Tribeca Film Festival Loves Threadless!

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You may want to strap yourself into your desk chairs for this one, ladies and gents. Take a few deep breaths, have a glass of water at the ready... maybe some smelling salts and a friend to agree not to read ahead. If you have a medic alert bracelet, set it to autostart. Pacemaker wearers proceed with caution. Hit 9 and then 1 on the phone just to cut down your emergency response by two thirds... because... we're SENDING YOU TO NEW YORK!

Hello 2007 and hello a new chapter in Loves-mania! The kind folks at the Tribeca Film Festival have hooked us up with the mother of all prizes for this one. Not only will you and a guest be flown round trip to NYC, you'll also have a 5-night stay in Tribeca and 2 "Hudson" passes to exclusive screenings, panel discussions, the music lounge.... the works!

All you gotta do is design a winning shirt using the theme of "Passion Through Storytelling." So storytellers, get telling! Finish your holiday dinner early, excuse yourself from the table, sneak over to the desktop and design yourself a winner!

See you in NYC!

Santa In The Attic On Ebay For Charity!

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Hello everybody!

The holidays are approaching. Heck, they're pretty much here already. And as you know it is a time of good cheer, friends, family, and most importantly, giving.

Our good friend, J. Robbins, needs your help. He has been in many influential bands (Government Issue, Jawbox, Burning Airlines) and is presently a self-employed recording engineer, putting his stamp on many many important indie albums, not to mention some relatively unimportant ones by my previous bands, Braid & Hey Mercedes.

In August, his 10-month old son, Callum, was diagosed with Type 1 SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). It is a brutal disease that affects the brain's ability to communicate with the voluntary muscles that are used for activities such as crawling, walking, head and neck control, breathing, and swallowing. It is usually fatal.

There may be some hope — even if only for a better quality of life — in alternative routes and therapies. These, of course, are not covered by health insurance. And this is where all of us come in.

I've put on Ebay all of our exclusive "Santa in the Attic" shirts that were distributed at our holiday party. They are VERY limited and will never be printed again. Unfortunately we only have 5 mens smalls, 2 girly smalls, 5 girly mediums, and 3 girly larges. All proceeds will go directly to Cal.

They are all here!

If you'd like to read the whole story and donate, please click on the link below! Every little bit will help.

Also, Motion City Soundtrack is releasing a limited holiday shirt & poster to benefit Callum, so check that out here!

Thanks again for reading, everybody! Have a great holiday.

xxoo bob

Threadless 365 Finalists! Second Batch!

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Threadlessbot3000 has spoken! And the second batch of finalists are...





pc from tilberg





james from denver

Woohoo! Stay tuned tomorrow afternoon! We'll be posting a video revealing the two winners!!

And to all... a goodnight!

Surprise! More Threadless 365 Finalists!

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Thank you Shimala Claus! Thank you Threadlessbot 3000! Thank you Jakes! Thank you Threadless!!!

We've decided to give ol Threadlessbot 3000 another whirl and pick 10 more finalists!!

We are now giving away TWO GRAND PRIZES! SURPRISE!

Shimala Claus will randomly pick a winner from the first set of finalists and then a winner from the second set of finalists!!

Who are the second ten finalists?! We'll soon find out, won't we?

Threadless 365 Finalists!!!

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The following 10 people have been chosen by Threadlessbot 3000 to be finalists in the most insane contest ever!!!!

Deep breaths everybody. Here we go...



MeLa de Gypsie








Congratulations everybody! Stay tuned to the newsline because tomorrow we'll be announcing the winner in a video featuring the one and only Shimala Claus!!!

Thanks everyone for taking part! See you tomorrow...

A Little Update On The &Quot;Tagged&Quot; Design

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Hey guys, so this design turned into quite the little problem! The original designer had traced the design from a photograph and just didn't think about the ramifications, nor did she notify us that she had done so. We have since spoken with her, she has apologized profusely, refused the prize money and has acted very professionally about the whole situation.

We have spoken with the real designers and are currently negotiating a way for us to continue selling the design but with them credited as the designers. It looks promising.

We have already changed the byline for the design to reference the original designers, miso and ghostpatrol.

Thanks for listening!

Carry on!

Update: We've reached an agreement

You Too Can Win Fabulous Prizes From Threadless!

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Someone must have slipped a little something something into our egg nog because we are practically (and quite literally) GIVING STUFF AWAY! To ensure your head doesn't explode from all of the following info, we've broken it down into 5 sections:

01 - Holiday Party! 02 - No Pattern Giveaway! 03 - Lupe Fiasco Giveaway! 04 - Nettwerk Holiday Giftbag Giveaway! 05 - 365 News!

Proceed with caution, friends...


We have a winner for the Threadless Holiday Party contest! Wow, who knew such lovely voices were hidden behind the word-heavy profiles of our users? But the hands down winner was...

Tom Burns!

His profanity-laden Cypress Hill / beatbox carol had the place in stitches. We can only hope he performs it at the party. We plan on posting it up for everyone to see but first we need to knock it down to at least a PG-13 rating. Craig aka Shimala Claus is working on that now!


The following 10 users will soon be enjoying a signed copy of Chuck Anderson's No Pattern book:

pezza132 phasma rendition8 whirzle1 rubyslippers3200 Lead Ninja m32446 Killachika alfstorm Mr. Pistachio Nut

Congratulations, everybody! Check out for more details on how you, too, can pick one of these sexy puppies up.


Kick, push, coast to your mailbox to get your limited edition skate deck, poster, & signed CD:


The lucky winners of signed CDs & posters are:

Kikiroki sickballoons mistermagoodo RythemBandit

I really feel like Santa Claus now. Or at least the head elf. Hey, wait, I'm not that short. Then again Shimala Claus towers high above us all...


The holiday gift bag of signed CD's and posters that has to be seen to be believed. The following 5 people will be seeing a large box heading to their homes soon... filled with hoilday joy from our friends at Nettwerk:

Agaillon Leumy robynrocks squirmy cheekychu

Best gift ever! Or is it...


Without a doubt, the most wonderfully insane contest Threadless has ever created! But... unless you're Tiny Tim or George Bailey, why does only one person get to revel in such riches? We're not all Scrooges here. So let us explain...

The contest ends with the sale: Thursday December 14 at 11:00 am CST. Later that afternoon, we'll pick 10 lucky finalists and announce them here on the blogs! Then on Friday, we'll wrap 10 presents under our tree and randomly assign a finalist to each. And then we sick Shimala Claus on the gifts and VIDEOTAPE it! The first 9 gifts he picks will win dandy consolation prizes and the last one left will win the MOTHERLOAD. 550+ shirts. All next year. On us.

Aren't you just shaking with excitement? Us too!

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you! This is going to be good.

On The Thirtieth Day...

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On The Thirtieth Day of the Holiday Sale, Threadless gave to me...


To make sure everyone has a chance to get in on the $10 action, our early gift to you is an extension of the sale until Thursday, December 14 at 11 am CST! Ho ho ho!! There you go!!

And even though we've released tomorrow's shirts a day early, that doesn't mean we're leaving you empty-handed for Day 30. Stay tuned as we'll be announcing giveaway winners for Lupe Fiasco, No Pattern, and the gargantuan Nettwerk holiday bag!

And then of course on Friday, someone wins the mother of all Threadless giveaways!

Yep, that settles it. This is the most wonderful time of the year.

Giveaways! Winners And Announcements. Lol.

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We got winners. And for all of you non-winners, we've got more opportunities to win win win! Up up and away!

Congratulations to: Mullane rwentworth krygiel alcina2008

Our white hot super computer has chosen the four of you (from over 13,000 entries) to receive a shiny new Pop 5 board game from the makers of Cranium. Just in time for the holidays. Can you say "fun at a family party?" Can you?

AND NOW, DRUMROLL PLEASE... (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....)

Hell yes! We're giving away a signed BECK poster for the incredible new record, The Information. And no, we have no puppets to flaunt, but we DO have an adorable little 1gb Robo Mimobot courtesy of Mimoco that we'd like to give to you! A limited edition of 500. Click it! Click it! Click it!

And if that wasn't enough to wet your whistle...

Whatever, Stephen, we love The Decemberists around these parts! And so, in addition to their super Loves contest, we're also giving away 4 signed vinyl / cd packs of The Crane Wife. All you have to do is click away, mateys.

Many contests to be announced! Many winners to be announced! It could very well be you next time.

Who Wants To Come To Our Holiday Party?!

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It's a little known fact that Threadless has the best Holiday parties ever. In fact, there's a possibility that the whole reason religion exists is so that we can throw the biggest, funnest, rediculousest party of all time. If Jesus was alive today, he'd wanna come. Unfortunately, because he's not an employee - he wouldn't make it in.


...we were thinking it would be really cool if we let a few of our customers come and party down with us. DO YOU THINK THAT WOULD BE REALLY COOL?! WE KNOW YOU DO!!!

Because we have limited space, we're only going to be inviting TWO PEOPLE from the Threadless community who can each bring one friend! How do you get the invite you ask? DUH! A HO-HO-HOLY MOTHER-EFFING HOLIDAY CONTEST!

The Contest 1. This contest runs from right now until Friday, December 8th. The winner will be announced on Monday, December 11th.

  1. Take a short video (60 seconds or less) of you singing any holiday carol/song. Anything you want, your choice. Oh, but it has to be acapella.

  2. You must be wearing a Threadless tee in your video!

  3. Please send only in MPEG, AVI or WMV format.

  4. Your video must be under 2mb.

  5. Email your video to craigs [at] skinnycorp [dot] com

The Rules 1. You must be 21 or over, because there will be booze. Lots and lots of booze.

  1. You must live in Chicago or be able to get to Chicago on your own. We are not providing transportation or overnight accomodations of any kind.

  2. Please don't enter unless you really can come. We'd hate to have someone win and then not show up!

The Party Well, we're not going to disclose any particular information to avoid you party crashers! However, we can tell you it's on Friday December 15th from 9pm until 1:30am. We can also tell you that it's in Downtown Chicago. The whole Threadless crew will be there, people we love, and even a few celebs mixed in! If you win, you'll get all the information of where it is!

Well? Are you in or are you in? Start singing those scales, because the best video wins!

Regarding The Sale Of Threadless Shirts On The Blogs...

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Hi Everyone!

It has come to our attention that some shady business has been going down on the blogs. The result of this shady business is that people have been getting in contact with us, asking us to resolve it. Because we can't be responsible for what other people are selling on the blogs, we're now enforcing a rule that if anyone posts a blog about personally selling Threadless tees, it will be deleted without warning. If you have Threadless tees to sell, you should use Ebay, Craigslist or a good old fashioned thrift store!

It bums us out that people would take advantage of other people in our community. If there's anything like this going on from now on, please bring it to our attention.

Thanks y'all.