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Ho Ho Holy Crap!!!! - Sale's Live!

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We launched the sale yesterday afternoon! It's going to last for a few weeks and we will still be announcing some more new tees during the rest of the sale... YAY!

Here's the Eisley Loves Threadless winners:

These are the winners of the "Eisley Loves Threadless" competition we ran through July and August.

And here's another three new tees:

And here's four reprints:

Magic 8 Ball, Is There A Sale Coming Soon?

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Starting sometime on Monday we'll be having a $10 sale so that you can stock up on Christmas gifts! So here's the catch. We just did inventory and there are a whole lot of tees that weren't in stock before that are now in stock. Chances are, those are going to be sold before Monday. So check the stock chart now to make sure you won't miss out!!!

You may want to think about buying another torso or two because you're going to need 'em to wear all the tees you'll be buying with this sale!

Another Week, Another Ten More Tee Shirt Designs.

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This week we chose six submissions from the running for print and reprinted four designs from our catalog. Click each one, laugh at our photos, figure out what size you want to purchase, and buy em up quick!

Six submissions chosen for print

Another four designs reprinted

New Designer Interview With Matthew Fleming

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To coincide with the reprint of MP(3)... we just launched a new Designer Interview with Matthew Fleming... head on over and check it out now!

We've got more on the way, so stay tuned!

Sxsw Interactive Loves Threadless!

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Threadless has teamed up with the 2006 SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX (USA) to bring your SXSW Interactive Loves Threadless! This competition is going to be awesome! Can you feel it? We can! Simply design a tee to the theme "Interactivated!". The design can be anything relating to this theme.

This "Loves Threadless" competition is also sponsored by Adobe, so one of the prizes for the 1st Prize Winner is a FULL VERSION Adobe® Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition! Awesome huh!? Not only that, 1st Prize Winning design wil also be printed on the OFFICIAL 2006 SXSW Interative Festival souvenier "Big Bag". 3500 of them!

The competition starts November 7th (this coming up monday) and ends December 9th 2005. Get those gears movin' this weekend!

Winners Of Shout Out Louds & June Competitions, 2 More New Tees And 4 Reprints

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Another 10 tees available this week! This time around we've announced the 3 winners to the Shout Out Louds Loves Threadless competition, the winner to the June Loves Threadless competition, 2 new submissions and 4 reprints. Give them a look-see, and if you like - BUY EM!

These are the winners of the "Shout Out Louds Loves Threadless" competition we ran through July and August.

This is the winner of the "June Loves Threadless" competition we ran through August and September.