a photo of yourself in Threadless tee or with any other Threadless product on Instagram or Twitter, tag it with #threadpics. We’ll match it up with the corresponding designs so its displayed right on the product page.


Score Spongebob Squarepants Designs And You Could Soak Up Prizes Like A Sponge.

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Attention all friends under the sea or above it: Score 100 Spongebob Squarepants designs to automatically be entered to win sweet prizes.

2 Grand prize winners will receive an autographed animation cell and a set of Spongebob Squarepants vinyl figurines. 5 other lucky winners will receive a set of vinyl figurines. That’s 7 chances to win!




Start scoring now so we know which designs you want printed.

Support Oklahoma Disaster Relief: The Flaming Lips Tee Available For Pre-Sale!

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On May 20, 2013 a devastating tornado struck Oklahoma City, close to the hometown of The Flaming Lips. To help those most affected, the band is dedicating $10 for each of the winning tees from the Flaming Lips design challenge sold to the American Red Cross.

The Flaming Lips design challenge isn’t over yet. You can pre-order it now and immediately support the American Red Cross. You’ll receive your order in about 6-8 weeks once the winning design is chosen.

Since the challenge is still open, you can be part of choosing what design gets printed to benefit this cause. If you have an idea for a design, submit it by June 3. You can also score designs to help pick the winner.

Win Threadless Cash By Snappin’ Pics During The $15 Sale! Winners Announced

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POOL: @criscicakes
AIRPORT: @hoosierhansnfan
WILDCARD: Clinsmman Herbete
WITH ANIMAL: @coco_zaedor
BBQ: @thegirltrel
SPORTING EVENT: @saxgoddess1
ROAD TRIP: @papoula
HERMIT: @samtomsett
WITH FAMILY: @shilohgc
PARK: @ninjabanjo
AT MOVIES: @lqu42
AT BEACH: @saxgoddess1

Winners have been and will be contacted via the social platform they posted on.

In celebration of $15 tees this weekend, we’re giving you 15 ways to win up to $150 in Threadless cash! It’s the Snap Pics For $15 challenge AKA #SPF15!

Over the long weekend, post a picture or video of you in a Threadless tee while doing one of the 15 activities listed.

Use #threadpics AND #SPF15 and post photos to Twitter, Instagram, or Vine to enter the challenge.

You can enter in as many categories as many times as you’d like. Your deadline to enter is Tuesday May 5/28 10 am CT. We’ll pick our favorite photos from each category to win $15 Threadcash. Our very favorite will snag $150 Threadcash! That's 15 winners!

So, after you’ve treated yourself to a cart full of $15 tees, post those #SPF15 pics and have a very sunny, happy weekend.

Design A T-Shirt Inspired By Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants.

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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants! Who’s starring in the design on your next tee? SpongeBob SquarePants!

Dive into the world of Bikini Bottom to create a t-shirt design that celebrates SpongeBob and the colorful crustaceans and other sea creatures that frequent the Krusty Krab. Whether he’s cleaning up the slime trail left by his pet snail Gary, seeking adventure with his best bud Patrick, or trying to get his grumpy coworker Squidward to have a little fun, SpongeBob is always filled with optimism and enthusiasm.

Bring that sunny outlook to a design that will make waves. Are you ready, artists? “Aye aye, captain!”

Share this challenge with the world!

Check out the prizing and submit.

Design A Tee To Support Thorn And Children Everywhere.

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The Internet has changed more than how we work, shop, and socialize. It has also disrupted the promise of a safe childhood for victims of child trafficking. Technology has made it easier for child predators to create and share exploitative content and connect with like-minded individuals. More can be done to stop them.

It's the mission of Thorn, an organization continuing the work started by the Demi and Ashton (DNA) Foundation in 2009, to be the digital defenders of children. Thorn aims to use technology to combat the behavior of online predators and sex traffickers. By creating a design for this challenge, you can help raise awareness for the organization’s mission to make the web safer place for kids. 25% of net sales from the winning tee will benefit the organization.

Take inspiration from how we can be better digital defenders for children who can’t defend themselves. Create a hopeful design about a predator-free future where kids can just be kids, both online and offline.

Check out the prizing and submit your design

Design A T-Shirt Inspired By The Music Of The Flaming Lips.

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Every second of the Flaming Lips experience is an intoxicating fever dream—from the spaced out melodies and hazy guitars of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots to the uncharted dusky terrain of their latest album, The Terror. If you’ve ever watched frontman Wayne Coyne crowdsurf inside a giant plastic bubble at one of their ethereal live shows or hooked up four stereos to give a spin to Zaireeka, an album of four discs meant to be played simultaneously, you know: No band blends psychedelic imagination and pop euphoria quite like The Flaming Lips.

Channel the mind-bending trip that is The Flaming Lips to create a weird, wonderful t-shirt design.

Take cues from the sunny optimism of “Do You Realize?” and “Race for the Prize,” the immersive shadows of The Terror, or the acid-streaked elements of their legendary live shows to design a tee worthy of Wayne & co. You can use an existing Flaming Lips logo, no logo at all, or get creative and make your own.

Be fearless, freaked out, absurd—anything but conventional.

Visit the challenge page.

Help Us Turn Existing Designs Into Witty Greeting Cards!

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Aren’t the outsides and insides of greetings cards just so… blah? Let’s put an end to that. We already have great designs for outsides of cards, and we wanna see what you think would make for great insides.

Check out this selection of designs we think might be great for cards. If any of these designs evoke a funny one-liner within you, write your clever words underneath the design. You can do one, a few, or all of ‘em if you feel so inspired! The writers of our top 5 lines will win $25 Threadcash.


Artists, you may see some of your printed and/or submitted designs in there. Don’t worry, we’d always clear everything with you if we decided to print some of these on greeting cards.

Get your ideas in by 5/17/2013. If we print a card with your one-liner, you’ll be compensated on the card.

Commence wittiness.

Design An Awkward Design And It Could Appear On Mtv's Awkward!

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Many of us were our most awkward selves in high school. Social misfit Jenna, the main character of MTV’s Awkward., is no exception. Even if you haven’t followed Jenna’s saga*, chances are you can relate to the drama, confusion, and downright awkwardness that comes with being a teenager and human being in this world.

So conjure up all the social grace and assurance you (think you) lack, and channel it into an awesome and awkward t-shirt design! Pull out your most awkward family photo for inspiration. Reminisce about the good ol’ days of braces and the horrible haircut you gave yourself once. Think very hard about an embarrassing experience you tried to forget. And get to work creating your most awkward design yet!

*Jenna meets Matty, then meets Jake, then cheats on Jake with Matty, then her best friend starts dating Jake, and now Jenna’s with Matty.

Let's get the creative juices flowing....

Post an awkward story of yours below!

Then, check out the prizing and submit your design!

Win A Book By Telling Us Why You Love Your Momma.

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We've got 6 copies of A World Without Mothers?, written by Ced Funches with illustrations by Halldor Andri Bjarnson - signed by the author! In celebration of Mother's Day coming up, we want to give these to you, the tumblr, the tweeter, and the instagrammer.

Tell (or show) us why you love your mom and use the hashtag #threadlesslovesmoms.

We'll pick 2 winners from each channel at 5pm CST tomorrow, Tuesday May 7! Share the word and love your moms.

Score Fraggle Rock Designs To Win Fraggle Rock Collectors Dvds!

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winners announced!

1211 of you scored 50+ designs! Congrats to APatfan for snagging the grand prize and bryan_snow for gettin' second.

Fraggle lovin’ friends, score 50 Fraggle Rock designs and you’ll be entered to win one of two prize packs!

The first place prize pack includes a giant plush of Red Fraggle, a 30th anniversary Fraggle Rock Collector’s edition DVD pack and a pack of limited edition Fraggle Rock playing cards.



The second prize pack includes a 30th anniversary Fraggle Rock Collector’s edition DVD pack and a pack of limited edition Fraggle Rock playing cards.

You are automatically entered when you score 50 designs so get to it!

Check Out The Winning Tee From The World Bicycle Relief Challenge!

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Congrats to Matt Hoch! His design, World of Bike is the big winner from the World Bicycle Relief challenge! His design is now available on a tee and 25 limited edition messenger bags. Meet Matt!

Where are you from?
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

What’s your day job?
Member Service Representative at Royal Credit Union, but I am an aspiring artist.

This is your first design submission. What about this challenge made you to decide to submit?
I was drawn to this design competition because I enjoy biking and thought the cause was a good one.


It took a whole lotta bikes to create the world in your design. Tell us a little bit about your creative process for this submission.
I wanted to design something that incorporated the entire world. I had some troubles along the lines, but I was able to push through and I'm glad I'm able to share this design with the world. I hope others use this to promote biking and to be more conscious about our planet and ways to preserve and take care of it. We only get one.

25% of the proceeds from your design will support World Bicycle Relief to bring more bikes to more communities. Is this cause one close to your heart?
Honestly, this was the first time I've heard of the cause and was very intrigued by it. I’m glad my design can help those in need and make others' lives better. I think it would be wonderful to travel to the different countries and see how much the bikes have benefited those who have received them so far.


You’ve won a ton of biker SWAG including a custom made bike! Congrats! What’s your favorite part of the prizing?
The handmade bicycle sculpture by Charles Mwanjeleka! I've already got it in a display case!

Are you a biker yourself? What’s your favorite thing about biking?
I enjoy biking and can't wait for the weather to become nice again. Living in Wisconsin is very trying at times, especially these past few days where we've gone from no snow and 70 degree weather to 30 degree weather and 8 inches of snow. I'm very excited to work with Iron Cycles to have a custom bike built! I'm planning a trip to Chicago to get everything in order!

Do you commute via bike or just ride for fun?
Currently, I like to ride for fun. However, this summer, I would like to start commuting to work. Our city is very bike friendly and prides itself on it's yearly additions and improvements to the trails for those who enjoy biking and are conscious about the planet.


Congrats again to Matt! Pick up the tee or messenger bag now!

Join Us At Art Crank, The Bicycle-Themed Poster Show!

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The bicycle-themed poster show Art Crank is coming to Chicago for the first time on May 17! The show will feature handmade, bike-inspired posters created by Chicago-area artists. Limited edition, signed and numbered copies of all posters will be available for $40 each. Admission is free.

We’ll be there raffling off some amazing SWAG including a custom Threadless bike provided by Leapyear Project, a World of Bikes World Bicycle Relief limited edition messenger bag and t-shirt, a Don't Door Me messenger bag and an Infinity MPG t-shirt.

RSVP and find out more.

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