The Decemberists Loves Threadless!

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On the 19th day of the holiday sale, not only do we hitcha with two sweet new shirts, but we're also goin' nautical on all y'all, LOVES-style! As only the wonderful swashbucklers of Threadless can...

Yes! It's December! The perfect time to unveil and smash a champagne bottle against our new contest, The Decemberists LOVES Threadless. In honor of the remarkable album The Crane Wife, we're inviting you onboard to create designs based upon the titanic 13 minute romp, "The Island." Split into three sections, "Come And See," "The Landlord's Drowning," and "You'll Not Feel the Drowning," this salty tale is flooded with mystery, intrigue, and murder!

So, stream yourself a listen to "The Island" and get crazy! Many great prizes are at stake here including a 12-book set of Decemberists-recommended literature!

Come and see!

The 5+5+5 Competition!!!

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5 Colors, 5 Winners, 5 Grand Each!

Starting RIGHT NOW every design that is submitted to Threadless, including submissions to “Loves” competitions, is automatically entered into the 5+5+5 Competition until January 1st 2007. This competition is to announce that from now on, Threadless will be accepting design submission with up to 5 colors!

Once the competition ends, we will choose 5 of the highest-scoring submissions to be printed and the designers will each receive a prize package including $5,000 in cash, a $250 Threadless Gift Certificate, and a one-year membership to the Threadless 12 Club!

Designers, keep in mind that you don’t need to have 5 colors in your design to submit to this competition. You can win with a one, two, three, four or a five-color design! So get those noodles cookin, and let’s see what you can do now that you have another color to work with!

Exciting News About The Tees We Print On!

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Since Threadless has started, we've always been less than 100% satisfied with the tees we've printed on. Some people really like how American Apparel is cut, some like Fruit of the Loom better. Some people like Fruit's weight better, some people like AA better. We've spent the last 18 months checking out some of the best tees on the planet and still remained dissatisfied with our options. The decision was made to start looking into creating our own private-label tees!

Over the past 6 months, we've been working with a Los Angeles-based manufacturer to create a Threadless-specific tee shirt. These shirts are based on our experience as a tee shirt company, and the feedback we've gotten from our community since the beginning of Threadless. Imagine a tee that is less boxy than a Fruit of the Loom, but not as skinny as an American Apparel. Imagine a tee whose fabric is softer than American Apparel but not as thin. Are you starting to get the picture? Isn't this exciting?! On our end, the advantages of this are endless. We can guarantee that all of the colors we get aren't re-dyed, allowing us to add printing processes like discharge to our abilities full-time. We can guarantee that we have a color palette of 20-colors available to us at all times. The possibilities for customization are endless. Plus, we can adjust specifications based upon feedback from the community. Our private-label manufacturing will be producing all garments for us including Guys, Girls, Kids, Longsleeves, and Hoodies! After 6 successful years working with suppliers and middlemen, it's time to cut the cord and go direct to the source!

One important logistical issue that we'd like to point out is that there will be a period of time where we'll have a mixture of the older-style tees and the new-style tees available at the same time. We will make it 100% clear which tee you're buying on the product page until the transition is complete. We hope everyone loves these new tees as much as we do. We're so confident that you will! To get things rolling with this, we'll be releasing one special tee tomorrow using our new tees! Keep your eye out for that!!

From there we're going to be rolling out Girly tees in the new style in right around the new year, while the Guys stock is being produced. Kids and Guys should launch around the same time. We'll keep you guys posted with all the details!


Giveaway!!! Winners And Announcements, Omg!

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First and foremost, we'd like to send out a hearty congratulations (along with a signed CD and poster) to our CHANGES winners!! Here are the hot five:

sidog Wazgud pudd.n theshannon8r143 stencil_is_art

...and now... introducing two more giveaways!!!

We're giving away an XBOX 360 and the Eragon video game! And if that wasn't enough, a poster signed by members of the cast. YES! This epic fantasy-adventure hits theaters December 15 and it centers on a young man, Eragon, whose destiny is revealed with the help of a dragon! Sounds dangerous and mysterious. Luckily, YOU can enter the contest safely and without dragon. I think you should. It's your destiny.

We're all about promoting a lil healthy ass-shakin' for the holidays! That's why we're giving away 10 signed copies of Stylex's "Tight Scrapes" CD! 13 songs that are guaranteed to getcha moving faster than 100 cups of coffee.* You haven't heard frenetic until you've heard Stylex. Don't believe me? You should.

*not a guarantee.

Stay tuned for more giveaway news!!!

Fast Food Nation Loves Threadless!

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Hey, just because holiday sale fever has gripped us by our scarf tassles, it doesn't mean we forget about our old friend, the LOVES competition. We LOVES coming up with great themes and we especially LOVES giving away amazing prizes!!

So here comes Fast Food Nation, the explosive and shocking new film based on Eric Scholosser's equally humorous and terrifying book. It hits theaters on November 17, but we're starting this hot competition on the 15th! And the theme is "Where are you on the fast food chain?"

We really can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! So put on your thinking caps, your aprons, your colorful paper crowns, and let us know...

Where are you?

Threadless 365 - Win One Of Every Tee We Print In 2007!

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THREADLESS 365 - WIN ONE OF EVERY TEE WE PRINT IN 2007... INCLUDING REPRINTS! That's over 550 tees! Holy moly, have we gone insane? Duh! Years ago!

Aight people, here's the scoop... To enter this contest, make sure you're logged in (or sign up if you haven't done that already!) and head over to the Loves Threadless page. On the right side of the page, click "COUNT ME IN" under the Threadless 365 contest. Easy enough? Yes! BUT, IT GETS BETTER! WAY BETTER!

By entering the contest through the Loves page, you get your name put in the "hat" once. HOWEVER, for every tee (or hoody or longsleeve) that you buy from NOW until DECEMBER 13TH, 2006 - you get your name put in the pool an additional time.

SO... let's say you sign up and then you buy TEN tees from now until DECEMBER 13TH, 2006... you will have your name in the pool 11 times! That means you're 11 times more likely to win than someone who enters once and doesn't buy anything!


Twas The Night Before...

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On the thirtieth day... On the twenty-ninth day... On the twenty-eighth day... On the twenty-seventh day... On the twenty-sixth day... On the twenty-fifth day... On the twenty-fourth day... On the twenty-third day... On the twenty-second day... On the twenty-first day... On the twentieth day... On the nineteenth day... On the eighteenth day... On the seventeenth day... On the sixteenth day... On the fifteenth day... On the fourteenth day... On the thirteenth day... On the twelfth day... On the eleventh day... On the tenth day... On the ninth day... On the eighth day... On the seventh day... On the sixth day... On the fifth day... On the fourth day... On the third day... On the second day... On the first day...

Nettwerk Holiday Gift Bag Giveaway!

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We are overflowing with holiday spirit here at Threadless! Sure, it's only November, but our friends at Nettwerk Records are already thinking about filling up your stockings good. Although... you'll need one massive stocking to hold this windfall!

Here's what 5 insanely lucky winners will receive:

The Format Dog Problems signed CD! download "The Compromise"

Matt Wertz Everything in Between signed CD! download "The Way I Feel"

Billy Talent signed CD!

Barenaked Ladies Barenaked Ladies Are Me signed CD! download "Easy"

Guster Ganging Up On The Sun signed CD! download "Empire State"

Anathallo Floating World signed CD and a special prize! download "Dokkoise House"

The Weepies Say I Am You signed CD and poster! download "World Spins Madly On"

Kinky Reina signed CD and poster!

The Be Good Tanyas Hello Love signed CD! download "Human Thing"

Venus Hum Signed CD! download "Yes And No"

Old Crow Medicine Show Big Iron World signed CD and a poster!

Griffin House Lost and Found signed CD! download "The Guy Who Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind"

Hem Signed poster & Funnel Cloud CD!

State Radio Us Against The Crown signed CD! download "Camilo"

To get more info on the artists above, head on over here to sign up for a Nettwerk newsletter!

Naughty or nice? Who cares! Just head over to the Loves page and click it up to win!

Best. Holiday gift. Ever.

Hoodies + Long Sleeves = 4e!

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Hey Threadless Cats!

I'm sure by now you've noticed that we've finally caught up with the weather and the times and introduced TWO NEW HOODIES and a really friggin' cool LONG SLEEVE! Have you seen them? Take a look!!!

Musical Meditation - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Goldilocks And The Three Beers - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Caged - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

I know what you're thinking. Old news, right? Well here's something you didn't know, smarty pants. This isn't just some seasonal special. No way, no how! In fact, we plan on rolling out hoodies and long sleeves quite regularly! Starting next week and ending... NEVER! New prints and old favorites like you've never seen. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!

So... I guess we'll see you back here on... Sunday?

Giveaways! Winners And Announcements, Oh My!

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First and foremost, we have winners for the LocoRoco Giveaway!

Lucky users 'pulp non-fiction' and 'LadyInky' will be receiving a PSP system of their very own along with a copy of the addictive joy-spreading LocoRoco PSP game. People really do win here at THREADLESS!

....and introducing...

You asked for it! We deliver! We're giving away FOUR Pop 5 games, courtesy of the kind peoples at Cranium. Just in time for the holidays! What else could possibly be planned for the holidays?! Hmmm...

So what are you waiting for? GO SIGN UP!

Holy Crap, Big News!

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Hey everyone, the Jakes here. We have some very exciting news that we want to share with you!

Thanks to you, Threadless has been growing like a mother fucker over the past 2 years and we've decided that in order to give everyone the best experience and product possible that we need a little help.

Over the years, we've done our best by doing what feels right. We've come to the point where we need help with some of the technical issues like shipping out orders faster and getting packages overseas cheaper and quicker. So now, what feels right, is getting some professional help.

We scoured the earth looking for someone who understood what Threadless is all about, someone that would really be able to help us make the site as amazing as possible. It took a while but we finally found a group that we think fits in perfectly with what Threadless is and understands the purpose of this project and community.

We're very happy and very proud to welcome Insight Venture Partners into the Threadless family, led by a great guy named Jeff and his buddy Kobi.

And, here's the official release: Insight Backs skinnyCorp to Aide in Growth of, the Highly Trafficked Apparel Design Community