Threadless Artist Olly Moss Speaks At Offset 2012

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Olly Moss has 25 Threadless designs! He’s a great example of someone who’s artistic style “grew up” thanks to the comments and input of the Threadless community.

Check out his talk at Offset 2012, a creative festival in Dublin, about his past and current projects, his perspective on different types of art mediums, and his view on the value of a good concept. Congrats on your success, Olly!

Olly Moss - OFFSET2012 from OFFSET on Vimeo.

Check out his Threadless designs.


Threadspotting: Key & Peele Edition!

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By now, many of you are familiar with the sketch comedy show Key & Peele on Comedy Central. Whether you’ve seen a couple sketches on Youtube, caught the commercial during one of your favorite shows, or seen “like every episode EVAR,” you should know that there are Threadless tees lurking in some of those sketches! It appears as though Jordan Peele has quite the collection of Threadless tees, and he’s not afraid to show it!

Here’s Jordan Peele wearing HOT CHICKS ON WOLVES by Dick Firestorm and Aled Lewis:

Jordan Peele wearing HOT CHICKS ON WOLVES

In the hilarious dubstep skit, Peele can be seen wearing Surface to Air by Niel Quisaba:

Jordan Peele wearing "Surface to Air"

Have you seen any other Threadless tees in Key & Peele sketches? Email us at and let us know which designs and in which sketches so we can laugh our butts off while we admire a Threadless tee in all of its glory!

Whatcha Gonna Wear For The End Of The World?

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According to the Mayans, the end of the world is upon us! How are you preparing for Friday? Most importantly, what are you gonna wear?

Post a photo with the Threadless tee you’re going to wear for your last day on Earth with the hashtag #threadmageddon.

If we survive 12/21/12, we’ll award 3 winners with Threadless survival packs for the next end of the world: one to each of our favorite photos on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

threadless survival kit: backpack water bottle (24oz) Threadless hat one pair of Threadless socks Threadless tee of your choice

Get dressed, trouble’s a comin’.

Our Favorite Holiday Movies!

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What’s your favorite holiday movie? Here are a few Threadstaff faves.

A Christmas Story “It’s a CLASSIC!!! ... and it isn't Christmas without watching it at least once per year.” - Laura Cathcart

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation "Remember that part where the cat gets fried from gnawing on a strand of Christmas lights? That's why. Also, when their great aunt does the Pledge of Allegiance at grace? That's why, too." - Kyle Geib

image White Christmas “I typically hate every musical with burning fires of a thousand suns, but for some reason this one does it for me. The down-on-his-luck General and the soldiers help him out. It's great all around.” - Billy Carlson

image Die Hard “I've just always loved this movie. Maybe it's weird to have it as my favorite holiday movie, but BACK OFF! WHO ASKED YOU?! I love you.” - Tristan Hammond

“"Best viewed with the John McClane Cocktail: 1.5 oz Everclear 1.5 oz Stroh Set on fire and taken as a shot. Yippee ki yay, MF'er." - Grant Ferguson

image Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas “It has puppets, it was done by Jim Henson, it has a great message, and the music is great. I still have our original VHS copy and I still cry whenever I hear "When the River Meets the Sea." It struck a chord with me since we grew up rather poor, and it talks about the true meaning of Christmas. And how can you not love a movie that has animals in jugbands and a band called The Riverbottom Nightmare Band?” - Sarah Roach

image The Hebrew Hammer “Adam Goldberg AND Andy Dick? Nuff said.” -Christian Picciolini

image The Muppet Christmas Carol “I watch it every year with my family! This movie is like a roller coaster of emotions. You will laugh, cry, hate Scrooge, love Scrooge... it really toys with your feelings. I know all the words and songs by heart. I don't think anyone else in my family actually enjoys this tradition.” - Leah Fagan

image Home Alone “Best viewed anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Actually, that is the only time you can watch it. Outside of that time frame is illegal in my book. Also, thanks to this movie I know how to booby trap my home against burglars.” - Betsy Mikel

image Love Actually “Best viewed Friday night eating Thai with the fireplace going and a glass of Pinot Noir, Christmas tree lights on, a holiday scented candle burning, and snow falling outside.” - Marcella Barcenas

Post your favorites below!

Join Us Dec. 19th For A Threadless E-Chat With Phil Tseng And Jared Stumpenhorst

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Join us Wednesday, December 19th at 7:30 pm CST for another Threadless E-Chat*! This time, we’ll get to speak with Phil Tseng and Jared Stumpenhorst.

Phil Tseng hails from sunny San Diego, California. He currently works at Sony Online Entertainment making art for video games and freelances at night. He has been printed at Threadless 19 times. Phil's favorite cheesy date is, "A nice little romantic picnic at a park or beach. Maybe fly a kite and eat an ice cream cone." Look out, ladies! Check out Phil’s work.

Jared Stumpenhorst, born and raised in Illinois, and resides in Rochelle. He works at a dry food manufacturing company, and in his spare time, creates personal artwork. He has been printed at Threadless six times total, including four solo efforts, one collaboration and one Select. Jared says he doesn't have an ideal cheesy date, but did say, "My first date with my wife Amanda was the ideal date! I'm not going to go into that whole story though! Awwwww! Yeah, yeah. ;)" (A bit of trivia: Jared and Amanda met through Threadless!) Check out Jared’s work.

Get your questions ready and check back to this blog about 10 minutes before the chat to get the link.

Only Phil and Jared will be broadcasting. Please chat and ask questions via text, not video. Thanks!

*Threadless E-Chat is an an online panel discussion founded by kick butt Threadless Ambassador Priscilla Wilson. Priscilla invites notable designers to community chats to share their experiences, answer questions, and have fun with the community. Bloggers, artists, and Threadfans get to virtually hang with some of Threadless’ most admired alumni.

Community Appreciation Jubilation! Update: We Did It!

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WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Got to say this guys, we are impressed. With the activity lull over a few days with the holidays, we weren't sure you'd pull this off...BUT you did it! With an hour to go!!!

In the next week or so, everyone that participated in the Jubilation will get an email confirmation asking you size. Then, once the tees are produced, you'll get an email with the code.

AND, to ring in the new year, here's one last video!


Congrats to MohamedHidhir, yacedvargas, kwince, uoytraehi, ORNUMMARK, Basolian, MacPPC, skatie0569 & Vlend! You've each won a Threadless pillow!

To celebrate the Threadless community reaching 1.8 million points, Craig had a pillow fight with...himself.


Congrats to Khaosbroms, messing, may_arch, Smelsert, sillywitch13, cicamica, Red pearl, rasmhd. You've each won a Threadless tea towel!

For this goal celebration, enjoy Threadstaff tech dudes Nathan, Jamie & John compete in a cookie eating competition using a tea towel in whatever way they wish.


Congrats to stinknamazing, mattroxart, seatale, if-i-ran-the-zoo, alllifeinfate, sampoli29 & jennycx007! You've all won Threadless scout books.

Because you reached this goal, our awesome and newest designer Jillian designed this flip book just for you, using a Threadless Scout book.


You heard right, folks, we're doubling all the points! You guys have been working so hard and having fun, we had to reward you somehow. But, you still have to reach that goal! So, not only should you be participating, get your friends on it too! Now is the perfect time to get new Threadfans on the bandwagon because if you reach that goal by NYE, EVERYBODY GETS A TEE.

Comment on a thread:

4 points

, Score a design:

4 points

, Start a Thread:

6 points

, Submit a Design:

10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats to erwin sutjiadi, tatyana.skripnikova, radiostaticstar, Dontpush, kakerawitch & rossmat8! You all scored a pair of Threadless socks.

As promised, here's a tutorial of the 6-step by Alex.


Congrats to parallelish, Shiaba, Lindsorz, gschandy & kerb23! You've each won a nylon tote!

As promised, here’s a Threadstaff sandwich making competition using a nylon tote full of ingredients. (Please note Craig's self-made "sandwich making competition" soundtrack.)


Congrats to Chickadee1999, anderdog, caboose789 & Techisbomb! You've each won one of the very last available 2013 Threadless calendars!

As promised, enjoy this video of DJ Gary using pages from the Threadless calendar to tell the fortunes of the Threadstaff.


Congrats to zero2last182, giada.jojo & marktherealest. You're each getting a Threadless Book!

As promised, here’s a video of Jake reading the book outloud to the Threadstaff by the fire. Visit to join the party!


Congrats to random participants taz-pie and jthomps92. You are both getting one of the canvas totes we used in the competition.

As promised, here's Threadstaffers Danny, Christian, Kyle & Dane competing to see who can hold up 10 lbs of rocks in a canvas tote for the longest.


Congrats to random participator Miguel Sierra! You won a hoody gift code!

And as promised, here is a video of Threadstaffers showing holiday spirit by playing in a zip hoody orchestra.


Threadfans, you sure are the bee’s knees. Let us celebrate you in the most Threadlessy way we know how, by doing dumb stuff.

From now until Dec. 31, we’ll track your community involvement as a whole and for each new goal you meet, we’ll reward you with prizes and videos! To participate you can score designs, start threads, post comments and of course, submit designs. We’ll tally the numbers, and keep track inside this thread. Check back in this blog for updates from now until New Year’s Eve for an end goal of 2013000 points to ring in 2013.

If you meet the overall goal of 2,013,000 points, every single person who participates between 12/17-12/31 will get a coupon code for a free limited edition, exclusive tee with their next order! You'll automatically be recorded after you participate.


point values:
submit a design: 5 points
score a design: 2 points
start a thread: 3 points
make a comment: 2 points

GOAL ONE: 200,000 pts **(REACHED!)**

When you reach this goal, we’ll randomly pick one participant to get a zip hoody of their choice AND we’ll post a video of Threadstaffers showing holiday spirit by playing in a zip hoody orchestra.

GOAL TWO: 400,000 pts **(REACHED!)**

When you reach this goal, we'll randomly pick TWO participants to get a Threadless canvas tote AND we'll post a video of the Threadstaffers competing to see who can hold up 10 lbs of rocks in a canvas tote for the longest.

GOAL THREE: 600,000 pts **(REACHED!)**

When you reach this goal, we'll randomly pick THREE participants to get a Threadless Book AND we'll post a video of Jake reading the book outloud to the Threadstaff by the fire.

GOAL FOUR: 800,000 pts **(REACHED!)**

When you reach this goal, we'll randomly pick FOUR participants to get a Threadless 2013 calendar AND we'll post a video of DJ Gary reading the Threadstaff's fortunes using the calendar.

GOAL FIVE: 1 million pts **(REACHED!)**

When you reach this goal, we'll randomly choose FIVE participants to win a Threadless nylon tote AND we'll post a video of the Threadstaff sandwich making competition.

GOAL SIX: 1,200,000 pts **(REACHED!)**

When you reach this goal, we'll randomly pick SIX participants to win Threadless socks and Alex will give you a breakdance tutorial of the 6 Step as Betsy and Nikki learn along with you.

GOAL SEVEN: 1,400,000 pts **(REACHED)**

When you reach this goal, we'll randomly pick SEVEN participants to win Threadless notebooks we'll post a video of a flip book Jillian made with Threadless notebooks.

GOAL EIGHT: 1,600,000 pts **(REACHED)**

When you reach this goal, we'll post a video of Threadstaff tech dudes Nathan, Jamie & John competing in a cookie eating competition using a tea towel in whatever way they wish.

GOAL NINE: 1,800,000 pts**(REACHED)**

When you reach this goal, we'll post a video of Craig having a pillow fight with....himself and nine random participants will get a Threadless pillow.

GOAL TEN: 2,013,000 pts **REACHED**

When you reach this goal, every participant gets a code for the free exclusive tee AND we'll post a video a Threadless dog talk show!

Go on and get started by scoring, posting,, commenting, and submitting!

Here's a sneak peak of the exclusive tee :)

Win A Chance To Have Your Art Displayed In The Threadless Retail Store!

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Help us make the Threadless retail store in Chicago even awesomer! We’ve got a space with your name on it. Or at least it COULD have your name on it, if you awesome design is chosen.

There’s a space right smack in the front of the store just crying art for some art. Your challenge is to create something perfectly original for that space. It will be the first thing customers see when they enter and the last thing they see when they leave.

The winning designer will get $300 Threadless cash and their art will be up in the store for at least three months with the designer’s bio printed below.


The dimensions of the space are 78.6”x51”. To submit, post your art in the comments below in proportional dimensions but smaller so we can all see your submission a reasonable size for our computer screens. You don’t need to place the art into the example photo, just post the image itself.

As for printing restrictions, we’ll choose how best to represent the design (printing, graffiti art, etc.) once we pick the winner. For now, just make some great.

Go on and get started! You have until Sunday, Dec. 30 at midnight CT.

12 Ways To Play On Threadless This 12/12/12.

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It’s 12/12/12! Let’s do stuff in 12s all day! While drinking 12 cups of coffee this morning, we made you a list of 12 ways to have fun on Threadless today.

1) Keep up on all things Threadless by reading the latest issue of Threaddies.

2) Enter to win your favorite submission in the running.

3) Kick back and watch some Tee V Don’t forget to share your favorite vid with a friend.

4) Score Foster The People designs. The chosen design will support Foster The Future!

5) Create a tee for the Meetup bloggeraiser. Who knows, you might be the lucky duck that wins a trip here for the 2013 Family Reunion!

6) Help make someone’s design even better. Your comments and critiques could help them get printed.

7) Collaborate on an Iron Man design. $5,000 is up for grabs!

8) Get some tips from printed artist, Rafael Pereira.

9) Share your favorite WWF design with the world!

10) Geek out.

11) Make up your very own band. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t require any musical talent.)

12) Follow us on Tumblr!

Got another set of 12 things for people to enjoy today? Post below.

Win Your Favorite Design Submission In The Running!

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We’ve just rolled out a new fun feature for design scorers! As you’re scoring, if you see a submission you absolutely can’t live without, enter to win it. If it gets printed, we’ll pull a name and it might just be you. Just enter your email in the field on the bottom left of the submission. Good luck!


Score 100 Arcade Fire Submissions For Your Chance At A Signed Lp!

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Congrats to @dandingeroz, Tshirtfun3, DM783, kevfbrown & pointy teeth! You've each won a signed LP! (Check your email.)

Hundreds of subs are in for the Arcade Fire challenge. Help us decide which design should win and support Partners in Health.

Score 100 Arcade Fire designs and 5 randomly chosen lucky ducks will get an Arcade Fire vinyl LP signed by the band!

Start scorin'.

Score Bow Truss Designs And You Could Win Lots And Lots Of Caffeine.

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Congrats to our grand prize winner for this challenge, MissMJ and to our 4 additional winners Wolfgang8885, jstruan, sheriffstocky & LBRTO1. Check your email!

Score 100 Bow Truss Threadless Specialty Blend coffee bag designs by 12/11 and you could be randomly chosen to win a year's supply of Bow Truss coffee and a $100 Amazon gift card!

4 additional randomly chosen people who score 100 designs will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. 5 winners, y'all.

Thanks to Roastar, the custom coffee bag printer, for providing the Amazon gift cards!

Now, get scorin'!

Create A T-Shirt Design Inspired By Marvel's Iron Man

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Billionaire industrialist Tony Stark has created some of the world’s most powerful weapons, and the mightiest of all just might be himself. As metal clad super hero Iron Man, Stark becomes the world’s greatest fighting machine, conquering evil at every turn.

Your challenge is to design a t-shirt inspired by Marvel’s Iron Man.

Whether he’s doing battle with foes like Whiplash and Doctor Doom or running Stark Industries with the help of his trusty secretary Pepper Potts, Iron Man’s life is never dull. So harness your creative superpowers to design a t-shirt with Pow! Bang! Pop! Your design could bring you closer to Tony Stark-like riches.

Head to the challenge page to get started.