Eagle Vs. Shark Loves Threadless!

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Ah, the summer is right around the corner and so is summer romance. The mere thought of it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. Sort of like when it's windy outside but really sunny and you get into a car that's been roasting all day and you're a little chilly from the wind but you just sit there for a second as your body gets all tingly like maybe if you were an icecube going into a preheated oven, you know what i mean? Wait. Is it even summer now in New Zealand? No? Well, now we feel awkward.

Presenting EAGLE VS. SHARK LOVES THREADLESS! Eagle Vs. Shark is a wry comedy whereupon two socially awkward misfits develop a quirky little romance after meeting at a "dress as your favorite animal" party! It opens June 15 and is bound to be hilarious. The theme for the contest is "Finding Love Was Never So Awkward" so get out there and find some inspiration, folks!

It won't be awkward, we swear.

Threadless Summer Vacation Sale 2007!

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Woohoo, it’s here! Join the Threadless crew on Summer Vacation this week! Enjoy 6 new and reprinted shirts every single day starting today, May 28 and ending on Sunday, June 3. All for discounted prices, all week!

And if that wasn't enough, we're launching two contests around our Wear In The World Vacation Map! Our team of experts has chosen 108 locations worldwide. All you have to do is take a photo of yourself in a Threadless shirt by one of the landmarks and submit it via our handy map! (Must be a new one! Old gallery photos don't count.) If we receive at least one photo from each location, the sale will be extended 24 hours, allowing a whole new batch of Monday shirts to be included in the fun. It's a contest that EVERYONE can enjoy! Everyone wins if we all participate!!! Go team!

But wait, there's more.

If you submit a gallery photo through our vacation map, you're immediately entered into the COOLER contest! One lucky participant will be chosen at random to win an amazing summer fun prize package. A 54 quart steel green Coleman cooler filled with: a Canon Powershot SD900 digital camera with additional 2GB SecureDigital memory card, 4 GB iPod Nano, Logitech mm50 portable ipod speaker system, Speedo Condor Xcel snorkel set, Original Wham-O world class frisbee, pirate beach towel, pair of original Blublocker sunglasses, and two bottles of Coppertone Sport 50 spf sunscreen lotion! Wow. Just, wow.

One last thing! If you're unable to get to any of the landmarks listed and you'd still like to enter the COOLER contest, we've added 5 "bonus" locations signified by the pushpins along the equator in the Pacific Ocean!

Have fun everybody! And on behalf of all of us here at Threadless, have a great week of SUMMER VACATION!