Announcing Bestee Categories!

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The following is a list of the 25 categories in which we will awarding Bestees for the year 2007!

* $10,000 BESTEE *

Design of the Year: The best overall printed design in 2007.

Designer of the Year: The best overall printed designer of 2007.

Most Printed Designer of the Year: Designer with the most prints in 2007.

People's Choice: The overall favorite printed design of 2007, as chosen by YOU! Voting to take place in the next few weeks!

Groundbreaking Design of the Year: The most original and innovative design of 2007.

* $7,000 BESTEE *

Collaboration of the Year: The best overall collaborative effort chosen for print in 2007.

* $5,000 BESTEE *

Newcomer of the Year: The best designer first chosen for print in 2007.

Independent Blog Contest of the Year: The best community run contest of 2007.

Best Use of Critique: The most effective and constructive use of the Critique section in a design chosen for print in 2007.

Select of the Year: The overall best Threadless Select design of 2007.

Kid Friendly Design of the Year: The overall best kid friendly design of 2007.

Best Unprinted Designer: The overall best as-yet-unprinted designer with submissions in 2007. Design will be chosen for print!

* $1,000 BESTEE *

Gallery Photo of the Year: The overall best gallery photo submitted in 2007.

Dedicated Blogger of the Year: The most loyal and devoted blogger on the Threadless Forum in 2007.

Best 12 Club Tee: The overall best design chosen as a Threadless 12 Club Tee in 2007.

Loves Design of the Year: The overall best and on-theme design chosen as part of a Loves promotion.

Design Title of the Year: The overall best title for a printed design in 2007.

Best Use of Multiple Colors: The overall best use of multiple colors for a printed design in 2007.

Best Use of One Color: The overall best use of one color in a printed design.

Best Submission Presentation: The overall best presentation of a design submission in 2007.

Most Controversial Design of the Year: The overall most controversial design based on community reaction chosen for print in 2007.

Best Technical Design: The overall best design chosen for print in 2007 showcasing technical achievement.

Slogan of the Year: The overall best slogan chosen for print in 2007.

Best Concept for Design: The overall best concept for a design chosen for print in 2007.

Best Abstract Design: The overall best abstract design chosen for print in 2007.

...and don't forget about the 10 honorary Bestee trophies!

More information on when the winners will be announced and the overall Bestee process coming soon...

Have a safe and super new year's everybody from your friends at Threadless!

Discogs Loves Threadless!

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As you probably know, we love our music here at Threadless with a passion. And we can be pretty obsessive about it as well. Not as obsessive as our friends at Discogs, though! Since 2000, they've been compiling and cataloging an extensive database of music and now it's thought to be the most extensive resource for discographies and album information. The past, present, and future of music have always played special roles in the inspiration of Threadless designs so it seems only natural...

Take the theme of "Music: Past, Present, Future" and create the most amazing, rocking, rolling, never-before-seen tee design! Grab our attention and make our ears bleed! Submissions will be accepted up until January 20th. Hit the right notes and you could be the proud owner of some awesome audio gear!

Rock out with your pen tool out!

Omg!! Final Day Of The Sale!

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It's the last day of the sale!! This is your last chance to get some great goodies for you and your friends/family for the holidays! Well, at least for c-h-e-a-p!!


In celebration of the last day of the sale, post your best "OMG!!!" image. The best one (as chosen by the staff) gets a little present!

We'll begin...

WE HAVE CHOSEN OUR FAVORITE OMG! It's Lunchboxbrain's depiction of Craig & Festa Claus that nabbed him a limited Threadless holiday shirt and knit hat. Ho ho hO M G!

Threadspotting (12/17): What Makes Us Happy?

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Attention all! You can send your sightings in via email to and include a picture! Every week, we'll pick three to highlight and send you some sweet street team points. You know all of this already though, don't you?


I won't count this as one, but really we should give ourselves street team points for this. It's DJ Mark Almaria sporting Cyclope at a recent gig. Do they call DJ sets gigs? Heck if we know... but we do know that he has a slew of Threadless-wearin pics at his page! He is the man.


Both Adam & some unnamed source gave us word that Airgyle found its way onto The Today Show! Thanks to Michaela for wearin' it in the interviews!!

Genevra tipped us off to this pic on College Humor. It's McLovin! And possibly cooler is the guy wearing Et Cetera next to him! Not sure how cool the pose is, though. Can't vouch for the guy in the middle either.

And lastly, do you know what makes you happy? For these friends (and for kristen, spotter) it's hanging out in Threadless tees... with titles containing the word "angry."

Expect your STP's in the morning! Would that make you happy?

Ho-Ho-Holiday Sale Extended Through Wednesday!!

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OK, true story...

Last night Santa calls Craig. For real! He's all, "Dude, you guys gotta help me out!" Apparently an elf had miscounted the number of nice-listers, and they've come up extremely short on presents! He asked us to help him save Christmas and keep Earth's favorite tees on sale for a little while longer so he could buy enough presents for everyone. It's the truth we tell ya!! Anyway, who are we to say no to the Big Man? So, Craig told him we'd do it, but warned Santa that everyone would also have access to tees for as little as ten bucks through Wednesday! It's a holiday miracle! All tees are STILL on sale from $10!! Get 'em before Santa does!!

Threadless Holiday Sale Wrap-Up!!

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Greetings to you, our fine-and-dandy population of Threadless peoples!

We're heading into the home stretch of the Threadless Holiday Sale! In fact... it's going to be over before you know it!! To help make your last-minute holiday shopping a little easier, we changed up the homepage to suite your gift buying needs. From now until Sunday, simply start with choosing a size and off you go!! It's like a magical flying carpet ride of fine-jersey-purchasing mayhem!


Threadless Loves Revolution!

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Well well well, we've hinted at this before and now, with the help of ladrones and the entire Threadless community (aka you) it's finally a glorious reality! Introducing the very first community-driven LOVES challenge...

Head over to the LOVES page, check out the rules and get subbin'! We'll be accepting submissions up until January 31, 2008! Not only have we amped up the cash goodies for this challenge, we're also including a wholesome barrelful of community donated items for the Grand Jury Selection! Head over to ladrones' original blog for a constantly updated booty list.

We plan on hosting many many more of these user-generated design challenges so let us know your ideas!!

It's a revolution, baby!

Good Magazine Loves Threadless!

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If there's one thing all designers have in common, it is this: Big Ideas. Heck, all artists have that in common as well... Wait. Scratch all that. We ALL have big ideas. And it's our big ideas that make the world laugh, smile, cry, and ultimately go round and round. Big ideas are exciting, inspiring, and...

Good! We're teaming up with the swell folks at Good Magazine to bring you Good Loves Threadless and in celebration of their 8th issue, themed "Big Ideas," we bring you this design challenge with the same theme. Let "Big Ideas" inspire you to create something amazing. Your selected design may just nab you an awesome Paul Frank Cruiser bike and a host of other sweet goodies! Submissions will be accepted from December 15 - January 15 so hey...

...what's the big idea?

Threadspotting (12/10): Rocket! I'M Takin' A Rocket!

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Hey, everybody! As you probably know by now, you can send in your Threadless sightings to! We'll choose 3 to spotlight every week and give out some Street Team Points! Handy during the sale, huh? Come on, let's go!!!


Heyo! Alfmaster sent us this pic of Rocket Summer's guitarist sporting the ever popular Living In Harmony zip up in their video for "Do You Feel." Awesome catch! Dare we say, the coolest shirt to come out of that there piano.


Here's Ajay Fry, host of YTV's Crunch, a new Saturday morning show, wearing Mmmh Delicious! Thanks to Jenny for sending this in. Good to see Threadless making its way onto kids programming. Now if we could only get Flowers In The Attic on a Smurf, we'd be really rocking.


Who is more deserving of Street Team points than a Threadlesser representing in a photo published in a newspaper!? It's like the friggin definition of street team. Rene sent us this pic of herself wearing Rock Out With Your Cock Out from the society pages of Look At OKC, an Oklahoma City paper. Lookin' good!

Thanks everyone and keep those sightings coming in!

Introducing The Threadless Hoodsie!

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Did we say a Hoodsie, you ask? Oh, yeah - we sure did! Well, what the heck is it, you ask? We'll tell ya!! The whole idea came about when we asked our printers to order some hooded onesies to print on. We just assumed that it was something that existed! When they came back scratching their heads, we decided to scour the internet in search of what we were looking for. It became obvious that a hooded onesie didn't exist except in the form of winter-wear or costumes.

The next step was pure logic... make it ourselves! And so the "Hoodsie" was born... the most amazingly adorable garment you could ever put on your baby! The Threadless Hoodsie is soft as can be, made of the salme 100% cotton fine-interlock jersey material that our Kids' tees are made out of.

Today marks the launch of our first 5 designs on Hoodsies... check 'em out!

Sing Along With Threadless, Part 4!

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Ah, the final week of the Threadless glorious holiday sale brings a heartwarming duet featuring the vocal stylings of our very own Kristen & Grant! Feel free to download the mp3, snuggle up with your sweetheart, gaze into each others eyes and sweetly sing...

Let's settle in, if it keeps snowin', let's stay inside, get a fire goin'. and go online.

Let's cozy up, to the laptop, pour me a cup, from the teapot.

Cause we like tea, when buying tees, we shop from home, so we don't freeze.

Mmmm. Delicious. Like a piping hot thermos of hot chocolate! Enjoy the last week of the sale, everybody!

Think Faest! Now With Threadless!

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We are proud to announce the launch of Faesthetic #7. If you've seen a copy of Faesthetic in person, you know it's filled with some of the best art & creativity from around the world. Issue #7 has 80 artists, including several Threadless regulars, and unlike other art books, Faesthetic is AD FREE. Issue #7 is the first issue of Faesthetic to include 2 colors, and the theme is DOOMSDAY. The art is mind-blowing, and for the price we think it's one of the best deals on the planet.

Faesthetic is curated and edited by Dustin Hostetler (or upso) in Toledo, Ohio but starting with this new issue, Faesthetic is produced and distributed in Chicago by Threadless! We are excited about this new partnership, and are sure you'll agree Faesthetic & Threadless are a match made in heaven. Make sure to check out the new issue, and take a look at the awesome exclusive T design by the world famous painter, Tim Biskup. The T comes with a copy of the magazine, or you can buy the magazine separately. Either way, it's a win-win.

If you're in Chicago, swing by the store to check it out in person! It rules!

Learn more about Faesthetic here...

Bestees Update And Announcements!

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Woohoo! I think we're all ready for a much-anticipated update on the annual Threadless Awards aka The Bestees, huh?

The 27 categories will be announced in all of their glory on Monday, December 31!

As mentioned in the previous newspost, we'll be awarding $100,000 in cash and it breaks down as follows: Five $10,000 prizes. Seven $5,000 prizes. Fifteen $1,000 prizes. We're also going to be awarding ten extra "honorary" Bestees! All of the winners will be receiving the incredible Bestee The Elephant trophy!

Get ready to roll out that red carpet!

Threadspotting (12/03): It's Happy Hour Again!

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Hopefully you know by now that you can get Street Team Points by sending your Threadless sightings (with pictures) to! We'll choose 3 every week to showcase in these Threadspotting blogs and then you'll get the stp's. Simple as that! Hope everyone is enjoying the sale! Here goes this week's happy 3.


April sent this pic of Paul Heaton (of The Housemartins and The Beautiful South) wearing Communist Party while recording his newest solo album! How she was granted such top secret access is anybody's guess. Remember that 80's song "Happy Hour?" What a jumpy little number (and video)!


Check it out! Christian sent this shot of Brian Walak sporting Loch Ness Imposter on the Martha Stewart show... while making his wedding cake! Amazing stuff. You both get points for that, in coolness as well as street-teamyness.


And lastly on this busy Monday, we bring you this guy... wearing No Arms McSneakers. It's from the website Kinetic Form, found by Rose. She describes the site as containing "a huge amount of photographs shown from young fashionable feting people." See, you don't have to be famous to make it here. You just have to be young and fashionable and feting!

And with that I say GOODNIGHT!

Preview The Threadless Custom Tee! On Sale Now!

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It's been a long time coming, Threadless friends, and now we are ready to begin the unveling of...

Custom Threadless Brand Tees!!!

Over the past 7 years, we have taken to heart your comments, compliments, and complaints to help create our very own custom Threadless brand tee. We're very proud of it! And we're very proud of you for helping us design it. All of the new tees are Threadless custom cut 100% ring spun combed cotton. Please refer to the new custom tee dimensions on our sizechart to see some of the changes!

Home Is Where The Heart Is, released today, is the first Threadless brand tee to be sold on our site. Over the next few weeks, we'll be introducing more and more designs on this new and exciting tee and eventually we'll be using them exclusively! So give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

Love, Your friends at

Sing Along With Threadless, Part 3!

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This week we're rocking around the Threadless Tree. What a jolly old scamp! As always, we encourage you to download the mp3 of "Oh Threadless Tree", learn it, love it, and permanently add it to your holiday carol stockpile. Guaranteed it's the only one that features the word "online." And a one and a two and a three...

Oh Threadless Tree, We will tinsel thee, and gather all the presents underneath, caroling so very merrily.

Oh Threadless Tree, full of Threadless tees, online for all the world to see, Santa won't you bring a tee for me?

Take that star and hang it high, So Rudolph knows where to fly!

Make sure and listen for Charlie's cameo! Woohoo!