Happy Memorial Day! Buy Some New Tees

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Memorial Day, the day we remember those who have given their lives in the service of our country... we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate your freedom than to exercise your right to shop online at threadless.com for some new tees

5 new designs and one remixed classic...




Ifc Loves Threadless !! !

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Holy moly, check out this competition! Every damn night in June, IFC presents a kick-ass pulp indie classic - uncut and uncensored. Pulp Indies are filled with sex, violence and revenge - they're those gritty, urban films that you know and love. IFC's got the network premieres of Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Blade Runner, and a helluva lot more. And, don't miss the premiere of the short-form documentary, "Reservoir Dogs Revisited," on June 3.

We've teamed up with IFC to bring you a design competition based on Pulp Indie style films! Think gritty, urban films filled with sex, violence and revenge. Also, be sure to check out IFC's Pulp Indies page for more inspiration.

Check it out

Behold The Power Of The Threadless Streetteam

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Jason Cosper (gominosensei) is the current Threadless StreetTeam champ with 353 points!!!! ... think about that for a minute... That is $529.50 worth of FREE Threadless gear.

He earned those points by simply linking to us from his website, pre-shrunk.info. So what are you waiting for? Link up from your own site or pass your StreetTeam link around via email to start earning points now! And now's the time with the sale ... people coming here now are much more likely to buy when our tees are just $10 ;)

Interview With Ross Zietz

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Seeing as though Threadless hired Ross in April, '05 - we were able to be a little more "down and dirty" with this interview :) We hope you all enjoy this hard-hitting interview by Peter J Woods!

Check it out!

Time To Get Your Wallet Out!

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Everything's just $10 till June 6th ! ! ! ! ! ! !

To announce the winners of both the Maxim and Computer Arts Projects "Loves Threadless" competitions, we are putting everything up for sale for just TEN DOLLARS.

Here's the winners:

Maxim Winners

  1.      2.

Computer Arts Projects Winners

  1.      2.

Also, be sure to keep checking the interview section, we just posted one with Glenn Jones and will be posting more over the next few days!

Wooo It's Fast!

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Well, by now you should all be on the new server. And it should be lighting fast!

You'll notice there are a couple of other new things as well. First, the new navigation! We've made the nav a little easier to use and have livened it up a bit. We also changed it because we needed space for a few more sections. Mainly, a new section under Shop called "Designer Interviews"! Yep, we just launched a new section featuring in-depth interviews from winning Threadless designers. We'll be adding more and more over the next few weeks so keep your eyes on that! You can also now access the Blog Forum and StreetTeam pages from the Participate section.

So, where to begin? Start by reading some of the interviews: → S. Bradley AskewIlia OvechkinJason Byron Nelson

Thanks Tilted Planet!

System Notice!

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Hi all! We are currently in the process of moving Threadless to a couple of new servers. You shouldn't notice anything that strange except that sometime over the next 2 days, Threadless will get really fast.

There are a couple things you should be aware of though!

1) Submissions and gallery photos. While we are still accepting submissions, they may not be put into the running for a few extra days than normal. By Monday things should be back to normal.

2) You can't upload pictures of yourself in your profile until Monday! Sorry!

Anway, we hope you enjoy the speed once it gets rolling, thanks for your patience!

What Does A Postindustrial Designer Do?

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Threadless is sponsoring a competition hosted by the fine folks over at HyperWerk.

Call for entries

We are looking for your interpretation of Postindustrial Design: "What does a Postindustrial Designer do?" The task is to express your thoughts and ideas on this subject on a postcard. Three works will be awarded. The first prize will be printed on a postcard and distributed throughout Switzerland.

Use the tool or technique that suits you best: e.g. text, pictures, sketches, illustrations and graphics... There are no boundaries!

Participate and help to get to the core of this subject. Win prizes from threadless.com, tarzan.ch and prognose.ch!

Competition details here: http://competition.hyperwerk.ch

Another 4 New, And 2 Reprints!

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mmm... these tees are tasty.

Four new designs...


Two Reprints... Flowers in the Attic remixed and Downpour which is available in girly tees for the first time!

4 New, And 2 Reprints!

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What a great set of tees! We've printed four new designs and two reprints on new colors! Enjoy!


Two Reprints on new colors!

3 New Omg Tees...

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Check out these three new OMG tees based off of top scoring OMG slogans. We'll be releasing some new Threadless tees shortly as well.


Sorry About The Downtime... Phase I Complete!

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We just upgraded the database server for Threadless earlier today. Sorry for the downtime!!! In the next few days we will implement Phase 2 of our upgrade by upgrading the web server. Things should be lightning fast once that's complete.