Identify These Christmas Elves For A Reward

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$1000 reward to the first person who can accurately identify either of the two men shown here. Reward is subject to a positive verification by Threadless.

EDIT! New Rules!

If you are the person who identifies these individuals, the reward is $1000.

If you are the person who told that person about this search, you get $500.

If you are the person who told the person who told that person about this search, you get $250.

And so on... $125, $50, $50. So spread the word! (We're going up to the second $50 reward... 5 levels deep) The rewards still stand even if you can identify only one of the people.

The taller man is about 6'1" and the shorter man is about 5'3"

Please email serious leads to

Bart Van De Vel's Insectoid

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We’ve got a lot of devoted designers within the Threadless community. Some people submit many times over, in hopes of getting a printing.

In honor of all the folks who devote time, energy, brainpower, and heart to creating amazing designs, we’re printing the tee “Insectoid.” It’s an incredible design, but the story behind it is even more incredible. It started when we received this touching email from a friend of the designer of “Insectoid,” Tim Muller:

Last week Bart/Harpo25 a very close friend of mine and big contributor of Threadless unexpectedly passed away…

Bart was a very active contributor to Threadless and has submitted more than a 100 designs, which you can see here. (He) sometimes collaborated with member Frickinawesome. None of his designs however gathered enough votes to be printed.

A group of friends are now gathering all of Bart's drawings and sketches, to create a website ( and book in memory of him…

We’re a big fan of Bart’s work and we chose to print “Insectoid,” as it was the last design Bart submitted to Threadless. The money normally given to the artist for printing will go to Bart’s family to pay for funeral costs. We thank Bart for being such a devoted fan and such a talented member of this community.

Insectoid! - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

October's Bestee Revealed! Now Vote For November!

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Congratulations to Aled Lewis, whose horror-rific design The Horde has taken the October Bestee of the Month award: $2500, Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium, a feature on, AND this awesome medal!!!

Plus it's now eligible for the end of the year's massive $20,000 Bestee Of The Year award!

It's now time to vote for your favorite tees of NOVEMBER! Most votes wins Bestee of the Month! The polls are open until 10 am cst on December 21, 2009, so get the word out and VOTE HERE!

Elf Boxes With Gift Codes! Coming To Your City?

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Nick the Threadless Elf is on the move! He'll be placing elf boxes in 5 different cities (worldwide!) this week - one city per day. Each elf box is equipped with a $25 gift code. Stay tuned right here to find out the city and location or get the heads up from our Twitter feed!

Happy hunting!

ELF TRACKER: Friday 12/18 (part 2) = Boston!

*4th Boston Elf Box! - Johnny Cupcakes store on 279 Newbury Street... Near the front steps is a flower-pot type thing, you just have to reach inside and grab it.

*3rd Boston Elf Box! - Faneuil Hall! Next to Larry Bird's Bronzed Shoes! (Right outside of Urban Outfitters) Picture!

*2nd Boston Elf Box! - FROG POND STATUES in the Boston Commons (Beacon St) by the ice rink! Picture!

*1st Boston Elf Box! - Barnes N Nobles in Prudential Center (800 Boylston Street) - On top of the TEES book by Maki! Picture!

ELF TRACKER: Friday 12/18 = New York!

*4th NYC Elf Box! - Brooklyn Bridge - Located at the beginning of the tower anchorage on the Brooklyn side of the bridge.

*3rd NYC Elf Box! - Welcome to Brooklyn Sign - Camden Plaza West and Prospect St. Right next to the stairs that go up to the Brooklyn Bridge. Located in the Welcome to Brooklyn Sign.

*2nd NYC Elf Box! - High Line - Near 20th St and 10th Ave. Take the 20th St stairway to the High Line Elevated Park. Nick is sitting in the plant directly in front of the bridge you step down from the stairway entrance.

*1st NYC Elf Box! - Pulitzer Fountain in Manhattan - 5th Ave and 59th Street sandwiched between the Plaza Hotel, Central Park, FAO Schwartz and the Apple Store. Nick is in the front tree of the fountain.

ELF TRACKER: Thursday, 12/17 = Sydney

*4th Sydney Elf Box! - The box is on Gymea Train Station. Nick decided despite the bad weather today to take a trip to Cronulla beaches!

*3rd Sydney Elf Box! - Nick accidentally dropped a box when he was walking towards the ferries! The box is hidden near Circular Quay train station!

*2nd Sydney Elf Box! - Behind a chair in Town Hall Station, Town hall station has so many platforms! Choose wisely!

*1st Sydney Elf Box! - Behind stairs that are no longer used on the top level of the Queen Victoria Building in Town Hall in the CBD. 455 George St. Sydney!

ELF TRACKER: Wednesday, 12/16 = Toronto

*4th Toronto Elf Box! - Above Ground Art Supplies – 74 McCaul Street - Taped to the blue sign. Picture!

*3rd Toronto Elf Box! - Nathan Philips Square Skating Rink Information Booth (Open 9-5 Mon-Fri) - 100 Queen Street West – Taped to the inside of the booth window! They know you're coming! Picture!

*2nd Toronto Elf Box! - MORBA – 665 Queen Street West (Bathurst & Queen) Ask for assistance! LOL Seriously. They know you are coming. You break it you buy it! & $25 GC won’t cover it. Picture!

*1st Toronto Elf Box! - Sonic Boom Record Store - 512 Bloor Street West Picture!

ELF TRACKER: Tuesday, 12/15 = Portland, OR!

*4th (and final) Portland Elf Box! - Inside Powells Books (Largest bookstore in the US) - Tucked behind a copy of DIY: Design It Yourself edited by Ellen Lupton! Picture!

*3rd Portland Elf Box! - Taped up in the beams of the Gazebo on the corner of SE 31st and Hawthorne. Picture!

  • 2nd Portland Elf Box! - On the corner of SW 10th and Market - stuck behind the sign in the picture.

  • 1st Portland Elf Box! - Portland International Rose Garden. The box is under the path that goes through the metal fountain sculpture in the picture.

ELF TRACKER: Monday, 12/14 = Chicago!

*2nd Chicago Elf Box! Buckingham Fountain! CLAIMED!

*3rd Chicago Elf Box! 3011 N Broadway!

*Last Chicago Elf Box! Hamlin park! Damen and Barry!

Quick Nick - Now With The Coupons?!

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Quick Nick

Our new temp Nick continues to cause mayhem around here. Saturday night while we were all partying hearty at the local ten pin lanes, he tricked Tom our CEO into giving up the secret coupon master code. Wile E. Elf!

Now he's created some coupon codes that he's threatening to post in various places today while everyone else sleeps it off. The catch is, he only knows how to create codes that last for a few minutes.

One thing to note: Nick doesn't know when he'll get caught and have the master code shut down. And he can't really help if some coupons might be better than others.

FINAL UPDATE: Nick is done for the day. Heard him say something on the way out about packing his bags. He's a pain in the arse but hope we're not losing him to Santa at the last minute... Stay tuned.

Winebocon Is On!

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It's finally happening! Threadless is hosting its inaugural West Coast meet-up in California this February.

Daytime action includes all the wine you can sample and some kickass presentations from artists you love (plus Mimi!).

After hours we'll be painting San Luis Obispo red (or white, or rosé)

Do us a solid and RSVP at the link below (so we can reserve you a spot on the WINEBOCON bus!)


Threadless Loves Innovation Design Announced!

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The CEA, in conjunction with Threadless, is proud to present David Fleck's "Innovation Revolution" as the chosen design for our Loves Revolution challenge! Check out the design here:

See CEA's press release here! Congratulations to David and have fun in Vegas! This tee will be available here on December 28!

Quick Nick = One Tee / $5 / 24 Hours!

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$5 Quick Nick

Our new temp, Nick seems to be getting into a whole ton of mischief here at Threadless. He has located the switch that makes a tee $5! It then takes us exactly 60 minutes to figure out how to turn it back to full price! (Makes total sense, right?)

Stay tuned right here to this blog, as we’ll be updating everyone on when this is happening. That way, you’ll know to (not) purchase during those times. Thank you!

Elfalicious - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

ELFALICIOUS is only $5 for the next 24 hours!