Announcing The Chosen Design From Threadless Loves Your Favorite Tee

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This past fall, we received a whopping 1,040 submissions to Threadless Loves Your Favorite Tee for the chance at $10,000. Today the chosen design has been released!

Impasse was created by a group of designers who go by the name Verso. We asked them a few questions about their design, what’s up next for them, and what advice they have for other designers.

What inspired this design? We like movies a lot and we use these references every time in our illustrations. In this scene, we wanted to do the most tense scene ever, a mighty duel where "none shall pass"!

What advice would you give to new designers to Threadless? Be original, try hard, practice hard, embrace failure and learn fearless from your mistakes!

What are you guys doing with your cash? We didn't put much thought yet, but we intend to invest it in our studio and future projects. And buy a spacecraft.

What's next in your design future? Our goal is to create badass designs and amaze people!

Get your Impasse tee here! And check out the amazing process video. Congrats to Verso!

Boom! Comics-On Tees Vol. 4 Is Here!

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Here’s the back story for the next comics-on tees series, which we just released today. Comics-On Tees Vol. 4 Monkey Around was written by Chris Roberson with artwork by Mike Allred, Colleen Coover, Chris Samnee, and Francesco Francavilla. And you can always check out Vol. 1, 2, and 3 here! Buy your favorite for $24, or better yet, buy the whole series for $79.

Monkey Around Issue 1, Vol. 4 by Mike Allred image
Front: We see a "mad scientist" type (lab coat, goggles) standing in front of a chalkboard on which three empty squares are drawn in a row, surrounded by formulae and notes. The scientist is facing the board and shouting with triumph that he has finally found the secret of the universe, and created a device capable of travelling to other layers of reality — comic books! In another balloon, he says something about the need to be careful, as any disruption or interference could lead to disaster! Behind him is a lab bench where a metal belt-like device is draped, and there is a lab monkey reaching up Curious-George-style to touch the belt.

Back: Same shot and point of view as the front, only here the scientist has turned around and is saying "Did you hear something?" and the monkey is now wearing the belt and has a crazy assortment of stuff on him: lipstick marks of a kiss on his cheek, some parts of a superhero costume (mask slung down around his neck, or a cape, or something like that), and in one hand maybe what looks like a toy train. The monkey is trying very hard not to look suspicious.

Monkey Around, Issue 2, Vol. 4 by Colleen Coover image
Front: A scene that resembles the covers to old romance comics or an issue of Archie, with a guy in the foreground looking forlorn with his hand on his chin, a thought balloon over his head saying "She only had eyes for me, until HE came to town." In the background, we see a girl skipping along holding hands with the monkey, who is wearing a sweater vest or something equally twee (and, of course, wearing the belt).

Back: On the back, we see the monkey and the girl sitting at a malt shop table, drinking from the same glass with two straws, and outside the window behind them we see the guy looking anguished.

Monkey Around, Issue 3, Vol. 4 by Chris Samnee image
Front: We see a superhero and his sidekick swinging over a cityscape on ropes, a caped crusader and his laughing daredevil of a sidekick. But instead of his costume being based on, let's say a "bat" for example, this superhero is monkey-themed. Like Adam West if he'd started in "Monkey-Man", instead. And his sidekick, dressed in coloful tights, cape, mask, and little pixie shoes, is the monkey from shirt 1.

Back: We see a millionaire playboy in ascot and smoking jacket, sitting in a chair in his sumptuous study. He's just looking up and reacting to the monkey that has come crashing through the window, and saying something like "That's it! I shall become... a MONKEY."

Monkey Around, Issue 4, Vol. 4 by Francesco Francavilla image
Front: A scene that could be from a 50s monster comic or a Japanese kaiju flick, with a guy in the foreground shouting for people to run for their lives. In the middle ground we see people running in terror, and towering over it all is the monkey, here standing at least fifty feet tall.

Back: We see a guy with a pipe clutched between his teeth with his arms around a girl with a big bouffant hairdo, and an army general standing nearby, and the body of the monkey lying on the ground in the near distance, one hand hand over his stomach, the other on the ground holding a train, and piles of banana peels all around. There's a word balloon about how the monster seemed to calm down when he found that trainload of bananas, and seems to have eaten himself into a nap. But who is the REAL monster here, anyway, or something like that.

Threadspotting: Comics Edition!

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Greetings, Threadudes and Threadettes!

We just can’t contain our excitement for our fourth volume of Comics-On Tees launching next week, so the theme of this week’s Threadspotting is... you guessed it... COMICS! This week’s sighting comes from the 2D world created by John Layman and Rob Guillory, the two brilliant men behind the infectiously graphic CHEW comic series.


Here's the character Olive Chu wearing The Madness of Mission 6 by Travis Pitts. Olive is the daughter of main character Tony Chu, an FDA agent with the psychic ability to pull information from the things (and people) he eats in order to solve crime. Believe it or not, Olive’s wardrobe is actually provided by Threadless! Flip open any issue of CHEW and you’ll find Olive wearing her favorite Threadless tees.

Also, your Xbox avatar can rock the same tee as Olive. Pick it up right here in the new Threadless section of the Avatar Marketplace!

Thanks Lisa for this unique and awesome sighting, and remember, if you spot a Threadless tee in the wild, send a note to, and we’ll talk about them here... and we’ll give you some Street Team Points to boot!

Put Your Favorite Threadless Tee On Your Xbox Avatar!

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You’ve worked tirelessly to accurately represent yourself in avatar form on your XBOX. But up until now, something just hasn’t been right.

Today, that changes. We’re proud to announce that Threadless tees are now available for XBOX avatars!

You can now don your very favorite Threadless tee both on couch and screen, finally making the line between reality and fiction obsolete.

Check out all the tees in the XBOX marketplace and suit up!

Submit A Design All About You!

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Your challenge is to submit a design based on YOU!

Threadless loves a lot of things but most of all, we love you!

We’re gonna get to know you guys little better. Tell us more about the person behind the username. What do you love? What do you hate? What’s your shoe size? Submit a design based on what drives and inspires you... or what you like to eat for lunch.

When all the designs are submitted, we’ll have a little scrapbook of our Threadless BFFs!

Click to see the prizing and submit your design!

24 Hours To Score $240 In Threadless Cash!

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Do you ever feel like the day's already over and you got nothing accomplished? Well we're not going to let that happen today! This voting challenge is all about making your day productive.

Today, score 240 designs and you'll go to bed knowing you've made an impact on the designs Threadless prints! AND you might even score $240 in Threadless cash.

Score 240 designs between Thursday at 12:01 am and 11:59 pm CST for your chance at $240 in Threadless cash!

By scoring at least 240 designs, you'll be automatically entered in a drawing to snag $240 in Threadless cash. We'll announce the lucky design scorer next week!

What are you waiting for? You're wasting daylight!

Community Spotlight: Threadbox By Fuloprichard

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Over the new year, Threadless Alumni Richard Fulop from Hungary took it upon himself to make Threadless life just a little more sweet. On his own time, he created Threadbox, a photo-hosting site for images you want to embed in the Threadless Forum.

Threadbox works exclusively for posts on Threadless and eliminates the need to post your photos to other photo sharing sites before embedding them in your blogs and comments.

We asked Richard how he became such an active Threadless blogger:

I have to admit that I started blogging at Threadless only because I wanted to get more votes, and some 'followers', but as soon as I tasted how it really feels like to be the part of the community I just got addicted, and since then I check the blogs almost everyday. I'm part of a few more communities around the internets, but this one is far the best. As an artist I don't get much appreciation from my friends and family, of course they say, "Oh that’s nice" and other meaningless stuff like that, but here in the community the guys don't just appreciate my work, they even tell their honest opinions, help make me and my designs become better. And don't forget about those meaningless blogs which have those funny comments. I love them the most.

Thanks Richard for being an example of why the Threadless community rocks!

If you haven’t participated in our blogs yet, join the party!

Artist Spotlight: Olly Moss

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Congrats to Threadless Alumni Olly Moss for making #9 on’s Man of the Year 2011 list for his pop-culture inspired art.

This is amazing news, but we’re not really surprised. We’ve known about Olly’s awesomeness for some time now! He has 24 Threadless prints, including a few super cool Select prints. You might even be wearing one now!

When asked about his newfound ranking amongst the Brits, Olly had this to say:

“Take that, Attenborough!”

Here are some of Olly’s Threadless designs:




Check out more of Olly’s Threadless work!

Design Chosen For The Threadless Ipa Beer Can Design Challenge!

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What’s gonna be the best looking can on the shelf, is made by Threadless designer che-se aka Sergiy Chebotaryov, and contains a delicious beverage that goes by the name of Threadless IPA? The soon-to-be released Finch’s beer cans! Sergiy’s Thread submission was chosen from 171 designs in our Threadless IPA Beer Can Design Challenge.


He said: "Bird, shrub and thread — what else do you need on the beer can?"

Chicagoans will soon be able to head to Whole Foods and grab our favorite beer! Threadless IPA will be canned and sold in Chicagoland stores this April.

Submit A Design To Loves Backpacks!

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Durable, spacious, and best of all, hands-free! Backpacks are truly the zenith of analog carrying technology.

Submit a design for the supreme stuff-transportation device that is the backpack so we can add “fashionable” to its already long list of impressive traits.

Your design will go on the front panel of the backpack. Design with 4 colors or less and keep in mind that this fabric can’t take too much detail. Most of all, make it awesome.

Check out the prizing and submit your design!

Let’S Be Pinpals!

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For all of you pinners out there, Threadless has a Pinterest page now!


Each board is curated by a different member of the Threadstaff on a topic that interests them! For example, Brianne will be sharing cool Tee-DIY projects on Threadless Loves Tee-torials, Craig will be posting fun around-the-office happenings on Threadless Loves Fun & Betsy’s bi-wheel love is showcased in Threadless Loves Bikes.

Come check out all of our boards & pin with us! Also, we’ve added a “Pin It” button here on the site so you can easily add your favorite designs to your boards.

If you’ve got your own Pinterest page, list below, and we’ll follow you!

Threadspotting: Nerdist Edition

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Happy New Year and welcome to the future, Threadernauts!

The first Threadspotting post of 2012 features one very funny dude – stand-up comedian Kumail Nanjiani, who you may recognize as Pindar from TNT’s Franklin & Bash, or from a previous Threadspotting post if you’re a ThreadExpert.

Kumail was spotted wearing Do a Barrel Roll by Joseph Baum on BBC America’s “The Nerdist: Year in Review,” which featured some of the best moments, video games, and other happenings in Nerdlandia over the course of 2011.

Kumail Nanjiani on

Thanks Dayna for the heads up on this sighting and remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points to boot! Enjoy!

The Results From The Fuzzy Community Challenges!

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We heart community challenges because they're a great way for everyone on Threadless to get stuff (not just designer types). Thanks to those of you who participated in last month's Fuzzy community challenges. For those of you who didn't, well there's always next time, suckas! (Pssst: look for one come mid-January!)

It’s time to announce who snagged the amazing prizes from each one of the challenges!

As you might recall, Roxy hosted a lyrics challenge.

Up for grabs: - an iPad stocked with music apps - a $200 Threadless gift certificate - and a mini-puppet of Roxy so they can rock out together at home!

Congrats to martiandrivein aka Rolf Nelson.

His lyrics are: Roxy Rocks! (She'll melt off your face) Roxy Rocks! (All over the place) Roxy Rocks! (5 & buys what you'll rate her) Roxy Rocks! (Refrigerator)

Listen to the completed song right here.

Drew hosted Threadless Loves drawing

Up for grabs: - $2000 cash - $500 Threadless gift certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash) - a Wacom Inkling! ($199 value) - one of each of the four Threadless doodle packs - one mini Drew puppet

From 411 awesome submissions, we chose jasmintee’s design “Beauty or Beast


Roman asked you guys to fill up his photo album through a Photoshop challenge since his real photo album fell in the ocean.

Up for grabs: - $200 gift certificate to their preferred airline - a $500 Threadless gift certificate - a mini puppet of Roman so he can travel everywhere with that designer!

For those of you who followed the challenge, the chosen Photoshopper might not be that much of a surprise. Congrats to Bortwein aka Brandon Ortwein! Brandon submitted what seemed like hundreds of photos but this is the one that caught our eye:


Check out the personal blog he did with just his submissions!

Brandon will be using his airline gift certificate to travel to Disney World in Florida for his daughter’s birthday this year! cute

Chad hosted a voting challenge, where the person who voted on the most designs from November 29 to Dec. 23 gets the swag.

Up for grabs: - a $1,000 Threadless gift code - to pick an unprinted design to be printed (We'll work on this in the new year) - AND a mini puppet of Chad!

And that person is...[+duracell-] aka Chad. Yes, seriously, his name is Chad. Crazy, right?

We asked Chad (the person, not the puppet): Once you and mini-Chad are united, what's next for the Chad Empire?

Well, to build an empire you have to start from the ground up and build. Brick by brick. You gotta set realistic goals and take small/calculated, but determined steps forward. All the while thinking BIG! So to start..

Mini-Chad and I are going to collab on my very first design! You see, I like to think of myself as an ideas guy and aspiring designer. But sometimes I need a bit of boss-like encouragement. That's where a numbers guy like Mini-Chad can help.

Mini-Chad's been to Threadless Headquarters. He's spoken to the people. He's gathered intel and bugged the boardroom. He's perused secret design files when Jake wasn't looking. Shook lots of hands and kissed a few babies. Chad knows what the people want in a design. He knows the inside scoop on next-level creation and future trends. And he's going to tell me all about it!

Once we devise our master strategy, the design process starts. That design will be put through an ongoing series of rigorous tests to ensure that it meets the standards of design quality and shirt satisfaction held dear at Threadless. Then, its off to submission! And we're going to once again ask all of you Threadfans out there to do your part and vote! Let your voice be heard. If our design doesn't quite garner the majority vote, we'll respect the process folks. We'll listen to insightful criticism and revise our plan. That way we can come back even stronger on the next design. And maybe, just maybe, win!

After that, well, the sky's the limit! I'm sayin' go local and think global. Big timin' with Big people and Big ideas. We're talking Chad buttons and Chad hats.. bumper stickers, calendars and cozies. Chad Mania will spread like wildfire! Then we might dabble into other fun ventures. Maybe start a small 1 1/2 man hedge fund. Maybe try our hands at being Brewmasters (Chad does like those IPA's). Or possibly one day, even star in our own Broadway Show! The possibilities are endless really.

Total Chadomination!

Chad also added some random prizing. 5 lucky people who scored 500 designs or more will be gettin’ a $50 Threadless gift code!

Congrats to xquidditchafterdarkx, kat17, julie7, Moran2006 & RustyRockets! (Look for an email soon from Jess!)

Thanks to everyone for participating last month! We hope you enjoyed our fuzzy pals as much as we did!

Threadless Warehouse On Last.Fm

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Music is a pretty big deal in the warehouse. We make, teach, and write about it when we're not at work, and spend most of the actual workday listening to and talking about it. So if you've ever wondered what we're playing while picking and shipping all those shirts, now you can see everything on our page (even down to the number of Fridays we've played Friday by Rebecca Black, and how many night shifts we've played Night Shift by The Commodores). We'll probably do some other cool things with it, so go ahead and friend us if you have a profile and let us know what we should play next!