Threadless Chili Bowl 2010!

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Every year here at Threadless HQ we have a Chili Cook-off disguised as a Super Bowl party. This year, we're giving you guys a chance to get in on the hot chili action!

Just submit your rockin' chili recipe to by 10 am CT on February 5th (one entry per person). We'll choose one meat and one vegetarian recipe and announce the winners at 5pm CT on February 5th. If your recipe is chosen, you'll win a $50 Threadless gift certificate. Plus, we'll make your chili on Super Bowl Sunday (February 7th) and enter it into our office contest for another chance to win. Then, if your chili is chosen as the overall winner of either the meat or veggie category on Super Bowl Sunday, you'll win a $100 gift certificate too!

Recipes will be judged on:

* Creativity What makes your chili awesome? Secret ingredients? A clever name? A great story from grannie?

* Football/Threadless relevance What would make the community vote it a 5$? Or maybe the recipe is a jambalaya-esque ode to the Big Easy? Hint: Don't be afraid to describe the way your chili should be presented.

* Craveability Does this recipe sound like something we just haveta eat? Like. Right. Now? And of course, your chili recipe must be edible and contain no super exotic ingredients. (ie. giraffe bones, turtle doves, durian, etc.)

Let's get cookin'!

The winners: Meat recipe: Eric Z.'s "Brutal Beatdown Chili" Veggie recipe: Liz P.'s "Super Awesome Fake Out Beer Chili w/ Cumin Sour Cream"

Congratulations! The meat chili came in 2nd place and the veggie chili came in 3rd place on Super Sunday!

The Tee For Haiti: Many Hands Make The Load Lighter

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"Men anpil chay pa lou" (Translation: "Many Hands Make the Load Lighter")

UPDATED UPDATE: We've reached a big milestone in this story and we just wanna keep all you guys updated. We're all standing here with our first big milestone for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund - our donation of $100,000. We think it's kind of a big deal, and we wanna keep making the deal bigger. We're not gonna stop donating until you guys stop contributing by buying a "Many Hands..." tee. So get yours if you haven't already, there are still plenty of folks who need help. And thanks to everyone who has bought a tee so far - you're just the coolest!

UPDATE: As of Jan. 25th, 7,000 tees have been ordered, generating $70,000 for the people of Haiti. We're lifting our maximum donation cap and are planning to print as many as 15,000 more tees, including KIDS sizes. Thanks for your support and please continue to spread the word!

We and some friends of ours have come together to support sending relief to Haiti. We’re donating 100% of proceeds of the sale of "Many Hands Make the Load Lighter" to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund (up to $100,000).

We reached out to Haiti's neighbors and asked two of our designers from the Dominican Republic to design this tee, Thomas De Santis and Ivan Tarrazo Sanchez. They’ve declined their printing award and are instead giving it to the Red Cross. Shirts Our Business, one of our printers, has donated their printing time and ink. And everyone here has been rallying to get this tee out to retain focus on the relief effort. We hope you too, will send this along to your friends and fams to show your support!

Thomas and Ivan gave us their thoughts:

Thomas says, “Our inspiration (for the tee was) the amazing Haitian street art. It provides a true sense of daily life and community through the use of gorgeous colors.”

Ivan adds, “We hope that with the money raised with the tee we raise awareness as to the importance, not only of immediate assistance, but of the creation of the infrastructure needed to respond in similar crises.”

Super Rad Alumni Picks!

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Alumni Picks!

These designs were hand picked by four of our Alumni winners from the Doodle & Dominate challenge back at our Family Reunion in September (aka the meetup). Each Alumni got to choose an unprinted designer's design to be printed. And man-o-man, they picked some awesome stuff! Check out what each alumni had to say about their chosen designer!

Alumni Artist, Jason Bergsieker (aka NomadSlim) chose Nichole Lillian Humphrey (aka ratkiss) “<a href="">Music of the Night</a>.”

&quot;Nichole has been producing some really great original art that was getting unfairly scored in my opinion. She has been super supportive of my designs as well as countless others and a real life example of why the Threadless community is so successful. My gut wanted to pick another of her designs, but the voices spoke to the greatness of this particular piece and I felt that by choosing it, I was equally giving back to everyone who supports us designers and makes this possible and especially to Nichole for continually providing positivity to us all. Plus, she lives just a couple miles from me, so maybe she'll buy me a piece of apple pie. ;) CONGRATULATIONS NICHOLE!&quot;

Alumni Artist, Alex Solis (aka alexmdc) chose Donald Lim (aka Pakpandir)  “<a href="">A Geek Legend</a>.”

"I'm a sucker for illustration and detail, this design is something that scores high in my book :) This illustration is EPIC and the details are amazing, I love the limited color palette and how well it works on the shirt."

Alumni Artist, Julia Sonmi Heglund (aka sonmi) chose James Murphy (aka sweet n sour) “Triskaidekaphilia.”

&quot;Sweet n sour has an insane mind and impeccable lines! I first noticed and became a fan of his work with his undead pinup girls, and have long been awaiting the day to wear his art on a tee. Congreat!&quot;

Alumni Artist, Roni Lagin (aka phillydesigner) chose Denise Tadla (aka HorsefaceDee) “<a href="">A Unicorn For Boys</a>.”

&quot;The fantastic style of illustration, clever concept, limited color palette, and gender role reversal are some of the many reasons I couldn't pass up the opportunity to select this design to grace a Threadless tee. Horsefacedee continues to be an active contributor to Threadless and its blogging community. And in my humble opinion, her mastering of equine-related artwork is unmatched. Can't wait to own this!&quot;

We Sees The Day!

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A while back, we asked all you folks who get our newsletter to give us feedback on our emails. We got a range of stuff, but one particular email touched our hearts. Since we’re big softies, it led us to reprint “Sees the Day.” Check out our initial email from Jessica Santistevan:

"So, I initially signed up for e-mails just on the chance that ONE SPECIFIC shirt ever came into re-print. It's a shirt my bf got a while back (in the US) and he wants a second one but he's in the Army and is currently deployed in Afghanistan and can't check on 're-printed' t-shirts… My bf wore this shirt every weekend he visited home and anytime we were ANYWHERE guys and girls were drooling over his became a joke…"

Then when our own Bob Nanna emailed her to let her know the shirt was being reprinted, this was her response.

"…I can't even type in grammatical sentences right now. I know that this is so small in the scheme of things but it's rare that I get to e-mail my boyfriend with fun and exciting news to take his mind off of things he's encountering while being in Afghanistan. If I could reach through the computer and hug you all...I would. Thank you from the bottom of my heart "

For us, this awesome tee will connected with this sweet story from now on. We can’t do much about this big ol’ war that’s happening. But lil’ things like this hopefully help a lil’ bit (we couldn’t help but send her two “Sees the Day” tees for her and her faraway man). And who knows? We might just be doing more reprints like this in the future…stay tuned, kids.

November's Bestee Revealed! Now Vote For December!

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Congratulations to Travis Pitts, whose post-apocalyptic-dooby-doo design We've Got Some Work To Do Now has taken the November Bestee of the Month award: $2500, Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium, a feature on, AND this awesome medal!!!

Plus it's now eligible for the end of the year's massive $20,000 Bestee Of The Year award to be presented in March!

It's now time to vote for your favorite tees of DECEMBER! Most votes wins Bestee of the Month! The polls are open until 10 am cst on January 18, 2010, so get the word out and VOTE HERE!