Friday 5! - Our Favorite Zombie Tees!

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Happy Friday! In celebration of Thursday's reprints and the end to another brain-melting work week, we're going to take a look at 5 of our favorite Threadless Zombie designs! It's by no means an exhaustive list, so please comment with some of your faves as well. Even if they are non-Threadless tees, let us know! We won't be mad atcha.

But he might.

Gotta start off wth Olly Moss's In Case Of Zombies. Not only is it the biggest selling zombie tee of the bunch but it's the only one that can actually come in handy during an apocalypse of the undead.

Next up, the classic tale of one man and a shotgun against a horde of zombies. (See what we did there?) Aled Lewis's The Horde

And you said, what about Zombie at Tiffany's? We couldn't leave a shirt that manages to be both alluring AND terrifying off the list! Marion Crumb's Zombie at Tiffany's brings Holly GoDeadly back to life!

It's a shirt, it's a story, it's chock fulla zombies! Tony Moore's Every Night I Have the Same Dream, Issue 2, Vol. 1 is the stuff of nightmares, but the shirt of your dreams!

Some people like to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Other people like to wear their hearts on their chest, if only to express their love for shooting the undead. It is with that in mind, that we include our final selection, Justin White's Of The Dead

Make Us Your Best Threadless Search Story

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Together, Google and YouTube created a fun tool called Search Stories. Perhaps you've seen this in action during the Super Bowl last year?

Well, now you can create your own, and we'd like to see what you come up with. Your challenge:


Create a Google Search Story about Threadless.


Contest over! Congrats to these three winners!

01.) A Designer's Dream by rhythmdev9. 02.) This literally happened by the lol-inducing SuperRyan 03.) Changing My Ways but the hopefully not-naked Braniel.

Honorable mention to jess4002 and her making friends Search Story, and alvarejo for showing us how he spends his cash.

This was fun. Hilarious stuff, everyone!

International Visits + Speaking Gigs

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Hey Threadheads,

Threadless would love to ship a staffer out to speak at international art and design events. If you know of an existing speaking engagement that Threadless would be a good fit for please shoot us an email at so we can check it out.

If the speaking gig is a good fit, we'll send a speaker and after the event is over, we'll host a meetup nearby where we can hang out and talk of funny Festa fables.

Some examples of legit art and design events: Museum lecture series; Panel discussions taking place at art/design schools; Keynote address on an appropriate topic at a conference or trade show.

If you help us successfully plan and execute an international event, you will be rewarded with fame and riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Our passports are ready, let's do this! Threadless

Join In Threadless Causes

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Threadless Causes

We're using the power of community-based design to call attention to the good guys: non-profits, world-changing organizations, and important social movements. We need you, the world's designers and thinkers, to submit tee designs and wear those designs proudly. Call us nutsos, but we believe the world can change one t-shirt at a time!

Threadless Causes is! There are two design challenges you can be involved with:

The first is with the Demi and Ashton Foundation which exists to to raise awareness about child sex slavery, change the cultural stereotypes that facilitate the horrific problem, and support survivors. The challenge is to create a tee around the theme of freedom. Learn more...

The second is with the Oceanic Preservation Society which creates film, photography, and media inspiring people to save the oceans. OPS's first film, The Cove, won dozens of awards around the world, including the Oscar® for Best Documentary in 2009. Their next documentary, Singing Planet will inspire a movement to save the most endangered species. The challenge is to create tee around the theme of listening to our planet. Learn more...

Check it out, get involved, help us do some good :)

Warehouse Sessions: Update!

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In December we started having live bands play at least once a month in the warehouse. The first band to play was Flatfoot56 and in January we had Screaming Females.

This Friday we have The Felix Culpa and they will be announcing the winners of their Threadless giveaway with Alternative Press!

You can catch all these shows starting at 12:30pm CST via Threadless Ustream

Here are the dates for upcoming bands:

Feb. 25th - The Felix Culpa

March 25th - Empires

April 27th - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

May 13th - White Mystery

June 17th - UME

June 20th - Farewell Continental

Aug. 5th - Santah

Aug. 15th - Rasputina

If you're in the area and would like to attend any of these shows please leave a comment and we'll see what we can do!


East Coast Meetup At Harvard On March 22nd!

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Dearest Threadheads,

Fresh off the heels of WINEBO-CON2â„¢, Threadless will be hosting a fun and similarly casual East Coast meetup on March 22nd in Harvard Square. Why Harvard, you ask? As it turns out, Harvard thinks Threadless is pretty neat and Karim Lakhani from Harvard's Business School will be teaching the Threadless case study on March 23rd with Founder Jake Nickell in attendance.

We know March 22nd is a school night, but you should come out to the Daedalus Restaurant & Pub at 8pm to say hi and clink glasses with us. If you can make it please holler with an "In!" so we can make sure to bring enough swag for all y'all.

Daedalus: March 22nd at 8pm 45 1/2 Mt. Auburn St in Harvard Square Cambridge, MA 02138 (617) 349-0071

Be there or be square!

The Bestees 2011, One Night Only!

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For the past two years, we've been spotlighting the "best tees" every month by having you vote on your favorites! It's been a blast, but now we're doing somethin' we think will make it best-er!

In 2011, we're discontinuing the Bestees Of The Month and condensing the Bestees into one community-studded event that will take place during the Threadless Family Reunion on September 10! There will be awards, celebs, and all of the glitz and glamour deserving of such an important event. And we'll be streaming it LIVE for folks to watch and participate worldwide!

Stay tuned for more awesome details and chances for you to actually be flown here to Chicago to be in attendance!

How exciting! Is it September yet?

It's Time For The Year End Bestees!

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First and foremost, it was an amazing 2010. You all deserve a great big round of applause and an enormous chocolate cake! But since we can't fly the cakes out to every one of you, we're going to have to fly you here.

Get your voting fingers ready because on top of the $20,000 prize, we're going to fly the Bestee of the Year Designer (People's Choice, Design of the Year) to Chicago to be a part of Bestees 2011! Voting will begin on Monday 2/21!

But wait, there's more! Check out all the Bestee categories and prizes:

Designer of the Year - $1000 + a trip to Chicago for Bestees 2011 Blogger of the Year - $1000 + a trip to Chicago for Bestees 2011 Collab of the Year - $1000 Kids Design of the Year - $1000 Slogan of the Year - $1000 Scorer of the Year - $1000

We'll be handing out these awards in March so watch those calendars! And get ready for Bestees 2011!

Designing The Mobile Site

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Last summer, Mig and I decided that we wanted to get the ball rolling on a Threadless mobile site for our Awesome Time project. Like you guys, we felt like this was something way past due. So whenever we had free time, we dished out early comps of what the site could look like and how it could work.

Since a mobile site can't have all the goods of the full site, I had to focus on the core basic functions to be optimized for the small screen. With the help of Brock's user experience expertise, we narrowed down the site to 3 sections - shop, score, and blog.


Over time, I spit out more designs, listened to suggestions, shopped around other mobile sites, and made lots of red markings on paper.

I played around with type treatments and graphics.


I also had learn how to design for swiping thumbs and fat fingers.

Here's a quick evolution of the tab structure and filtering system.

Some screens of the final product.

Luckily, we got our friends Mobify to do our dirty work and within weeks the site was up and running.

We know you can't do everything you want on the mobile site yet, but we're hoping over time we can add more features. Like slogan submitting and scoring, which we just added. In the meantime you can always click the "full site" in the footer to go back to the old way.

Keep on the lookout for more mobile fun in the coming months!

Make A February Mix For The Threadless Warehouse

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We love music in the warehouse here at Threadless and we want our community involved. This time we are going to use the theme of "Girls, Girls, Girls." Make us a mix of songs that are about or performed by Girls. Here's an example:

Please tag your mix with Threadless!

Use the awesome site

Upload your mix of 8 tracks and submit the link in a comment on this blog. The warehouse crew will vote on their fave mix of the month and that person will win a $50 Gift Certificate and 8tracks will send the winner an 8tracks tee shirt!

To keep things fair and simple we will only listen to the first mix submitted and only 8 tracks of the mix.

We have a wide variety of taste but first and foremost we like to keep it fun.


Flood Relief Tee: Riders Through The Storm

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The tragic flooding in Australia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka left us at a loss for words. Thankfully our Creative Director, Ross Zietz (arzie13), and designer Blair Sayer (Mr Rocks) realized that sometimes art can speak louder than words.

They contacted Brazilian designer Matheus Lopes Castro (mathiole) and Australian designer Simon Massey Di Vallazza (francobolli) and began collaborating on a flood relief shirt design.

The resulting design, Riders Through The Storm, is now available for purchase. $9 from the sale of each shirt will go toward flood relief.

On working across continents, Ross says he "was worried working on a collab with people in 3 very different time zones might have been a challenge but not with these guys. It was an easy organic process that came together nicely. Big props to each of the guys, and Matheus especially for his amazing linework and melding of everyone's styles.

Simon Massey Di Vallazza lives in Brisbane, an area hit especially hard by the Australian flooding. After seeing the damage firsthand, he's "so grateful to be involved in this great initiative with such talented designers that will not only help Australian flood victims but also those in Brazil and Sri Lanka's devastated regions. A huge thank you to Threadless for making this happen."

And now a huge thank you to everyone who buys this shirt and makes a difference!

The Update To Slogan Submission + Voting Is Here!

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You may remember the post I wrote a while back about changes we wanted to make to the slogans submission + voting process. The priority and order of some things has changed a little since that post, and some things will happen in stages, so let me update you.

Today you'll see these changes:

Limited submissions To start you'll only be able to submit 1 slogan per 24 hours to focus the process on crafted slogans, and even if the random junk submitters continue their impact will be minimized. This means you'll need to decide between variations before submitting, but that means votes can be concentrated on one version rather than spread across several.

Better instructions The submission form has been spruced up and we've added some tips in-line that we hope will make things clearer and help improve the quality of the slogan pool. (I hope you like it, b/c I think it looks great.)

Voting time frame Slogans will be up for scoring for 7 days, just like design subs. Since nearly everything already submitted is older than 7 days, they will no longer be available for scoring. (But they aren't lost forever... stick with me, more about that below.)

Flagging We're adding the ability to flag slogans which you've probably seen on other sites. At first we'll be using a threshold approach - once something gets flagged a certain number of times, it won't be shown until we review it - but we'll tweak that as we need to.

One last big change is still to come:

----> We will let you know when this happens. <----

Archived slogans All the old slogans will be archived and AFTER that happens you will have the opportunity to resubmit slogans you think are swell. (that means NOT NOW)

This is one of the best changes for those of you reading this blog. Right now even if a great slogan exists in the pool it's buried and it's not likely to surface, so there is little chance of it getting printed. However, if you choose to resubmit your old gems can get the spotlight they deserve. You'll have to use up your 1-per-day but if it's a winner that didn't get noticed it's worth it, right?

What if someone submits one of my slogans? With fewer slogans being submitted, you'll probably see it. Just flag it. But, it's not all on you. We'll still be doing the checks we do now against the database to make sure the right submitter is rewarded for a picked slogan.

And here's what's happening with a few other things mentioned in that first blog:

Profile Updates Great things are in store for the profile overall this year, but you may see a few small updates soon to reflect the archiving, the voting window, etc.

Smart sorting Even tho I like to nerd out over the idea of momentum-based sorting, it's overkill until we see how many slogans are submitted, and how many are up for voting at any one time.

Twittering @threadslogans We're still interested in using this and other ways to promote slogans, but that will come after we have the core process up to speed.

Most important of all, these changes are a part of a renewed commitment to printing TypeTees.

We're working on making the internal process of getting them designed more efficient. And you'll be seeing TypeTees released on a regular basis. I hope one of those is yours!

Have at it below, but keep in mind that these things will evolve over time. Is 1 the right number per day? Is 7 days the right voting window? Do we need more details when something is flagged? None of those are set in stone, but we want to change them based on what actually happens. So we will start here, see how it goes, adjust, and repeat.

10-10-10 Winnersss!!!

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After scouring through all of the amazing 10-10-10 Loves submissions to find the 46 amazing finalists, we've discovered the next 3 ICONIC Threadless tees! Each designer is getting 10,000 Shimala Dollas (which converts to $10,000 US!), plus fame, plus bragging rights and stuff. Congrats to the 3 artists!

Lindsey Carr's design The Fox Confessor was selected for 1st time submitted designer! Lindsey joined Threadless in October 2010 and The Fox Confessor got a whopping 3.46 score! Lindsey says "This submission is based on a painting on wood from last year. I thought it would fit the iconic theme based on pure exuberance and excess of flora & fauna."

We notified the artists yesterday via email and their responses were great! Here's what Lindsey had to say:

I'm genuinely surprised & shocked - I've never won anything before except when I won a school competition for growing the biggest pumpkin! (And that was because none of the other kids bothered growing one.)

The money will go towards spending more time painting and less time working commercially! It will make a fair bit of difference actually to my plans.... I have a show in LA in September so it'll also go towards the plane ticket over there.... I can't tell you what it means to have the boost in terms of confidence as well! When the newsletter goes out the first thing I'll do is go and thank Joe Carr and Terry Fan for all their encouragement and help...You honestly couldn't ask for 2 more helpful and talented people to be casting their eye over a design.

Piatra Tuncap's Love is in the Air was selected for unprinted, but submitted designer! This simple, beautiful design has a similarly simple quote: "love air balloon." Even though this design got a lower score, it's super popular! Congrats Piatra for your first printed tee!

Here's Piatra's reponse:


Tomas De Santis's Spacebar design was selected for previously printed designer! This design is the 17th printed for Tomas, it received a 4.01 score, and it's already been reprinted!!! Tomas says "For this particular comp, I decided to go for a simple idea using a well known iconic character merged with another iconic, universal symbol like the keyboard."

Tomas's response:

For the past year we (Tomas and Ivan aka Ivantobealone) had saved every combined Threadless print award and every extra freelance $ to try to buy land and create a sanctuary for pets with no potential for adoption but we were never able to due to the constant expenses. Now this is finally a possibility.

I cannot even express how grateful I am. This community has changed my life, not just because of this extremely generous gift, but also so many incredible experiences and creative challenges throughout the years and of course, the invaluable design experience. I am extremely thankful and humbled. I must now go and buy each of the dogs a big bone, a whole fish for each cat and some red wine for myself! Let's party!!!

Get Ready For March Madness!

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Attention designers! Be you prolific, perfectionist, aspiring, or lurking, listen up!

Come March we will be pitting (and printing) 8 new designs against 8 old designs in a classic one-on-one tournament with heaps of prizes to be awarded to those awesome enough to advance. Oh the sport of it all!

How do you enter your new design into consideration for the fray? It's so easy, that you may have already done it. ALL DESIGNS SUBMITTED FROM JAN 1 - FEB 14 ARE ELIGIBLE. And to those yet to enter, remember, we want to show these old designs who is boss! Everyone loves Communist Party and Funkalicious, but can you beat them? We know you can! New classics, for the win (literally).

Our wildly good-looking and charismatic Production team will be picking the lucky 8. Woo 'em.