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The Tee That Turned Into A Comic

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Joe Carr is a multiprinted Threadless dude. And now he's gone beyond the call of du-tee and created art inspired by his tee design. He decided to create the backstory behind his Full Throttle Select tee through one of his favorite mediums - a comic. And now he's being even extra awesome and sharing the end product with you all!

But we'll let him tell the story:

"I made the shirt design first and it's an illustration with roots in comic book art. Specifically, silver age cosmic comics. Pioneered by masters like Jack Kirby and John Buscema, I love the period and the drama and emotion and energy it invokes.

In all my illustrations, there are hints that a greater story is playing out. I like to tell stories with art, so with my Select I decided to take it a step further and give Threadless a little more of the story. I wanted to give a little window into who the character on the shirt was.

The short comic is paced and limited, it's in a foreign alien language because words are not necessary to understand it. A completely alien world and situation but the drama that plays out is universal. This is what (Jack) Kirby taught me, I once read that he would draw and pen entire issues without a script - then (Stan) Lee would follow up and write words to fit the scenes. The words would be redundant.

The story is of an alien fighter, going about his daily routine. Interacting and working like we all do. The reader is given little bits of the alien's life, the whole scenario begins to develop when the alarm sets off sending the whole dramatic sequence into action. I do have the rest of the play in my head and maybe I will draw it out, but I just wanted to leave it at the scene of the alien defenders heading into battle with an unbelievable foe... I felt like we pretty much have enough information about the shirt's character at that point. He is a defender, a father and husband, a good man who puts his life on the line for his planet along with his fellows... his pals."

So, to get your hands on his comic, check out the readable pdf. And if you wanna make the physical version, then print this file first. Next, flip the pages you printed back into the paper feeder and print this file. Staple along the spine, fold, and you've got Joe's "Full Throttle" comic book! Awesome stuff, dude.

See the rest of Joe's awesome stuff at

December's Bestee Revealed!

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Congratulations to Emmy Cicierega, whose awesome "all over" design It's Toile About You has taken the December Bestee of the Month award: $2500, Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium, a feature on, AND this awesome medal!!!

Plus it's now eligible for 2009's massive $20,000 Bestee Of The Year award to be presented next month... You can vote on this NOW!

We'll be voting for January's Bestee Of The Month next week!

Cool Teacher. Cool School.

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Creekwood Middle School in Kingwood, Texas is awesome. Why? They’re holding a fundraiser for the Haiti relief effort and will be including the “Many Hands Make the Load Lighter” tee as part of their fundraiser! Hooray!

They’ve purchased a whooping 750 tees, which means they’re donating a full $7,500 to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund. So awesome! Here’s the story, as told to us by the very rad 7th grade Texas History teacher Amanda Frederick:

“Our superintendent challenged the entire school district to raise at least one dollar per student in the district (about 35,000). Each school came up with their own idea on how to raise the money and help out the Red Cross.

I receive Threadless emails and as soon as I saw the “Many Hands” tee, I knew it would be a great way to help out. We got all the approval needed and ordered the shirts. We will sell the shirts at our three lunches as well as to parents and the community. In the end, we will have donated at least 7,500 dollars to the American Red Cross and even more awareness will be raised for the issues in Haiti… Our school is very involved in service learning and this is just one way we're able to help others and learn about what's going on in the world.”

If you live anywhere near Kingwood, TX (we’re looking at you, Houston!), be sure to stop by the school and pick up your tee for Haiti. And if you'd like to help or do something similar in your community, just shoot an email to!

It's Time For The Bestee Of The Year Awards!

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The Bestee buzz has begun! The Bestee Awards honor your favorite creative minds within the Threadless community, and you have a hand in choosing the biggest winner. You've got a week (starting now thru February 14th) to vote for your favorite design of the year aka the People's Choice award. The lucky designer that wins gets $20,000 in cashola! Vote now!

We'll announce the winners for all of the other Bestee of the Year categories on March 8. In addition to our annual awards, we've a new category: Scorer of the Year. This category rewards the Threadless community member with highest correlation between scores and prints (so maybe we should call it Psychic of the Year?).

Here's the awesome and overwhelming category and prize breakdown:

      o People's Choice: $20K prize (holy moley!) plus a free trip to the annual Threadless meetup
      o Designer of the Year: $10K prize, plus a free trip to the annual Threadless meetup
      o Unprinted Designer of the Year: $1K prize (in addition to getting one of their designs printed, they'll get the standard Threadless award of $2500 value)
      o Blogger of the Year: $1K prize, plus the honor of choosing an unprinted designer to get printed, and a free trip to the annual Threadless meetup
      o Newcomer of the Year: $1K prize
      o Kids Design of the Year: $1K prize
      o Slogan of the Year: $1K prize (this doesn't include Twitter Tees)
      o Collaboration of the Year: $1K prize
      o Scorer of the Year: $1K prize
      o Plus, a bunch of honorary Bestee Awards to be  announced

Loves Throwback Chosen Design!

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Congratulations Keith on having The Hills Are Alive chosen by Threadless and Mountain Dew Throwback to be the chosen design for the Loves Throwback challenge!

We decided that it captured exactly the spirit that theme & challenge called for! Keith is now working with Mountain Dew on a special design for them and of course getting hopped up on a year's worth of soda! Congrats!

A New Design Challenge! Loves Toms One Day Without Shoes!

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Hey everybody! TOMS Shoes is having their annual “One Day Without Shoes” on April 8, 2010. The event is a tangible way to make a statement for the millions of children who go shoeless everyday. (Some of us may also go barefoot on April 8th, and you should too!) To spread the word about this important cause, we’re joining up the way we know best: a design challenge!

Your challenge is to design a tee based on the theme: It’s hard without shoes.

There are tons of ways to express the importance of shoes. You have until Feb 21 to take this theme and run with it (virtually of course). If chosen, your awesome tee will be promoted in conjunction with the event. And if that wasn’t enough, TOMS is throwing in 12 months of free shoes and an opportunity to design an official TOMS tee!

Help us bring attention to this great cause with a great design!