Big Buck Hunter Pro Loves Threadless!

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There are many types of hunters in the world. Every morning, commuters and carpoolers hunt for that perfect parking spot in front of the office. Thrifty shoppers rifle through newspapers hunting for coupons and good deals. Millions of wide-eyed children scan volumes upon volumes of literature every day hunting for this Waldo character in a sea of camouflage. And yes, some folks in this world like to hunt innocent harmless deer. It's a real tragedy, but we have found a solution...

And now it's our turn to hunt... for a winning design! Our theme is "The Great American Hunter" and clear a space in your basements, friends, because the winner will receive his or her very own full size Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade game! The prizes just keep getting better and better!

Just as we don't really stop to consider the pilots (and families of pilots) of the fighter planes we blast in Galaga, nor the lovably dense line-marching Space Invaders aliens... in Big Buck Hunter Pro land, you can shoot as many deer as you want. Or if you're a non-hunting vegetarian type like some folks, how fun would it be to turn the game on and deliberately miss the deer each time! Virtual deer running proud and virtually bullet-free through the virtual meadow. The choice is yours...

And the hunt is on.

Omg What Happened To The Blogs?!?

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As you all see, we have changed the blog forum design! In the coming weeks, we'll be adding 2 new tabs to the page: Sightings and Critique.

The sightings tab will be a change to our sightings section, making more of a blog rather than how it is now.

The other, which is SUPER AMAZING SO EXCITING is the addition of the critique section. This will allow designers to officially post a pre-subbed design to the forum for an official critique! We're hoping this addition to the submission process will help newer designers (and seasoned ones too) have a better chance at getting printed.


It's A Threadless Sweetheart Sale! Love Me Two Times!

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Like an aphrodisiac-tipped arrow straight from a chubby cherub's bow, Valentine's Day is zooming closer every second! And to celebrate the LOVE in the air, Threadless is having a SWEETHEART SALE all this week!! Read on, you hopeless romantic.

Buy TWO of the same shirt design (any size) and save $10!!! All week long!

The sale ends on Monday morning, Feb. 5.

Wow. With the $5 you save on each shirt design, you'll have plenty of cash for that heart shaped box of chocolates, that bouquet of roses, um... that special thrifty dinner? Or heck... why not save up for more shirts?!

Love and kisses, Your friends and lovers at Threadless!

Josh Ritter Loves Threadless!

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Listen! Do you hear that? What is that sweet, melodious music drifting over from the LOVES page. Could it be a new contest? Perhaps something that Stephen King might describe as the "most exuberant outburst of imagery since Bob Dylan's 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall?'" Why yes it is! It's Josh Ritter LOVES Threadless...

...and if you play your cards right, you just might be playing a shiny new Epiphone acoustic guitar signed by the man himself! We'd like you to design something amazing using the theme "The Animal Years," the title of Josh Ritter's newest masterpiece. The contest runs until Feb 15 so get going, people!

Go see! Go see!