Threadless + Refinery29 Want To Help Keep You Looking Great This Fall!

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Our pals over at Refinery29 are hosting an opportunity for one lucky son-of-a-gun to get the ultimate Fall wardrobe makeover worth a cool $1K! Head on over to Refinery29 and enter your email address in the contest to make yourself eligible for $500 worth of Threadless gear as well as $500 to help you complete your Fall look.

And no, that $500 to help complete your look can’t be used to pay off the giant gorilla costume you bought for Halloween. You shoulda just rented it!

Hear From Csa’S Charles Anderson & Designer Katie Campbell About The New Csa Image Collection Released Today!

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Today we’re so excited to release not only Katie Campbell’s winning design from the CSA Images challenge, but 7 additional prints as well!

The CSA Images collection is the result of a life-long passion for advertising art by designer Charles Spencer Anderson, who discovered growing up in a small rural town in the center of Iowa, that the best escape from the monotony of small town life was an overactive imagination fed by a steady diet of 1960's and 70's comic books, monster magazines, and a love of drawing.

Charles started CSA Images in the 1970's. Built over nearly 40 years by one hundred of the most talented illustrators and designers in the industry, CSA Images is now one of the most extensive and highly awarded image collections in existence.


Threadless designer Katie Campbell of Savannah, Georgia was stoked to hear her design Once Upon a Good Time won the challenge.

I have been a fan of Charles S. Anderson since I studied design in school. At work, we get a lot of paper samples and cool swag from French Paper Reps. I actually have a blow up doll of Jerry French at my desk as we speak :) When this contest was announced I was so pumped to get started!

Going through all of the thousands of images was very overwhelming and I was easily distracted. Each image had so much potential. I decided to narrow it down to the style of image that appealed to me first. For example, if the illustration was halftone, the others needed to be as well. It took me a few hours to find my direction. I kept going back to the cutesy animals and there were enough in that style to create a story/scene. To follow the theme of "pretty ugly", I had the pretty and needed something to contrast that. The obvious answer was having them get wasted! I happened to be drinking a glass of whiskey while designing, so that could have influenced me as well :) It was by accident that I noticed the bottle fit perfectly between the deer’s legs and the rest just came together.

I wouldn't say there is a secret to winning a Threadless challenges. I just think for me, it's beneficial to be provided a theme. My mind is all over the place with ideas, so having a general direction to start helps get me focused.

Check out the collection and pick up your favorites!

Washington University Students Showed Us How They Make Great Together!

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Last week, a group of art and design students from Washington University in St Louis came to visit us at HQ. We challenged them to make great together with Makedo pieces and, wow, did they accept the challenge. Check out the photos!

If you want to get some Makedo pieces of your own, place a Threadless order right away! For a limited time, we’re stuffing packages with sampler packs so you can enter the Threadless + Makedo Challenge!


Tony Moore & Steve Niles Help Make 7th Volume Of Comics-On Tees Arresting!

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Today we launched has the seventh volume of Comics-On Tees series, titled “Bad Night at the Precinct”. Unlike the last volume, which featured tees based around a central storyline, “Bad Night at the Precinct” focuses on four creatures/characters created by horror writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre, Simon Dark). Also new to this volume, each of the four tees will be unveiled individually every Wednesday over four consecutive weeks, beginning today, October 24.


Each character in this volume will be featured in a mugshot, arrested for crimes including drunk and disorderly, crimes against humanity and resisting arrest. Bringing life to Niles’ characters are artists Tony Moore (The Walking Dead), Kelley Jones (Batman, Sandman), Menton3 (Monocyte) and Chet Zar (costume/prosthetics design for films such as Planet of The Apes, The Ring and Darkman).

Just in time for Halloween, “Bad Night at the Precinct” tees will be available for $20 each! Pick up the first issue now.

As long as we’re in the comic mood, check out this video of the Threadless gang at the Cincinnati Comic Expo.

Score Sony Designs And You Could Win Sony X Headphones!

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Sam aka skever wearing his new headphones


Alessandro aka sandrofuma's brother wearing the Sony x headphones during a DJ set!


There’s so many rockin’ designs from the Threadless + Sony Soundtrack Design Challenge. We’re so inspired by the way you interpreted your musical style into illustration!

Tell us which designs are music to your eyes and we’ll give two very lucky scorers an awesome prize.

Score 50 Soundtrack designs and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of two Sony X Headphones!

Start scoring. You have until November 5!

Don’t forget, you can still submit your design to the challenge until October 29.


Update! Live! Join Us Oct. 25 For A Threadless E-Chat With Kevin Tong & David Murray

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Join us October 25th at 7:30 pm CST for another Threadless E-Chat! This time, we'll get to speak with Kevin Tong & David Murray!

Kevin Tong, a California native, lives in LA. He does freelance work for Nike, Mondotees, ABC, Panasonic, Hard Rock Cafe, and is also the cat wrangler at Kevin Tong Illustration. He's been printed on Threadless, and his favorite X-Men is Gambit. Check out Kevin's work.

David Murray currently resides in Oakland, CA (but will be moving back to Charlottesville, VA). He has a full time job with Forward Printing, and also owns SEIBEI where he sells shirts, zines and other goodies. On the side, he does a bit of freelance and helps vote for Threadless tees. His favorite X-Men is Beast. Check out his company, SEIBEI.

Get your questions ready and check back to this blog about 10 minutes before the chat to get the link.

*Threadless E-Chat is an an online panel discussion founded by kick butt Threadless Ambassador Priscilla Wilson. Priscilla invites notable designers to community chats to share their experiences, answer questions, and have fun with the community. Bloggers, artists, and Threadfans get to virtually hang with some of Threadless' most admired alumni.

Make Great Together With Threadless And Makedo!

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Threadless and Makedo have teamed up to Make Great Together! Makedo pieces are reusable tools you can use to build and connect things quickly. We’ll be stuffing random orders with Makedo sample packs so you can make awesome creations and enter to win tons of prizes.


Not familiar with Makedo? Check out the Threadstaff using Makedo pieces to create awesomeness, and get inspired to create something of your own.

Any order placed in the next few weeks is eligible to get the one of these awesome sampler packs. But place your orders soon! There’s a limited amount of these suckers available.

Check out the challenge page to find out how to enter your creation for the chance at awesome prizing.

Score Snowboard Designs To Score Threadless Cash.

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Holy fresh powder. Have you seen all these snowboard designs? How the heck are we supposed to choose?

As much as we’d like to shred the gnar on pretty much each one of these designs, only one can be the winner.

Score 100 snowboard designs before 10/22, and you could win a $100 Threadless gift code.

Go on now, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, SCORE.

Score 50 Dirty Weather Designs By 10/20 For Your Chance At A Print Signed By Al Gore!

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Help us decide which design best fits the theme “dirty weather.” This is our second design challenge with The Climate Reality Project, which was founded by former Vice President Al Gore to create a global movement of action on the climate crisis. 25% of the proceeds from the chosen design will go to The Climate Reality Project to inform more people about the climate crisis and inspire change.

Five random scorers will get 11 x 16 inch prints of the chosen design signed by Al Gore himself.

(If you have already scored all the designs from this challenge, you’ve already been entered in the scoring challenge.)

Start scorin’.

Omg "Cutest Dog In Pumpkin Ever"

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In honor of the $9.99 Spooky sale, we bring you "The Dogs of Threadless Celebrate Halloween." Thanks to Threadstaff dogs Bandit, Mojo, Khloe, Trixie, Bruce, and Red for their excellent tail wagging and costume wearing.

Update: Scoring Has Moved! - We're Packing Up And Moving To The New Threadless.Com! Here Are The Deets.

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UPDATE: Scoring has opened officially on the new site! All scoring will take place on the new site and atrium. Start scorin' now!

Hopefully by now, you've gotten to take a look around the new site. Over the next few weeks, we'll be transitioning each piece of Threadless over until we're fully up and running on the new

As of today, (Tuesday, October 9) we'll only be accepting submissions on the new site and Atrium. You'll still be able to score the remaining submissions on the old site.

One week from today (Tuesday, October 16), after all the remaining submissions get their 7 days of scoring, all scoring will take place on the new site and Atrium.

Of course, you can also shop on both sites right now, which is quite wonderful.

In a few weeks, we'll be operating exclusively on the brand spankin' new site. Woo hoo!

In the meantime, if you notice any bugs on the new site or just have some general feedback, please report them so we can maintain awesomeness. Click the blue "feedback" button on the right side of the new site.

Thanks for your patience during the transition. We hope you're as excited with the new site as we are!

Create A T-Shirt Inspired By Your Own Soundtrack.

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Remember the dance party that ended after sunrise, the concert you’ll be telling your grandkids about, and last Friday’s impromptu karaoke session? When you want to relive these moments, what music do you plug into? What’s playing through your headphones as you ride the subway, doodle in your notebook, or stare at your computer screen counting down the minutes until you can leave work? Take those notes and transform them into a t-shirt design that expresses your musical style.

Your challenge is to create a t-shirt inspired by your own soundtrack.

It doesn’t matter if your soundtrack is heavy metal, indie rock, or even Kenny G. Your design could even be inspired by a mix of all three! What matters most is that you create a t-shirt design inspired by the tracks that define your life’s greatest hits. Need more inspiration? Check out the Sony X Headphones, which were designed for people who love and live music.

1) In addition to the design that receives the top prize, up to 5 designs may be printed and sold on Threadless 2) The top 200 scoring designs will receive $25 Sony gift codes.

So crank up the volume and rock this challenge!

About Sony X Headphones These are for the listeners. The fanatics. Put them on and rediscover your music. Don’t just love your playlist, live it. Let the world know how much your music matters with unique and stylish headphones designed by Sony.

Threadspotting: Rocktober Edition

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Rocktober is upon us! To celebrate, here’s a photo of Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) rocking Superpower Ballad by Aled Lewis at the 8th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute in Los Angeles:

Steve Jones

Who is that standing next to him, you ask? Oh, that’s just Linda Ramone, who was Johnny Ramone’s wife!

Thanks to littlem for the sighting, and remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we’ll talk about them here... AND we’ll give you some Street Team Points to boot! Enjoy!

Get A Brand New Artist To Submit A Design To Threadless And You Could Both Score $2,000.

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As any Threadfan knows, we’re all about providing opportunities to artists. Printed artists score tons of cash and get to see their art on tees, pillows, iPhone cases, bags, and more, all with their name displayed for all the world to see!

Unfortunately, not everybody has experienced the awesomeness that is getting printed for Threadless. We want you to help spread the word to new artists who haven’t discovered all the ways that Threadless gets their art out into the world.

Your challenge is to get a brand new artist to submit a design to Threadless.

If the new artist’s design is chosen, you’ll each get 2,000 buckaroos.

Here’s how it’s all gonna go down: - You share the love of Threadless and one of your awesome artist friends becomes a member. No tricky stuff with old members signing up for new accounts! We’re too smart for that. - The new guy or gal submits a design to this challenge. Make sure they credit you as the person who told them about Threadless in the “About Your Design” section. - If their design gets picked, you both score cash!

So existing Threadfans, get out there and find awesome artists! New awesome artists, join the party.

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