826 National Tee Now For Sale!

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If you’ll remember from a couple months back, our content team ran a writing workshop at Threadless HQ with a bunch of very creative 826CHI students. The whole idea came from our Atrium challenge with 826 National. Partnering with an organization that has a secret agent store, a space travel store, AND a pirate store was the perfect fit for us. These storefronts are connected to their classrooms, where 826 volunteers and staff help kids ages 6 to 18 hone their writing. 826 National is a nonprofit tutoring, writing, and publishing organization with locations in eight cities across the country.

Words Create Worlds by Arkady Zaifman Words Create Worlds image

Words Create World’s is Arkady Zaifman’s first print, so give him a hand! 25% of the sale of this tee will benefit 826 National.

More Opportunities To Do Good With Threadless + Unicef!

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Hey Community, As you already know, we’ve partnered with UNICEF USA, BBH New York, and artists Christine and Justin Gignac to launch a t-shirt line completely different from anything we’ve done before.

Good shirts do good. The design on each shirt symbolizes the type of aid UNICEF is delivering in the Horn of Africa. 100% of your donation will go to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to support life-saving relief efforts for children.

This is one of the most amazing projects we’ve worked on and we want your help spreading the word. Here’s what you can do:

  • Post threadless.com/unicef to sites or forums that you subscribe to or are a member of.

  • Share your favorite tee with your friends and family.

  • Like the Good Shirts page on Facebook.

  • Tweet about it. Wear something good. UNICEF #GoodShirts benefit the #hornofafrica http://ow.ly/7ccQo

  • Vote on designs for our UNICEF Good Shirts Voting Challenge from November 7 - 9 and tell your friends to join Threadless to support this cause. If you score 300 or more designs over the course of the three days, you’ll be entered to receive one of the shirts. We’ll select one person a day. They get the tees, and we’ll donate on their behalf to the US Fund for UNICEF.

  • Support the cause and grab your favorite Good Shirt or give one (or several!) as a gift.

Join us in doing good!

Love, Threadless

We've Extended The $10k Challenge! Submit More Designs Now!

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Breaking news! You’ve got another week to submit designs for your chance at $10,000! The Loves Your Favorite Tee challenge has been extended until next Monday, November 7! You each can submit up to 10,000 designs!*

This is your chance. What is that extra special shirt you know you’d wear every single day? What is the mind-blowing amazing shirt that starts a brand new trend? What’s the shirt we’d give $10,000 away to have?

Grab your pens, pencils, and styluses, and don’t put them down until November 7!

*Actually you can’t. A few reaaaaally good ones will do.

Submit A Design For Loves Political Parodies! It's Your Civic Duty.

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Politics have been really tense lately. We hate to see everyone so divided! Let's lighten the mood a little and send a reminder that everyone poops.

Your challenge is to design a political parody tee.

We know, we know. Suzy Manners says "don't talk politics." But we figure it's probably fine to "draw" politics, right?

Poke a little fun at the powers that be. Show us dinosaurs and robots running for office against each other or the Tea Party having a tea party. Design whatever it takes to make everyone laugh a little.

Submit your designs then we'll vote on them. Because that's the fair thing to do.

Read about the prizing and submit ideas here.

Let Us Know Your Fave Tee By Scoring! Score 300 Tees For A Chance At $1k!

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It’s time to let us know what your favorite tee is! There’s no better way to do that than to score as many designs possible! Score 300 tees between 10am today and 10am Friday and you’ll be entered in a drawing to get $1,000 Threadless gift certificate! PLUS, you’ll get choose another of your favorite tees to get reprinted!

Once you're finished scoring, keep submitting designs to Loves your Favorite tee. There’s only a few days left. If you created it, it’s probably your favorite design so throw it in the mix! The selected design gets $10,000!

Enough chatter, get a scorin’!

Good Shirts Do Good For Children In The Horn Of Africa. You Can Help.

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You may have noticed a new tee on our site with a little price tag of $300,000. World’s most expensive tee? Maybe. But it’s also a tee with the greatest super powers in the world. It can save lives, really!

Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets for UNICEF Measles Vaccines for UNICEF Deworming Tablets for UNICEF High Energy Biscuits for UNICEF Ready to Eat Therapeutic Food for UNICEF Therapeutic Milk for UNICEF |DTG| Basic Family Water Kits for UNICEF |DTG| Water Pump for UNICEF Emergency Tent for UNICEF Motorbike for UNICEF 100 Metric Tons Of Corn Soy Blend for UNICEF |DTG| Cargo Flight for UNICEF

The Cargo Flight for UNICEF and the 11 other Good Shirts we’re selling represent aid that UNICEF is delivering in the Horn of Africa. Put $18.57 towards a Mosquito Net tee, $73.13 towards a Therapeutic Food tee, or $75,000 towards a Corn Soy Blend tee, and we’ll donate exactly that amount to U.S. Fund for UNICEF. They’ll then use that money to support support life-saving relief efforts for children in the Horn of Africa.

Why there? The Horn of Africa is experiencing a humanitarian crisis. More than 13 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 4 million children. Hundreds of thousands of children are at imminent risk of death in parts of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, where millions of people are affected by the worst drought to hit the region in decades.

Christine and Justin Gignac are the artists who designed the tees. In July 2007, they started WantsForSale.com, a site where they sold paintings of things they wanted, at the cost of the actual item. They then took their project a step further and launched NeedsForSale.com. The site follows the same structure as Wants, but all the proceeds go to charity. Through the sale of paintings and limited edition prints, Needs For Sale has raised more than $7,000 for various causes. Now, they’re using the same concept to help the U.S. Fund for UNICEF make an even bigger impact on the lives of children in the Horn of Africa. If you’d like to help too, head over and grab a Good Shirt!

Submit Your Fave Tee For 10k! Score Your Fave Tee For 1k!

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Hey Threadfans, want some cash? We’ve got two ways for you to get it!

Submit your design for Threadless Loves Your Favorite Tee and if your tee is selected, you’ll get 10,000 buckaroos! Here’s a very special heads up: make sure to get your design submissions in by Tuesday so they can get a whole bunch of scores during our voting challenge!

That brings us to cash-scoring method number two! Score at least 300 designs on Thursday and you could score 1,000 bucks in a Threadless gift certificate and the opportunity to get one of your favorite tees reprinted! We’re gonna see what everyone’s favorite tee is! Get your scoring fingers ready! This one is big!

Whether you’re designing, scoring or both, get to it! There’s big cash waiting to be claimed!

In Chicago? Be In Our Threadless Video This Friday!

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Chicago ThreadBFFs!

Be in our Threadless video this Friday!

We’re filming a short “about Threadless” video this Friday and we want as many of you in it as possible.

Come by this Friday at 2pm* dressed in anything Threadless.

The crazier the better. Make a costume inspired by a tee. Wear your very favorite Threadless tee. Wear ALL your Threadless tees.

The more Threadfriends the merrier. Pizza will be provided! Please let us know in the comments if you plan to attend.

What: Threadless Video When: This Friday, Oct. 21, 2pm* Where: 1260 w. Madison St.

See ya Friday!

*If you can’t make it right at 2, come when you can.

Men For Women Now T-Shirt Design Challenge

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Design a t-shirt for Men for Women Now

What would compel Jack Black to get a mammogram on camera? Or inspire Zach Galifianakis to speak to women about the breast thing they can do for their health? Well, men love women and there’s a whole community of them rallying behind their favorite ladies in the fight against women’s cancers. Men for Women Now, an initiative created by stage IV breast cancer survivor Noreen Fraser, is an online community and resource center for men with wives, sisters, mothers, and friends with cancer. Your challenge is to create a t-shirt design for the organization to empower and educate men to support the women they love.

Though cancer is a serious and life-threatening disease that affects thousands of women each year, humor and laughter can help with coping and recovery. Without making light of women’s cancer, create a design that’ll provide comic relief. The chosen design will be sold on guys and girly tees and 25% of the sale will go to support the cause.

Up for Grabs: $750 cash $250 Threadless gift certificate An iPad 2 prize pack, including iPad 2, iPad 2 cover and case, world travel adapter kit, HP Envy Printer, and a $50 iTunes gift card

Comics On Tees Vol 3: Making Friends Is Easy

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The third volume is here! Written by Jhonen Vasquez and brought to you by JR Goldberg, Becky Cloonan, Ethan Nicolle and Jhonen himself.

Issue 1: This was the first robot I built. It fought in the rodent uprising of 2095. You probably know that picture.

Issue 2: Second robot I built was a school bus. The lunch-money bandits hated me.

Issue 3: My fourth robot was built... to fight that terrible sea monster. (which was secretly my third robot)

Issue 4: Some people say I have too many robots As if such a thing was even possible.

Tell The World &Quot;We Got Him&Quot; For A Chance At Threadcash!

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Sometimes it’s sad to see all those “missing” posters around town, isn’t it? We thought it might be nice to celebrate a time when we actually FOUND what we were looking for. We Got Him by Nicholas Roberts was part of the Loves 3 Words or Less Challenge and scored a 3.48.


Wanna help? Print out as many copies of this poster as you want. Snip along the dotted lines. Post them anywhere in your hometown. THEN, snap a photo and post it in this blog! A randomly selected participant will get a $50 GC!

We're extending the deadline to post your pics in the blog until Wednesday at 10 am CST! Have fun!

UPDATE: Thank you all for participating! These photos are AWESOME! I've just put all the participants in my randomizing randomization machine and the recipient of the $50 gift card is....Raul Garderes. Congrats to Raul and nice work all of you crazy Threadhooligans!

$10,000 Is Up For Grabs In The Threadless Loves Your Favorite Tee Challenge!

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Imagine the tee you'd wear every day. If this tee went missing, you'd call in sick to work. You'd buy two of this tee just so you'd have something to wear on laundry day. The tee that would make you feel more like yourself. The tee that starts a new trend. The tee that, if you didn't wear it, people wouldn't recognize you.

We want to know what your tee looks like. Your challenge is to design your favorite tee.

And here's the big news: We're giving you $10,000 to design this shirt! Why? Well, we expect you to wear it 5 times as much as any other shirt. It is your favorite tee, after all.

So start designing your uniform, your second skin, your "you" shirt. Then submit it. Because maybe it's our favorite tee too!

Here’s the link to the challenge page.

Say Hello, Or Bonjour Or Hallo Or Whatever You Like To Our International Facebook Pages!

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Hey Threadfans!

We wanted to give Threadless fans who are more comfortable chatting in another language their own communities on Facebook! If you live in one of these places, like us and post away!

Latin America! Threadless Latinoamérica Spain! Threadless España Germany! Threadless Deutschland France! Threadless France Italy! Threadless Italia Turkey! Threadless Türkiye Hungary! Threadless Magyarország Brazil! Threadless Brasil Greece! Threadless Ελλάς

You Scored Over A Million Designs In Three Days! Find Out Who Got Prize Packs!

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We’ve got one question for you. How did you do it? As a community, you scored 1,246,785 designs in 72 hours! We were glued to our laptops watching that number get higher and higher. We even had to create a new counting meter with even higher numbers! Congrats to all of you, and we’re hoping you’re enjoying your hard-earned $10 sale.

Now it’s time to announce who was randomly selected for the prize packs!

Monday’s $200 prize pack goes to: Katrina Gaines - 210 designs scored on Monday

Tuesday’s $300 prize pack goes to: Sara Labadie - 440 designs scored on Tuesday

Wednesday’s two $500 prize packs go to: Chase Peterson - 934 designs scored on Wednesday

Philip Haragos - 302 designs scored on Wednesday

Thank you all for being such an amazing community. You inspire us!

(Jess would also like to thank random.org which prevented her from having to cut up thousands of tiny sheets of paper with your names on them.)

Let's Make A Tribute To Steve Jobs

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This image above is what got me interested in making art & code with computers. I was in 7th grade in the early 90's and lucky enough to have a few Macs in our school library. I started playing with HyperCard, creating interactive stories that you could click through. Choose your own adventure style :) ... I was hooked. I spent many long afternoons after school in the library, not wanting to go home. Soon I figured out how to make web pages, went to art school, started connecting with other like-minded creatives on the Internet, started Threadless, etc.

Steve has changed so many of our lives. If your life was impacted by him, please share your story here. Or make something in tribute and post it up.


Almost One Million Votes! Want Another Chance To Win?

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You guys are almost at a million votes in three days! Incredible! It really makes us happy to see how many people are working together to decide what shirts get printed. Unbelievable job Threadsters.

We’re giving away another prize pack today. Just like yesterday, everyone who votes on 200 or more designs will be entered in a random drawing to receive a $300 Threadless prize pack.

BUT we figured we’d challenge you one last time.If you guys can make it to one million votes today, instead of giving away a $300 prize pack to one person, we’ll give away a $500 prize pack to two people!

We’re pretty confident you can hit the mark. You’re only a few votes away! So score 200 designs now and maybe you’ll be the lucky recipient of a $500 Threadless prize pack!

You Scored A Sale! Now Score A $300 Prize Pack!

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You scored a sale! Now score a $300 prize pack!


Holy Cow, Threadfans!

You scored 500,000 designs in no time flat! It seems we may have underestimated your love for $10 tees. Congratulations. You’ll be getting a $10 tees sale in just a few days. You certainly deserve it.

In the meantime, we’re doing another drawing today for a Threadless prize pack. Everyone who scores 200 designs today will be entered to score the loot! And because you did so amazing yesterday, we’re changing the value of today’s pack to $300!!

So you’ve still got plenty reason to get your voting finger clickin’ away. You have from 10 a.m. CT today until tomorrow at 10 a.m. CT. (We’ll announce who’s getting each prize pack at the end of the entire competition).

Nice job, Threadaroonies. We’re very impressed.

Score your 200 designs now to be entered to win a $300 prize pack.

Threadless Loves The Perfect Gift - One More Week To Submit!

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You’ve got one more week to submit your design for “Threadless Loves the Perfect Gift.”

Design a tee that would make the perfect gift for someone you know.

The chosen design will get: $2000 cash $500 Threadless gift certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash) 20 tees of your design to gift to your family and friends A random, special, surprise, perfect gift from Threadless We'll get your design launched in time for the holidays so everyone can snag it!

Check out the challenge details here.

Got questions? Ask below and we’ll get back at ya ASAP!

If You Score Enough Designs, We’Ll Give You $10 Tees!

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We love your votes. You love $10 tees. Wanna trade?

For the next three days, if we get all the votes we want, you get a $10 sale!

Votes are so important to Threadless because they help decide which tees get printed. That’s why we’re giving you some incentive: If the Threadless community scores 500,000 designs in the next 3 days, you get $10 tees! You have from today at 10 a.m. CT to Thursday, October 6, 10 a.m. CT to help score 500,000 designs.

And as if $10 tees weren’t enough, we’ll also have a a random drawing each day! If you score 200 designs today, tomorrow, or Thursday, you could win an awesome Threadless $200 prize pack!

It would be crazy to waste another second not voting. Start scoring and earn yourself a $10 sale!