Threadless Tees Become High Fashion! Wanna Watch?

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Our friends at Kenmore Live Studio have chosen 6 contestants to take part in their online So You Wanna Be A Designer challenge! Each week they are given a new task and this week, Threadless takes center stage! The contestants have two days to repurpose Threadless tees into high fashion garments and you'll not only be able to tune in LIVE to the presentation, but you'll be able to vote on your favorites, too! (Along with guest Threadless judges, Charlie "Fashionista" Festa and Brianne "Haute Stuff" Hattaway!)

Tune in on Thursday at 7pm central to watch, vote, and maybe win some Threadless swag! 200 voters are going to get $50 gift cards!

The fun happens HERE:

Spamming Is So 2010

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We absolutely love seeing more submissions, but you know what we're not fans of? More spammy comments. In an effort to curb this spam, we'd like to let you know exactly what spam is, and ways you can promote your design without violating our rules. After all, we want you to get printed, not booted!


Besides the obvious (advertisers trying to sell you lawn mowers and fungal cream), we consider spam to be comments on other people's submissions that look like this:

"Cool, check out mine!"

"Please vote on mine."

"Rad! link to design"

These comments aren't really constructive, and only serve to promote the commenter's design. In our submission guidelines, we state:

"Please do not post a link to your critique, blog, or design in the comments section of other people’s designs that are up for voting. The comments section of the design page is for feedback on that design only! Any comments that are considered spam are subject to be removed by the site moderators."

By posting an advertisement for your design in the comments section of another person's submission that's up for voting, you're diluting that artist's hard work by taking attention away from their design. It's considered disrespectful, makes people upset, and will often times backfire, resulting in people voting down your design! Also, people will start calling you Kanye.


You're more than welcome to promote your design by posting a blog in the blog forum (

The tools we give you to promote your design when you submit are designed primarily for use on other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Deviantart, etc, and for use in email. You are free to promote your design around the Internet and to your family and friends as much as you'd like! In fact, we encourage it.

In conclusion: Don't post links to your design in the comments section of other people's designs! This is spam and we'd much rather spend our time doing fun things like scoring designs instead of deleting spam comments. If you do see any really bad spam happening, email it to with "Submission Spam" in the title.

Happy submitting, folks!

Meet The 'Schwen'sational Fam!

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David Schwen has had 11 Threadless designs printed and is an amazing artist. Check out David (aka dschwen) and his beautiful family all decked out in their favorite Threadless tees! Here's what they had to say about their favorite Threadless tees.

(Pictured from left to right)

Sadie (age 1), favorite shirt: "Exercise" by Brock Davis - She loves pink!

Sarah , favorite shirt: she likes them all

"No favorite, I like them all. My favorite part about wearing Threadless shirts is that it doesn't make me feel like I'm a mother of 4!"

Gavin (age 7), favorite shirt: "Khaki Kickflip" by Nick Koehler

"...the army guys are doing skateboard tricks!"

Ian (age 3), favorite shirt: "Mister Mittens' Big Adventure" by Joe Van Wetering

"...I like the laser parts!"

David , favorite shirt: "The Madness of Mission 6" by Travis Pitts

"I'm a classics man. I love how when I wear this shirt, people stare at it for a while before they realize the Pac-Man reference."

Logan (age 6), favorite shirt: "Hans Off My Cookie!" by Philip Tseng

"...I like that the cookie is a wookie...and that the guy drew it - his name is also called Anakin!"

What is your favorite Threadless Tee?

Threadless + Griffin Makes Your Fancy Iphone 4 Even Fancier!

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image It's no secret that Threadless designs look good on iPhone cases; that's why we decided to take the Griffin + Threadless awesomeness one step further and print even more of your favorite designs on iPhone 4 cases. This new line of super sleek, super thin (only one millimeter!) Griffin cases are printed with original art from the Threadless community. Even better, we're giving love to Threadfans worldwide with universal cases for all iPhone 4 models, as well as some that are for American AT&T phones only. Now you can have the coolest iPhone in all the land!

Keep in mind that when these cases sell out, they sell out. So if you see your favorite design, snag it up right away! And just between us, there just might be a couple more designs in the works. But we've already said too much.

What designs would you like to see printed on iPhone 4 cases?

Steven Alan Pattern Design Challenge... Yep, Patterns!

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We've teamed up with one of the best NYC fashion brands, Steven Alan, to bring you a pattern-based design challenge! Fabric will be printed with the winning pattern and cut and sewn up into Steven Alan products, to be carried in their stores.

Here's the challenge: Your favorite shirt. What would it look like? What colors, what pattern? This challenge is centered around creating a pattern to be designed for a Steven Alan product in time for 2011 NYC Fashion Week's "Fashion's Night Out" on September 8th. This is a huge opportunity for any designer. The winning design will be made into Men and Women Steven Alan products. It's up to you to design one of the next patterns to be used in the Fall 2011 collection.

Check out the challenge page; score and submit some patterns! (Oh, and if you have any Naked & Angry patterns laying around, feel free to resubmit them here if it makes sense to!)

We're stoked to see what you come up with :)

Help Earth Day Network Achieve A Billion Acts Of Greenâ„¢

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Over a billion people celebrate Earth Day every April 22nd, making it the largest civic holiday in the world. It's the one day when the environment gets the international attention it deserves. This year, Earth Day's mission is to convert heightened awareness into action through the world's largest environmental service and advocacy campaign.

It's called A Billion Acts of Greenâ„¢, and isn't about changing your entire life around. It's about inspiring every individual to make smart changes that, together, make an enormous difference. You can help build the movement by sharing an awesome design based on this campaign.

25% from the sale of each tee will fund Earth Day Network's efforts to promote environmental awareness.

Submissions are open through April 1st (no foolin'), so go get your green on!

Get Threadless To Sponsor A Meetup In Your Town!

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Our 1st ever worldwide meetup day is just a few weeks away and we're gearing up in Chicago! Is your town ready? Have you joined a meetup near you?

Remember, if you're the host and have 8+ attendees signed up, email and we'll hook you up with an awesomely fantastic meetup kit with fun giveaways and swag for your meetup.

But wait! That's not even the best part! For the town with the most rockin' meetup, we'll sponsor an official Threadless meetup later this year, bringing Threadstaffers, goodies, and fun to your town! Need some suggestions for a kickin' meetup? Snap a group photo of everyone wearing Threadless tees, design the best collaboration design known to man, bake Threadless-themed cakes, shoot your own product shots and explore any crazy ideas you can come up with.... It's all happening on April 1st, so get your pranks planned!

We have over 200 meetups signed up around the world, but if your city isn't represented - sign up now! It's not too late!

Threadless Loves Noir!

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It's a dark, sultry night. A constant of rain hits the window ledge and steam rises, barely lit by your desktop monitor. As you sit back in your chair, contemplating the scene, a shadowy figure appears in the doorway and whispers...

Your challenge is to create an amazing mysterious tee design based on noir.

The figure hands you a blank envelope and leaves. You open it. It says "If you choose to accept this challenge, you could be rewarded with a coveted artist spot in the newest series of Comics-On Tees, penned by noir comic book writer, Brian Azzarello. And be the proud owner of 10 awesome noir graphic novels! You have until April 10 to submit your design. Good luck."

Check out the details (and amazing prizing!)

March Mania Is Here!

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Let the mania... BEGIN!

Our expert team of bracketologists has assembled incredible matchups for you to vote on every day this week! 8 brand new designs (The Cool Kids) and 8 tried and true lassics (the, uh, Classics) will be competing! Who will be victorious?

YOU WILL. For a limited time, all 16 designs are only $10! Plus, we'll be giving out $25 gift certificates to random voters every single day AND a $100 to a voter that has participated all week!

The artist who designed the winner of each bracket will be flown to Chicago for Bestees 2011, regardless of the outcome. So march on over and get out the vote!

Help Those Affected By The Japanese Tsunami &Amp; Earthquake

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Japanese Earthquake Relief T-shirt Challenge

Today, on March 11th, a magnitude 8.9 earthquake devastated Japan. The quake, officially the strongest in the country's history, was followed by a massive Tsunami that swept away more than six miles of coastline. The disaster left hundreds dead and hundreds more still missing. With your help, tens of thousands of displaced Japanese citizens will rise from the rubble and begin the recovery process.

Create an inspirational tee around the theme of "Sunrise."

Threadless will donate 100% of net proceeds from the sale of each tee to fund The American Red Cross's rescue efforts. The chosen design will be available for purchase at Threadless.

The deadline on this is SUPER TIGHT. We are closing submissions next Friday (March 18th) in order to get the shirt produced and up for sale as soon as possible. Godspeed!

Learn more about the challenge

Threadspotting: Big Ol' Update!

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Hey There, Folks!

Sorry about the long wait for all of these AWESOME Threadless sightings, but we've been SUPER busy around here, launching the new Select Spring Line, Threadless Causes, the new Threadless scoring Leaderboard on our Facebook page, and the new, super amazingly awesome platform for Threadless Meetups! If you've been keeping up with our Facebook Threadspotting Album, you haven't missed a beat. If not, enjoy these ridiculously awesome Threadless sightings. Remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points too! Enjoy!

Chuck_Threadless geekology

Geekology by Aaron Hogg

Spotted on NBC's Chuck! Thanks Sid!


Mister Mittens' Big Adventure by Joe Van Wetering

Spotted on Christopher Brooke of Basso & Brooke! Thanks Allessandra!

Red Riding Hood

RED by Kneil Melicano

Spotted on Red Riding Hood director Catherine Hardwicke! And Gary Oldman to boot! Thanks Nelson!


Double Threadspot! To Scan a Forest by Thomas Aldrich

Analogy by Dan Rule

Spotted on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! Thanks Nathan!


War Games by Ersin Erturk

Spotted on comedian Kumail Nanjiani on Conan! Thanks Shai!

Screen shot 2011-03-11 at 11.00.33 AM

The Night Gardener by Terry Fan and Eric Fan

Spotted on ABC's Modern Family! Thanks Weston!


Stone Jungle by Andre da Silva Cruz

Spotted on a

Ever Wanted To Attend Or Host A Threadless Meetup In Your Town? Now You Can!

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Join us for the first Worldwide Threadless Day!

Get together with fellow Threadfans to celebrate Threadless Day on April 1st! It's a day for creating art with friends, collaborating on design ideas, trading pre-loved Threadless shirts and getting to know your online pals in real life.

Here's the fun-est part: we're going to sponsor an official Threadless meetup for the city with the most rockin' un-official meetup! So pit your meetup against others, and we'll bring Threadless staffers to your town soon and party with you IRL style!

Suggestions for making your meetup the most awesome one: snap a group photo of everyone wearing Threadless tees, design the best collaboration design known to man, bake Threadless-themed cakes, shoot your own product shots and explore any crazy ideas you can come up with. It's all happening on April 1st, so get your pranks planned!

Meetups will be judged based on degrees of awesomeness, so make sure to take lots of photos and video with the hashtag #threadlessday!

Check out for more info!

*If you've got plans on Threadless Day and want to host your own meetup another time, feel free to start your own meetup by filling in the "Let's meetup and..." field on your city's meetup page.

Help New Zealand Rebuild!

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We've just launched a third challenge over on Threadless Causes

On February 22nd, Christchurch, NZ, was struck by a powerful and devastating earthquake. A state of emergency has been declared and at this moment hundreds of people are still missing. You can help bring relief and much needed aid to the people of Christchurch by submitting a design to this challenge.

These things sometimes hit us all closer than we think. One of Threadless' most printed designers, hogboy, lives in Christchurch. He and his family are ok but his home has been badly damaged by the quake.

Lets help REBUILD! Learn more, submit & score designs.

The New Submission Kit Is Here!

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Guys and Girlies, the new Submission Kit has finally arrived!

Our old and tired submission kit has finally gotten a makeover. We think that you'll find these new templates are easier to use, and a lot prettier too! Not only are there brand new templates, but there's lots of information for artists in a series of handy PDFs.

Here's what you'll find in the new kit:

Flat illustrated templates of: tees, hoodies, boat necks, tanks, v necks and onesies. These are similar to the old basic templates, but much nicer.

Photo templates guessed it: tees, hoodies, boat necks, tanks, v necks and onesies. These are pictures of garments laid flat, and will make your submission look super realistic. (Special thanks to Priscilla Wilson for letting us use her awesome tee template!)

New photos of our oh-so-photogenic staff members wearing an assortment of blank tees. For those who want to show how their design would look on a human!

All of the templates feature an updated color list with some colors you might not have seen before. As usual, the photo and illustrated templates are designed for Photoshop and Illustrator.

We've also written a series of documents designed to help out seasoned artists and newbies alike. These PDFs include: - A guide to using our templates and submitting. - An updated glossary of specialty inks and printing techniques. - A guide outlining the various reasons for declining a submission. - A guide to Threadiquette, including our stance on stolen designs, critiques, promotion and spam. (There's a list of Do's and Don'ts here!) - A checklist of things to consider when creating a good design.

One thing to bear in mind here is that this kit is a continual work in progress. Eventually, you can expect to see more model photos featuring tanks, hoodies, boat necks, etc. Also, as our stock of tees and colors change, so will the templates. If there's anything else that you'd like to see in the kit that's not currently there, don't hesitate to let us know! Email Rachel or Mimi at

This is one of the first big projects of a new Community Team comprised of Rachel, Mimi, and Charlie. Our mission is to unlock amazing opportunities and bring you more resources. We hope to engage and inspire you to create even more mind-blowing designs, collaborate, network and, of course, have fun! Keep your eyes out for a post soon more about the great projects we will be working on!

Enjoy! Community Team