Threadkins: A Pumpkin Carving Contest!

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Fancy yourself a fancy pumpkin carver? Then this contest is for YOU!

Browse through our archive of designs and turn your favorite into a pumpkin carving! You can even paint on a pumpkin as well. Also, your carving can be exact or loosely based on a design.

Once complete, snap a photo and submit it over on our Facebook contest page.

You are only able to submit once to the contest page so if you plan on creating more than one pumpkin you can post it up here and it will still be considered for the contest.

Contest Ends - October 31, 2010 @ 11:59:59 pm (CDT) The Threadless Staff will vote on all submissions Nov 1 – Nov 3 Winners Announced Nov 4th!

Grand Prize - $250 Gift Certificate to - Brain melting Threadless art panel (48″ × 36″) - Killer electric pumpkin carver - Super sharp carving kit - Retina burning pumpkin light

2nd Prize - $100 Gift Certificate to

3rd Prize - $50 Gift Certificate to


Designs From The 101010 Challenge Already Being Chosen For Print!

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By now you're all probably aware that the 101010 design challenge is running right now and going strong. We're giving out $30,000 - $10k to 3 designers in 3 separate categories.

BUT, did you know we will be printing way more than just 3 designs??? In fact, designs have already started finishing scoring and we've already started picking some for print. And, they will be available for sale in a few weeks. We wanted to have as many of these amazing designs available in time for the holiday rush as we could. As outlined on the challenge page, we will be printing a lot of the designs that come through the challenge and then awarding the 3 big $10,000 winners in January. If your design is chosen for print early, it is still eligible to get the grand prize come January.

Just wanted to clear that up so you guys aren't confused when you start seeing designs from this challenge for sale soon. And also wanted to make sure you all knew that we will be printing way more than just 3 designs that come through this challenge.

Stp Brainstorming

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Hey hey hey....

We've been thinking about some changes to StreetTeam points for years now and I just wanted to throw some of our ideas out there so we can hear what you guys think. Maybe we'll actually do something different with them soon :)

First, we were thinking 1 point should equal $1.00 even rather than $1.50. If we made this change, we would convert everyone's point to the new system and round up. Example: if you have 9 points ($13.50) you would be given 14 points ($14.00 even) when we make the change. (BTW, this wouldn't effect the end value of the current system. Referring sales would earn you 3 points, $3 instead of 2 points, $3)

Second, we want there to be more ways to earn points. Currently it's just from posting a photo or referring a sale using your STP URL. Lots of various ideas here, and I would love to hear how you guys think points could be earned.

Third, we want to make points GIFT-ABLE. So on people's profile page and on other key areas around the site, you could hit a little +1 button and actually gift another person a point! If you found someone's comment or critique about your design helpful, give them a point! ... Really like someone's photo or design or slogan? Give them a point.

Another idea would be to give artists their $500 gift certificate as 500 points rather than a GC so they could go in and thank other users for their support and such in addition to using it to buy products. Simple.

Maybe you could even buy points straight up, just so you have points to gift others.


Slogan's Heroes

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We love slogans, and we're committed to printing them. And you might have noticed that back in the spring, we brought TypeTees site back into to make sure everyone gets to see them.

Other people must love slogans too because slogan submissions have really exploded. We've received almost 2.25 MILLION slogan submissions since we started - 850,000 in 2009 alone!

There are some gems in there, but there are a lot of variations, duplications, and stuff that wouldn't get printed for one reason or another. That makes voting a chore and hard to get enough votes to be meaningful (the average number of votes per submission on Threadless is around 225 but the average on slogans is only 17).

Getting a slogan printed is almost as good as seeing your name up in lights. And we've heard your frustrations with the current process. After mashing that up with the ideas we've had around the office, we've started working on changes to the slogan process to simplify things, increase voting and exposure, and ultimately get more slogans printed.

So here's what we've got cookin'.

First up, we'll do this stuff:

Limit submissions You'll only be able to submit 1 slogan per 24 hours. Yeah, it's drastic, but that's the point. We want you to only send your very best from that day. And that way, scoring is focused on the slogans people are really behind.

Have better instructions There isn't a hard and fast checklist for what will or won't get printed but there are some general things to avoid. Odds are if you are reading this blog, you know these, but we'll give some quick tips on the submission form.

Show trending We're going to incorporate some of the way Twitter tees worked and use viewing/scoring in addition to submission time to sort the list of slogans available for voting. This will allow the really good slogans to rise to the top and it will also prevent vote stuffing by getting more eyes on the ones that are getting a lot of votes.

After that, we'll do a second round:

Tweet @threadslogans Submissions will be automatically tweeted to a slogan-specific address. (We're still deciding whether that will be all slogans or ones that have reached a certain threshold - say 10 "I'd wear it" votes.) Every day we'll also tweet the highest scoring design and then @Threadless will retweet.

Create a timeframe for voting Slogans will be up for scoring for 7 days, just like design subs.

Have profile updates We're going to tweak the slogans tab to improve the presentation of your slogan contributions.

We're still talking about exactly when these changes will happen, but we'll keep you updated. We want everyone to help us make sloganeering better. So once we do these things, we'll be able to test things like how many subs you can make, lengthen the scoring period, etc. based on your feedback.

Threadless, Videogames, And Children In The Hospital

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I'm on month two of being a SystemsEngineer at Threadless, and its more fun than you even think it is. It is amazing. One of the reasons is that we all play.

Other groups(creative, marketing, customer service, etc) have a different way of playing than some of us in tech do. They rally up down in the atrium for some foozball, heated ping pong battles, or kick it on one of the many skateboards around. Up in tech, we fire up steam and go kill each other in a multitude of video games. Our favorite right now is Battlefield BadCompany 2 (Thanks, EA, btw).

This weekend, our love of video games is going to a worthy cause. A few Threadless techheads are flying down to Texas to play video games for charity in the 3rd annual Extra Life video game marathon.

We didn't get into the mix until quite late, so we are mostly playing to raise awareness and promote the event. We'll be bringing a ton of shirts as giveaways to thank the people who are making this happen. If you want, you can throw in a couple bucks and motivate us to kill more guys in Battlefield BC2 here. :D

Playing games to help children? That rules.

Scary Booton Contest

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hey Threadless-ers!

Our buddies over at Busy Beaver Button Co. are having a Scary BOOton Design Contest and we would love to see all of you submit something spooky!

Here’s the pin-fo:

Entry Rules • Design an original button that looks great when it glows in the dark • Upload your design to the Busy Beaver Facebook Wall by midnight on October 27, 2010 • Winners determined by Facebook “Likes” and cultural icon Svengoolie!

Prizes • Your button distributed as the Glow in the Dark Party official souvenir • 100 custom glow in the dark buttons of your design with free shipping • Busy Beaver Button Co. tee shirt illustrated by Archer Prewitt

Click here for design templates! Click here to visit Busy Beaver Button Co. on Facebook! If you have questions, click here to visit Busy Beaver's blog post on the contest.

Below are the results from 2009.

Please post any designs you come up with as we would love to see them!

Make A &Quot;Spooky&Quot; October Mix For The Warehouse

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***we have a winner! OlliRudi!

We love music in the warehouse here at Threadless and we want to get our community involved. This time we are going to use the theme of "spooky." Make us a mix of songs that will send shivers down our spine and make us go bump in the night. Here's an example:

Please include "spooky" in your mix title and tag it Threadless

Use the awesome site

Upload your mix of at least 8 tracks and submit the link in a comment on this blog. The warehouse crew will vote on their fave mix of the month and that person will win a $50 Gift Certificate and 8tracks will send the winner an 8tracks tee shirt!

To keep things fair and simple we will only listen to the first mix submitted and only 8 tracks of the mix.

We have a wide variety of taste but first and foremost we like to keep it fun.


You've Seen The Book, But Have You Seen The Special Edition Hardcover Version !?

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Check it!

The SE comes in a nifty case that has a soft texture and a burnout illustration on it. The book itself has a cloth-bound hardcover and a bookmark ribbon. On top of that goodness, there's a satiny hardcover sketchbook, where you can sketch all your billions of tee ideas. The idea being that the book tells the story of Threadless and the sketchbook is for you to become a part of the story.

Coming soon

It's 10-10-10! (Well Technically, Today's The 11th, But Still. Party!)

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We’ve been gabbing about it all year, and now we're yelling it - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Now that we're in the double digits, we're celebrating with a lot of stuff. We had our superbly amazing party here in Chicago last Saturday (highlights include this bloody cake, this awesome poster by Olly Moss, and Dan Deacon on the turntables).

You've seen the video, now read the book too! 10 years of awesomeness crammed into a coupla hundred pages. Get your Threadless book here, and/or/also get the Super Special Edition, that has a totally amazing box cover, as well as a sketchbook (to make future Threadless tees of course). We're celebrating locally tomorrow (Tuesday) too at the MCA here in Chicago. C'mon and join us!

Crazy things happen when you become a 10 year old. Like, you give away lots of money from your piggy bank. We’re busting ours open and giving $30,000 away in our  Loves 10-10-10 design challenge! Bunches of people will get printed, plus three lucky designers will get $10,000 each. So if you’ve been procrastinating on getting that sub in, now's the time. Plus, it's the last loves of 2010 - so that’s kind of a big deal.

Oh and duh, there's a sale too! It's our 1001010 way of saying big time 101010000 thank you for making this company so awesome. AND JUST GUESS THE PRICE OF OUR SALE TEES?! Thanks thanks thanks Threadless everyones, times 101010!

Thanks For Threadless, Everyone!

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Ten years ago when I was sitting on my computer in the corner of my studio apartment I thought it would be fun to print up some t-shirt designs contributed by various artists around the world. It was just a little fun side project, it wasn't even meant to be a business at all let alone such a massive community. It very easily could have just fizzled out into nothing, there was really no reason for it not to.

But then, you guys all slowly started finding it, hearing about it from a friend or seeing one of the tees on the street or reading an article, whatever. And, something you saw inspired you to contribute a little bit of yourself. A t-shirt design, a comment, a score, a cake, a tattoo, a photo, an idea, an event... or maybe you're just a lurker ;) And over time, this place became more and more special. So many stories, relationships, memories ... so much talent, creativity, inspiration.

Threadless is all of you and you have all helped make something amazing happen here. Thank you for inspiring me every day and for the best 10 years I could possibly imagine.

Also, be sure to check out the Threadless book which officially launched today (even though Amazon's been selling it for weeks lol) and the 101010 design challenge - 3 designers will get $10,000!!!

Now... what should we do next !?

Books, Parties, Tees &Amp; Secrets.

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Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!

10/10/10. The date we officially celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Threadless. We'll be partying all night long on the 9th, counting down the date. Then up bright and early to bring some $10 tees to the world, officially launch our book for sale and announce a super secret incredibly amazing mind blowing special fun project that's going to get everyone worked up into an uncontrollable tizzy previously only known to albino Pterodactyls.

Threadless Everywhere Tour - New York Day 1

Cheers everyone, see ya Sunday.

OH! And if you're in Chicago come down to the MCA on Tuesday at 6pm and hang out with me. Pretty please! I'll be signing books.

ps... look at our fancy new blog!

Select - What Would Y'All Like To See?

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So, y'all have seen and soaked up the feel of the new Select line. There is definitely a specific aesthetic to this first batch. The second batch will have a fairly similar feel, but this doesn't mean they will always look and feel like this. The designs and styles in this line will always be evolving.

What do y'all think? What sort of designs do y'all think should be select-ed (new and reprints alike)? What sort of styles of garments would y'all like to see more of? (ie crewneck sweatshirts, YES!)

Woo Hoo!