Malicious Zombie Attack Thwarted. Sale Extended.

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Malicious zombie attack thwarted!

Side effect: We are presently scrambling to hook everything back up so we can turn off the sale. It should take until exactly 4 pm CT. ;)

Thanks for your understanding and enjoy the extra $10 sale time!

Innovation! A New Design Challenge!! Loves It.

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Let’s hear it for innovation! It’s the driving force behind improvements in all areas of our lives, be they technological, ecological, and pretty much any other word ending in “-ical.” As a matter of fact, it was a new and innovative way of thinking that transformed a one-off tee shirt contest into… Threadless! And now it’s your turn...
Your challenge is to create an amazing tee design based on innovation!

Will you choose to depict innovations of the past, present, or future? Perhaps you have your own innovative ideas to present on a tee? The Consumer Electronics Association wants to feature your chosen design at the world’s largest gathering for consumer technology – the International CES – in Las Vegas, and they want YOU to go! That’s right! A 3 day stay in Vegas, swanky hotel accommodations, a Flip cam, AND passes to the show to check out all of the newest innovations in electronics! You have until November 15 to submit a design so...

On your marks, get set, innovate!

New Art. New Ideas. Loves Chosen Design!

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Congratulations to Daniel on his amazing "3 Eyes, 3 Vehicles" tee. Not only did it catch the eyes of the Threadless community, but it also turned the heads of folks at NYC's New Museum! They chose this design out of the pack to represent the New Art & New Ideas that are showcased there every day.

As part of the design challenge, we flew Daniel to NYC (from France!) to be a part of our launch party for the tee at the museum itself! Let's all give him a big ol' round of applause!!!

August Bestee Revealed! Now Vote For September!

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Congratulations to Chow Hon Lam, whose devious design Sky Thief has taken the August Bestee of the Month award: $2500, Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium, a feature on, AND this awesome medal!!!

Plus it's now eligible for the end of the year's massive $20,000 Bestee Of The Year award!

It's now time to vote for your favorite tees of SEPTEMBER! Most votes wins Bestee of the Month! The polls are open until 10 am cst on October 19, so get the word out and VOTE HERE!

A New Design Challenge! Threadless, Tate Museum, Pop Life!

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Threadless Loves Pop Life

What does ‘Pop’ mean to you? (We aren’t talking fizzy beverages, people). Does it elevate the everyday or take the stuffing out of high culture? Or is it simply art that’s not afraid of being a product? Whatever the theory, it’s undoubtedly visually striking and your interpretation will look stunning on a tee in the Tate Modern shop!

Your challenge is to design a tee inspired by the Tate Modern Museum’s Pop Life exhibition. Check out the Tate's challenge page!

Check out Pop Life’s featured art/artists for inspiration and how artists like Keith Haring, Takashi Murakami and Damien Hirst explore the boundaries between art and commodity. And make sure you tell us how Pop Life inspired you when you submit your ‘Pop’ inspired tee shirt design.

We're picking TWO designs for this puppy! One 18-25 year old designer will be chosen by a special panel of Tate Judges and one "all ages" designer will be chosen by Threadless to receive a whole slew of awesome stuff!!!

Pop over and take a look!

Hey Yous, What’S A Threadless Classic?

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Does Classic mean iconic? Does a Classic bring people together? Does a Classic require a visual pun or food with faces? Or do Classics just really effing rock? We here at Threadless can’t seem to limit ourselves to a definition, but we all agree we know one when we see one.

Most underrated Classic?

Hello Classic blog peops! Today we're focusin' on the most underrated Classic. We think it's probably "Nuts" by Barnaby Bocock. The only weblove we can find on it are these two posts. Whatchu think is the most underrated? Tomorrow, we'll be back with more Classics stuff!


By Barnaby Bocock image Nuts! More Nuts!

Si Scott Classic

Today's Classic selection is made for those with broken hearts and emo sensibilities. Or those who just heart the amazing British artist Si Scott. This Select tee is inspired by the Daniel Johnston song "True Love will Find You in the End." How has the tee inspired you? Or anyone you know? Tomorrow, we promise we'll get less serious with our Classic choice.

True Love Will Find You In The End


Swans mate for life! Check out the Si Scott interview by our own Bob Nanna!

Haikus are Easy but Sometimes They Don't Make Sense Refrigerator

By Rolf Nelson


See yous, we told you We are much less serious Thursdays are fun-er



By Ross Zietz AKA: arzie13 image Pandamonium Photos Threadcakes Pandamonium! Pandamonium Cake 1 Pandamonium Cake 2 Pandamonium Cake 3

Cookie Loves Milk

By Jess Fink image Dramatic video! Amazing Cookie Loves Milk photos! Cookie Loves Milk for Life! Blik magic! Threadcakes Cookie Loves Milk Cookie Loves Milk Cake 1 Cookie Loves Milk Cake 2 Cookie Loves Milk Cake 3


By Christopher Golebiowski image Amazing Funkalicious photos! Rip Off! Threadcakes Funkalicious Funkalicious Cake 1 Funkalicious Cake 2 Funkalicious Cake 3 Funkalicious Cake 4