Support Wwf By Creating A Design About Protecting Our Planet's Habitats And Species

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WWF does more than protect cute cuddly pandas, fuzzy arctic polar bears, and other endangered species. As the world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works to inspire all of us to protect and restore the places where we live and rely on for our resources. That could mean taking shorter showers to conserve water, buying locally produced foods to reduce our carbon footprint, or joining a campaign for renewable energy to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

And now you can help support WWF’s global conservation efforts by creating a design about both the little and big things we can do to look after our natural world. Design a t-shirt to show us what you find most inspiring about the Earth’s habitats and species and why we should all help them to thrive. You should not use any logos in your design.

The winning design will be printed on 100% certified organic cotton with water-based sustainable inks and dyes. 25% of the sale from the winning tee will be donated to WWF.

The winning design will get $1000 cash, a $250 Threadless gift code, a Canon EOS 7D digital SLR camera + lens (EF-S 17-85USM) and this giant WWF Panda Plush (100 cm - 39,5") from Mimex.


Submit your design now!

Update: Check Out The Design In Times Square! : Introducing Sony Soundtrack Winner, Jay Fleck!

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UPDATE: An animation of Jay's design is now live in Times Square! Post photos below if you happen to be in NYC!

Congrats to Jay Fleck! His design Soundtrack to a Peaceful Night was chosen as the Sony Soundtrack winner! Along with $5,000 cash, Sony X Headphones, and concert tickets, he also won the opportunity to have his design displayed right smack in the center of Times Square for a week starting Dec. 3. Way to go Jay!


We picked Jay’s brain about his design inspiration and musical style.

How does your design represent your musical style?

I think a good song can transport you somewhere. Maybe somewhere fun and happy- a rhythm that makes you want to dance or a catchy melody that you can't resist singing along to. Or maybe somewhere calm and introspective, which is what I envisioned with my design. A hot air balloon floating above mountains in a moonlit sky. It makes me think of the last song you might listen to before turning in after a night out with friends, or maybe something playing while sitting around a campfire.

What are some of your favorite songs? Any special memories associated with them?

I have favorite songs of the week or month but I'm always moving on to something new or different. So while it's really tough to pick overall favorites, off the top of my head I might say "Do You Realize" by the Flaming Lips, "Lost Cause" by Beck, “Nightswimming” by REM. Many of my favorite songs are marked with a certain sincerity and emotion. I find something in the lyrics or melody that I can relate to and apply to my life or how I'm feeling at the moment. And that's true of these three songs (and many, many others that I love).

What role does music play in your life?

Music is huge in my life, especially when it comes to design. If I'm working on something for Threadless, or just experimenting or looking around for inspiration, 90% of the time I have music playing. Music is what makes me productive.

What song are you going to listen to first on your new headphones?

I've been listening to Tame Impala recently. I think "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" off the new album would be perfect.

Nice chattin’ with ya Jay! Everybody else, pick up his tee now.

Party With Us In Paris On Friday!

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Hey French friends, we’re comin’ to visit!

We are so excited to be a part of Minecraft’s Minecon this year at Disneyland, Paris! It’s a hopelessly romantic and nerdy dream for us. Rachel, Jess, and Craig have been walking around with their passports for days.

We’re throwin’ a little shindig before the big shindig gets started. Come share some laughs and a few cocktails with us at Belushi’s in Paris. The drinks are on us but please bring some laughs to share. (The kitchen will be open for your orders!)

We’ll reveal 5 of the brand new Threadless + Minecraft designs and you’ll be able to celebrate with the winners in person!

There’s a limited amount of space so make sure to RSVP. (Or, as our French pals might say Respondez S’il Vous Plaît!)

Pick Up Andreas Wikstrom’S Tee To Support The Climate Reality Project

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The Price We Pay by Andreas Wikstrom took the grand prize in the Dirty Weather design challenge. image

25% of the sale from this tee will go towards The Climate Reality Project to inform more people about the climate crisis and inspire change.

As part of the prizing, Andreas flew from Sweden to New York for the live 24 Hours of Reality broadcast on November 14-15, 2012 where Al Gore signed a print of his design.


Here’s a news segment that ran about the design.

Grab yours now.

Tell Us Which Spider-Man Battles Are The Best By Scoring Designs. 8 Of You Win $25 Threadless Gift Codes!

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Congrats to squintygirl, xave, johnbailey22, kusherl, mitchhenson, JonesTheJones, analia zanassi & jordenwise. You scored the codes! (Check your email)

Peter Parker’s photography skills have nothin’ on Threadless artists’ artistic talent!

With all these awesome Spider-Man designs, how will we ever choose a winner? As the scared citizens of a Villain invaded New York City would say, “We need your help!”

Score at least 80 Spider-Man designs and we’ll give $25 gift codes to 8 random scorers. Why 8? Because a spider has 8 legs of course!

Are you ready? Save the day!

Create An Awesome Holiday And You Could Win A Brand New Threadless 2013 Daily Calendar.

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Have you guys checked out the new Threadless Daily Calendars?* Almost every day has a different weird, cool or strange holiday. Tell a Fairy Tale Day, World Water Day & Look Up at the Sky Day are just three** celebrated in the calendar with a corresponding Threadless design.

So we were thinkin’, if you could dream up any holiday, what would it be?

Submit your made-up holiday in the comments below before 11/20. Our 10 favorites will win Threadless Daily Calendars!

The more info on your holiday the better. Images, GIFs & holiday songs are all encouraged!


**They also happen to be the 3 holidays represented on the product page preview. I didn’t feel like getting up and going to Ross’ desk to look up more. But I promise, there are tons, and they are awesome.

Repin Your Favorite Sock Pair For The Chance To Win Them!

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Have your socks been knocked off by the appearance of Threadless socks? Well, here’s your chance to cover up your recently unclothed footsies.

Repin your favorite pair of the new socks and you’ll be entered to win that pair! We’ll be giving away 8 pairs of socks to 8 lucky pairs of feet.

Hoof it on over to the Threadless socks Pinterest board and repin your favorite pair before Nov. 22.

Design A T-Shirt Inspired By The Music Of Arcade Fire.

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Since Arcade Fire's 2004 Funeral debut, their music has earned commercial and critical acclaim including the 2011 Grammy for Album of the Year.

Even as popular as they have become, it’s still not easy to describe Arcade Fire’s music in a few words. So, we want you to describe it with your design!

Think about what makes Arcade Fire who they are and design the perfect tee for fans everywhere.

What's more, 25% of sales from the winning design will go to Partners In Health - The international organization devoted to bringing high quality health care to the world's poorest in Haiti and 10 countries around the globe.

Submit now!

Help Tony Moore Kickstart A Cincinnati Comic Convention

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When Tony Moore* asks us to hang out for a weekend and chat about comics in Cincinnati, you better believe we start packin’ the sticker van faster than you can say, “Ohio.” Wanna come with?

Tony & and some other amazing comic folks have joined forces to raise funds for a Cincinatti comic convention, the likes of which Ohio has never seen.

Ben Templesmith, Jill Thompson, and Claudio Sanchez are just three of many amazing folks who we’ll get to hang with in Cincy for a one of a kind comic event. If you want to jump on the awesome train and help make Tony’s wish a reality, contribute to the kickstarter!

And while we’re on the subject of Tony Moore and awesome, don’t forget to check back Wednesday for the reveal of Tony Moore’s tee that will complete the 7th volume of Comics-On Tees.

*creator of The Walking Dead (as if you didn’t know)

Create A Design For Bow Truss Coffee Threadless Specialty Blend Bags.

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Coffee is so hot right now. And not the drive-through kind that tastes like hot water infused with dirty socks. We’re talking about quality cups of coffee that start with a small farmer who puts as much care into harvesting his bean crop as a barista puts into preparing the perfect pour-over. The kind of coffee that infuses way-too-early mornings and all nighters with tasty deliciousness (and caffeine).

In Chicago, Bow Truss Coffee Roasters recently opened it roasting and coffeeshop doors with the mission to serve classy coffee to cool people. This challenge is your chance to see your artwork on bags of the Threadless Specialty Blend, a heavier body coffee blend originating from Colombia and Mexico with notes of cherry, dark chocolate, and peach.

Bow Truss will serve the Threadless Specialty Blend at their Chicago coffeehouse and add it to the lineup of coffee blends available for sale worldwide on their site. There are no color restrictions on your design. Your can create a design for the entire bag, but keep in mind a sticker goes on the front. So download the template, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and get started!

Check Out This Awesome Threadless Design Inspired Halloween Costume!

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You guys never cease to amaze us with your creativity, spirit, and ingenuity. It’s not only the original designs you submit, but how you continue to build on each other’s ideas and make them fresh again.

Check out Reddit user Freakmo’s amazing Halloween costume interpretation of Marion Cromb’s design Zombie At Tiffany’s. Wowza! We were terrified, blown away, and impressed all at the same time.


To see more photos and her creation process, visit her photo collection. Amazing work, Freakmo.

If you wore a Halloween costume based on a Threadless design or know someone who did, we’d love to see photos! Post links and photos in this thread.

Dogs Of Threadless: Bandit

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Meet Bandit, one of our most regular office dogs at HQ and part-time model. Bandit can be found trotting behind photography coordinator Nikki aka showerclean. He frequently vacations on the second floor where video dude Collin aka robotboot works. For further updates, follow BanditDawg on Facebook and #BanditDawg on instagram.


What department do you work in? Photography/Video. You would never know it but I am kinda camera shy.

What do you like most about Threadless? Everyone here is my family and so I get non-stop petting and cuddling an average of 7 hours a day.

What is your proudest accomplishment? I am very good at standing on random things like a cat. I am particularly good at sitting on Threadstaffer�s desks and keeping them company while they work. I can win the heart of anyone in under 3 seconds. Also one time I barked at lightning and I think I scared it a little.



What hobbies or tricks do you have? Hug your leg (it is my trick so you will pet me) Grow a sweet stache paw, sit, stand, roll over Bark real loud Grow sweet dreads Trick you into petting me for hours

What was your life like before Threadless? I use to just hang out at beaches, surf, and smoke cigars.


Help Us Pick The Next Design Challenge!

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Do you have a theme or product you’re dying to see everyone design for? Cats? Horses? Tree scarves? Tell us your idea and we’ll reward you with fame and fortune. By fame and fortune we mean we’ll announce your name in your very own blog post and give you a $300 Threadless gift code.

Here’s whatcha gotta do: In the comments, write your theme in bold then a sentence or two of copy for the challenge to make sure we get the gist. Your challenge can be to design around a particular theme or to design for a brand new product.

Example numero uno: Create a design about cats! Cats are the Earth’s cutest and most respected animal. Create a design that show your love (or hate) for those slightly snobbish felines.

Example numero dos: Create a design for footy pajamas Create a design that perfectly matches the warm fuzzy feeling you get just by slipping your toes into a new pair of PJs.

You have until Tuesday, November 13 at 10 am CT to submit your ideas!

Heads Up: Threadless + Control Collabed To Create Four New Awesome T-Shirt Designs!

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We’ve released a brand new collection featuring Japanese company, Design Graniph’s iconic Control Bear.

Graniph’s Control Bear is an art project with a twist of black humor. It features a cute, innocent teddy bear taking off his own head. The unusual message is meant to convey that you have control over everything you do, no matter what other people expect you to do.

That messaging fits in pretty darn well with Threadless, so we took Control Bear and Threadless-ized him using 4 classic Threadless designs! The results blew our heads off.

The Threadless + Gap Vote Bright Designs Are In Stores Now!

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Presidential Election day is just on the horizon for US folks. Just in time, we're happy to announce the winners from the Threadless + Gap Vote Bright design challenge that you helped choose with your votes.

Congrats to Budi Satria Kwan for scoring $5,000 for submitting the winning women's design, "Love Unites."


Congrats to Jeremy Bingham for scoring $5,000 for submitting the winning men's design, "Peace Revolution."


Also chosen for print from this challenge are two more awesome designs.

"Peace Sign" by Didier Gerardin


"Exercise Your Right" by Katie Campbell


Nice job, artists! Pick up these tees at select Gap stores. And to all our American Threadfans, don't forget to get your Vote Bright tee before election day so you can vote in style!