Pick An Earth Day Reprint!

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Everyone knows that Thursdays here at Threadless bring wonderful reprints! And wouldn't you know it, Earth Day 2010 falls on... a Thursday!

And so, in cahoots with our friends at Treehugger, we're going to let you decide which Earth Day appropriate tee we should reprint on April 22! And we'll print it on an AA Organic tee to boot!


Blik Beauteousness

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In case y'all missed it, we've got three new Bliks! Make those barren walls awesomer with 'em. Because they're boring. (We know 'cuz we peeped in your window the other night. Creepy but true.)

Check out these latest additions to the Check out the Blik Threadless shop

Let It Flow! - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Tectonic Wormhole - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Clean Monster - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Oh, and Craig posted a Threadless 365 about 'em too: HERE

Select + Typetees Sites

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Happy Tuesday!

Over the coming days/weeks you'll notice that both Select & TypeTees are going to be rolled back into Threadless. (Oh wait! Select is already gone thanks to our super-quick tech team!) Having them as separate sites wasn't as awesome as we thought it would be… navigating over to participate on TypeTees was cumbersome and it was confusing for products in our catalog to link to different sites. You may be thinking "No Duh."

The format for TypeTees will stay the same. There will be a new "Submit & Score Slogans" link in the Participate drop down that will take you here!

As for Select, we still have some great tees in the queue that we will be printing over the coming weeks but this format will eventually change. We are not sure yet exactly what we are going to do with it - but basically, we are hoping to be able to print more designs from the Threadless pool of submissions rather than commissioning outside artists to design tees. There are so many great underscored, progressive, interesting designs on Threadless that we would like to print and hopefully we will be able to mold Select into something that addresses this or start up something entirely new to replace it.

Welcome back to Threadless, Select & TypeTees!

T-10: 2k10 Trendsetting Tees Are Here!

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These new trend ideas blasted our eyeballs with awesomeness! We had a bunch of amazing entries that went into the 2K10 running, and they were all over the map, in the best of ways!

One common thread we kept seeing in the top 2k10 entries was: old + old = new. When you combine old ideas together, they create something new. And more so than ever, in our mash up, meme meets meme, spork-filled times, this is true. So you'll see this trend theme in a lot of our winners, but each one had a special trend of its own too! Enough blabber, on to the winners!

Grand Prize, gets a whoppin' $10K!

"Real Peanuts" by murraymullet Handmade movement jumping into the digital world.

Judge's Choice, $5k!

"Diver No. 12" by xiv Past meets the future; steampunk meets the deep sea.

8 other trend winners:

"Forgot to Study" by jublin Celebration of slackerdom, repurposing of found materials.

"Firelight Cottage" by ndstillie Fairy tale-influenced oil painting style brought to the t-shirt canvas.

"The Choir of Antarctica" by ilovedoodle A throwback to the simple classic designs that helped bring Threadless to where it is now.

"There Can Be Only One" by rodrigobhz The strength of collaborations = multiple perspectives, singular design.

"INTO THE VOID" by Benjamin Hennessy Crazy type treatment.

"Shape Shifting Turtle" by the Sleeping Sky A design that doesn't rely on anything but it's simplicity, beauty, and wearability.

"Kite Parkour" by Fleck Designs with heart. See Fleck's great explanation on his sub page.

"Pro & Cons" by fatheed An homage to the past, put on a new medium.

T-10: Threadless - Tees And Beyond!

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Over the past 10 years here we've always been tinkering with ideas of how to put the Threadless voting system to use with other products. We always thought, besides tees, what other items would our talented community like to see get the Threadless treatment? Then a few months ago Havaianas, the Brazilian flip floppers approached us about setting up a Loves challenge with them. Two key points got us on board with flip flops for this first tee combo challenge.

1 - Flip flops have a nice flat canvas like a tee

2 - Flip flops exude a nice casual laid back comfort... like a tee

In addition to the Loves, we'll also be launching four existing designs on Havaianas flip flops: “Animal Hunt,” "Cookie Loves Milk," "Living in Harmony," and “It’s Toile About You." They'll be for sale later this year, during peak flip floppin' season, summertime.

This is just one of several awesome product collaborations we're working on to celebrate our past and where our artists are going. What could be next?

T-10: Threadless Everywhere

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It's here, our 10th Anniversary kickoff celebration! We're starting it all off with our big $10 tee sale, but that's just the beginning of a year full of exciting stuffs! And this blawg is place to keep up with it all.


In 2010, we're EVERYWHERE! We're going on a road tour, traveling our fine country and meeting up with all you community members at music festivals, conferences, and meet ups of course! All of it culminates in our extra ginormous community meet up in Chicago from Friday, September 10th – Sunday, September 12th. We'll also be throwing a 10th Anniversary party on 10/10/10 in Boulder, CO! So mark these dates on your calendar now! Weeee!

We're also gonna have a 10th Anniversary book, released by big shot publishers Abrams press (the launch is in October, too). It's full of the most amazing interviews, memories, and hijinks. You guys will be privy to a pre-sale and there will be a fancy special edition, too.

Our designs are popping up EVERYWHERE too! As you may have noticed, we're on a new medium for the first time ever (it's kind of a big deal) with our Loves Havaianas challenge.

And to pay homage to EVERYWHERE we've been, we're re-launching a bunch of our fave tees from the past 10 years. Today is the first day of faves, the 2009 bunch. So wear your favorite tee from last year and proudly say "Yay 2009!"

We're EVERYWHERE this year and we hope to see you EVERYWHERE too!!! Exclamation points EVERYWHERE in 2010!

Threadspotting: You Better Work!

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It's Friday, y'all! Feel freaky? Well, either way, we're going to hit you with some Threadspots right about now! How do you get in on the action? Glad you asked. Just send your spots to sightings@threadless.com and include a photo and your username! We choose a few to highlight here and we give you STREET TEAM POINTS!

Here goes something!

Blandband Deluxe

It's the oldie but goodie Blandband Deluxe, showing up on RuPaul's show Drag Race! Apparently, this contestant is named Sahara Davenport. And that's pretty darn cool. Neil may not have a better name but he will be getting points for this spot, as opposed to Sahara.

Put The Needle On The Record

Ryan found this spot of Put The Needle On The Record on the show Kenny Vs. Spenny. Behind the scenes!

Extra Pulp

Now, we love our Motion City Soundtrack here, but we can't be expected to spot every sighting! Thanks to folks like Mel, we don't hafta! Extra Pulp!


New Hoodies!

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If you hadn't noticed, 2 of Thursday's new tees also are available as hoodies! Almighty's is a dashing zip-up and Monkey Business is an ominously awesome pullover!

At least here in Chicago, Spring is rolling in... slowly, and these threads are kinda perfect for those in-between heavy-coat-and-buck-naked times.


Meet Threadless... In Amsterdam!

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Greetings Amsterdammers, nearby Amsterdammers, and traveling-to Amsterdammers!

Should you find yourself near city center in Amsterdam on Sunday, April 18th be sure to stop by Bazar Amsterdam.

A handful of über talented artists, including Threadless's own Rachel Gottesman, will be there for snacks, drinks and friendly conversation. If you're extra nice to Rachel, she might even buy you a drink!

We hope to see you there! RSVP HERE: http://threadlessmeetupamsterdam.eventbrite.com

Omg You Gs, It's The Bestee Winners!

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The Bestee Awards honor your favorite creative minds within the Threadless community. And man, these folks are talented in the most diverse and awesome ways! We're just gonna get into it!

*<b>People's Choice:</b> $20,000 prize, plus a free trip to the annual Threadless meetup: <br> Emmy Cicierega (alias: <a href="http://www.threadless.com/profile/1053971/EmmyCic">EmmyCic</a>) for &quot;It's Toile About You.&quot; We surprised Emmy with her amazing win via video chat and captured this <a href="http://www.threadless.com/tv/186/Surprise_You_won_20_000_Bestee_Winner_reacts">lil' video</a>.

*<b>Designer of the Year:</b> $10,000 prize, plus a free trip to the annual Threadless meetup. This is awarded to the designer with the most printed tees.:<br> Lim Heng Swee (alias: <a href="http://www.threadless.com/profile/575173/ilovedoodle">Ilovedoodle</a>) Dude had 13 tee shirts printed in 2009!

*<b>Unprinted Designer of the Year:</b> $1,000 prize. In addition to the prize and getting one of their designs printed, he'll get the standard Threadless award of $2,500 value):<br> Zack Davenport (alias: <a href="http://www.threadless.com/profile/221420/mrdavenport">MrDavenport</a>) gets his superb &quot;Lock Ness&quot; printed.

<b>Blogger of the Year:</b> $1,000 prize, plus the honor of choosing an unprinted designer to get printed and a free trip to the annual Threadless Meetup:<br> Jessica Yu (alias: <a href="http://www.threadless.com/profile/477478/jess4002">Jess4002</a>), totally badss blogger, picked Ryder Doty's (alias: <a href="http://www.threadless.com/profile/656940/Ryder_Revolution">Ryder Revolution</a>) &quot;A Flying Dog in Outer Space&quot; to be printed.

*<b>Newcomer of the Year:</b> $1,000 prize:<br> Awesome n00b Ben Chen (alias: <a href="http://www.threadless.com/profile/865594/ben_chen">BenChen</a>). We're printing his &quot;Midnight Forest.&quot;

*<b>Kids! Design of the Year:</b> $1,000 prize:<br> Kristen Howdeshell's (alias: <a href="http://www.threadless.com/profile/810592/KristenKC">KristenKC</a>) &quot;Dandy Lions.&quot; Awww, we love it.

*<b>Slogan of the Year:</b> $1,000 prize:<br> Josh Miller's (alias: <a href="http://www.threadless.com/profile/853823">PuppetMeat</a>) &quot;If Your Pants Are on Fire, Being a Liar Becomes Less Important.&quot; Hilarious and also, quite true.

*<b>Collaboration of the Year:</b> $1,000 prize:<br> Brian Cook (alias: <a href="http://www.threadless.com/profile/433481">Chengui</a>) and Piper Kirkby's &quot;Self Portrait.&quot; We love that half of this collab features a young Threadless prodigy.

*<b>Scorer of the Year:</b> $1,000 prize (a new category that rewards the Threadless community member with the biggest correlation between high scores and prints):<br> Dan Maltzman (alias: <a href="http://www.threadless.com/profile/545528/Maltzmania">Maltzmania</a>). Dan, you have the magic scoring touch!

Honorary Bestee Awards

Spam Fighter of the Year bcrider

Weekly Shirt Spoilers Original Spoiler - ozmodiar Current Spoiler - soloyo

Over 100,000 submissions scored -speedyjvw -adam antium -Leslee -radiostaticstar -Ronin60

Threadcakes and Threadknits creator -disillusioned

Community Treats ofthecoast for BLOGGERRAISER!

sleepyfeet for SECRET SANTA 2009

Jellyes for The Complete Guide for Starting Adobe Designing

valorandvellum for Photoshop Coloring Tutorial

FRICKINAWESOME for The Official Slogan Club


NiNTH_WHEEL for Tee Template