Threadless + Blik, Now A Whole Lot Especial-Er

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We're happy to announce the launch of Threadless Especial, a new line from Threadless + Blik! What makes Especial so special? Blik is now using full color printing methods, which means even more designs can be made into Blik wall graphics. Check out the 3 released today! Blik is gonna release new Especial prints every 6-8 weeks, so keep checkin' Blik for the latest designs!

Don't forgot to visit the Blik + Threadless voting booth!

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Facebook Fandemonium! Unleashed!

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Hello! We're psyched to unveil 2 weeks of madcap Facebook Fandemonium starting RIGHT NOW! For every 250 Facebookers that fan up between now and 11/20, we will be doing something awesome!

Check out the Facebook Fan-o-Meter here!

Once a benchmark is hit, a new fun response is revealed! We already hit one and revealed one! There are many many more to come... and we need your help. Trust us, you're gonna want to see this stuff! The benefits reach far beyond Facebook's walls!

How can you help?

  1. Head over to the Fandemonium page and click "share this"

2.Head over to the page and click "suggest to friends"

  1. Tweet about it! Blog about it! Spread the word! As much as we love gaining fans, we REALLY love doing awesome stuff for everyone...

Thanks a million from YOUR fans at!

A New Design Challenge! Travel Part Two!

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It’s time for another vacation, don’t you think? In 2008, we sent a talented Threadless designer to Iceland! This year, in collaboration with STA Travel, we want to send someone on an amazing 11 day excursion to Australia!!! Ladies and gentlemen, start your computers, put on some travelin’ tunes, and let your imagination run far and wild because….

Your challenge is to design a tee based on the concept of travel!

Not only do you have a chance to partake in arguably the biggest, most exciting Loves windfall yet (thanks to STA Travel) but you’ll also be traveling in style & comfort with your new Osprey bag and dope Skullcandy headphones. That’s right. We said dope. We can’t help it! We’re super excited to see what you come up with! You have until December 2!

Ready, set, GO!