Loves Threadless Is Here!

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We've just announced the new section I've been hinting at the last couple of weeks. It's called "Loves Threadless" and it's an area where we will be running mini, themed competitions with various other movements that we respect and think would make fun tee shirt competitions.

The first competition is with Computer Arts magazine and the theme is How to beat the designer blues. Check it out: Computer Arts Loves Threadless.

We have about 8 other competitions in the making with a few bands, some designers and more magazines. We will be announcing them over the next few weeks/months... stay tuned!

Check it out...

Sale's Over, We Hope Everyone Got What They Wanted!

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Well, our sale has drawn to an end... We hope everyone got in in time and purchased the tees they wanted! Hopefully we'll be launching some new stuff (along with some reprints) later today so stay tuned!

We got an unbelievable amount of orders during this sale and are trying to fulfill them as fast as we can. They may ship a day or two later than normal so please just hold on to your britches!

We're also on the verge of launching a whole new section on Threadless which is bound to make your tails wag in glee!

Everyone's A Winner! $10 Till The 21st!

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To announce the winners of the $2005 for 2005 competition, we thought we'd have a quick $10 sale as well. Until next Monday we will be selling all of our tees for just $10! So act fast, they are sure to go quick. Check the Stock Chart for a quick, easy way to find the shirts you like that are in stock. Buy Buy Buy!

Free Stickers With Every Order!

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We send out these stickers with every order we ship! Each one is die-cut with 4 individual stickers (Those yellow lines are the die-cut). Every order also gets a few other goodies - I'll keep those a surprise!

Any Feature Requests???

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We've just updated the news section here so that you can post comments. We promise to post a lot more often about all the fun stuff going on around here so be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to stay updated. (The RSS link is to the right over there)

NOT ONLY THAT BUT.... You all have your own blogs in your user profiles now! So login, click your name to see your profile page and blog away!

Please feel free to post any other feature requests here, we'll be reading daily!


A Special Treat From Our Printer...

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Our printer, Shirts Our Business ( - we're redoing their website as we speak) let us borrow their BB gun for the day as research for a little flash game we are going to be building into their website.... Fun times!

Check out some photos of craig with the special safety goggles...