Faesthetic # 11 / The &Quot;Ghost Stories&Quot; Issue

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OUT NOW!!! Collectable and Affordable, Faesthetic is a collection of art & oddities from around the world. So much eye-candy it gives your brains diabetes!

Issue #11 showcases 128 pages of "Ghost Stories" themed art from over 40 artists. Featuring high quality 2 color offset printing, original cover art by Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch, and an interview & contributions by Studio Number One. 100% ad free! All for the new low price of $8.

Faesthetic is curated and edited by the same guy who's in charge of our Select line, Dustin Hostetler (aka UPSO) in Toledo, Ohio and is produced and distributed by The Select Series.

Pick up the newest issue today! It's awesome. As BoingBoing.net says: “You don’t pore over Faesthetic as much as pour yourself into it.”

Ask Great Lake Swimmers!

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Your fearless friends of Threadless Tee-V will be braving the snowy Chicago streets tonight to chat with the incredible Great Lake Swimmers! What should we ask em? What burning questions do YOU need answered??

Awesome vid, huh?

And thanks to everyone who submitted questions for Maria Taylor! It went REALLY well and should be posted soon!

An Awesome Contest! Show Us Your Green!

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...for a chance at winning some green!

Show us your green!! from Threadless.com on Vimeo.

In just 4 easy steps, you could do something great for the Earth AND have a chance to win $1873.41+!

Step 1: Take a photo of yourself doing something GREEN!

Step 2: Post your photo online with these options:

Step 3: Tell all of your friends! Retweet it, tag your friends on Flickr & Facebook, promote it like crazy, because... the grand prize package gets bigger the more you spread the word!

Step 4: We'll pick our favorite photo (based on content, caption, and comments) and present the grand prize on April 27. On that day, we'll total up the # of fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

The winner will then split a penny per fan/follower with Plant A Billion! The total is already over 372K! Let's get that number WAY up... for you and the EARTH too! Two runners up will receive $100 Threadless gift certificates!

It's EASY being green!!!

click for official rules

Buy A Tee, Plant A Tree! All Week!!

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BUY A TEE, PLANT A TREE! All this week, Threadless will donate $1 per order to PlantABillion.org!

Threadless is PSYCHED to be working with The Nature Conservancy's Plant A Billion campaign to help plant trees in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. For this Earth week, we're not only unveiling the AMAZING Loves Green chosen design (on AA organic tees), but we've also chosen an appropriate selection of new prints, reprints, type tees, and even a Select to help bring attention to the cause!

Your order will literally plant a tree!! How awesome is that? And there's even more fun to come....

Ask Maria Taylor!!

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Woohoo! We're super psyched here because MARIA TAYLOR is coming into the HQ today for a Tee-V interview and a performance!!

What do you want to know? Submit questions below! If we pick yours, we'll send you something nice. :)

February Bestee Of The Month... Revealed! Vote For March!!!

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Congratulations to Buda Satria Kwan, whose amazing design SOLITARY DREAM PT 2 has taken the February Bestee of the Month award: $2500 AND this awesome medal!!!

Plus it's now eligible for the end of the year's massive $20,000 Bestee Of The Year award!

It's now time to vote for your favorite tees of MARCH! Most votes wins Bestee of the Month! The polls are open until 10 am cst on April 20, so get the word out and VOTE HERE!

Weekend Bunny Invasion!!!!

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This weekend, we’ll be placing these adorable Threadless bunny boxes in various locations in 3 different cities! Each bunny box will contain a Threadless gift code from $20 - $100 along with instructions on how to redeem it!

Five bunnies will be appearing in New York City on Friday, April 10. Five will be placed in Chicago on Saturday, April 11. And five will show up in Philadelphia on Sunday, April 12!

How will you know where they are? Follow us on twitter! We’ll be tweeting about each bunny’s location immediately after drop-off! First one to the bunny gets the code!