Important Update To The Streetteam Url

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Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, we have had a lot of abuse with our StreetTeam program lately in the blogs. People have been embedding their StreetTeam URL in images in their blogs so that if someone were to just visit their blog without clicking anything it was as if they had clicked their StreetTeam link.

Therefore, we are going to have to make a small change. The main idea of the StreetTeam URL is to give back to those that help us promote the site. As written on the StreetTeam page:

One of the best ways to earn StreetTeam points is to link to Threadless from other websites or through email using your unique StreetTeam URL.

So, now, if someone were to click your link while already on Threadless, re: from your blog post or comment, or your profile page, the link will not work. You must link to Threadless using your StreetTeam URL from another website or through email or a chat client or some other external method in order to receive your points.

Your StreetTeam URL will no longer work if clicked from Threadless. After all, you're not really refering somebody to Threadless if they are already on Threadless!

Your StreetTeam URL will still work when used linking to Threadless from other websites, in emails, chat clients or other external methods.

Sorry it had to be done and thanks for your understanding.

Pop 5 Loves Threadless!!!

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The hits just keep on comin' in LOVESland because out of the blue, here comes November Loves #2 and it's a doozie. From the makers of the fastest-selling independent board game in history, Cranium, comes the new taste sensation called Pop 5! We tested it out here in the office and it's a serious blast. I successfully acted out "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and hummed a few bars from "The Little Mermaid" theme to help lead my team to victory! I don't mean to brag but, i coulda sculpted it, too...

The theme is "It's Not What You Know, It's How You Show It" and the prizes are just incredible. Ross almost had a heartattack when he saw the signed Gary Baseman book with the one-of-a-kind drawing. I think my favorite prize is the extra game that you can give to a friend! I'm all about sharing. And so my friends, I share with you...

Pop 5 Loves Threadless


Hello Chicago, It's Job Time Again!

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If you're in the area and need some extra cash, listen up.

We're hiring quite a few part time positions right now in our warehouse. You'll be standing on your feet all day, moving boxes of shirts, pulling, packaging and shipping orders. You'll be having tons of fun and will make $10 / hr doing it.

Must be available to work at least 3 days, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. We will be offering weekend hours and nights in November through December.

Right now, if you can work 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday and are 17 or older, write out your schedule, head up to our warehouse as soon as you can and prepare for a day of interviewing and work to try it out. You need not call or write, simply show up at the door sometime this or next week, ask for Shondi and we'll give you a chance!

We're located at: 4043 N Ravenswood Ave #106 Chicago, IL 60613

Come in the front door to the building, take a left (don't mind the mess, the building is still under construction) and head into the first set of double doors with Threadless stickers on them.

Hope to see you soon!

Oh, and don't forget to tell your friends!!!!

Owen Loves Threadless!

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November 1st is a week away and with it, another incredible Loves contest, and my friends, we are PSYCHED about this one. We're proud to present the OWEN Loves Threadless "One Of These Days" contest! If you're unfamiliar with OWEN, I feel sorry for you, but don't worry. It's not too late! His new record, At Home With Owen, hits stores on Nov. 7, and to tide you over and get your creative mojo working, we've posted an mp3 of "One of These Days" on the LOVES page!

We're being real sticklers on getting good prizes lately and this one does not disappoint. In fact, in terms of pure numbers, it's a new record for Loves contests. You will win 93 prizes! Yes, that's NINETY-THREE. But don't take my word for it...

See for yourself!

And be sure to catch Owen on tour with Copeland and Appleseed Cast all of November and into December!!!

Wait, Why Is Everything $10!?

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Holy cow, we're having a quick 2 day $10 sale before the sale to get your blood pumping. If you like to get an early start on the holidays, start your gift buying now!

Select tees have been reduced to $20 except for the Think Faest tees which will be the regular $25 price but come with a free issue of Faesthetic Magazine.

Sale will end sometime Wednesday morning, CST.

Be sure to browse the stock chart by size for the optimal quick-shopping experience ;)

Giveaway Winners!

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Hey everybody! We have some winners to announce!

fuzzygerdes, Pirate Ell, danrule, jess0123, gpoint

Woohoo! You have won 2 CD's, a signed poster, and a button pack! Congratulations, my friends. Go Velvet Teen crazy.

as scripter, kunf, freakyrawker

You lucky ducks. You will be receiving a 6 CD funpack from Barsuk Records featuring Mates Of State, The Long Winters, Viva Voce, Starlight Mints, Jim Noir, and What Made Milwaukee Famous! And you'll soon be sipping your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and grain alcohol out of a genuine Barsuk mug!

If you didn't know we gots TWO giveaways runnin' right now! GO!!!

More Free Stuff For You!

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Hey Hey Hey! It's like we're just giving this stuff away...

...wait a minute. We are!

In addition to the PSP's and LocoRoco games we're giving away, we've just added TWO new Free Gear drawings. Awesome. Just awesome.

The first is for LUPE FIASCO's stellar debut record, Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor. Lupe and his crew have been kind enough to furnish us with 5 signed CD/poster packs and lord-have-mercy, a limited edition skate deck! So kick, push, coast over to LOVES page and click to win. What have you got to lose?

And we're also givin' hot props to Chicago's own The Changes, who just released Today is Tonight to rave reviews. They've dropped off 5 signed CD's and posters to the Threadless HQ and we're passing em right along to you! We've been playing this CD so much here that I'm worried someone might come by and steal one of these. I see you givin' these posters the eye, Ross! Back off!

You gotta click it to win it.

Boys Like Girls Loves Threadless!

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October 15 is peeking round the corner and you know what that means... another awesome LOVES competition! Our pals and Boston's new sweethearts BOYS LIKE GIRLS just released their self-titled debut record and in celebration we're LOVING it up. The theme of this one is "Hero/Heroine" - the name of their first single, so clear your desktop of all of that junk and get to work! And if you get a chance, check em out on tour now with Lostprophets, soon with Spitalfield, and later with All American Rejects! YES!

Boys Like Girls LOVES Threadless, but Threadless certainly LOVES you. Yes oh yes we do.

Update: We Have Filled All Available Positions

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Hello beautiful people of Threadless! Yes, it's true... we're hiring! YAY! Here's the deal: We're hiring some part-timers to help out in the warehouse AND with customer service. Think you got what it takes!?!??!?!?! HAH! PROVE IT!

A few requirements... 1. You must be over the age of 17 2. You must be able to work weekends (if needed) 3. You must be able to beat Craig in arm wrestling this one is a given, so don't worry about it.

Click here to download the warehouse application Click here to download the customer service application

Once you have filled out the application, please email it to info [at] skinnycorp [dot] com or fax it to 888 595 3258