Threadspotting (10/29): We Are Here To Help You

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Hey spotters! Hope everyone had a great pre-hallo-weekend! I spent Saturday night as Bret Michaels at this Perez Hilton party in Chicago. I'll post an awesome photo in the comments. What were you this weekend? I wanna know. Best costume wins a stack of CDs, at least one of which will be good...

First off, Josh Ritter posted this pic on his most recent tour blog!


Not a threadspot per se but it's nice to see some love for Moscow. Fun fact: Josh Ritter was born in Moscow, Idaho. Nice coincidence. On with the show!


As part of some new Wendy's campaign at, you can upload your photo into a pigtailed template and march along with other burger freaks chanting "Hot! Juicy! Burgers!" There may be more to it but i had to sneak time on Shimala's computer since mine didn't meet the Flash requirements. Wtf, Wendy? Anyway, in the little tutorial on how to upload, check it out! The "how to" model is sporting Jublin's Of The Dead! How halloweeny. Thanks Spencer for the tip!


"The video's not playing! What's wrong?" Straight from the YouTube help center, this video will help you out. And the male lead is wearing one of my personal faves, Bad Teddy. Thanks to Julie for spotting this. Ah, Threadless wearers... always willing to help.


Thanks to Brandon on this one! From a recent review of Guitar Hero 3 on, check it out! It's one of my non-faves, Pickles Are Cucumbers Soaked in Evil. I like pickles almost as much as i like Guitar Hero. I'm not the ultimate hero, though. I'll let Jeffrey & Donella fight it out for that honor.

Have a great week, peoples... and post some costume pix!!

Introducing The Threadless $10 Thriftee!!

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What the? The Thriftee? HUH?! Exactly.

The Threadless $10 Thriftee is your chance to own a super-sweet Threadless tee for $10! The catch is, you gotta be lucky - and you gotta be fast! Here's how it works...

A short-sleeve tee - in a randomly selected design, in a randomly selected size - is pulled from our catalog and displayed on the homepage. It's the ONLY ONE available for $10. Whoever acts the fastest gets it. Once that one randomly selected design in a randomly selected size is sold, a new randomly selected design in a randomly selected size is available as the $10 Thriftee. This process will repeat F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

The $10 Thriftees are only for short-sleeve tees, but it doesn't matter which line they're from! So, you could even get a Select tee for $10! How about them apples!?

Good luck!!

PS: You can use this handy page to easily keep track of the current Thriftee. Also, we'll soon make it even easier for you by making a Thriftee RSS feed and a Thriftee email notifier for your size!

Pre-Announcing The Annual Threadless Awards!

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Starting with 2007, Threadless will begin hosting the annual Threadless Awards! While an official date is TBA (soon though!), the winners of the 2007 Threadless Awards will probably be announced in January or February of 2008.

Each person who wins a Threadless Award will receive a "Bestee", an incredible trophy shaped like Bestee the Elephant giving her STAMP of approval (inspired by this)! There will be 10-20 Bestee categories like "Most Groundbreaking Design" to "Best Gallery Photo" to "Most Dedicated Blogger". Actual categories are still in the works and we'll announce them within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Oh, we almost forgot the best part...

$100,000 in cash will be
awarded for the 2007 Bestees!

Lots more details to come!

Help Jeffrey Write His Speech... Win A Free Tee! (Winners Announced!)

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Update: Announcing the winners!!!

Thank you all for your great questions. There were so many relevant questions, but I only have 30 minutes to speak! I plan on posting a blog answering all the runners up that didn't get chosen. Anyway, here's the winners!!

  • melikochan
  • saramwrap
  • buttermilkdancake
  • fermata
  • rabid_weasel
If you're one of these people, please email me so I can email you back your coupon code! Thanks so much to everyone for helping me with this! If they shoot video of the event, I'll post it. Yay!

Hi Everyone... Jeffrey here!

I've been invited to speak at the Future of Web Design conference in NYC in the beginning of November. The topic I'm covering is "Community-Centered Design". Here's the description on the FOWD Site:

Designing a blog or a site for a client can be a challenge for any designer, but designing for a community of people is a whole different beast. Not only is a design there to wow, it's also there to serve as a mechanism to keep people active on the site. This session will provide an outlook at how to effectively design for communities, and the special considerations needed for this breed of site.

So, here's where you guys come in. I figure that rather than me rambling on about what I think people may wanna hear - I'd let you guys ask questions that YOU'D want answered! I decided that it would make the most sense to reach out to you guys and answer 3-5 questions you guys come up with.

So, here's how this will work:

  • If you feel like it, post a question that you'd like answered by me about web design for community sites.
  • I'll choose the 5 questions that I feel would be the best to answer on stage.
  • If I use your question in my speech, I'll send you a gift certificate for ONE FREE TEE + SHIPPING!
Also, if you live in or around NYC and are interested in coming to the conference, you can find details here. Awesome!

Threadspotting (10/22): What (Not) To Wear

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Hey party people. I attended many shows this week so Threadspotting was a breeze! Saw representations at Morrissey. Josh Ritter, Nada Surf, and Company of Thieves! Now if we could only get one on Morrissey just so he could take it off and throw it into a crowd.

Here's a tidbit from a post on a Morrissey website in regards to last week's show:

"One shirt was thrown into the audience tonight. When you witness people fighting over his shirts like that and getting injured you have to wonder if Moz gets some sick enjoyment out of watching that. It's almost like he's dropping a piece of red meat into the ocean just to watch the sharks fight over it. I'm not knocking the guy - it's just an observation. Hell, I wouldn't mind it if 20 people fought over the clothes I take off every once in a while."

Anyway, back to business...


Saw a bunch of posts on this sighting... from What Not To Wear, the show where two snobby hosts impose their will upon an unsuspecting fashion victim for a humiliating makeover. Now, there's Yeah Attitude in the interview but what i couldn't get clear was whether or not the hosts made her toss that particular shirt. Sheesh, you'd hope not. Talk about a real "no" attitude... Please let me know the scoop. Btw, littlem gets the street team points (and the ornament) because she posted the picture!


Priscilla spotted her own shirt, Sailing the High Trees on Best Week Ever, worn by Christian Finnegan. Nice work! Other shirts have been spotted on the show as well and you can get some street team points if you send me a picture, ok? It doesn't have to be this obscene.


Two weeks ago there was a spotting on a band that would blow your friggin eardrums and here we go again... a Christian death metal band? I know it seems contradictory but there they are... Demon Hunter. On the back cover of their CD! No disrespect to the hunters but look at some of those song titles! They are hilarious! The best by far is "My Throat is An Open Grave (acoustic)." Cheers to them for sporting Vampire Orthodontics and cheers to FireOfHeaven for spotting it!

See you next week!

Matthew Dear Loves Threadless!

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If you've never heard Matthew Dear... you're missing out on some beautiful electronic pop, so i suggest checking it out! (mp3 will be available soon on the Loves page) In the meantime, it is time to show some love...

Our theme is one of the standout tracks from the recent Asa Breed album, "Good to be Alive" and trust me, you'll be feeling pretty good if your design is chosen! Not only will you receive a Traktor Scratch professional DJ set up but you'll also get a collection of CD's from Ghostly International to spin at your next bash! Let's get this party started right because... feels good!

Threadless User Jublin Places The Millionth Order!

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Wow! Today Jublin, an active Threadless blogger who has had SIX of his submissions printed so far placed the millionth order on Threadless!

It is outrageously awesome that such an active participant on Threadless happened to have placed this monumental order. To celebrate, we have decided to ship Jublin every tee shirt we release for the next year... that's over 450 tees! OMG.

We are also going to be giving the 999,999 person to order and the 1,000,001 person to order free 12 club subscriptions for being so dang close!


Threadspotting (10/15): Kooks, Cakes, Comics!

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Well all, this past weekend I did all of my Threadspotting in Las Vegas, seeing an impressive 5 over the course of a few hot dusty days & nights in sin city. You'd think maybe this one or this one but nope... which prompts me to ask... do you find that any of your Threadless t-shirts tend to bestow good luck upon you? Or even worse, bad luck? Personally, I enjoy wearing my extra-comfy I Heart Threadless shirt when flying...


OK, so on to the good stuff. Sifting through the sightings emails and picking out three to highlight is no perfect science... yet. And I did get a slew of em! So if I didn't pick yours this week, there's no need to remind me. I have them safely tucked away in a file. I HAVE A FILE!! This week, the 3 people I chose will be receiving street team points. Happy days.


Lori sent me this image of Weird Al sporting Caged at the Orange County fair in July! It's great to see him rocking the shirt onstage. I've seen a few random offstage shots of him in Caged and also there's that blink-and-you'll-miss-it Heart Destroy appearance in the "White and Nerdy" video... For a short time, I was trying to set up a LOVES promotion with ol Al and the grand prize was going to be an accordion. I think he has his own custom line of them. Maybe i should try and revive that possibility... Would you want a Weird Al brand accordion?


Many many people emailed about Mary Alice on Ace of Cakes! Yes, she rules. In the image above she's wearing A Caged Bird Dreams. Gotta give props to Taylor on this one because she was the first to email me. She's actually worn a bunch of shirts and Charm City gave us some prizes for the winners of the Threadcakes competition! Some lucky duck now has a signed Duff photo! Now if we could only get them to bake us a cake... Fun fact: Mary Alice's brother is the singer of Clutch.


And now for something completely different, Alvin wrote us about the hosts of the comics-centric iFanboy video podcast who seem to never be without a Threadless shirt. Up there it's host Conor in the insanely popular Cookie Loves Milk. Ka-pow!!

And there you have it for this week. Keep those eyes peeled!

Hoody Sale! 25 Dollars For 24 Hours!! Tuesday Only!

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Beginning at 12:00am CST on Tuesday, October 16th, all hoodies will be on sale for $25! No, you didn't read that wrong... ALL HOODIES ARE TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS! Not chilly in your neck of the woods? Who cares!? Don't pass up this op to get in on the action! Low on cash? Sell your blankets if you have to! Threadless hoodies are way more stylish anyway! The sale will end promptly at 12:00am CST on Wednesday, October 17th so don't dilly-dally!!

Threadspotting (10/08) : French Tv, Ferraby, Playboy?!

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Howdy all.

In anticipation of the soon-to-come sightings blog, I've decided to dedicate a nice lil blog space every Monday to showcase some of the cool places Threadless shirts have shown up in the world. This week, I've chosen 3 that have been passed along my way. But this is a community and I know for a fact that I'm not the only eagle-eyed Threadspotter, so how about this...

Send me your sightings! And please include a picture (screencap or photo). Each week, I'll choose some to highlight AND i'll hook you crazy ThreadSpotters up with cool prizes. That's right!!!! Just send em to So without any further ado...


Wow, who woulda thunk? From the "Best Dressed On Campus" section in the October 2007 issue of Playboy, If It Ain't Metal, worn by Floyd Johnson of Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. If the video camera wasn't enough to make you squirm with unease, check out his quote at the bottom. "If I stand out, it makes it easier to get her number into my sidekick." I could see how, say, 5 thumbs (as opposed to your clothes) would make it easier to get numbers into your sidekick but... well, i guess you'd stand out in that instance as well.

One last note about this photoshoot. It was done by Nigel Barker of America's Next Top Model fame. Next order of business is to set up Threadless's Next Top Model. Wouldn't that be great? (adds to to-do list)


It's our LOVES own Ferraby Lionheart at Schuba's here in Chicago on September 26. Photo by Mr. Craig Shimala. You can barely tell but the slide guitar player there on the right (actually stage left) is sporting International Translation. I found a better photo here but I didn't want to repost a stranger's flickr pic. If you feel like clickin' around, Stereogum recently "released" a tribute to the REM record Automatic For The People and ol Mr. Lionheart tackles "Man on the Moon." Check er out.


Spotted in the August issue of Alternative Press, it's Caged worn by Rochester hardcore band Achilles. If you're into having your face blown off, check out their myspace page. And wouldn't you know it, there is Caged again!

Well that's it for this edition of Threadspotting. I've been your host, BNannas. Send me your sightings and if you're lucky, you can win junk. See ya!

Ask Jake Hicks A Question...With A Twist (Of Lemon)! Millionth Order Madness!

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Oooh! Would you look at that?!? Mr Festa has asked me to grace him with my ominous presence today in the airstream for another round of ask Jake Hicks a Question.

However, we's gonna shake thangs up a bit.

Today, I'm asking the questions and you are going to answer them- like it or not.

First up: We are quickly approaching the 1 millionth order on We want to know, how should we celebrate this occassion? Should we give the millionth ordering customer a lil' sumtin'?

Next: I had the pleasure of meeting many of you fine people at our store grand opening/ mish mash thingy. It was amazing to see how many people really care.

Anywho, I want to know from those of you who came to Chitown for the shindig, what is your best memory from that weekend involving a threadless staff member?

So answer me these. You have one hour or so. Best answers win for both Q's

Lets get to it!

PS- paper or plastic?

PPS-Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza or Paolo Nutini?