The Muppets T-Shirt Design Challenge!

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Design a t-shirt around the theme of “friendship”

The Muppets have gone from television personalities, to hit musicians, to big-time movie stars, and they’ve never let the limelight spoil their friendship. No matter what kind of trouble this zany group stumbles into, they always pull together to make it through. After more than 30 years of delivering smiles and laughter to the world, Kermit the Frog is still leading the way, Miss Piggy is still close by his side (some may say too close) and as glamorous as ever, Animal still loves his drums and the ladies, Fozzie Bear still dreams of being the world’s greatest stand-up comic bear, Gonzo is still performing his death-defying stunts, and The Electric Mayhem Band’s funky soul tracks have been serving as the soundtrack through it all. And now, the Muppets are getting ready to head back to the big screen this November in their brand-new feature film, The Muppets. Use the Muppets in your design to celebrate friendship, and you could win fame and riches fit for a frog!

Up for Grabs: - $2500 cash - $250 Threadless gift certificate - The winning t-shirt signed by The Muppets and framed together with a signed photo of the Muppets. Disney Traditions will provide a $250 set of collectible statues designed by Jim Shore. Statues include Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Waldorf & Statler, Animal, and Fozzie Bear. - An autographed copy of the upcoming album “MUPPETS: The Green Album”.

Get involved now by submitting artwork or scoring designs.

Threadspotting: Presidential Edition!

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Hey There, Threadworld!

Today marks the first edition of Threadspotting Thursdays. For the first time, we're making Threadspotting a weekly affair! Every Thursday, I'll be posting the sweetest Threadspots from the previous week. Remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points too! Enjoy!


MSNBC Hardball Obama- Ctrl+z

Ctrl + Z by Ben Devens

Spotted on MSNBC's Hardball w/ President Obama! What a cool Threadspot! HUGE Thanks to Adam for this AWESOME sighting.

Modern Family- Woodchucks 2

Woodchucks by David Schwen

Spotted on ABC's Modern Family! Thanks Noel!

Dr. Who Confidential- simple plan

A Simple Plan by Neil Gregory

Spotted on BBC's Doctor Who Confidential! Thanks Nasri!

Google April Fools- Autocompleter- Well, this just really sucks

Well, This Just Really Sucks... by Kevin Ryan

Spotted in Google's April Fools Video! Thanks Jamie!

Aziz, Kanye, M.I.A. The Deer Without A Heart by Kneil Melicano

Spotted on Aziz Ansari w/ Kanye West & M.I.A.! Thanks Bo!

  We Need To Talk About Kevin- 99 Luftballoons

99 Luftballons by Ross Zietz

Spotted in the feature FilmWe Need To Talk About Kevin! Thanks Tim!

Thanks to all who have submitted Threadless sightings recently! See you next Thursday with some more awesome sightings!

Unicef T-Shirt Challenge

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Design a t-shirt around the theme of “childhood”

What comes to mind when you think of childhood? For thousands of children around the world, it means malnutrition, unsafe drinking water, or lack of an affordable vaccine. Every day, more than 22,000 children die from preventable causes — and they don't have to. With your design, you could help the U.S. Fund for UNICEF reduce the childhood mortality rate to zero.

UNICEF provides children in more than 150 countries with health care and immunizations, clean water, nutrition and food security, education, emergency relief, and more. The U.S. Fund for UNICEF supports the organization's global humanitarian relief work through fundraising, advocacy, and education in the United States. Threadless will donate 25% of the sale of each tee sold from and our retail stores in the United States starting July 4th to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in support of UNICEF’s efforts to end the preventable deaths of children.

*For more information visit The U.S. Fund for UNICEF does not endorse any brand or product. No portion of the purchase price is tax-deductible.

Up for Grabs: - $1500 cash - $500 Threadless gift certificate

Loves Travel3: Let's Go To London!

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image It is that time again! Time for another Threadless Loves Travel challenge! In 2008, we sent a talented Threadless designer to Iceland and in 2010, to Australia! This year, in collaboration with STA Travel, we are sending one of our designers on a ruddy marvelous trip to London! The chosen designer and a guest will jet off to London for a royal British experience including flights, accommodations for four nights, and a city tour on a famous double-decker red bus. The city tour includes all of London's famous landmarks - Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the Tower of London. Sounds like a bloody good time, right? Thanks to STA Travel for making this possible!

Your challenge is to design a tee based on the concept of travel!

Dust off your suitcase, grab your camera, start polishing your British accent, and start designing! Ready, set, cheers!

Here are the prizes: - Round-trip economy class tickets from chosen designer's nearest international airport for two - Four nights hostel or hotel accommodation (prize provider's discretion) for chosen designer and a guest - Two big red bus city tour passes - All prizes above supplied by STA Travel. Average retail value equals $5000

aaaaand - $500 Threadless Gift Certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash) - $2,000 in cash from Threadless to buy some souvenirs

Farewell Friends! Blik Retiring 17 Threadless Graphics Soon.

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image Blik is printing more Threadless designs, but they gotta clear out some old designs first. The following 17 wall graphics will be around until May 31, 2011 at 5pm PST. Then they go away! So snatch 'em up quick.

The Helium Menagerie
 Tectonic Wormhole Let it Flow!
 Invisible Gentleman
 The Bull and the Bee
 Clean Monster
 Happy Creatures Foxy 
Fake Pandas have More Fun Radios You Sank My Battleship Poker Hand Values
 Reach for the Stars
 Field Study 01
 The Great Animal Hunt
 Agriculture Under the Influence Inkspired

Camp Wannatee Field Day Scores Revealed!

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image Hey campers! We know you tossed and turned all weekend wondering what team won fame, fortune and eternal prosperity at Friday's Camp Wannatee Field Day Games. Before we reveal the winner, we'd just like to thank everyone for their valiant efforts in the games - especially those who participated in the pie-eating contest. To take one's face to an apple strudel pie is no small feat. You're all winners in our eyes.

Here are the winners from each game: Tug of War: Cabin Smore Than Meets the Eye Bean Bag Toss: Cabin Scrapplejuice Eggy-Spoony Race: Cabin Scrapplejuice Pie-Eating Contest: Cabin UBER WOLF

And here are the final scores: Cabin Scrapplejuice: 14 points Cabin UBER WOLF: 11 points Cabin Yelling Yeti: 9 points Cabin Smore Than Meets the Eye: 7 points

Cabin Scrapplejuice is the winner! The staff team couldn't have won without the extra person on their tug of war team or the extra time for the bean bag toss, so thanks to all those Scrapplejuicers out there who were participating in the challenges last week. More information on prizes for Scrapplejuicers to come!

And stay tuned for more photos and an awesome recap video. We had a blast!

What A Week! Here Are Your Camp Wannatee Cabin Challenge Winners!

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Camp Wannatee week has been amazing! We’d like to thank our Cabin Leaders - the amazing Ambassadors - and everyone in the cabins who’ve participated all week! On Wednesday, our voting challenge day, we reached over 114,000 votes!

Challenges & Winners: Monday - Tweet about the sale with your cabin name in the #hashtag until Wednesday. The cabin with the most tweets gets an extra person on their team for tug of war!

WINNER: Cabin Scrapplejuice with 203 tweets!

Tuesday - Create a cabin motto! The best motto as picked by our staff gets and extra 10 seconds in the bean bag toss!

WINNER: Cabin Scrapplejuice with their motto, “Meet Our Team, Teeming With Meat!”

Wednesday - Voting Challenge Day! The cabin with the highest number of votes gets a free egg in the eggy spoony race!

WINNER: Cabin Scrapplejuice with a whopping 11,560 votes!

(Cabin Yelling Yeti came in second place with 10,054 votes)

Thursday - Final day to submit your design for the challenge. The cabin with the most designs submitted from the 16th - 19th gets a 30 second start in the pie-eating contest. NOMZ NOMZ NOMZ!

WINNER: Cabin UBERWOLF with 29 designs submitted (Close race: Smore had 28 and Scrapple and Yeti each had 27)

Congratulations Cabin Scrapplejuice for their sweep and Cabin UBERWOLF! Good luck at the games! Each member of the cabin that wins at the games will get a special, camp goody bag.

Make sure to tune into UStream at 3pm (CST) to watch them live!

Extended - The Climate Project T-Shirt Challenge

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Design a t-shirt around the theme of “Reality: It’s not an opinion”

Back in 2006, “An Inconvenient Truth” moved the topic of climate change to the front of people’s minds and conversations. As the global climate crisis has become ever more apparent, highly-funded efforts are increasing to create doubt around the science.

With a mission of educating people and training presenters about the science behind the climate crisis, Al Gore founded The Climate Project. This campaign separates the myths from the facts associated with climate change and reminds people that undermining science can put us all at risk.

Create a design inspired by the mantra “Reality: It’s not an opinion,” and you could help The Climate Project share the truth about how the climate crisis affects everyone worldwide. Threadless will donate 25% from the sale of each tee to help The Climate Project inform even more people about why this crisis is real and why we must act together now as a global community to stop it.

Up for Grabs: - $500 cash - $500 Threadless gift certificate - An iPad 2 pre-loaded with Al Gore's award winning e-book “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis”

Phineas And Ferb Design Challenge

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Design a t-shirt around the theme of innovation!

In case you haven’t met Phineas and Ferb, they’re two young dudes who spend the majority of their time searching for new and exciting experiences. When they can’t find a wacky enough situation, they create one themselves! Whether it’s designing a new form of technology or building the most amazing roller coaster the world has ever known, Phineas and Ferb innovate all summer long. Innovation comes in many forms, what does it look like to you?

Up for Grabs: - $2500 cash - $250 Threadless gift certificate - $500 Phineas and Ferb prize pack

Get involved now by submitting artwork or scoring designs.

Thursday's Camp Wannatee Cabin Challenge!

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The Camp Wannatee Cabin Challenges are winding down. We hope you've been tweeting and voting 'till your fingers bleed, because it's all going to help your cabin kick butt at the games tomorrow. Today's your last chance to boost your cabin's shot at winning.

The cabin with the highest number of designs submitted from May 16th - May 19th by their campers will get a 30 second start on the pie-eating contest! Submit those designs now! And while you're at it, practice eating some pies! NOMZ NOMZ NOMZ!

Threadless.Com/Live = The Haps!

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image Ever wonder which designs have the most views, how many members have reached 100K votes, or what's getting printed next week? Or how much we've paid out to artists, how many worldwide members we have, or who's scoring right this minute? That’s whole lotta questions! But if you answered yes six times, we've got some news for you.

All of those questions (and more!) can now be answered at our Threadless Leaderboard over at We decided to add more to the leaderboard because we wanted everyone in the community to be able to see what's happening on Threadless in real-time. And there's a lot happening! From submitting designs to scoring them, every community member has a say in what gets printed. makes it easier to see that, and most importantly, shows YOU what you’ve done to make Threadless great.

So head on over and join the fun. Check out /live, and then start scoring designs and help us pick the next Threadless tees.

Wednesday's Camp Wannatee Cabin Challenge!

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It's finally here! Our favorite cabin challenge! The Voting Challenge! It's time to get your vote on! The cabin with the members who voted on the most designs will get a free egg in the Eggy Spoony Race.

Can everyone in your cabin get to that Powerscore High 5? We hope so! Ready, Set, VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

We will announce the winning Motto from Tuesday's Challenge soon!

Hey Wannatee Campers! Get Yer Bandanas Before It's Too Late!

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What's summer camp without a super special souvenir to show off to all your friends at home? You know, to make them jealous for missing out on all the camp fun & games by vacationing with their family in The Hamptons. That's exactly what the Limited Edition Camp Wannatee Bandana is all about.

There's no better way to remember all the smuggled mess hall cookies, tug of war calluses and capture the flag games of Camp Wannatee than this bandana. And they're only $5. Yes, that’s right. In case you can't read numbers, that’s F-I-V-E D-O-L-L-A-R-S! Snag one up now, because we only have a certain undisclosed number left!

Tuesday's Camp Wannatee Cabin Challenge!

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Get your creative juices flowing! Tuesday's challenge is to pick your cabin motto. Your Cabin Ambassador Leader will pick the best motto in their cabin the staff will pick their favorite one!

The best motto (as picked by Threadstaff) will get an extra 10 seconds in the bean bag toss!

Don't forget you can still help your cabin get an extra person on your team for Tug of War at the Camp Games on Friday by tweeting this (tweet this until Wednesday):

"$12 Threadless tees are the best! #cabinname rules!"

This dude should inspire you:


Get tweetin'!

Monday's Camp Wannatee Cabin Challenge!

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You're in your cabin! YAY!

Now help your cabin get an extra person on your team for Tug of War at the Camp Games on Friday by tweeting this:

"$12 Threadless tees are the best! #cabinname rules!"

The cabin that tweets this the most from now until Wednesday night - wherever you are, we don't care about time zones - wins!

And it's not too late to join a cabin!

Cabin Smore Than Meets the Eye

Cabin Scrapplejuice

Cabin Yelling Yeti


Threadless Loves Summer!

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image Bring on the heat, the cookouts, the water balloon fights, the short shorts, the even shorter shorts, and don't forget the manks! Summer is on its way, and we are pumped! Are you? We know that you need to have killer style this summer, so why not design your favorite summer style tee?!

This is whatcha get if your design is chosen:

  • Your design will be printed on manks and girly tanks! Now THAT is summertacular!
  • $500 Threadless Gift Certificate to snag as many manks as you can (can be redeemed for $200 cash)
  • $2,000 in cash from Threadless for some summer fun!

Wanna submit a design? You have until May 30 to do it! Head on over to the challenge page to get started.

A New Life For Threadless Kids! Shelves!

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We were extremely sad to close the Threadless Kids! brick + mortar store, but here's the silver lining: Chicago resident Megan Jeyifo salvaged some pieces from the store and posted a blog about it on ReadyMade. Here’s what she said:

“I discovered three large wooden pieces next to the trash bin behind the recently shuttered Threadless Kids t-shirt shop: what was probably the cashier's counter, a drawer unit, and a very long wooden rack of sorts that I assume was used to display the cool tees Threadless' community votes on before printing.”


Now she and her husband are using these pieces as a new home for the seedlings they've been growing over the past several weeks. If all goes well, they'll have some fresh produce in a few months! Pretty cool!


We can’t wait to see Megan's squash and cukes living in repurposed Threadless Kids! shelves! Check out more of her ReadyMade blog or her personal blog at Urban Casita for more goodness about gardening, thrifting, apartment renovating, and interior design.

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