Important New Scoring Functionality!

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Due to the extremely large number of submissions we've been receiving lately, we have implemented a new feature in the scoring system. Normally, each design gets 7 days to be scored. While this is still the case, if a design has received scores from 100 different people and those score's average is less than 1.5 - the design will be dropped from the running and will not be in for a full 7 days.

This allows us to approve more designs more often, giving everyone a fair, reasonable chance in the competition.

Wired Loves Threadless

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Sneak Peak!!! Starting May 1st, we will begin taking submissions for the Wired Loves Threadless competition! The competition revolves around Wired's NextFest event in Chicago with a theme of "I Saw the Future". The winning tee will be sold at Wired's NextFest event. So start your brainstorming now! Check it out

Omg Clothing Designer Suggestions

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This post isn't ENTIRELY Threadless related but we thought you guys might have some good ideas. When we need to have an OMG Clothing ( if you're not familiar - it's Threadless' sister site) design created, we contact a talented designer, show them the top 50 slogans of the moment and allow them to choose the one they want to design for. We have about 10 slogans designed right now that are in the queue to be printed and need to start contacting more designers to design the next batches.

If you want to leave a suggestion, post online portfolios of talented designers for us to take a look at. They can be artists that you respect or, if you think you've got what it takes, feel free to post your own portfolio.

The First Completed Threadless Van

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Located in Colorado Springs, the president of Threadless' brother, Josh, has covered his entire mini-van with Threadless stickers. It is a site to behold. If you are interested in covering your vehicle with Threadless stickers, send us an email and we'll send you some stickers and a $100 Threadless gift certificate when you send pictures of the completed works.

More pictures...

Maxim Hot 100 Loves Threadless

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Here is your chance to clothe 100 of the hottest women on the planet. Each year, Maxim Magazine selects the Maxim Hot 100, a listing of the 100 hottest women in entertainment. This year, Maxim will partner with Threadless to create the official Hot 100 shirt. Submit your design and if it's chosen, it will appear on specially created tees that will go to each of the women that make this year's list! Check it out