Mingle With International Artists At Semi-Permanent In Sydney Australia!

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WIN TICKETS TO Semi-permanent!

Like the Semi-Permanent page then post "I want tickets!" in the blog below by Tuesday 5/21 at 11:59PM CT. We'll pick winners this Wednesday. Good luck!

Back in Sydney for its 11th year, Semi-Permanent will once again bring a large dose of inspiration to those sunny shores on May 24-25. They fly, or drive, over some of the world’s most talented creatives, from a range of different industries, to present their work, their lives, and their progressive ideas with you. Yes, you!

Semi-Permanent combines speaker presentations from talented international and Australian creatives, plus exhibitions, workshops. and parties into a festival of creativity. A refreshing look at the current state of the art and design world — both educational and inspiring. A not-to-be-missed event on your creative calendar.

The founders of SP are big Threadfans. Murray Bell’s favorite design is Zissou of Fish by Moysche. Andrew Johnston’s is God Save the Villain by Enkel Dika. And since they dig Threadless, they’re offering a 10% discount code to the Sydney event! When you register, use code SPTHREAD. They’ll even be highlighting a few Threadless videos at the event!


Pick up your tickets now, and make sure to post below if you plan to attend!

Art + Competition = Cut & Paste

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Live art battle event Cut & Paste is on tour visiting cities around the world. Every year, noted artists join together to compete in creating the most awesome art before your eyes. This year’s theme is “characterized.” Artists who specialize in the creation of creatures, characters, “hes,” “shes” and its” will duke it out for one night only in front of a live audience.

Here’s a sneak peak.

Sneak Peek of CHARACTERIZED Tour 2013 from Cut&Paste on Vimeo.

In between battles, Threadless videos will be featured! So make sure to cheer your heart out for those.

Check out the schedule and click through to buy your tickets (Chicago date to come):

Singapore - 25 Apr 2013 Seoul - 27 Apr 2013 Kuala Lumpur - 30 Apr 2013 Bangkok - 02 May 2013 London - 05 May 2013 Los Angeles - 09 May 2013 New York - 16 May 2013 Miami - 18 May 2013


Congrats to champion team 1 from Berlin, Roland Brückner and Threadless artist Martin Krusche aka MartinK.

In this competition 3 teams of 2 designers were challenged to develop a pair of metaphorical characters based on elements that have a complementary relationship like “Bread & Butter,” “oil & water” or “yin & yang.” Over the course of 3 rounds, designers developed these characters and a scene that represented their complementary relationship. In the first 10-minute onstage round, competitors prepared a black & white sketch of two characters. In a second 15-minute round, they fully detailed their characters with color and texture. In the final 20-minute final round, the teams created a final scene containing the two detailed characters to express how they complemented each other.



Congrats to London champions Aleksei Bitskoff & Threadless artist Aaron Jay aka Randyotter3000

In this competition, the 3 teams of 2 designers were challenged to create two characters that serve as RIVALS or FOILS to one another. The competition was made up of 3 onstage rounds, each intended to create a product to be used in the following round. In the first 10-minute onstage round, competitors prepared a black & white sketch of your first Rival character. In the second 10-minute round, they prepared a second black & white sketch of the 2nd Rival character. In the final 15-minute round, the teams created a scene composition fully detailing a scene that features both characters and expresses their relationship.


Join Us For A Live Interview With Our Newest Made Artist, Aaron Jay!

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Tune in now at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpv83t3B6Oc&feature=youtu.be


Great news! Aaron Jay aka Randyotter3000 is our next MADE artist! His collection will be released in just a few hours and we’ll be streaming a live interview with the MADE man live via Google Hangout On Air.

Bob & Jess will be conducting the interview and we want your help to ask questions! Post them below so we can use them for the chat.

Tune in now at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpv83t3B6Oc&feature=youtu.be

Score 50 Zombie Designs To Win A Dead Island Riptide Steam Code And Threadcash!

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805 people scored 50+ Dead Island designs. Congrats to BRIAN ROB, JadeJemz, Bruny, parrish.lauren, gabras, Scareb, amanda.b.hoffman & Luinelen for winning the codes.


Zombie designs have run amok on Threadless! Ahhh! Knock out...err, score 50 of ‘em by 4/25 and you’ll be entered to win one of 8 Dead Island Riptide steam codes and a $25 Threadless gift code!


Steam codes can be redeemed to play Dead Island Riptide on your PC!

Check Out The Winning Kid President Tee!

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The winning Kid President tee is now available! Kid President 2040 was designed by Joe Bradley of Columbia Missouri. Find out about Joe’s design, how he is inspired by Kid President and how he’s going to use that $1,000 to make someone’s year more awesome!


Tell us a little about yourself! (interests, favorite cartoon, least favorite pizza topping, song you can't get out of your head) When it's nice out and I'm not working, you’re most likely to find me chasing a little white ball on the golf course. I get hooked on a new TV show just about every week, most recently being House of Cards. Other favorites include The West Wing, How I Met Your Mother, LOST, Parks & Rec and Modern Family. I’ve gotten pretty good at making homemade pizzas… just don’t ask for any vegetables on it. I love playing pub trivia, goofing off in a sand volleyball league and shouting the words to any Michael Jackson song when it plays on the jukebox in public. Currently though I can’t stop listening to Mirrors by JT. That song is so catchy! I’m a sports fanatic and love rooting on my alma mater, the Mizzou Tigers, as well as cheering on the Creighton Bluejays and Chicago Cubs from afar.

Joe’s victory celebration

What drew you to the Kid President Challenge? I don’t remember where I first discovered the Kid President Pep Talk video, but I immediately sent it on to my sister who lives in D.C. We’ve been Kid President fanatics ever since. We both set our computer backgrounds to Kid President quotes. Mine says “It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance.” It helps me get going in the morning. The kid is doing such amazing things at a young age, inspiring people 10 times his age to get up and do something. Hopefully the t-shirts can help spread Kid President’s message to just a few more people. My parents really instilled in me from a young age a desire to volunteer in the community and do something meaningful with your life. I’m glad Kid President is sharing that message with a new generation of kids.

Joe’s desktop

Besides submitting to this challenge, are you doing anything special to make the world dance? I currently have the privilege of mentoring four Little Brothers in Columbia through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Three of them I meet with once a week at their schools where we get to play basketball, board games, iPad games and work on homework. But most importantly we get to build our friendship and talk about any problems they might be having at school or home. My fourth Little Brother is part of the community-based program and we get to do a lot of fun things around town together like bowling, golfing, roller skating, and watching our favorite movie Despicable Me over and over again. I never had any biological little brothers growing up (although I did have one fantastic sister) and so it’s really cool to have so many of them now. They mean the world to me. I’m also really lucky to have a boss who allows me to take off in the middle of the day to meet with these kids. Thanks Rebecca Gordon!

Besides mentoring, I also teach a religious education class for kindergarteners at the St. Thomas More Newman Center. It’s such a blast. We mostly read Bible stories, play Saints Bingo and make crafts (including Pope puppets not long ago!). I also get to play Santa Clause in the Christmas pageant every year, which is awesome!

I also enjoy volunteering at the local Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House and Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen.

Whose year will you be making better by giving them $1,000? When I sent out an email to all my friends and family asking them to vote for my t-shirt in the contest, I told them that if I won, I’d award the $1,000 I get to give away to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri. I’m sticking to that. It costs roughly $1,000 to support each Big/Little match. Obviously with my Little Brothers, it's an organization that's very dear to my heart. I had the opportunity to work there for two years as an AmeriCorps Member and got to interview new volunteers and match them with their Littles. It was a special job. If the money can help match just one more kid in the community with a caring mentor, then it’s totally worth it. Maybe they can put on a fun event for the kids, too.

What does winning this design challenge mean to you? I can’t even describe for you how excited I was to receive the news that my t-shirt had been selected. It was the first Threadless contest I had entered, so I wasn’t really holding my breath. I’ve got to admit, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t receive the news from Kid President on his tin can phone, but maybe that’s because my tin can phone has been disconnected since 1995. My sister was able to talk to Kid President briefly at the White House Easter Egg Roll, so I’m still pretty jealous of that. But really, I’m just so thankful to Threadless for teaming up with Kid President for this awesome competition. I’d also like to thank my buddy Victor Tran for giving me the idea for the t-shirt design. I’m really hoping this encourages more people to look into getting involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters because there are thousands of kids across the country waiting on mentors. I’m hoping that in a few years maybe me winning this t-shirt contest means more to a kid I’ve never met before than it did to me.

Pick up your tee now!

Join Us April 27 For The Threadless + Cbldf Party!

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Fellow comic geeks and freaks, Join us at Threadless HQ on April 27 for a night of live music, drawing and merriment. ShowYouSuck and Auggie the 9th will perform live! We’ll dance to sweet jams, draw on a mural wall and raffle off tons of awesome prizes! Come for the free Finch’s beer*, and stay for the special guest appearances from some of your favorite comic peeps!

Your $10 donation at the door will benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense fund.

RSVP now. Admission is limited.


*You must be 21+ to join us at this event.

Threadless Still Loves Minecraft

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One of the things we really enjoy in Threadless Tech is Minecraft. You all remember our Minecraft Challenge, right? It was one of the best we had. Wouldn't it be great if we could combine Threadless and Minecraft in more ways? We thought so, and so we did!

One of the new technology initiatives we've been working on is our Threadbare API. Written in Python and running on the Twisted server, it lets us exchange data between various apps or features on the site asynchronously, meaning things can run in the background without you having to wait for them and they'll update the site when they're done. So that makes Threadbare perfect for exchanging data between our application database and our Minecraft database. For the game, we have a Bukkit server running with Essentials, LWC, Towny and some other things. You start off in the Player group when you first join, but if you go to your Threadless profile and add your Minecraft name under Link Other Accounts, Threadbare will tell the game server and you'll get promoted to the Member group. This lets you be able to teleport, set a home warp and gives you access to the MembersOnly kit. There's other in-game stuff you can unlock by doing things on threadless.com too!

You're all invited to come play with us if you'd like to check it out. Just start up Minecraft and connect to our server at minecraft.threadless.com.

enter image description here

Score Regular Show Designs For Your Chance At Cartoon Network Prizes And Threadless Cash!

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winners announced

1737 of you scored 50+ designs! Congrats to cehash, jon p & lennart.jaborski for winning the prize packs!


Friends, Let us make your week by showering you with a bounty of Cartoon Network loot. Score 50 Regular show designs by 4/29 to be entered in a random drawing for one of three Cartoon Network Prize Packs and a $25 Threadless gift code.

If you want one of these sweet boxes of joy to arrive on your doorstep, score now.




Check Out The Rockin’ Design That Won The Asg Guitar Challenge!

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Today, you can pick up Ruel jun Andaya’s design 13th Serpent, the winning design from the ASG design challenge! Along with cash prizing, Ruel also won an ASG guitar with his design printed on it. Ruel hails from the Philippines, has a great appreciation for music and thanks to his winnings, recently got to treat his family to some special gifts. Read our interview with him below.


What was your inspiration for the design? The design I used in the ASG contest is from a sketch I did almost a month before the contest was posted. When i saw the contest and the prizes, especially the guitar, I told myself that if my design would be printed on a guitar it should be about me, so I decided to use the water snake design. It is a personal piece that I did for the year 2013, the year of the water snake, because it is my birth year. And of course for my family, as they have always been my inspiration.

Are you musical? Yes, I love to play guitar and was in a band back in my college days. We played cover songs of our favorite band, Coheed and Cambria, and a local band, Urbandub. I have two guitars right now but neither are as cool as the ASG guitar that I’ve won!


What 8 songs would be on the perfect mix tape? 1. Goodnight, Fair Lady by Coheed and Cambria 2. First of Summer by Urbandub 3. Everlong by Foo Fighters 4. Faint of Hearts by Coheed and Cambria 5. One Day by Matisyahu 6. New Perspective by Fall Out Boy 7. The Last Song by All-American Rejects 8. The Afterman by Coheed and Cambria

What was the process like designing something for two very different canvases (guitar and tee)? It was not really too much trouble for me since I already had the sketch for the design. I did the shirt design first because it’s an easier shape to work with. In the guitar design, i just added some shapes so it wouldn’t look empty on the middle part and the base of the neck. The process in the design itself is mostly experimental. I learned some new things in this design process, especially doing a custom pattern. I used a complicated pattern for the scales. Most of my work deals with trial and error.

It looks like you had a birthday recently How did you celebrate? i just turned 24 last February 5. Not much celebration. But when I won the contest we celebrated. I brought my family to the mall to shop, especially my mom. This is the first time I bought something for her since I graduated and started to work as a freelance artist. She was very happy and that made me triple times happier than when I won the contest.

Congrats Ruel! You can pick up the tee on Threadless and the guitar on artistseriesguitar.com!

Meet The Grand Prize Artists From The Iron Man Challenge!

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Today we released 22 new designs worthy of sale in the Stark Industry HQ gift shop. 28 artists from around the world are featured in this collection including one grand prize winner for individual design and one grand prize collaboration design. We poked the brains of the winning artists to find out if they had any Stark-like wisdom they could share with us.

Bleeding Edge Armour by Keatopia and Eunice Xu


How did your partnership work? Did you both come up with the idea? Who was the main artist?

Keat: My wife, Eunice knows that I'm a comic geek and hard-core fan of Iron Man, so she alerted me to the Iron Man Challenge and suggested we join it together. Both of us are artists in animation and games industry so it's a perfect partnership. The pose of Iron Man and design of the piece had to be epic and sleek. Drawing crazy character poses are my specialty because I was trained as a classical animator. It's a chance for me to show what I can do with Iron Man and I'm grateful to Threadless and Marvel for the opportunity to showcase my art.

Eunice: When I told Keat about the challenge, he couldn't contain his excitement and was on cloud nine before we even started the art! We brainstormed and Keat drew rough thumbnails of the different Iron Man poses and layout. We thought about how the pose and wreckage will flow with the shirt layout and color. I always wanted an Iron Man shirt that I will wear and I'm so happy I will finally get it. Thank you Threadless!



Who’s the bigger Iron Man fan?

Keat: 100% Iron Man Fan since my college days! Iron Man is special because he's just a normal human who doesn't have superpowers but he's smart enough to use science to make himself a superhero who can do serious damage to the super villains. We chose to go with the Bleeding Edge Armor because the armor is so sleek and advance with all the nano technology and it worked seamlessly with Tony Stark's body.

Eunice: What's there not to love about a superhero billionaire playboy clad in a red hot metal suit?

How do you tend to work together for collabs?

Keat: Working as a feature animator means I had to use the computer all day long. So when I get home, touching the computer is the last thing I want to do. Most of the time, we discuss ideas and designs while walking our old dog at night. The pace is slow and relaxing, it's amazing how much ideas come up during that time. And, it really really helps that your collab partner is your life partner and fellow artist.

Eunice: We turned our living and dining room into an art workspace. No dining table... just paints, pencils, endless papers on desks, workstations, and Wacoms. We let the creative juices flow, bounced ideas around, and drew thumbnails of the designs. After much nitpicking and justifying the chosen design, Keat would pencil and ink the chosen design by hand and I would color it digitally in Photoshop. I love colors and painting. For this piece, I took a day to color it and enjoyed every single minute of creating the artwork. Having Threadless challenges like this to work on keeps me on my toes and my hands busy.

What's your favorite thing about your design?

Keat: Iron Man absolutely dominating warmonger in his bleeding edge armor.

Eunice: Keat's line art is really stunning in this one. I have to say it's one of his best line artworks yet.

How ya gonna spend your cash?

Keat: Nice dinner with Eunice and extra treats for the dog and cat. Going to more comic conventions and buying more comics!

Eunice: A new Wacom tablet to produce more awesome artwork!

Rocket by Luc Journot


Why did you submit to the Iron Man Challenge? How many times have you submitted? Because he's a cool superhero and I wanted to try a challenge for the first time. I've submitted 4 times, but only once for a specific challenge.

Are you a long-time Iron Man fan? Not really a long-time fan, because I really discovered him with the movies. But yes I love this character, especially the fact that he doesn't have any powers. He creates his own powers by himself.

What's your favorite depiction of Iron Man you've ever seen? Comic? Movie? Cartoon? I've seen him in the Civil War collection, which by the way is awesome, but the movies are my favorite. I can't wait to see the next one.

What are you going to do with the cash? Maybe by a new Wacom tablet, because mine is a little bit too old. And the rest for a trip to Canada with my girlfriend.

Score Tmnt Designs For Your Chance At Rad Prizes

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winners announced

Wowza! 1703 of you scored 100+ TMNT designs. Congrats to PartyRockingPikachu for winning grand prize and leostone.au, arlo.wiley, muppetbutt, igiamex77, jamesnotjim, lenreeves, PartyRockingPikachu & gabras for scorin the other 8 radical prizes!


Score 100 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Submissions by 4/22 and you’ll be entered to win some totally radical prizes!

8 random scorers will win a TMNT New Era cap and an IDW hardcover compilation of the original Kevin Eastman comics. One random grand prize winner will win a cap, a comics compilation, and a $100 Threadless gift code!

Get scorin’, turtle dudes.

*If you’ve already scored designs, don’t worry, you’re in the running.