Design The Next Iconic Threadless + Gap Tee.

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T-shirts are a canvas for wearable art, a form of personal expression, and the epitome of effortless style. Whether it's an illustrated design, word, or smiley face, an iconic t-shirt stays in the minds and closets of t-shirt wearers for generations to come.

But watch your back, I heart NY, there's gonna be a new icon in town - the tee you design! Just like the new line of Threadless + Gap tees, the chosen t-shirt designs from this challenge will be sold on and in Gap stores worldwide.

Design a tee that will be washed so many times, it'll match your favorite worn in jeans. Design a tee that will be over analyzed by art teachers because it's just that mind-bogglingly iconic. Design a tee that will become such a big part of tee culture, your grandchildren's grandchildren will try to replicate it.

It doesn't matter what corner of the Internet you live in. It doesn't matter whether you're an art nobody or an art somebody. Anyone can make an iconic tee, even you, so get going!

Get inspired by some of our current Gap artists:

Check out the prizing and submit a design now!

Repin Your Favorite New Threadless + Gap Tee For A Chance At Threadless And Gap Cash!

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By now, you've heard the news that we partnered with Gap to create an awesome line of exclusive Threadless + Gap tees sold only in Gap stores and on

Now it's time to show us your fave designs! Repin your favorite tee in the Threadless + Gap Pinterest board. Three lucky repinners will receive a $50 Gap GiftCard and a $50 Threadless gift code.

You have until Tuesday, March 6 to get your repin on! Good luck & enjoy perusing through the new Threadless + Gap tees!

Threadless + Gap = T-Shirt Mania!

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We’re so excited to be teaming up with Gap! Threadless + Gap designs will be sold exclusively on and in select Gap stores. To find a Gap in your area stocking this new line of tees, look at the map!

Check out the 26 awesome new tees in the Threadless + Gap line.


Just like everything Threadless, everyone has a chance to design something for this new line. So submit your design to the first Threadless + Gap design challenge!

To read more about this partnership, check out Mr. Threadless himself, Jake Nickell's blog!

Help Out Young Designers And Vote For A Good Cause!

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Many Threadless Alumni first started submitting to Threadless as students. That’s why we created Threadless 101, a workshop for teachers and students to use in their classroom. Every year, National Organizations for Youth Safety uses Threadless 101 for their Act Out Loud design challenge. Act Out Loud encourages hundreds of teens across the country to participate in peer-led youth traffic safety activities.

This year, over 300 teams of students competed in Act Out Loud. The teens were asked to design a t-shirt that focused on preventing the use of communication devices while driving. They were instructed to NYTSM ribbon logo in their designs. The winning team will get up to 500 t-shirts with their design on them. We need your help to select the winner!

You can support these teenage designers just by liking their designs on Facebook.Check out the Facebook album of the Top 25. The team with the most likes wins!

The National Organizations for Youth Safety and The Allstate Foundation are partnering to encourage youth to Act Out Loud for stronger teen driving laws. The goal of Act Out Loud is to empower teens to help keep roads safer through education and activism for stronger teen driving safety laws. Since the program started, hundreds of thousands of teens have been encouraged to Act Out Loud and help their friends and family drive safely.

Made By: Threadless Artist Pages Are Here

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At Threadless, we believe that ideas need to be made into something and shared, or they’ll go away, maybe forever! That's why we've created Made by:. Made by: will give you, our artists, the opportunity to showcase your work in one central gallery-like location. Each artist's page will feature favorite reprinted tees as well as previously unprinted designs from their body of work. Made by: not only gives artists more exposure, but also gives fans a central location to view their favorite artists’ body of work. We’ll release 2 Made by: pages every month, each featuring a different artist.

Our first two artists are ilovedoodle aka Lim Heng Swee & Fleck aka David Fleck. Check out their pages!

David Fleck

David Fleck is an illustrator and architect from Edinburgh, Scotland. He relishes the opportunity to combine both of his passions in his work. He does a great deal of humanitarian work, including starting the Tesseract collective, a group of students exploring creativity for humanity. Their first project was designing a new school and women’s shelter in Delhi, India. His intricately detailed Threadless prints have helped him support the collective, fund a screenprinting service, and buy an engagement ring for his wife.

David has been active on Threadless since 2008 and has been printed 8 times!


Lim Heng Swee

Lim Heng Swee is a self-taught illustrator and visual artist living and working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He maintains an ongoing personal project called “Doodle Everyday,” posting simple illustrations daily to Flickr, Facebook, and Tumblr and selling prints at Etsy. His self-proclaimed career goal is “Doodling A Smile,” aiming to make people smile more in their everyday lives.

Lim has been active on Threadless since 2007 and has been printed 52 times!


Challenge Extended: Design A T-Shirt For Whole Planet Foundation!

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UPDATE: We've extended this challenge until this Thursday, March15. That gives you 4 more days to submit designs! Check out to learn more about Whole Planet!

Threadless has teamed up with Whole Planet Foundation and Intrepid Travel for a design challenge! Whole Planet Foundation's mission is poverty alleviation through microcredit in communities worldwide that supply Whole Foods Market stores with products, with a focus on the developing world. Intrepid travel, who’ll be providing some awesome prizing, is one of the world’s leading small group adventure tour operators.

Here’s more about the challenge:

If you were given $200 to help lift yourself and your family out of poverty, how would you do it? In some developing world communities in Latin America, Africa and Asia, a loan as small as $200 can empower a woman to become an entrepreneur so that she can change her own life. Whole Planet Foundation funds poverty alleviation through microcredit in communities where Whole Foods Market sources products. The foundation has committed $26.5 million and supports more than a million people in 50 countries worldwide.

Create a design for a Whole Planet Foundation t-shirt that brings attention not only to the issue of global poverty, but also to the entrepreneurs who are lifting themselves out of poverty through their own energy, work and creativity. For inspiration, check out stories from some of the 199,659 microcredit clients who Whole Planet Foundation supports. The chosen design will be sold on Threadless, with a portion of the sales supporting these amazing entrepreneurs, and the chosen designer will get to travel abroad with Intrepid Travel!

Check out the prizing and submit your design!

Think We Missed A Design? Tell Us To #Printit!

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Is there a design submission out there that you can’t believe we haven’t printed? Something you scored a 5 forever ago and still isn’t resting comfortably on the tee you’re wearing right now? We want to know about it!

Show us another artist’s design you think desperately needs to be printed by posting it on Tumblr, Twitter, or Pinterest with the hashtag #printit. We’ll be checking that hashtag from here on out to find the next Threadless classic! To get you started, we’ll print at least six of the overlooked submissions you post between now and Feb. 28.

To find submissions you’ve given high scores go to and filter by designs you’ve scored a 4 or a 5. Show us the gem we missed!

Submit Your Weirdest Design Yet To Threadless Loves Weird!

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Thanks to Andrea Orlic aka ArTrOcItY for suggesting this very strange challenge!

Your challenge is to submit a weird design.

Things are about to get real weird. By "things" we mean your submissions. And by "about to" we mean right this very instant.

Submit a design that the Threadless community has never seen the likes of before. Something from the back of your brain that you thought was just too "different" to put up for scoring.

No food with faces. No skulls and roses. No Star Wars mashups. No Super Mario parodies. Avoid anything that you think is a typical Threadless design.

Get strange. Get odd. Get submitting.

Check out the prizing and submit your design!

Happy Valentine's Day, Pinpals!

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Holy cow, you guys really know how to spread the Threadlove. We received a whopping 366 submissions to the Threadless Loves Pinning challenge. You warmed our hearts with clever, thoughtful, and funny descriptions of why you love who you love.

We finally narrowed it down to one board dedicated to a super adorable & deserving momma. Congratulations and Happy Valentine’s Day to Gladys Santiago and her mom! You’re getting $100 in Threadless cash and $100 in Amazon cash! Woo hoo! Check out this photo of Gladys’ mom wearing Self-Sufficient by Aled Lewis. Mom Wearing Self-Sufficient

Here’s what Gladys had to say about her mom: Grab a glass of wine and some crackers because this description is going to be cheesy. The numero uno person in my life is my mom. She's super caring, forgiving, funny and full of great advice. Sure, her cooking is more Peg Bundy than Julia Child, but when I was a kid, she knew how to prepare a mean bowl of cereal. Mmm, Cocoa Pebbles. I digress. My mom is actually a HUGE fan of Threadless!! She's swiped more than a few of my tees. She thinks I don't notice, but I do. It's like, "Hello, mom!! I know for a fact you didn't get that awesome t-shirt of a mummy sitting on a toilet at Anne Taylor."

And, since we had such a hard time choosing, we’re giving $25 Threadless gift codes to two honorable mentions:

Megan Ehresmann wrote a poem inspired by Threadless tees for her boyfriend.

Sarah Kasper dedicated her board to her best friend Jessica.

Thank you all for participating. We were overwhelmed by your sweet dedications to all the people you care about.

We want to keep the Pinterest love coming. We know there are unprinted designs that you can’t believe we didn’t print. From now on, if you find a design you simply love and think we’ve overlooked it, pin it and tag it #printit in the description along with a reason for why you'd like it printed. We’ve added a Pinterest button on submission pages now so you can post right from Threadless to your pin board. To get the ball rolling, we’ll look through all #printit submissions from the next two weeks and print at least 6 of the unprinted designs you suggest! Show your love for unprinted designs!



Tim And Eric Awesome Tee, Great Job!

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Tim and Eric fans, have we got the tee for you. The hilarious TV duo approached us with the idea to print this tee, and we just couldn’t say no. It was created by the designer of their movie poster, Duke Aber. Here’s what he had to say about the tee:

Click to see it larger An Interview with Duke Aber, designer of Wolf Pizza

Here’s the video homage we created to both the tee and the classic Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen spoof video.

Threadspotting: Super Bowl Xlvi Edition

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Now that everyone’s had a little time to cool down from this year’s Super Bowl… let’s talk about it some more!

This edition of Threadspotting is dedicated to our own little slice of Super Bowl stardom, as one of our tees appeared during the most important part of the game – the commercials! Danny Pudi, who plays Abed on NBC’s “Community,” was spotted wearing “Winter is Coming” by Rachel Gottesman during the “Brotherhood of Man” commercial.

It should also be noted that Danny successfully wore “Winter is Coming” without any wardrobe malfunctions despite all the sick dance moves he busts out in the commercial.

If you want to look as fly as Danny while you’re working on your choreographed dances, make sure you request a REPRINT!

Thanks Melissa for this epic sighting, and remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points to boot! Enjoy!

Snag Some Valentine's Day Cash To Get The Perfect Vday Gifts!

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Hey Pinpals!

Valentine’s Day is coming up! How are you gonna spread the love? We want to help! Create a Pinterest board for the person you want to shower with love, affection, and presents. One lucky pinner will get $100 in Threadless cash and a $100 Amazon gift card so they can get their special someone somethin’ special.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Make a board titled "Threadless Vday challenge" specifically for the person you have in mind. Let us know why that person is so great in the board’s description.

  • Add 10 pins to the board that would make great gifts for your special person. At least 5 must be Threadless products.

  • Email with the subject “Threadless VDay challenge” and a link to your board.

  • Finish your board and email us by February 12 to be considered.

The chosen board will be announced on Valentine’s Day!

Happy pinning!

And The $240 In Threadless Cash Goes Too...

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You guys really showed up for the 24 hour voting challenge. Within one day, two million scores came in! Nice work.

We put all the names of people who scored 240 designs or more within the 24 hour period into our randomizing randomization machine and pulled out one lucky design-scorer who scored the loot. The $240 in Threadless cash went to Daniel Newman!

We asked Daniel, a long time Threadless member, what his favorite Threadless design ever is: Three Cat Moon is epic, but I would have to go Red by Kneil Melicano.

Congrats Daniel! And thanks to everyone who scores designs! You help make Threadless what it is!