365 Days Of Awesome!

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Day 365: 365 Days of Awesome!

First, just want to say thanks to everyone that checked out this account and followed along the entire 365 days. It was a fun ride.

I thought long and hard of a way to end this with a big bang. I had a few solid ideas but in the end I thought ending it simple was the way to go. After all, this is not the end of this account. It won't continue on as a daily post for 365 days but more of a behind the scenes account as things happen naturally. With this new format there could be multiple posts on a day or none at all. It all depends on the content. Speaking of content, we would love to get community contributions. If you have something you'd love to share drop us an email, send us flickr mail or if we stumble upon something we adore from you we'll be in touch.

Also, of note. When I was looking back at everything last night I noticed I missed a day! If you can find it in the photostream there's $25 gift code in it for you.


1000% Cotton

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The price of cotton continues to be on an upward spiral of craziness. Cotton is scarce, and thus more expensive. Thus, more price increases for us and you. We're bummed to have to do this again, but there is good news! 1. We're making it as affordable as we can for you, by raising our tee price to just barely cover the cost of this increase 2. We're keeping some of our simpler designed, one color tees at $18, weeee!

Thanks for sticking with us through this, and we'll do all we can to keep them cotton tees a'comin!

There is a cotton war happening, people. We're not make some grand, hyperbolic, highfalutin, sky-is-falling statement. This is for real! See, it's on the Internet from real news source the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/03/business/03cotton.html?_r=1&emc=eta1

The price of cotton is rising (the highest since Civil War Reconstruction, apparently!), and it just so happens that Threadless is made of cotton. Or, our clothing is. Which means the prices of our t-shirts and hoodies are going up right along with cotton prices. It's a bummer, but we just thought we'd letcha know.

New tees will be $20. We're hoping you still support the artists and folks within this amazing community despite the realities of...well, reality.

Make A January Mix For The Threadless Warehouse

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We love music in the warehouse here at Threadless and we want our community involved. This time we are going to use the theme of "Space Adventure." Make us a mix of songs that are inspired by space and adventure. Just to make it more interesting and not so obvious... Dave Bowie "Space Oddity" is not allowed. Here's an example:

Please tag your mix with Threadless!

Use the awesome site 8tracks.com

Upload your mix of 8 tracks and submit the link in a comment on this blog. The warehouse crew will vote on their fave mix of the month and that person will win a $50 Gift Certificate and 8tracks will send the winner an 8tracks tee shirt!

To keep things fair and simple we will only listen to the first mix submitted and only 8 tracks of the mix.

We have a wide variety of taste but first and foremost we like to keep it fun.


Stock, Stock, Goose!

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In addition to our big changes to the shopping section, we’re making one small change and removing the Stock Chart from the nav.

You probably have one these reactions, so continue Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style:

What’s Stock Chart? Yeah, that’s pretty much the point - it wasn’t being used much. (If you like stats: only 0.3% of visits in the past month included /stockchart) But to answer your question, Stock Chart was designed to let you to see all in-stock designs by size and the relative quantities available. At this point Stock Chart is starting to show it’s age, and now you can do most of that (and more) in the catalog, and it more sense to focus our efforts there.

But I love/need Stock Chart!? That’s cool. The page isn’t going away. You’ll still be able to get to the page at threadless.com/stockchart directly, just not through the nav. Think of it as our special secret stock club. Oooh, maybe members could get a fez! Tho I guess that’s not exactly a secret hat. We’ll have to figure out the hats, but in the mean time Keep Calm and Carry On!