A New Design Challenge! Loves Coffee! Mmmmm...

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Coffee. Delicious coffee. We bet it's fueled a myriad Threadless tee design submissions. In fact, I bet it help inspire the tee you are wearing RIGHT NOW... in some way or another. It’s time to give back, my jittery friends.

Your challenge is to design an amazing tee inspired by COFFEE!

Our friends at Betacup are coffee lovers, too, but they want to reduce the number of non-recyclable cups that are thrown away every year. And so in conjunction with their Drink-In Week and idea submission contest, we’re happy to add some sweetener. In addition to the awesome Threadless loot, they’ve rounded Starbucks up to provide a $1000 gift card and a sweet recycled tumbler!

You have until June 6 to submit and you better love coffee.. a LOT!

Threadspotting: Squirrels, Stunts, And Turkish Vodka!

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It's a Friday, right? And so that means it's time to Threadspot! It's been awhile but the eagle-eyed community has not slowed one bit. Do you have a cool spotting of a Threadless tee in the wild? Send it to sightings@threadless.com and include your username and a picture! We'll highlight three right here and give you some STP's! Shazam.

all conference squirrel

Thanks to John for spotting All Conference Squirrel in Time Magazine's Top 100 influencers. And thanks to Mike from Penny Arcade for sportin' the tee!

communist party

Nothing says party like Turkish vodka, and nothing says party-with-Turkish-vodka like sportin' a Communist Party tee in a Turkish vodka commercial!Confused? Don't be! Michael sent us this great spot!

manchester orchestra

Check out Lovely Face in a Manchester Orchestra blog video! Great job M. on the spot!


Make A May Mix For The Threadless Warehouse

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The winning mix: http://8tracks.com/littlem/littlem-s-threadless-may-mix


We love music in the warehouse here at Threadless and we want to get our community involved. Make us a mix of songs you love or just music you're really into at the moment and we will play the mixes for everyone in the warehouse.

Use the awesome site http://www.8tracks.com

Upload your mix of at least 8 tracks and submit the link in a comment on this blog. The warehouse crew will vote on their fave mix of the month and that person will win a $50 Gift Certificate. We want to do this monthly so include the current month in the title of your mix "Threadless May Mix"

We will also make a best of the month mix from all mixes we listen to and upload it to the Threadless 8tracks page

T-10: Yay 2000 - 2002!

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In the beginning, there was awesomeness. Then, that awesomeness begat more awesomeness. Behold, some of the awesomeness that set the bar of awesomeness we still live up to today. Congratulations to these (say it with us) awesome designers!

God Was a Gardener by ngin

Skunk2 by comutek

Doodle by monkeynotes

She Doesn't Even Realize by lonesquid

Follow It by ___pg

Black Spot by s20

T-10: The International House Of Threadless!

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We're always tryin' to make stuffs easier for you folks to navigate the wonderful world of Threadless. So that's why we're launching our shopping pages in three more languages: Spanish, French, and German! To celebrate, we've done loads of stuff.

For one, our tech dudes made this amazing real-time map of Threadless orders from around the world! It's like seeing behind the scenes of the Internets.

Also, Charlie and Bryan and some people sent out FlipCams all over the world and asked people to tell us a bit about themselves and what they think of us. The results are amazing! Check out the videos here , here , and here. (They're much, much better than the remake of "We Are the World," if we do say so ourselves.)

And like we always say, it just wouldn't be a party without some sort of fun shipping promotion thing. HA! So yeah, check that out too - international folks get free shipping on a $50 minimum (for a limited time) and US peoples get a $5 flat rate on all shipping. ¡Hurra Hourra! Hurra!