Ted Leo And The Pharmacists Loves Threadless!

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A dash of Elvis Costello's vocal prowess, a heaping spoonful of The Clash's politically-fueled punk, and a pint or two of The Pogues traditional bittersweet love poetry... and you'll come close to having your prescription pleasantly filled with TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS! YEAH!

We are so excited to be doing a LOVES for Ted's incredible new disc, Living With The Living and that, my wonderful friends is our theme as well. "Living With The Living." And if your design is chosen by Ted and the boys, you'll be living well with your new stocked ipod, your collection of Touch & Go CD's, your Threadless windfall, and perhaps most importantly, your limited Ted Leo knitted scarf (possibly crafted by his own grandmother).

We're launching this puppy on April 15 so get those creative minds properly medicated and... get living!

Vote For Threadless In The Webby Awards!!!

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Hey troops!

Threadless has been nominated for a Webby Award in the "community" catergory! What the heck are the Webby Awards and why should you care? Well, the Webby Awards are basically the Oscars of the internet!

We'll have to let fate decide if we can outdo the competition with the Webby voters, but there is also a People's Choice section where YOU vote!

All you have to do is head here, register, and then cast your vote. We'll show em how strong our community really is.


Lovesthreadless.Com's Crazy Cake Contest!

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Check out this contest lovesthreadless.com is running:

I like cake. You like cake. Cake cake cake. Bake us a cake of your best interpretation of your absolute favoritest Threadless design. Be crazy creative, if you’re good with cake. Make a straight up decorated design or whatever your take is on certain design elements. Send us a pic (or several, preferred) of your finished creation. Take a few of the process, too. Hell, even if you suck at baking, the absolute worst thing that happens is you eat cake. And that’s probably the best absolute worst thing ever.

Details: Threadless Loves Loves Threadless Crazy Cake Contest

And yep, we're giving a free 12 club membership to the winner b/c we thought the contest sounded so cool :) ... So check it out!

The First Annual Threadless Easter Egg Hunt!

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Ahh Easter weekend is upon us. A blessed time of awkward conversations with family, dyed fingers and clothes (thank you, Paas!) and that annoying florescent green fake grass getting into your shoes, hair, and food. Ew.

Thankfully, the Threadless Bunny (disguised as a lamb) is here to make it all better! This mischievous scamp has hidden THREE Easter eggs somewhere amongst the pages of Threadless. But don't expect to find a few measley coins or a useless deleted scene. You lucky ducks will be rewarded with a $50 Threadless gift code! That's right! 3 unique $50 Threadless gift codes hidden! And once they are found, they are gone. So get searchin'!

Thank you Threadless Bunny! Bok Bok!

Update! Congrats to the 5 winners!