Joe Van Wetering Gallery / Party At Threadless Chicago!

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Joe Van Wetering show flyer

"Between the Mountains and the Volcano explores the continuously developing relationship between color and space. I use bold, contrasting colors that work in tandem with geometric shapes to create abstract visions of everyday life." - JVW

Joe's work will be shown through May 1, so please stop in! And we hope to see you at the April 3 opening party as well!

Donate Some Loot For The Loves Green Challenge!

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Hey everybody! As we did with The Joy of Text, we're asking YOU to come up with some awesome loot for the LOVES Green challenge chosen designer!

Just send an email to if you have something great to offer! We know you do! Have fun!

The deadline for donating is March 31!

The fun so far!! A realistic digital painting of yourself (or anyone you want) from silverqe! An original song about whatever you'd like, courtesy of bnannas An 'insanely detailed' portrait of the chosen designer by alvarejo! A print of The Melting, courtesy of speedyjvw An unopened set of Fraggle Rock - Season 1 on DVD, courtesy of squintygirl! A Woody print, courtesy of arzie13. A 55cm tall ULTRAMAN paper craft, courtesy of flying mouse 365 The original pen and ink drawing for The Awakening, courtesy of baronvonmonkey. A sock animal (or monster) of the designers choice, courtesy of asdfghaya A Bumble and Tweet Tree Edition set of vinyl toys by Julie West, courtesy of squeegebeckenheim. A handmade customized item (your choice of 4 options), courtesy of sleepyfeet. A set of 3 banana paper journals, courtesy of An "experimental painted pair of shoes" in the size of your choice, courtesy of ivejustquitsmoking A pair of awesome non-prescription fashion frames, clear lenses with clear frames, courtesy of wacie. A Chicobag reusable shopping bag in the color of your choice, courtesy of bcrider. A copy of Design It Yourself courtesy of SteveOramA

A New Design Challenge! Loves Green!!!

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In anticipation of Earth Day 2009 (and with a special nod to today's holiday), we’d love for you to let us know what being “green” means to you… in the form of an awesome tee design, of course! Is it a cleaner environment? Sustainable resources? Renewable energy? Global responsibility? All of the above? Or maybe you have some other ideas… We’d love to see em! Your challenge is to create a design based on the concept of thinking GREEN!


Your eco-centric design could score you mad green of your own… along with some awesome goods, courtesy of Timbuk2, Origins, and Wacom! Also, since we had a great time involving YOU in the last challenge, we’re doing it again! Please send an email to and donate some fun stuff to the chosen designer! And lastly - the chosen design will be printed on American Apparel organic tees!*

Think, design, be, and (possibly) earn GREEN! You have until April 6 to submit a design! What a wonderful world!