Threadless Loves Kids!

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A new design challenge just for Threadless Kids!

This challenge is just for those wonderful people in our lives: kids! Your challenge is to create a design — with or without the help of any young prodigy artists — for our Threadless Kids! line. You’ll be able to submit designs starting on Monday, and this tight turnaround challenge will last just one week. So we’re telling you now so you have the weekend to get started!

You can design solo, and you are also more than welcome to collaborate with real live kids to create the most amazing design ever. Kids have awesome ideas and imaginations and know what they like to wear better than anyone!

If your design is selected, here’s what you’ll get:

  • $2,000 donated to the school of your or your kid collaborator's choice!
  • $500 Threadless Gift Certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash)
  • $2,000 in cash from Threadless!

Check out the details here!

Iphone Goodness All Around: An Itunes App And A New Design Challenge!

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We have so much fun iPhone news we don't know what to do with ourselves!

First, the good news. After months and months of designing and redesigning, developing and developing some more, the Threadless iPhone app is finally available in the iTunes store! The app has heaps of cool stuff inside, and downloading it is the absolute best way to figure out exactly what that cool stuff is. Here's a teaser of the app's features:

* Practice your doodling and drawing for future design submissions.
* Threadcam your face, your friend's face, or your dog's face onto classic Threadless designs
* Vote on a brand new non-tee-related design challenge

And speaking of that special design challenge, the other good news! We're teaming up with Griffin again to make some new iPhone 4 cases, but this time we're asking you to design them! We're excited about this one because we know you've got some unsubmitted (and submitted) designs that would make a great case. The one condition is that designs must be on a black background (it has something to do with making sure the camera operates to its max performance). You can get more details over on the challenge page.

So go ahead and download that app, rate it, and let us know what ye think! Then submit your idea for the Griffin challenge so you can see it magically appear in the app! WORLDS COLLIDING!

(Thanks also to Ryder Revolution for breaking the app news!)

(Thanks also to those of you who submitted your designs early for the launch of the app!)

Join Us At Weapons Of Mass Creation Fest!

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1 weekend in Cleveland, Ohio. 20 speakers. 20 designers. 20 bands.

And we're one of them. I'm headed to the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest this summer to speak about making stuff and screwing up. Joining me are some of my pals and heros: Aaron Draplin, Mikey Burton, Quite Strong, Jessi Arrington and Joseph Hughes -- among many more! The best part? We want you to be there right with us.

We're giving away a pair of tickets to the festival, and all ya gots to do is tweet about it.

image Hey @Threadless, I want to join the fun at @wmcfest with you!

We'll randomly pick a winner this Friday.

WMC Fest isn't the only place we'll be this year. You may or may not find us at the HOW Design Conference and perhaps even Pivot: AIGA National Conference. 2011. Party time, excellent.

We've Picked A Meetup Winner!

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We loved seeing the pictures and reading the tweets from the many amazing meetups all over the world on the first ever Threadless Worldwide Meetup Day on April 1st. It was tough picking the winning meetup from Threadless Day, but someone had to do it! We won't keep you guessing. The winning meetup is..... drumroll please.....


Congrats Hong Kong Threadfans! What do Hong Kong Threadfans get, you ask? We're going to pack our bags with fun goodies and maybe even a few Threadstaffers (hopefully it's a big bag) and host an official Threadless Meetup in Hong Kong later this year! It's gonna be a long flight, but we can't wait!

Stay tuned for more details and the date for the Hong Kong Meetup (we hope you can make it, too) and the next installment of Worldwide Threadless Day coming soon!

Congratulations To The 2010 Bestee Award Winners. Y'All Rock!

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Here at Threadless, we get to print really awesome designs, every single week. But we wouldn't be able to do that without the awesome designers! The Bestee Awards allow us to give credit where credit is due: to these guys and gals, who have given us some really cool, creative and fun designs. So congrats to the 2010 Bestee Award Winners! Let's hear it for all of 'em!

You'll be able to give the winners of the People's Choice Design of the Year Award and the Designer of the Year and Blogger of the Year a real-life high five this September, as they'll be at the 2011 Annual Threadless Family Reunion. Hoorray!

People's Choice, Design of the Year: $20,000 image House Brawl by Alex Solis and Alice X. Zhang

Designer of the Year: $1,000 Designer of the Year Phil Jones

Kids! Design of the Year: $1,000 Exercise by Brock Davis

Collaboration of the Year: $1,000 Water Balloons by Alice X. Zhang and Melanie Herring

Slogan of the Year: $1,000 Mozart: Decomposing Since 1791. by Craig Mullins

Blogger of the Year: $1000 Blogger of the Year Evan Ferstenfeld

Scorer of the Year: $1000 Scorer of the Year Dan Maltzman

Krazytown - It's Working.

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Hi All, just wanted to share some pictures from the first few days of Krazytown.

We're working in the big Airstream

The Office

It has everything we need...workspace


A conference room (for the dozens of meetings we love to have)


and code (not pictured). Lots and lots of code.

Threadless Loves Characters!

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Cookie & Milk! Mister Mittens! The Running Refrigerator! Classic, unmistakable, characters brought to life by YOU! All three have since jumped off of their canvases and become walking symbols of Threadless! Let's create some more!

Your challenge is to create a new iconic character on a Threadless tee!

We're going to create an actual costume based on the chosen design to use at upcoming Threadless events! And the tee will also be featured in a new issue of Chew! So dig deep, designers, and show us some character!

Check out the details (and amazing prizing!)

Big Changes Coming Soon To Submissions!

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We’re making it easier to view and score submissions. It’s going to change the submission process, so we want to give you a heads up about what will be different.

First and foremost, we’ll no longer be accepting Flash for submissions. You may be thinking "Boo! Why?" As much as we love animations and fart noise sound effects (seriously, farts are always funny), lots of people out there still can't see Flash files for one reason or another. Also, waiting for a Flash file to load can turn some people off from voting on designs.

For all of you Flash fans out there, don't despair! We're making things simpler, but not less awesome. Instead of Flash files, you’ll have the option to submit up to 3 images to showcase your design instead of just one. All the slides will be .jpg, .gif or .png images, so everyone and their cool grandma with an Internet connection can view designs without needing Flash.

By giving you up to 3 slides to show your work, you’ll have more room to play around with presentation, show multiple views of your artwork and the option to use more tee templates and model photos in one submission. The only thing missing will be the fart noises... frrrrrrrrp.

When this change in submission happens, you'll also see changes to the submission page, voting pages, Powerscore and the submission kit. We'll let you know when this all happens, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Art Dept. Is Speaking At Columbia

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Designing For a Million+ of Your Friends

Whoa, we're speaking! Spend an evening with us crazy, kooky folk in The Art Dept. as we take you behind the scenes of our in-house creative department. You'll hear stories about creating for community, screwing up and staying scrappy. And since the theme is all about designing for (and with!) friends, you can expect some video cameos from our cronies at Facebook, Vimeo and a few other pals chiming in on the topic. (And no, there's no need to wear your favorite Threadless tee to the lecture.)

So if you're in the Chicago area this coming Tuesday, come on out to Columbia College and let's make a night of it.

Tuesday, April 12 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Facebook Event Info Here

Columbia College Hokin Hall (109 in the 623 building) 623 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60605

What We've Been Up To

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2011 is a big year for the technerds, we're experimenting with a lot of new stuff, trying new ways of working, and filling up whiteboards faster than you can spit.

Before we get to 2011, let's dive back into 2010, and talk about a few process things we did that ended up playing heavily into how we decided what to work on this year. In the beginning of 2010, we started using a project tracking tool called Pivotal Tracker. Pivotal is an agile project management tool that's pretty low maintenance. It's easy to add a description of a piece of functionality you want on the site (typically called stories), estimate the effort you think it will take to complete (story points), and track progress against tasks associated with the story. As you roll along with the tool, it starts to figure out how much you can get done in a given period of time (your velocity).

The first step in optimizing anything is to measure it, which is what we did with Pivotal. As we gathered more and more data, it became clear that we were spending a lot of our time maintaining the underlying framework of our sites, rather than adding new functionality to them. Our velocity was pretty consistent, but it never felt like we were accomplishing the big things we wanted to accomplish. As an example, 2010 was supposed to be about spending time on the community, but in reality we spent a lot more time maintaining the commerce side of Threadless than we did adding new features that directly impacted our artists. That sucked. When we look back on 2010, it's one of our biggest dissapointments.

So, at the end of 2010, we started thinking about ways that we could turn that all around. We spent a lot of time with markers and whiteboards figuring out the kind of environment we wanted to work on, but needed a catalyst to start to gel everything together. Enter Cpt. skaw with his brilliant idea to use our wildly successful design model to help aid charitable organizations, Threadless Causes. It seemed like a great way to prove out new ideas we had for how to build our toys.

Causes was built entirely in Python on the Django web framework, and deployed on smaller cloud servers. Once the new stack was proven, we spent time converting chunks of core Threadless functionality to the same stack. We focused on the elements that crossed page boundries, like sessions, the cart status, and headers and footers. Which leads us to crazytown. Crazytown is a special two week project that kicks off this coming Monday (4/11/11). Tech is going to hide out in the Airstream trailers in the atrium, and pound through as many pages as we can, converting each to the new stack. As we do so, we'll roll them out to the new cloud servers.

What does that all mean to you all? Think of it as an upgrade to the buildings wiring, or plumbing. Maybe you'll notice more water pressure, or less brown outs, maybe things will be a bit tighter, but chances are - you won't see major changes. However, in the following weeks, you'll see lots of new changes, because the wiring will make it easier for us to deploy shiny new stuff. We're pretty excited for the changes, and especially excited for crazytown...we'll keep you all updated as things start to roll out.

Worldwide Threadless Meetup Day!

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With 305 meetups in 289 cities and over 1100 Threadfans, the first Worldwide Threadless Day was a success! Read the tweets and check out some of the awesome pictures and videos from Threadless Day all over the world! 

Hong Kong Meetup

Brisbane Meetup

Sydney Meetup

Gothenberg Meetup

Post some pics of the meetup you went to! 

Remember - You can have your own Threadless meetup any day! If your meetup has more than eight Threadfans we'll even send you a customized meetup kit, which includes swag and other collab essentials. If you're involved in organizing your meetup, drop us a line at and we'll hook you up with a kit!