We See You Creepin’ On Our Latest Minecraft Design Challenge

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Don’t think we didn’t notice you hanging out over there, pickaxe in hand, just waiting to knock our blocks off with your great designssssssssss.

As some of you are already aware, Monday marked the launch our second Minecraft design challenge. With over 3,000 designs submitted to the last Threadless + Minecraft design challenge, we know you have the stamina and skills to break that record this time around. We know that some of you are straight-up Minecraft fiends, so feel free to geek the heck out in this challenge, incorporating inside jokes and other obscure references for die-hard Crafters. Remember, $5,000 cash is on the line!

When you're not designing, hop on the Threadless Minecraft server at minecraft.threadless.com and build with us! Register through your Threadless account to pick up benefits like:

  • in-game ability to teleport to other players
  • set Home warp, teleport to the last place you died
  • access to the Members Only Kit featuring one dozen warm chocolate chip cookies.

We're even hosting a challenge for players! We'll award a $250 Threadless gift code to the game who creates our favorite “monument of love” on our Minecraft server. The Minecraft crew will help choose the winner!

All you have to do is use Minecraft to create a monument dedicated to something you love. That thing could be pizza. It could be jeffreyg’s face. It could even be a scale model of the royal baby! Post an image of your submission in the comments below.

So block off a little bit of time, and start building. Submissions for the blog challenge close September 16th!

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In order to "hop on the Threadless Minecraft Server" are we just supposed to click on that link? Every time i do a 404 error occurs.


hey! this is an entry to the monument of love contest


Craft jeff's face? Hell yeah!

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