Threadspotting (11/26): Reality Shows (And Another Kitten)!

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Did you know that you can get Street Team Points by sending your Threadless sightings (with pictures) to We'll choose 3 every week to showcase in these Threadspotting blogs and then you'll get the stp's. Simple as that! Hope everyone is enjoying the sale! Here goes...


Planetary Status showed up on Beauty & The Geek during the tryout montage! Here is user Phampants talking about the audition. I'll hook him up with some points and also Sheree who tipped me off!


Get Some Fresh Air on episode 36 of Canada's "Rich Bride, Poor Bride." Know nothing about this show but the tagline is "It's I do but at what cost?" so you can make your own assumptions. Thanks Kim for the heads up!


Ah, cute overload, kittens, .... aliens, dinosaurs, vampires, & zombies courtesy of This is How The World Ends. Leslie sent us in the right direction for this kitty pouch carrier! Nice comments in there as well...

See you next Monday and keep spotting!!!

Sing Along With Threadless, Part 2!

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This week's carol is a guys vs. gals duel-a-thon with Shimala Claus as jolly moderator! Grab some hot chocolate, download the mp3, and sing along!

Let's build a snowgirl, let's build a snowguy, Let's make some cookies, let's bake a pie, Let's build a fire, let's go outside, hop in the sleigh and let's go for a ride. La la la la, la la la la.

Let's go get coffee, let's trim the tree, Let's see a movie, let's watch tv, Let's go to Threadless, hey we agree, $10 tees for the whole family! La la la la, la la la la.

Threadspotting (11/19): Threadless Confessional

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Heyo! Hope everyone is enjoying the awesome sale and that crazy song! Expect more fun fun fun to come.

Someone sent me a picture of John Ralston sporting Threadless and it reminded me about this pic that Craig snapped a few weeks ago...


Hey, i know that guy in the middle!


Firstly, I have to give props to my friends in Suburban Legends. Emily sent over this pic of Victor wearing Fake Pandas Have More Fun. They recently had an awful thing happen to them on tour. Someone stole their van AND trailer with all of their equipment and clothes! That sucks. You can read the whole story at their website AND how you can help.


Here's John Ralston sporting Infinity MPG while on tour with Dashboard Confessional. Thanks Marjorie for the heads up. Check out his website for upcoming tour dates and go see him! It's great stuffs.


Jess found this image at GU Comics! Amazing! Ol boy on the left is "wearing" Cow Puzzle. Pretty great that we're showing up in comics! Can you find anymore?

You all get STP's! STP's for all!!!

Cranium / Wow Loves Threadless!

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From a simple idea—giving everyone the chance to shine—a phenomenon was born. The original Cranium game came rolling into our worlds merging hilarious gameplay and artistic challenges. Now it's your turn to take a simple idea and make it into an awesome design!

Wow! What comes to mind? For the Cranium folks, it's their new (first-ever) designer board game with colorful and customizable new movers inspired by the urban vinyl designer toy movement! Be the chosen one and get a signed game, a full set of movers, Cranium swag, and the big bad granddaddy of them all: a limited run 6" vinyl WOW mover sculpture signed by Cranium co-founders Richard Tait and Whit Alexander. Valued at $1000! Say what?

Say wow!

The Secret Handshake Loves Threadless!

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“I wrote some songs cause I love her/And played some shows in the suburbs/It was the middle of summer in Texas.”

It may be set to a drum machine and singing synthesizer, but the lyrics quoted above sum up the music of The Secret Handshake better than any biography ever could. Now if only we could sum up the track "Midnight Movie" in an awesome tee design. Hmmm...

Woohoo! Take your love for love, your love for tees, and your love for midnight movies, shake it around in that big noggin' of yours and come up with an amazing design! You could nab yourself an impressive movie package, complete with camcorder, dvd player, and even candy & popcorn for your viewers!!

Watch it!

A Threadless Carol! $10 Holiday Sale! It Begins...

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Ho Ho Holy crap! It's that time of the year again! Time for the yearly Threadless Holiday sale with tees starting at $10! This year, we plan on impressing the dickens out of you with A Threadless Carol featuring designs from our past (resurrected classic designs from the days of old), our present (reprinted favorites), and our future (the brand spanking new soon-to-be classics of tomorrow)! Expect a new batch each of the following three Mondays!

We'll also be featuring an original carol every week as sung by our very talented staff!! This week's ditty is called "Happy Friggin' Holidays." Feel free to download the mp3 and sing along with the lyrics below!

Download: Happy Friggin' Holidays (mp3)

Hey hey hey, happy friggin' holidays, Put your mittens and your earmuffs on. Ho ho ho, make an angel in the snow, And skate upon the frozen pond.

Making sure we do not freeze, Don we now our awesome Threadless tees (and hoodies)!

Fa-la-la-la-lay, fat Santa's on the way, Let's gather round the tree to say, Happy friggin' holidays!

Happy holidays from your friends at Threadless!!

Mashup Paintings Now For Sale Online!

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Remember this?

Well, the mashup paintings are now for sale...

Check them out here

Every week Joe paints 3 new 48 inch by 36 inch paintings to go in our store's window. 2 weeks after they do their cycle at the store they will go up for sale online for $250 each. They will also be available to purchase from the store so if you reeeeealy want one make sure you get to the store and buy it there!


Threadspotting (11/12): Turkalicious!

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Firstly, yes, you'll all get some points for your cat pictures on the last Threadspotting blog provided the pic has both a threadless shirt and a (real) cat!!


Secondly, everyone and their grandmother emailed me about Funkalicious in the newest episode of Scrubs! If you sent over a pic, you'll get some points! I'm like king stp this fine Monday. How was the episode? Heard it was better than most lately. On with the show!


Rose emailed us about November issue of Blond Magazine, a German publication, website here! This pic is from the section where they feature portraits of interesting people and Kalle, 28, "musiker," looks pretty darn interesting in King Me Mask. Says Kalle (in his caption), "Ich habe ihn noch nie besiegt weil er einfach viel, viel hinterlistiger ist, als ich es bin." Anyone?


Elado sent us this pic from November's Game Informer magazine. The guy in the pic that is not Tony Hawk is sporting one of my personal faves, Decay. He's also rocking out in the bottom right pic as well! I'd tell you his name but look, he's hiding his name tag! Don't be shy!


Lastly, Chris sent us this image from an episode of London Ink! Apparently the person sporting Sexy Pack is a rocket scientist! Awesome!

Do you have a Threadless tattoo? Does someone you know have a Threadless tattoo? Post some pix in the comments and get some stp's, ok? Personally, I've always wanted to get Motovino across my back. It's just so darn classy.

Threadspotting (11/05): Threadless Loves Kittens

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Hey everybody! Just a reminder that the email to send your sightings to is: Keep em coming! These street team points have your name all over em...

How bout this... in honor of the title of today's Threadspotting, I'll give street team points to people who post comments with pictures of cats/kittens and Threadless shirts. Lol.)


Ross told me about this little goodie in Beirut's video for "In The Mausoleum" from The Flying Cup Club. It's I Listen To Bands...! Do you listen to Beirut? I also see it was posted in a blog here so i'll give that person the stp's.


I have to mention the hilarious Dan Bialek! He's been sporting Threadless onstage, on his blog, and in his DotComedy shows! And as of right now, he's the top comedian on myspace! Wow. Thanks Jessica for the tip and the pic of Dan in We're Not Savages.


Thanks for the tip, Megan. Mayday Parade is sporting These Trees Stand Tall in the August issue of Alternative Press. They're pretty friggin great AND they're on tour so you should go check em out! Hey didn't i see a Threadless shirt in this month's AP...

The winner of the costume comment contest was Vamoosh. Gotta love Double Dare! See above for an extra chance to win stp's, ok! Meow.

Chuck Anderson (Nopattern) Gallery Show @ Threadless Store In Chicago!

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The Work of Chuck Anderson @ The Gallery at the Threadless Store November 9th - 23rd, 2007 Opening party on November 9th from 7pm-9pm

For our first show in our new Threadless store Chicago gallery, we are featuring the work of Chuck Anderson (aka Nopattern) Chuck is a 22 year old designer and illustrator based in Illinois. His clients include Adidas, Mountain Dew, Nokia, Rolling Stone Magazine and Sony. Chuck was also one of the first artists to do a Threadless Select shirt!

For his first solo show in Chicago, Chuck is showing both a collection of brand new original work, as well as a sampling of past commercial works. Chuck will be on hand for the opening celebration, and an exclusive reprint (in new colors) of his Select shirt will be available during the length of the show.

This show will mark the first in a series of shows in the Threadless store Gallery, showcasing the amazing work of artists we have worked with over the years.

Announcing New Inks And Print Methods For Artists To Use In Their Designs!

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When we started Threadless back in 2000, designs were printed using fairly basic screen printing methods. With the launch of our Select line in 2006, we began to encourage artists to explore new inks and printing techniques allowing them more creative involvement during production. We decided to end the separation between regular Threadless tees and Threadless Select tees by offering the use of all inks and printing techniques that we use for Select to any artist that submits.

This is super exciting for everyone! Before today, most chosen designs were printed with plastisol inks, some with a chino additive and a few with water-based or discharge inks. Starting today, designers can now use up to 8 colors, specify super glow, puff, high density, suede, UV color change, shimmer, metallic clear, glitter, blister, flock, vinyl, foils, embroidery, gradients, simulated process and even belt printing. Here's a PDF explaining in detail each of the new capabilities.

Head on over to the submit page to read more. You can also download the new submission kit which includes new tee templates in Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, new placement photographs and PDFs explaining the new specialty printing and decline reasons.

Hold on to your hats, Threadless! Things are about to get krrrrr-azy!

A few other, smaller bonuses this change means:

  • You may now submit GIF, PNG, JPG and SWF images :)
  • Rather than 640x480, designs can now be submitted at 640 pixels wide by up to 800 pixels tall. The default size of the downloadable template is 640x640.
  • Rather than 120kb, designs can now be submitted at up to 250kb.
And don't forget! If your design is chosen you will receive $2,500 in cash & gift certificates right away and then up to another $10,000 more if you win a Bestee at the yearly Threadless Awards! You will also receive an Alumni Club Starter Kit the first time a design of yours is chosen. The kit includes a totally sweet Alumni Club Medal of Honor, an official Alumni Club membership card, tee shirt, coffee mug and mouse pad.

We are really excited to see the submissions start rolling in after this announcement. I'm sure ya'll are going to blow some minds!