Threadless Chicago Store Events! Check Em Out!

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Awesome NEW events happenin' at the Threadless Chicago retail store! Check em out!!!

May 2nd - May 20th, 2008 Opening party on Friday, May 2nd from 7pm-9pm Chris Eichenseer: "Cry Me a River"

As founder of Someoddpilot Design + Photography, Chris Eichenseer has been a part of Chicago's music culture for years, designing websites (Pitchfork, The Windish Agency, Empty Bottle, Venus Magazine, and soon Drag City), shooting portraits (Eliot Lipp, Caural, Diverse, RJD2, Steve Albini...), directing music videos and designing posters, logos and 30+ record covers (for Chocolate Industries, Consumers Research, Mush...). At the center of this work has often been his atmospheric and rather stoic photography.

His first solo exhibition in nearly eight years, “Cry Me a River” features large prints of his signature aesthetic: colorful, moody images of disembodied places and urban landscapes photographed at night.

Friday, May 9th, 2008 - 7:00pm Dan Bialek Stand-up In-store

After six weeks on the road as part of his national indie stand-up tour, comedian Dan Bialek will be stopping by the Threadless store to make us laugh. He has performed in over a dozen states in everywhere from night clubs, rock clubs, college auditoriums, cowboy bars, coffee houses, personal residences and even a Texas gun range. In addition to touring, Dan keeps an online video blog.

Check out more about Dan here:

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 at SURA Thai Bistro 3124 N. Broadway, Chicago Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce Fashion Show

Threadless will be participating in the neighborhood's first big-time fashion show, showcasing garments and accessories from local clothing and jewelry stores. For more information, visit:

And don't forget about our ongoing events!

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Two Cool Events To Check Out!

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Happy Wednesday everyone! We wanted to pass along some information for a couple cool events...

First, if you happen to live in or around Chicago OR you're not adverse to traveling for a righteous (albeit a touch spendy) gathering of great ideas, then check out the Seed 3 Conference at the famous Crown Hall (designed by Mies van der Rohe) on June 6th, 2008. Speakers include Carlos Segura (Segura, T26), Edward Lifson (NPR), Jason Fried (37signals), Jim Coudal (Coudal Partners), Jake Nickell & Jeffrey Kalmikoff (Threadless), and Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library TV).

Next, anyone can participate in this great crowd-curated exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. If you know everything about art or nothing at all, create an account, log in and evaluate some of the works that have been submitted during our open call for Click! A Crowd-Curated Exhibition. Your participation will shape the exhibition, opening at the Museum on June 27, 2008!

That's all for now!!

Go! Fight! Win! Threadless Tee-V, Ep3!

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EPISODE 3: Go Fight Win! It's now live and available for your viewing pleasure. Wanna fight about it?

In this episode, We embrace the spirit of good, healthy competition! We start by documenting Threadless' "cool" entry in a local Chicago race, training and all. Then, prepare to be pummeled with pillows as your brave Tee-V hosts attempt to infiltrate International Pillow Fight Day… and stay tuned for a Bestee outtake deemed too controversial for inclusion in the original recap!

Moby Loves Threadless!

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So much can happen in the hours between the fading light of the early evening and the sweet serenity of the early morning sunrise, peeking out from over the horizon. I bet you could design a sweet shirt with that in mind. Heck, you could even record a whole album about it. Wait a minute here....

It's moby LOVES Threadless, party people! The theme is the title of his stellar new album... "Last Night" and we want you to be inspired by just that! Just what the heck happened, anyway? We'll start accepting submissions on April 4 and we'll keep this night going all the way to May 1! Plenty of time for you to ponder over your most picturesque, your most memorable, or even your least memorable evening... Be moby's choice and you could nab his full software DJ set up, not to mention all of the other awesome stuff. Go see!

And then tell us all about it!

Fools! Nine Over-Looked And Under-Scored Tees! Plus $5 Specials!

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On this glorious April the First, we are unveiling nine amazing over-looked and under-scored tees! For one reason or another, these submissions were passed over, both in scoring and in choosing! On a day meant for pranks, we bring you no joke! How could we all have been so foolish? And that's not the half of it!

We all make blunders, right? Well check out this whopper! Due to some wires crossing, we've accidentally way overstocked 21 of our classic designs! Instead of rolling around and sobbing into our over-abundance of cottony, tee-shirty goodness, we've decided to do the next best thing. $5 SALE! All guys and girly sizes of the 21 designs are an incredible $5!

Foolish? No way! Awesome? Yes. Oh yes.